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Course Title: Integrated Marketing Communication



Submitted To Saidul Haque Khan Professor, Department of Marketing. University of Dhaka, Submitted By Fahim Hasan Sirajee Id No. 40713023 EMBA, 13th Batch Department of Marketing University of Dhaka March 28, 2010 University of Dhaka

Date: March 28, 2011 To

Saidul Haque Khan Professor, Department of Marketing. University of Dhaka, Subject: Term paper submission on Analyzing in terms of message, media, and target customer Dear Sir, With reference to your instructions, I hereby submit the term paper on Analyzing of an advertisement in terms of message, media, and target customer. I express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to conduct the study on the above-mentioned topic. Firstly, I have gone through the theory of Integrated Marketing Communication through class lecture, text book and website to prepare the paper. Thank you very much as lecture was sufficient enough to get a clear views overall the task. I tried my level best to make the study objective one so that it can serve your intended purpose. Your humble consideration on some of my limitations in writing this paper will help me a lot. Your acceptance of this report will make my effort fruitful. of an advertisement

Sincerely Yours,

___________________ Fahim Hasan Sirajee (ID # 40713023)

About BanglaLion

Banglalion Communications Ltd is the leading BWA operators in Bangladesh having nationwide license in 2.5 GHz band. Banglalion is committed to build a connected Bangladesh through wireless telecom solutions and create a new impact on our business, society, economy, lifestyle and people. Banglalion WiMAX brings the latest technology which enables people to enjoy high speed connectivity which is mobile and wireless. We are passionate about our products, services and customers. Banglalion is also committed to develop new services, products and facilities to meet the requirements. Uses of WiMAX

Providing a wireless alternative to cable and DSL for broadband access. Providing data and telecommunications services. Providing portable connectivity.

Upcoming Services of Banglalion

High-speed Internet service. Mobile IP Telephony. Live IP TV. E-Learning. Video Conferencing. ATM Connectivity

IP PABX. Online Radio. Audio-Video Streaming. Tele Medicine. MAN for Corporate offices having presence in different locations. Online Gaming Service etc.

THE ADVERTISEMENT: STORY Everything is on the path of Banglalion wimax get converted to modern in the pace of modern technology. A Ray of Banglalion wimax is flowing throughout the whole country. While moving it, it replaces the ancient cow pulled plough by modern tractor in agricultural sector, it replaces bicycle by motor cycle in transport sector. The Advertisement Ray of Banglalion wimax
Before use After use

Before use

After use

Key Points:

Rural areas are the most under development area in Bangladesh. Basically in agriculture and transportation area, technology is vital for much production. All the development entirely depends on communication technology. It requires high speed internet connection. Customers Response Process

Model of Communication of Banglalion

MAIN MESSAGE Banglalion is the fastest wireless and mobile internet service provider of Bangladesh Message from the advertisement The story through which the message executed is good. Because The advertisement successfully delivered the message of changing everything with the change of technology. The main theme of the advertisement is rural areas which are the out of modern technology. Banglalion wimax is a high speed internet provider So, anyone can reach the modern technology by using Bangla Lion wimax. Media Type:

Banglaion has used 360 communication techniques to send the message to the customer. Especially, Television, Radio advertisement in communication mix has made it easier for to reach their target customer. Because tendency to watching television is much in all age people. Besides these , they use newspaper and billboard for advertisement. TARGET CUSTOMER Although Banglalions main targeting customers are teenagers of the country. Through the advertisement, Banglalion focuses all the customers who want to be changed by the use of modern technology.

Targeting Marketing Process Customers Response Process: As the most of the rural people are not aware of the advantages of high speed wimax internet, So, Banglalion takes the initiative to aware people about the product attributes. So, according the model target customers of Banglalion is now at cognitive stage. CONCLUDING REMARKS Through the advertisement, Banglalion targeted the all customers throughout the country who want to be digitized to achieve the vision 2021. The concept is really good, but it is not attracting as much as people because of the poor education facility and awareness of the people. It is a good approach that Banglalion considers the customers response process through creating awareness to the customers about the feature of the product first which will serve in the long run. Again the initial cost of wimax modem is very high. So, all targeted people are not financially solvent to purchase this. Banglalion target segment should be in the age group of 21-40 in the city area, because This age group represents self dependent, busy, jobholder or businessmen and has sufficient money to buy it. They become bored with the slow speed internet connection, so they are keen to use high speed internet.