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Pizza Hut Inc.

is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes including salad, pasta, buffalo wings, breadsticks,

and garlic bread. Pizza Hut is one of the flagship brands of Yum! Brands, Inc., which also has KFC, Taco Bell, A&W and Long John Silvers under its umbrella. Pizza Hut is the worlds largest pizza chain with over 12,500 restaurants across 91 countries. Pizza Hut is split into several different restaurant formats; the original family-style dine-in locations; store front delivery and carry-out locations; and hybrid locations that offer carry-out, delivery, and dine-in options. Many full-size Pizza Hut locations offer lunch buffet, with "allyou-can-eat" pizza, salad, bread sticks, and a special pasta. Additionally, Pizza Hut also has a number of other business concepts that are different from the store type; Pizza Hut "Bistro" locations are "Red Roof"s which offer an expanded menu and slightly more upscale options.

Pizza Hut is about pizzas and more. Apart from being the pizza experts, they also have a new BIG menu with a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers, soups, salads, pastas, beverages and desserts. "Pizza Hut Express" and "The Hut" locations are fast food restaurants. They offer a limited menu with many products not found at traditional Pizza Huts. These types of stores are often paired in a collocated location with a sibling brand such as WingStreet, KFC or Taco Bell, and are also found on college campuses, food courts, theme parks, and in stores such as Target and Wal-Mart. Vintage "Red Roof" locations can be found throughout the United States, and quite a few exist in the UK and Australia. Even so, many such locations offer delivery/carryout service. This building style was common in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The name "Red Roof" is somewhat anachronistic now, since many locations have brown roofs. Dozens of "Red Roofs" have closed or been relocated/ rebuilt. Many "Red Roof" branches have beer if not a full bar, music from a jukebox, and sometimes an arcade. In the mid 1980s, the company moved into other successful formats including delivery/carryout and the fast food "Express" model. In 1958, Frank and Dan Carney had an idea for a great local pizza restaurant in Wichita Kansas. The small 25 seat restaurant only had room for 9 letters on the sign the building looked like a hut so 'Pizza Hut' was born! Fifteen years later, we opened the first UK restaurant and since then we've become the biggest Pizza Company on the planet, Let see listen Pizza Hut Story from them!

1958 Frank and Dan Carney open the first Pizza Hut in Wichita, Kansas. 1972 1000 restaurants are open throughout the USA. 1973 Pizza Hut went international with restaurants in Japan, Canada & England. The first UK Pizza Hut opened in Islington, London. 1977 PepsiCo bought Pizza Hut. 1980 Pan Pizza was introduced. 1982 The UK joint venture started between PepsiCo and Whitbread. 1984 Over 50 restaurants so far in the UK. 1986 By now, there were 100 restaurants in the UK and 5000 worldwide. 1987 An average of one restaurant opened each week in the UK. 1988 The UK's First Delivery Unit was opened in Kingsbury, London. 1992 There were 9,000 restaurants in 84 countries. 1993 There were 300 restaurants and delivery stores in the UK. 1994 10,000 Pizza Huts were open for business. 1997 PepsiCo decided to focus on their drinks business. As a result, Tricon Global Restaurants was born, creating the largest restaurant brand in the World. Tricon became the partner company with Whitbread.

1999 Pizza Hut had over 400 restaurants, employing 14000 people. 2002 Tricon Global became YUM! Brands Inc. 2006 Whitbread sold their share of the joint venture to Yum! Brands Inc. Pizza Hut UK Ltd was now 100% owned by Yum! 2008 Bbought Godfather's Pizza in Ireland with 28 stores.

PIZZA HUT INTERNATIONAL Pizz hut is having its franchisee in following locations Armenia Australia Azerbaijan Bahrain Belgium Brazil Byelorussia Canada China CostaRica Cyprus DominicanRepublic Ecuador Egypt ElSalvador France Georgia Germany Greece HongKong India Japan Jeddah Jordan Kazakhstan Korea KSA Kuwait Lebanon Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Morocco NewZealand Oman Pakistan Panama Peru Philippines Poland Portugal PuertoRico Qatar Romania Russia Singapore Spain SriLanka Taiwan Thailand Turkey UAE UK Ukraine United States

Business Description: The franchisor, Pizza Hut, Inc. (PHI or Pizza Hut), operates and franchises pizza restaurants. PHI's primary activity is the operation, development, franchising, and servicing of single-purpose Pizza Hut restaurants, which offer various combinations of family dine-in, carryout, and delivery services, primarily serving pizza, pasta, and other Italianstyle food items. PHI's corporate parent is YUM! Brands, Inc. Franchise Offer: Pizza Hut offers franchises to operate three types of Pizza Hut-branded units at specific locations:

