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lla | ovat) 6 FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Precedence: ROUTINE Date: 06/18/2007 To: Tampa Attn: SAC From: Tampa Squad 10 Contact: sal Approved By: (< be -1 wie Drafted By: TT Case 1D #2 58c-TP-¥E | bending) —\ Title: DONALD EDWIN YOUNG, Alaska; bé bic -2 UNSUBS; Corruption of Fed. Pub. Officials- Legislative Branch. Synopsis: To open Preliminary Public Corruption matter. Details: On 04/16/2006, an article appeared in the Naples (FL) News detailing a 02/19/2005 fund-raising event held at the Hyatt Coconut Point in Rstero, Florida for Alaska Congressman DONALD EDWIN YOUNG. The article sites campaign disclosure records filed by YOUNG that he recorded $41,750.00 in donations on or about 03/08/2005, predominately from Southwest Florida individuals or groups, some with links to land development in the area. YOUNG, the Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, then approved a $10 million earmark in the Federal Transportation Bill to study an Interstate 75 interchange at Coconut Road, a project not in the area's long term plans. YOUNG has stated Florida Congressman CONNIE MACK requested the funding. According to newspaper reports, MACK denies making such a request. The project appears to favor those roperty affected by the interchange, to Sheluadl thousands of acres that would increase bs -: Tn value If the connector is built. bic Applying the standards set forth in MIOG Section 58-2, YOUNG is a Federal Public Official elected to a position of trust within the Federal Government. The alleged corrupt activities of YOUNG require the use of his official position and is in violation of Federal law. The focus of this investigation will be on the systemic abuse of the Young-1 (SPabcoler SICWIO/Y} Tampa From: @... 6 Re: 58C-TP-NEW, 06/18/2007 position of trust by YOUNG, the Federal public official, in violation of Federal law, as opposed’ to Federal crimes being committed by YOUNG who happens to be a Federal public official. Pursuant to MIOG Section 58-5, predication is defined as those facts and circumstances that would provide a reasonable basis to suspect that a public official has engaged in or is engaged in conduct which is a violation of Federal criminal laws. Specific and articulable facts or circumstances from a credible source indicating a possible violation of Federal law are necessary. In this matter, campaign contribution records demonstrate the receipt of funds from constituents in localities which were then awarded funds for Federal projects that may not have been requested or in the region's long term plans. In, support of opening a Preliminary Public Corruption investigation, MIOG Section 58-6.2 states all investigations, whether preliminary or full, should be designed to resolve the allegations regarding each subject in a timely manner. This n rev: ssistant United states po. ? Attorney (AUSA) AUS. supports this recommendation matter should be actively investigated. Possible violations include 18 U.S.C. § 201, Bribery/Gratuities, and 18 U.S.C. § 371, Conspiracy. Recommend opening and assigning a Preliminary Public Corruption investigation to | v6 ” bic ~ 2 Young-2 cary SIC TE V1 l= AS” tem | Daw | Tobereumnea Dispoaton Ried | Yer No AL |fefo 2 t . t bill for De bie by | | AC Kr /AS| TF re -t— Ine -4 eee lish [0 ig 31D 2 D La AL bic “4 BID -1 P or SVCTP Fol €- (AS