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eu 1 Sustainable Flooring Brian Murphy BSc Dip Arch (Hons+Dist) GreenSpec 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 This presentation 1 C ll ti (f ld ) with many fil Collection (folder) it h files 044/CFA-Contract-Flooring-Associa tion044/CFA C t t Fl i A i ti meeting-presentation It should appear at the top ( l f a h ld t th t (only for while) File: SustainableFlooring.PDF http://www.scr ustainable-Flooring 06/03/2012 2

Sustainable Eco Green Violet Vi l t Violent Violate 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 Violet 1 Violet chosen as it is at the opposite Violet end of the spectrum from Green Not far from violent and violate Others prefer Green-Brown, Green-Red, G G R d Green-Bl ack, Bl k Not Purple 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 Violet Materials 1 Violet meaning: any material, construction product, construction method or building g unfriendly to humans or the environment or whose performance diminishes in us e or over time 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 Violet Industry 1 Clients/employers, developers, designers, Quantity S Q tit Surveyors, contractor s, t t manufacturers, applicators/installers anyone th t does not care about the that d t b t th environment or anyone th t d that does not act on it b h lf t t its behalf Virtually the whole industry B t it changing But its h i Too slowly 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 Why me? 1 Architect by training Specification writer by choice Set up GreenSpec because of bad environmental practices in Specification p p Challenging bad practices Chal lenging business as usual P Presented to CPA E i t dt Environment C t Committee it t Is GreenSpec trying to decimate the UK manufacturing base? base? As if we had th at kind of influence! No they will do that themselves if they fail y y to engage 0 6/03/2012 7

State f th St t of the Profession: 2 Architects Universal Man v I dont do that Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See

Who specifies what? The universal man Specifies everything from anywhere The one planet woman Specifies the local green stuff d 9 I dont do that-man Lets everybody else specify it for him Client QS CfSH or EcoHomes or BREEAM Assessor BRE green guide to specification i t ifi ti D&B Contractor 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 Erosion 1 Self build Architect Invest in CAPEX to reduce OPEX PII Competent beautiful building CAPEX Cost cutti ng: value engineering g g g Regulatory Legal minimum against E i Employers Requirements l R i QS Lowest Cost D&BC General Contractor Substitution for familiar supply chain deals Profit margins at the expense of th e building 18/06/2007 NGS 2006 Title 1 BREEAM Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 BREEAM or CfSH 1 Tick box exercise Energy based on SBEM or SAP SBEM rubbish when launched years to correct W t standard challenged Water t d d h ll d SAP still deficient Carbonlite PHPP promoted as alternative Alternative water st andard by AECB 80 page report by GreenSpec for ASBP about to be challenged by BC Ts BiBAT 12 Materials challenged by GHA 06/03/2012 Biodiversity: 2 credits for nature

05/10/2006 NGS 2006 Title 1 DREAM Defence Related Environmental Assessment Method Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See 12/06/2007 NGS 2006 Title 1 1 BREs BRE Green G id t G Guide to Specification Building Element & Construction Products Environmental Classification Tables Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 GGtS Materials 1 7% of BREEAM or CfSH score to materials, really needs to be 70% Assessors argue dont change the g g materials unless Outstanding or Code 6 Undermines the truth a bout environmental impacts of materials Flooring in particular (BRE) Indoor air quality expressly excluded Business as usual 06/03/2012 15 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 Elementary BRE 1 Loose the bad in a bigger average Sector averages No incentive to improve C Company hid b hi d sector results hides behind t lt Look at the whole floor not just the finish S our bad bit d So b d does not l k so b d t look bad Low hanging fruit T kl th bi b lk bit and i Tackle the big bulky bits d ignore th hi h the high im pact accessories Ch Cherry picking i ki 06/03/2012 The truth skews the data so lets ignore it 16 11/10/2007 NGS 2006 Title 1 Principles of Element Design Performance Specification Performance Drawings Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See