1. Red-Roof restaurants Pizza and other products are sold for dine-in and carryout consumption, and may be delivered for off-premises consumption 2. Delivery restaurants Approved products are delivered for off-premises consumption 3. Deliver/Carryout (or Delco) restaurants Approved products are sold for carryout and are delivered all for off-premises consumption Financial Assistance: The franchisor does not offer, directly or indirectly, any arrangements for financing the initial investment or the continuing operation of the franchise. The franchisor does not guarantee the franchisees note, lease or obligation. Training and Assistance: All unit managers of the franchised restaurant must complete mandatory training. All training is done at the restaurant on the job. The manager must commence such training within 90 days after the manager is hired or placed in the position. The current mandatory training for restaurant managers includes approximately 82 hours of on the job training. The franchisor will provide the franchisee with one set of all training materials for each of the franchised restaurants. Territory: The franchisor grants the right to an exclusive territory. No other Pizza Hut franchisees will develop or operate a restaurant within 500 yards of any of the franchisees restaurants. Furthermore, the franchisor will not allow any other Pizza Hunt franchisees to offer delivery service to any point in the franchisees designated delivery area. The franchisee will not otherwise receive any exclusive territory or have the right to exclude development of concepts owned by or licensed by the franchisor. Pizza Hut affiliate restaurants may be located within 500 yards of the franchisees restaurant or within their delivery area. Term of Agreement and Renewal: The term of the franchise is 20 years, with no option to renew. Obligations and Restrictions: It is recommended, but not required, for the franchisee to participate in the day-to-day operation of the franchise restaurant. Each restaurant must be directly supervised by a manager on-site who has successfully completed the mandatory training program. Neither the franchisee nor the on-site manager can have any interest in or business

relationship with any competitors. The on-site manager must sign a written agreement to maintain the confidentiality of the franchise trade secrets and proprietary information. Estimated Number of Units: 13,430 Selected Investment Costs: For a new Inline/Endcap "Delco Lite" Delivery/Carryout Pizza Hut/WingStreet Restaurant: Name of Fee Initial Franchise Fee Development Services Fee Development Fees Equipment Opening Inventory Smallwares Building and Improvements Delivery Vehicles Computers Additional Funds (3 months) Miscellaneous Advertising Start-up "Other Estimated Total Royalty: 6% Low $25,000 Varies Varies $100,000 $4,000 $10,000 $125,000 Varies $18,000 $5,000 $10,000 $0 $3,000 $295,000 $30,000 $10,000 $22,000 $20,000 $5,000 $422,000 $125,000 $8,000 $14,000 $175,000 High

The restaurant of Pizza Hut has a particular concept and design which is a prominent red roof. The services of all the restaurants range from eat-in and carry out with approximately 60 to 90 seating for people. Developing the local supply chain The local supply chain for Pizza Hut was developed by Yum! and currently 95 per cent of the ingredients they use are locally produced. They now import very few specialty items like pepperoni. PEST (Political, Economic, Social & Technological) POLITICAL ISSUES

Political issues include regulatory frame work operating in judicial system which may affect the business in different ways. There are not many political factors in Peshawar affecting Pizza Hut as is lack of competition. Factors such as laws on business employment, pollution and taxation apply on the organization which it has to follow regarding the rules. ECNOMIC FACTORS

If the countys economy is better so the GDP of the country will be good, this is a green signal for the business as the per capita income of the people will be increased and they will spend more money. In our survey we came to know that most of the people in the beginning of the months spend more and they visit pizza hut very often. When the inflation rate increases the cost of raw material also increases and this leads towards high prices of the products and vice versa. SOCIAL FACTORS

Pizza hut is a multinational and it is basically originated from America so the organization is overwhelmed by western culture. There are social forms of society which consist of Upper class, middle class, middle upper class, lower class and lower class. Every country has cultural norms, values, beliefs and religion which can affect the organization. TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS

Now a days technology is improving so as baking and heating ovens will be of new and

efficient technology and will provide efficient service. Due to new technology there are new ways of marketing like internet; telemarketing and the organization can advertise their products with much more faster pace. Computer based customer data that is MIS (managing information system) helps in collecting customer data, daily transactions, future forecasting and decision making. New vehicles will make their service more efficient.