Ga’u gostak animál
Ha’u gosta animál Eu gosto de animais


Galolen, Tetun, Português

‘Lemos’ Multilingual Books Project Early Readers Series: Level 1 Series editor: John Hajek These books, specially made for East Timor, are designed to help children learn to read and write their mother tongue so that they are better able to learn to read and write in Portuguese and Tetun. They are made available with the support of the University of Melbourne.

Ga’u gostak animál. Ha’u gosta animál. Eu gosto de animais (I Like Animals) Language: Galolen, Tetun, Portuguese Written and illustrated by Sue Worcester Translated by João Maria Cristo Rei (Galolen), Alex Tilman (Tetun) and Filomena Capela (Portuguese)

Published by RUMACCC Research Unit for Multilingualism & Cross-Cultural Communication The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia Draft edition - Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved

These books can also be downloaded for free use from the publisher’s website They may not be published for sale without the express written consent of the editor (contact:


Ga’u gostak bibi.
Ha’u gosta bibi. Eu gosto da cabra.



Ga’u gostak hahi.
Ha’u gosta fahi. Eu gosto do porco.



Ga’u gostak manu.
Ha’u gosta manu. Eu gosto da galinha.

Ga’u gostak manu-rade.
Ha’u gosta manu-rade. Eu gosto do pato.





Ga’u gostak mamamo.
Ha’u gosta busa. Eu gosto do gato.



Ga’u gostak asu.
Ha’u gosta asu. Eu gosto do cão.



Ga’u gostak karau.
Ha’u gosta karau. Eu gosto da vaca.

Ga’u gostak manu-aman.
Ha’u gosta manu-aman. Eu gosto do galo.



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