Performance v Prescriptive Design & Build Performance Specification V General Contracting Prescriptive Spec ification Workmanship Trade specification E Employers Requirements l R i t Not about manufacturers and products Its about generic unbranded material Manufacturers and Products 1 1 (13.1) (13 1) Ground Floor (13.4) Ground floor: on ground, suspended (13.9) Proofing, membranes, insulation Another GreenSpec CPD file to download soon See

Floor Actions Gravity: downward pull Wind: Motive force (suction), pressure buf tive, Penetrative Rain: Moisture deposition, penetration Snow: Moisture depositi on, loading, slush carried in, material degradation Moisture vapour: permeation, condensation, insulation impaired Sun: Temp variation, th S T i ti thermal move ment, h t gains, Ch i l l t heat i Chemical decomposition Dirt and Dust: infiltr ation, deposition, surface pollution, surface erosion Chemicals: surface corrosi on disintegration decomposition corrosion, disintegration, Sound: Noise nuisance , impact, rattle, creaking, Attack: Manual, Ballistics, Bomb Blast Thermal: heat loss, cold to touch, surface temperature, condensation, radiant coolth/warmth, thermal comfort Deposits: chewing gum, staining, adhesion, trip hazard, surface texture penetration Gases: Ground gases: Radon (Radio Active), Methane Moisture: flood water, ground water rising, capillary attraction, moisture transfer

Floor Reactions Gravity: Support Wind: rigidity, resilience, sealing, air tight etailing Rain: deflection, impervious skin absorption and drainage sealing defle ction skin, drainage, Snow: deflection, impervious skin, absorption and drainage , sealing Moisture vapour: resistance, hygroscopicity, hydrophobic, breathing, m oisture mass Sun: movement joints, insulation, shielding, invulnerable materials Dirt and Dust: repulsion, exclusion, shielding, cleaning Chemicals: invulnerabl e materials, exclusion, Sound: Insulation, absorption, acoustic mass, separation , isolation, Attack: toughness, lamination, edge restraint, edge protection Insu lating: thermal insulation, thermal mass, U value, cold bridge avoidance/minimis ation Deposits: smooth impervious surface, flush impervious joints, surface join ts Gases: Gas/Damp proof membrane linked to G/DPC Water: Elevation of floor abov e flood plain, Separation, water resistant materials, Damp proof membranes linke d to DPC, hydrophilic, permeability, Embodied water: country of manufacture, cat alyst, pollution of water, water in recipe, removal of water from country, staff access to water

Principles of Element Design Appearance Interior and exterior materials and finishes Thermal Performance Heat Resistance: loss and gain Condensation Avoidance Airtightness Avoidance of Cold Bridges Thermal Mass Structural strength and stability Load-bearing Wind resistance Weather barrier Rain, snow, wind, sun, dirt dust pollution Movement Structural , thermal, moisture, Frost heave Chemical Durability Moisture resistance, frost, mould Moisture Mass & Hygroscopicity Ozone and sunli ght degradation

Principles of Element Design Acoustic Performance Resistance, absorption , p Rising damp Barriers Capillary Attraction Hygroscopic or Hydrophobic Frost action Fire Performance Surface spread of flame Fire Resistance Security Inspection and maintenance Inside & out Health Moisture Mass Low allergy materials Pest infestation Termites, Termite Barriers

Principles of p Ground Floor Design Floor Categories A Appearance Structural Strength and stability d t bilit Deflec tion Fi Resistance Fire R i t Sound Insulation Ai b Airborne S Sound d Impact und Thermal Insulation Th lI l ti Moisture Resistance Durability D bilit Service s Accommodation A d ti Finishes 02/07/2009 NGS 2006 Title 1 Suspended Upper Floors (23) Floors Galleries Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See EU procurement rules A chink in the armour Proper p Materials Construction Product Directive 3rd Party Accreditation

Environmental Selection Competency Proper materials Construction Products Directive/Regulations Essential requirements 6+LCA EU Procurement Rules Environmental & Social criteria permitted LCA (latest thinking) Human Healthy Ecosystem Protection Resource Depletion 37

