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Program Guide
Winter 2012

Connecting Jews & Judaism

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Welcome ...
On behalf of the entire staff of TORCH we are proud to present you with the Winter 2012 Program Guide. Please take a few minutes to browse through the full list of daily classes and programs we offer across the Houston Metropolitan area. We are sure you will find some new and thought provoking ideas within our classes that will enlighten your perspective and connection to our rich heritage. We invite you to join us anytime on-One Learning session with Executive Study or start your Home Study Group (Chavurah) friends. It's Easy and It's free! for a One a Rabbi, very own with your

Please visit for a f ull listing of our programs or contact us at for more information or to discuss more learning opportunities.

We look forward to learning together,

Rabbi Yaakov & Devorah Cohen Mrs. Amanda Goldstein Rabbi Yossi & Faige Grossman Rabbi Yaakov & Elky Wohlgelernter Rabbi Aryeh & Zehava Wolbe

Foundations. Know Your Judaism
Rabbi Yaakov Cohen Sunday - 10:30 AM | CTV
This comprehensive course will be covering all the basics of Judaism: its laws, practices and principles from A to Z.

The Clarity Workshop

Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe Sunday - 11:15 AM | CBS
Bring a clarity and connection to your real essence and purpose and become the master of your own growth.

The Kabbalah of Growth

Rabbi Yaakov Cohen
Monday - 7 PM | TBT-H Master your path to personal growth and fulfillment by gaining a clarity and connection to your soul and its potential.

TALK - Young Adult Chavurah

Rabbi Yakov Wohlgelernter
Monday - 7:15 PM | Private Residence Join other like minded young adults for delicious dinner over a discussion about practical, relevant Jewish stuff.

39 Ways to Shabbat
Mrs. Penina Lenga
Monday - 7:30 PM | CTV An inspirational journey through the laws of Shabbat while learning to making it more meaningful for you and your family.

24 Traits of Perfection
Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe
Tuesday - 7 PM | MM Acquiring the tools for a fulfilling life. You'll also learn to appreciate every minute while developing your G-d given soul traits.
Please visit for updates and other program information

Kabbalah & Mysticism
Rabbi Yaakov Cohen
Tuesday - 7 PM | CTV Join a textual exploration into the deepest teachings of Judaism and learn how it relates to your everyday life.

Partners in Torah - Live!

One on One Study
Tuesday - 8:15 PM | MM This is your chance to choose a topic that interests you and learn one-on-one with a learning partner.

The Breakfast Club (for Men)

Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe
Wednesday - 8 AM | C@J Start your day with the taste of a magnificent breakfast, fresh brewed coffee and sizzling words of Torah.

Prisms (for Women)

Mrs. Devorah Cohen
Wednesday - 10 AM | APC Gain practical and mystical insight into the weekly Torah well as delicious breakfast and some great new friends!

Empower Yourself Mussar Workshop

Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe Wednesday - 7:00 PM | TBT-C
Bring a growth and connection to your real essence and purpose and become the master of your own growth.

Beyond the Red String

Rabbi Yaakov Cohen
Thursday - 12 PM | HCRJ Demystifying the mystical and discover the ancient technology of the soul that's got Hollywood buzzing.
Please visit for updates and other program information

Kabbalah 101
Rabbi Yakov Cohen
Thursday - 7 PM | CSH Explore the textual expos discussing the names of G-d, the worlds, the ten emanations, and their relevancy.

The Purity Workshop

Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe
Thursday - 7:30 PM | CBE Bring a clarity and connection to our real essence and purpose and become the master of your own growth.

Mommy & Me
Monthly | Green Scene Toys Meet new friends; mommies and babies while having fun with your baby! Learn about Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and more.

Shabbat Prayer Experience

Rabbi Yossi & Faige Grossman
Shabbat - 10 AM | MM Bring the whole family and ENJOY the personalized touch of our introductory prayer experience!

Challah Baking Workshop

Mrs. Zehava Wolbe
Monthly on 3rd Wednesday - 8 PM Private Residence (Upon RSVP) Have fun while learning the art of baking the most delicious Challah ever!

Hebrew Reading
Mrs. Amanda Goldstein 6 Week Series - 7:30 PM | Seasonal
Learn how to read basic Hebrew in just six weeks - guaranteed! No prior knowledge necessary!
Please visit for updates and other program information

Jewish Ethics Institute

Legal Medical Business Ethics Conference
With Rabbi Yossi Grossman

Enjoy a discussion on relevant ethical challenges and dilemmas over delicious Kosher lunch. For more information please visit Jewish Ethics Institute is a Division of TORCH

Class Location Guide

APC CBE CBR CBS CSH CTV TBT-H TBT-C C@J HCRJ MM YIH Aroma Pizza Cafe 6285 Bissonnet Street , 77081 Congregation Beth El 3900 Raoul Wallenberg Lane, 77459 Congregation Beth Rambam 11333 Braesridge Drive, 77071 Congregation Brith Shalom 4610 Bellaire Boulevard, 77401 Congregation Shaar Hashalom 16020 El Camino Real, 77062 Congregation Torah Vachesed 9730 Hillcroft Street, 77096 Temple Beth Torah (Humble) 320 Shallow Drive, Humble, TX 77338 Temple Beth Tikvah (Clearlake) 12411 Park Shadows Trail, Houston, TX 77058 Cafe @ the J (Jewish Community Center) 5601 South Braeswood Blvd, 77096 Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism 801 Bering Drive, 77057 Meyerland Minyan 9606 Chimney Rock Road, 77096 Young Israel of Houston 7823 Ludington Drive, 77071 7

Schedule Summary for Weekly Programs

10:30 a 11:15 a 9:15 p 7:00 p 7:15 p 7:30 p 7:00 p 7:00 p 8:15 p 8:30 p 8:00 a 10:00 a 7:00 p 12:00 p 7:00 p 7:30 p 10:00 a Sun Sun Sun Mon Mon Mon Tue Tue Tue Tue Wed Wed Wed Thu Thu Thu Sat CTV CBS YIH TBT-H -CTV MM CTV MM CBR C@J APC TBT-C HCRJ CSH CBE MM Foundations. Know Your Judaism. Mussar - Clarity Workshop Character Development Vaad Kabbalah of Growth TALK - Young Adult Chavurah 39 Ways to Shabbos 24 Traits of Perfection Kabbalah & Mysticism Partners in Torah - Live! Mesilat Yesharim (Hebrew) The Breakfast Club Prisms for Women Empower Yourself Mussar Beyond the Red String Kabbalah 101 The Purity Workshop Learners Prayer Experience

Please visit for updates and other program information

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