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How to change sequence number How to create different methods for different pan number How to create a new

method for a new sample Sequence is a series of runs. Each run has its procedure which is one to one correspondent to a method name. a method name relates to a method. Multiple method names can share the same method. Method is composed different segments. How to work with macro? What is external event on even off for? Set point =>standby temperature

TGA How to level TGA when I move it? By checking sample pan centricity within furnance. When I open TGA, water exchange works with loud sound, is it normal? Do I need to turn off TGA? If so, whats the procedure? Whats the procedure to turn On TGA? If With gas 2 hooked, can I switch purge gas between N2 and air? How to see actual weight in UA TGA? Change units in Graph menu. How to calibrate and verify TGA DSC DMA? Instrument Set-Up When performing TGA experiments in an oxygen-free atmosphere, take the following steps to set up your instrument: Readjust your flow meter(s) for standard operating flow rates: (a) for the standard furnace, 40 mL/minute flow into balance chamber and 60 mL/minute into the furnace or (b) for the EGA furnace, 10 mL/minute into the balance chamber and 90 mL/minute into the furnace. Tare sample pan (as needed). Load sample and close system

Purge 20 minutes, if possible, before starting a run. When run is complete, allow the furnace to cool in the closed position until the temperature is less than 350C. This can be automatically programmed into your method; after last segment add an equilibrate at 350C step. Another option is to change method-end (post-test) conditions to leave furnace closed at method end. When using air or oxygen during an experiment, introduce new gas through furnace purge port only and switch back to nitrogen before cooling down. When the TGA is idle, leave the system closed and continue purging with nitrogen. Back to top

DMA Is it possible to use Air cooling for DMA? Can I use air as purge gas How can I save Liquid N2?

DSC Am I using air cooling for DSC? Why Equilibrating is so(very slow. Can I use air for gas 2 ? How to select baseline start point? Stop at short of given end temperature Data file accept failed Do I need to keep N2 always on for DSC and TGA at night? What is the difference of different pan? How does heat flow type influence data? Q200 T4p How to check if DSC baseline is good? Why there is vertical shift? How about I ran out of N2 gas?

UA How overlay and limit range? How does UA determine onset point before decide a step transition point?