Sustainability requires societal choices, not only scientific data ! 06/03/2012 38 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 TC350 1 Initially they approached it addressing manufacturer concerns Business as usual EU Consumer Council objected and required human issues to be addressed TC350 cho se to avoid all the big manufacturing impacts 06/03/2012 Draft could not be more wrong (PRe) The result of industry lobbying (PRe) Waste of time, need something better (Me) 12/06/2007 NGS 2006 Title 1 BREs Green G id t G Guide to Specification Building Element & Construction Products Environmental Classification Tables Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See 40

EPDs are not the whole story LCA tells you how least bad it is BRE: How Green is Green events Industry are not impressed They want positive attributes to be accounted for too 06/03/2012 And why not? BRE took 100 man years to get LCA sorted BRE would t k 300 man year s t d + ld take to do +ves GreenSpec offered to help them Signed MoU then Jane A nderson left BRE BRE. NGS GreenSpec 2012 BrianMurphy 41 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 1 GreenSpec PASS G S Product Assessment Screening System Without scoring and weighting Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See 42

GreenSpec Product Screening Issues (63 of 256) Products P d t Competence 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 Company Materials Resource Efficiency Energy Lighting Water 1 Environmental Policy or Culture BSI Kitemark Applications Renewable Low impact manufacture Design for Deconstruction Demand reduction RoHS Demand reduction BBA Durability ISO 9000 Not Petrochemical Not HydroHydro carbon Natural Plant/ Tree based Carbon Sequestration Low Embodied Carbon Low Embodied Energy Traditional Methods Reuse Increased Efficiency Zhaga Compliant Low Carbon load ETA Life expectancy

ISO 14001 Remanufactured Low Carbon Demand reduction Efficiency CE Mark Maintenance BES 6001 Recycled Content Take Back schemes Packaging Low emissions Energy Efficiency Harvesting Guarantees Failure Modes End of Life Scenarios Manufacturing Impacts Local materials Local supply chain Local Renewable Energy Life expectancy Recycling Warranties LCA Data Renewable Heat WEEE Chemical avoidance Whole Life Costs Disposal Impacts Social Policies Abundant Craftsmen

Stewardship Thermal Storage Take back Biological

GA Generic Application Window 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title SMA Specific Material Application A li ti Timber window 1 MPS Manufacturer Product Specific S ifi Velfac Combi window Manufacturer PDS Project Design Specific Details SS EOL Site End of Specific Life Postcode Repair 1 Functions Materials Competence in application Waste in Design SWMP Reclaim Multifunctions Performance Properties Processes Site efficiency Packaging Reuse Performance Product Resourcefulness Recycle Properties Options Employment Deviations from manufacturer recommendations Bespoke Off-cuts Down Cycle Features

Variations Social Issues Waste Recover Benefits Waste Postcode Finishes Take-back Reject

Screening Traffic Light System 400 issues currently addressed Does the material engage with the issue? Yes = Gr een, Neutral = Amber, No = Red Is the issue applicable to the material? Applicab le = Green, Not = Red This helps to find and highlight the best

+ GreenSpec PASS 06/03/2012 Product Assessment Screening System 11 life cycle stages 400+ issues considered so far 80-ve & 320+ve attributes Does it apply? Yes/No Does the products comply? Yes/No Traffic light system Screening NGS GreenSpec 2012 BrianMurphy 47

GreenSpec PASS Created for Travis Perkins Green Tick Launch at EcoBuild 2012 GreenWash check Verification of literature, advertising or website claims

Compare products with normal specification for product group State Normal How is this product better than normal normal How is it worse than no l 06/03/2012 48 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 PASS issues 1 Literature, advertising, website G Greenwash check h h k Top Trumps C Competence t Quality Marks, Proper Materials, CE marking E i Environmental t l Materials, application, maintenance, Green labels natureplus EPD labels, naturep lus, Resource efficiency reclaim reuse, recycling, disposal reclaim, reuse recycling 06/03/2012 Health & Well being 49 Certification Labels Certification, Issuing bodies Websites, Logos, Objectives Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See

