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On March 17, we held a dedication ceremony for the Northern Adventure and an open house to give employees and the public an opportunity to view the latest addition to our fleet. We were honoured to have Iona Campagnolo, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, join in the celebration, which was led by Captain Trafford Taylor, Executive Vice President, New Vessel Construction & Industry Affairs. The ceremony included an official welcoming by Chief Bill Williams, Squamish First Nation, an address and dedication of the official plaque by the Lieutenant Governor and a blessing by Reverend Nick Parker, Senior Port Chaplain, Mission to Seafarers. David Hahn, President & CEO; Elizabeth Harrison, Chair, Board of Directors; Maureen Macarenko, Northern Islands & North Coast Board member; Captain Guy Kendall, Senior Master; Kevin Falcon, Minister of Transportation; and Stan Hagen, Minister of Tourism, Sports & the Arts were also part of the stage party.

2 THE WAVE Spring 2007

Prince Rupert Customer Service Attendants Punita Moudgill and Daphne Ling prepare to welcome more than 1,500 people onboard the Northern Adventure.

Left to right: Ross Bowen, Deck Officer, with Captains Guy Kendall and Tim O’Farrell on the bridge of the Northern Adventure.

Special thanks to project manager K.S. Ng, employees at DPMI and the entire crew of the Northern Adventure for their hard work that allowed us to showcase the Northern Adventure in style, and to Penny Lidstone, Community Relations Manager, and the many helping hands from New Vessel Construction & Industry Affairs, Corporate Development, Food & Retail Operations and Catering for their assistance arranging a successful event!

Captain Trafford Taylor, Executive Vice President, New Vessel Construction and Industry Affairs, and Iona Campagnolo, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, unveil the plaque for the Northern Adventure.

The Northern Adventure has 70 cabins, all with bathrooms that include showers, as well as four luxury cabins, each with a television and spectacular views from the bow of the ship; an impressive Aboriginal art display and photo montage of the Queen Charlotte Islands; tourism staff to provide travellers with helpful advice and tips about what to see and do in the north; the Raven’s lounge, equipped with 480 reclining seats; the licensed Coastal Café and outdoor Lighthouse Café; Passages Gift Shop featuring a wide assortment of Northern Adventure merchandise, art cards, journals, jewellery, handcrafted bowls, masks and sculptures; and entertainment options with five 42-inch plasma televisions, each with satellite and DVD feeds. Check out the intranet for more photos!

The Raven’s Lounge features 480 reclining seats

Coastal Café onboard the Northern Adventure

One of the four luxury cabins onboard the Northern Adventure.

The interactive Kid Zone children’s play area.

The Northern Adventure is the first step in bringing bigger and better service to the north. By the spring of 2009, the Northern Expedition, a new vessel currently under construction at Flensburger, will join our fleet on the northern routes. We’re also in discussions with the provincial government regarding a replacement vessel for the Queen of Chilliwack. That vessel will be named the Northern Discovery.

3 THE WAVE Spring 2007

Captain Robert Henry Andersen passed away suddenly on January 21, 2007 after a short and courageous battle with cancer. Bob joined BC Ferries in 1963 and worked as Master on Routes 1 and 9 until he retired in 1989. friends. We send our condolences to Bob’s family and


4 THE WAVE Spring 2007

Bill Boerkamp passed away on December 21, 2006. Bill started work as an electrician with the Department of Highways, Dock District at Swartz Bay in 1975 and came to BC Ferries when it took over the Department of Highways’ Northern Gulf Island saltwater fleet in the mid-1980’s. He retired from Sidney Terminal Maintenance in 1999. We send our condolences to Bill’s family and friends. Ferderick Charles Carr passed away on November 9, 2006. Frederick joined BC Ferries in 1974 at Departure Bay as Second Mate and worked as Senior Master, Queen of Alberni, from 1989 until his retirement in 1995. We send our condolences to Frederick’s family and friends. Hernane Copiat passed away
Rob Hunter, Chief Engineer, demonstrated one part of the Kuper’s new firefighting system. Steve Wilson, Fleet Electronics Technician, Little River; Captain Bill Dickie, Senior Master, Kuper; and Frances Beltgens, Deckhand, Kuper, enjoyed the festivities on a beautiful sunny day onboard the Kuper. Kuper on sea trials in early January.

On January 26, we hosted local community leaders onboard the Kuper for a special ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome the new vessel to the communities of Chemainus, Thetis and Kuper Islands. The event included a tour of the vessel and remarks from Captain Trafford Taylor, Executive Vice President of New Vessel Construction & Industry Affairs; Bruce Paterson,

Fleet Technical Director; Captain Chris Frappell, Marine Superintendent, Southern Islands; Mayor John Lefebure, Municipality of North Cowichan; Patrick Mooney, Thetis Island; and Chief Lisa Shaver, Penelakut First Nation. The next day, community open houses were held at Thetis, Kuper and Chemainus terminals to provide residents with a preview of the vessel.

suddenly on January 6, 2007. Hernane was a First Engineer in Nanaimo, having joined BC Ferries on June 13, 1991. Hernane will be remembered as a very competent engineer who loved to laugh and enjoyed fishing in his free time. He will be greatly missed by his coworkers. We send our condolences to Hernane’s family and friends.

Captain Chris Frappell and Lisa Shaver, Penelakut First Nation, prepare for the official ribbon cutting onboard the Kuper.

Kids on Kuper Island joined in the fun with The Captain.

