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RE MARKING PROCEDURE A candidate, who may have sufficient reason to believe that he has been unjustly graded or an error

has occurred in the marking of his paper or in the computing of grades, may appeal to the relevant Board of Examiners through the Examination Unit. Sequence of Process Process Process Owner (person responsible for the process) The Re marking form must be forwarded to the respective Dean/Director through the Examination Unit and a fee of Ringgit Malaysia one hundred only (RM 100.00) per paper (or as determined by the Senate from time to time) shall be imposed as appeal fee. The appeal fee shall only be refunded if the appeal is successful. Student


All appeals shall reach the Student Examination Unit not later than one week after the commencement of the following trimester or one week after the announcement of the result; whichever later. Appeals submitted after one week shall not be entertained. Examination Unit will record the Examination Unit submission date and the final examination mark and grade. The form shall be submitted to the Faculty / Center concerned within 2 working days. Manager of faculty / Center will Subject Coordinator require the subject coordinator to submit the answer script of the student to the Dean/Director office. The answer script will be Manager photocopied and the original marks will be erased.

Dean/Director shall appoint Dean / Director Subject Coordinator and another lecturer to mark the script independently. If both marks are different, Dean / Director Dean/Director shall call for a meeting to understand the difference and to make final decision. If it is due to mistakes (such as missing pages, wrong keying in, wrong summation), then the Dean/Director must report the examiner's name to Senate.

Faculties and Center shall submit Manager the final re marking result to Examination Unit not later than 14 working days after receiving the Re-grading Application Form from Examination Unit. If there is any change of mark, the Manager BOE will make recommendation to Senate for approval. Notification Letter will be issued to student within 3 working days from the Managers notification of Senate Approval to Examination Unit. If the mark and grade remain unchanged, Examination Unit will issue notification letter within 2 working days.


Change of 1 mark may not affect Examination Unit the grade but it may affect the GPA/CGPA calculation. The appeal fee shall only be refunded if the appeal is successful. Student / Finance Division