Labels and Accreditations Quality Marks Environmental Marks Energy Marks gy Social Marks: Fair Trade, Rug mark Health Mark: Sentinal (IAQ) 06/03/2012 NGS 2005-7 Material Selection & Sourcing 51 Shoppers Guide pp to Green Labels Defra + (c) Defra Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See

GreenSpec BEST Building Element Sustainability Test C Considers th assembly of component id the bl f t parts Competency check of indi viduals in whole Competent material according to location +ve and ve attributes Environmental Performance Check Informs GreenSpec Studio Design & Specification assembly tool Replace components with products p p p Spec ification assembles itself 06/03/2012 53

GreenSpec COMPASS Company Assessment & Screening System Starts with ISO 26000 Guidance On Social R esponsibility Addresses broad sustainability issues Company sets out its own rou te map with guidance from GreenSpec & associates Independent monitoring of progress 06/03/2012 54

COMPASS Issues ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility R ibilit ISO 9000 Quality Assurance IS O 14000 E i Environmental M t l Management t ISO 18000 H&S S i l and E Social d Employment Practices l tP ti MOBS Managing & Occupying Buildings Sustainably Sus tainable FM Biodiversity enhancement & mitigation 55 06/03/2012 02/07/2009 NGS 2006 Title 1 Green Interiors & Finishes Materials (40) Finishes Decoration Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See

Green Flooring Selection and Sourcing S i Flooring for Sustainability Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See 18/11/2007 NGS 2006 Title 1 Local A L l Agenda 21 d What is it where did it stem from Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See Local Sourcing Why is it important Where to look Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See

Methods of Assessment Genus Loci Local Environmental Character Local Materials Local Crafts Local Vernacular Environmental Impact Assessment Environmental Assessment Methods BREEAM DREAM, NEET LEED BREEAM, DREAM NEET, EcoHomes & Code for Sustainable Home s 06/03/2012 NGS 2005-7 Material Selection & Sourcing 61

9/06/2007 NGS 2006 Title EcoProduct Characteristics How to distinguish between conventional and EcoProducts & EcoMaterials Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See 01/08/2007 NGS 2006 Title 1 Endorsements

Prompts for alternatives Sustainability Checklists Materials Property Comparisons Durability Whole Life D ata y System Guides Data bases with content 06/03/2012 NGS 2005-7 Material Selection & Sourcing 68

NGS Material Comparisons Masonry, Insulation, Flat, Pitched & Green roofs, Composite boards, Wood & Wall Paints, Wood: UK & Imported Timber, FSC Timber, Preservatives, Preservatives Pre servation & Alternatives Reclaimed materials, Lime, Windows, Glass, Plastics Smo oth floor finishes, Carpets Material Comparisons p Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See Durability Whole Life Costs Link to Product Link Page(s) First Choice, Second Choice, Avoid Key Issues Mater ial Property Comparisons Links Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 Sources 1 Libraries Compendium CD Websites 06/03/2012 NGS 2005-7 Material Selection & Sourcing 72 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 End of Life 1 Surplus to requirements Designed waste off-cuts Alteration and Demolition waste Reclaim for reuse Segregate for recycling Recycle materials Landfill residual materials 06/03/2012 NGS GreenSpec 2012 BrianMurphy 73 10/03/2008 NGS 2006 Title 1 Reduce Reuse y Recycle Websites Waste Hierarchy, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Exchange, Local & Green Constr uction Product Websites Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See

Refurbishment Information I f ti Websites Government Advisory Bodies Builders Merchants Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See 10/03/2008 NGS 2006 Title 1 Waste Websites Information & Services Another GreenSpec CPD file to download See 14/12/2010 NGS 2006 Title 1 GreenSpec 1 Brian Murphy BSc Dip Arch (Hons+Dist) Architect by Training Specification Writer by Choice Greening up my act since 1999 Founder of g p E Br Twitter: Scribd: www.scribd.c om/brianspecman Facebook: 06/03/2012 85 2337