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GSK Australia Community Partnerships Program Guidelines for applicants

GSK Australia (GSKA) is determined to make a difference. Our vision is to improve the quality of human life by helping people do more, feel better and live longer. Along with being a leading supplier of medicines for the treatment and prevention of a range of diseases, our ongoing partnerships ensure we make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. In addition to our considerable investment into the research and development of new medicines, we see our partnerships with community organisations as an important part of our contribution to society.

Building Community Partnerships
GSKA believes that the projects we support should be aimed at improving the quality of human life. Therefore we will consider applications for funding from: • Health related charities • Health/welfare community organisations • Educational organisations • Healthcare providers Whilst we welcome approaches from community organisations with a proven reputation in these fields, our preference is to proactively seek out innovative partnerships. We seek to partner with organisations looking for support for specific programs in the following areas:

Healthcare & Wellbeing
Increase quality of, access to, and understanding of healthcare, and provision of cost-effective outcomes Improve the quality of life for members of the communities in which we operate

Science Education
Focus and improve the standard of study and teaching of science at all educational levels Provide an opportunity to share GSKA science based expertise with communities

GSKA Community Partnership Guidelines May 2006

Selection criteria
Funds are allocated by GSKA Community Affairs and will only be allocated after an internal assessment. Applications for funding will only be considered by GSKA if they meet the following criteria:

Mandatory requirements
The program has a ‘healthcare and wellbeing’ or ‘science education’ focus Support is requested for a specific ‘program/activity’ with have clear objectives and measurable outcomes The partnership must benefit people in Australia The partnering organisation should have not-for-profit status The partnering organisation must have a positive reputation in the community The organisation or program should be self sustainable at the conclusion of GSKA’s support

Preferred requirements
The opportunity to demonstrate innovation The opportunity for GSKA staff involvement No religious affiliation No previous/existing affiliation with another pharmaceutical company A commitment to measure results, monitor progress towards objectives and communicate results from the partnership

Contributions will NOT be considered for:
Groups which discriminate on any grounds Organisations/programs that have a political affiliation Fundraising appeals/events Capital projects Operational and ongoing staff costs Activities that are the direct responsibility of government Sports teams or sporting events Arts events/activities Individuals International aid appeals

Product Donations are a significant part of GSKA’s commitment to addressing health
needs in under-served communities. Only requests for product donations for humanitarian relief in the Asian Pacific Region will be considered. Requests for product donations must come from humanitarian aid organisations that have the appropriate licenses and local registration for the transport and allocation of pharmaceutical overseas. Requests for product donations from individuals will not be considered. All product donation requests should be referred directly to the GSKA Community Affairs Consultant in the first instance (contact details below).

GSKA Community Partnership Guidelines May 2006

Application Process
An application form outlining the potential partnership must be completed and submitted to GSKA for consideration. The application form is available on the website at: GSKA Corporate Community Partnerships are established every 2-3 years and opportunities for new partnerships will be reviewed by the GSKA Community Council monthly, dependent on available funds. Organisations requiring support should review the guidelines and ensure their application meets the criteria. For more information please contact the Community Affairs Consultant.

Completed GSK Community Partnership Program Application forms must be sent to: Sarah Tennant Community Affairs Consultant GlaxoSmithKline Australia PO Box 168 Boronia, Victoria 3155 Email: Phone: 03 9721 6147 Fax: 03 9721 6668

GSKA Community Partnership Guidelines May 2006