Construction is well underway on the Coastal Renaissance and Coastal Inspiration, two of our three new Super C-class vessels that will bring an exceptional level of safety and service to our employees and customers on our Horseshoe Bay – Departure Bay route beginning this fall. Construction on the Coastal Celebration, the third Super C, will begin this spring, with the vessel entering service on the Tsawwassen – Swartz Bay run in mid 2008.

Bob Grant passed away on December 10. Bob joined BC Ferries in 2001 as a Chief Engineer on the Queen of Capilano. Bob will be missed by his coworkers who remember him as a very courteous and cheerful colleague. We send our condolences to Bob’s family and friends. Ernie Heavens passed away

suddenly on December 6, 2006. Ernie joined BC Ferries in June of 1994 in Catering and held many
The Coastal Renaissance takes shape in preparation for its April 19 launch in Flensburger.

positions, including cleaner, driver and customer service attendant. Ernie was held in high regard by his colleagues. friends. We send our condolences to Ernie’s family and

Mun Sing Lee passed away on January 29, 2007. Mr. Lee joined BC Ferries in December 1970, working out of Departure Bay as a dishwasher and then a cleaner until his retirement in 1986. and friends. Thomas Rayner passed away on January 18, 2007. Upon immigrating
The Super C lounge area.

We send

our condolences to Mr. Lee’s family

to Canada, Thomas worked for Black Ball Ferries and then as an officer and master with BC Ferries until he retired in 1992. friends. Ray Roy passed away on February 22, 2007. Ray joined BC Ferries in 1979 and was a Chief Engineer in the southern Gulf Islands when he retired in 1994. Ray leaves behind his wife of 49 years, Colette, his children, Lisa, Celia, Michael and Stephen, and 15 grandchildren. We send our condolences to Ray’s family and friends. We send our condolences to Thomas’ family and

All three Super Cs will have a Coastal Café.

5 THE WAVE Spring 2007





band was travelling through Swartz Bay terminal under a reservation number with all charges to be processed to a credit card provided at the time

Sally Fox, Chief Steward, Queen of Oak Bay, is the recipient of the 2006 President’s Award for Customer Service, which recognizes an employee who displays customer service excellence while on duty. Sally was nominated for her outstanding service and for going above and beyond in all areas of her job. Sally’s co-workers describe her as “amazingly kind and patient with all of the customers, as well as with the crew.” Sally receives a certificate, a gold pin and a cheque for $2,500.

6 THE WAVE Spring 2007

the reservations were originally made. Not knowing about the reservation, Susan Richards, Ticket Agent, processed the first vehicle, which the driver paid with $300 US cash. When the next vehicle was processed, the deferred payments were discovered and it was realized the first driver should not have paid. The original driver was brought back to the booth, his $300 US cash ticket refunded, and the travel expensed to the deferred payment. After the driver had returned to his vehicle, Susan discovered the driver had inadvertently left the $300 in the ticket booth. Just prior to boarding, the driver was told about the cash, but he insisted that he had his money, even though Susan was sure that it was his $300. At the end of the day, Susan’s cash was indeed over by this amount, so she reported the $300 US overage and a cheque was sent to the Snoop Dog Agency. Kudos to Susan for her professionalism!
Sally Fox, Chief Steward, Queen of Oak Bay, with President & CEO David L. Hahn

Bob Pugh, Maintenance Planner, Engineering, Swartz Bay, is the recipient of the President’s Award for Operational Excellence, which recognizes an employee who, in the performance of his or her duties, makes a substantial contribution in support of safety, fleet or terminal operations; or significantly contributes to the value and performance of the company. Throughout 2006, Bob offered significant and dedicated support to our vessel crews and engineering managers. His work ethic and mentoring of junior officers was inspiring, and his review of inventory control measures, safety management on vessels and capital projects had important benefits across several departments of the company. His commitment and leadership exemplify the nature of the Operational Excellence Award. Bob receives a certificate, a gold pin and a cheque for $2,500.

Bob Pugh, Maintenance Planner, is congratulated by Mike Corrigan, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer.

The President’s Award for Seamanship & Safety recognizes the outstanding actions of an employee who has gone above and beyond the call of duty at sea or on shore. The 2006 award went to members of the A watch crew on the Bowen Queen, including Ben Pearson, Deckhand; Ray Thornber, Third Engineer; Richard Bellamano, Deckhand; Robert Salvador, Deckhand; and Andrew Lunn, Mate.

all aspects of North Saanich’s character with rolling green hills, golden fields and the blue ocean, all of which form a backdrop for a silhouette of the District’s official now municipal bird, at the the Great Blue Heron. The flag is proudly flying North Saanich Municipal Hall. “I am writing to thank the ferry staff who helped me retrieve a picture of a sheep I left at the Tsawwassen foot passenger ticket booth. My sister and I had hiked the Coast to Coast Path across Northern England and I had picked up this caricature of a sheep in The Yorkshire Dales. The picture made it across England to the North Sea, a taxi ride, three trains back to Glasgow another taxi ride and two flights Glasgow to Heathrow and Heathrow to Vancouver and then, when I was nearly home to Victoria, I was so disappointed to realize that I had left the picture at the Ticket Booth. I contacted the chief steward on the ferry and she was so helpful contacting the ticket booth. Someone kindly wrapped the picture in brown paper and added a ‘do not bend’ message on the outside. The next day, when I drove out to Swartz Bay, I was greeted by another pleasant staff member. The picture is now framed and looks wonderful. Thank you!” -Victoria

Deckhand Ben Pearson, member of the Bowen Queen crew and recipient of the President’s Award for Seamanship & Safety.

President’s Award recipients from the Bowen Queen: Richard Bellamano, Deckhand; Andrew Lunn, Mate, and Robert Salvador, Deckhand. Missing from photo: Ray Thornber, