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Video /speech by ceo of kraft Internal webpage regarding stepping down of Cadbury management/ cadbury management remain Internal

webpage of jobcuts/factory closures External webpage/ press release for CSR/sustainability Video/presentation regarding emea News article : Cadbury in china expand to emea What do you think the implications are for both companies? As Cadbury is a company rich in its traditions with strong believes and values through out the years , what commitments do you have to ensure that these would not be affected ? Will this affect jobs/facilities and employee benefits in Cadbury ?
will the takeover lead to the closure of existing plants and will there be lay-offs?

Can you give a brief insight about Kraft as it is much more well known in the US compared to the UK . as everyone knows its famous for its cheeses and biscuits , will this affect the quality and taste of Cadbury ? Having two different background, cultures and traditions will this reduce the success rate of this integration ? Where do you think the future of this intergration leads to ? What are Krafts priorities in this integration? What are the synergies formed with respect to this intergration? What are Krafts plans on improving the confidence of its stakeholders in the British market ? Would there be a reduction of How are you going to deal with Cadbury;s heritage? Industry watchers are wondering whether Kraft will axe management roles; and would there be new investment in the company or factory closure?

With the recent integration of Cadbury and Kraft to forming a global powerhouse in the confectionary world , it is of true loss to announce the resignation of senior management staffs at Cadbury. Although this has further heightened the fears of current employees for a change in the management style and the increase risks of job cuts ,Kraft has already hired new employees to take up this existing roles. Kraft has realised the importance of these roles in order to achieve a successful integration amongst the two companies . Therefore, with the help of the remaing senior management staffs from Cadbury , Kraft ensures that these new members are fully aware and well trained and equipped with the way things have been running throughout the years at Cadbury. Krafts main priorities are to ensure that all existing staffs at Cadbury feel that they have not been mistreated by a new owner, and would continue to work with the same effort and passion as they had for Cadbury.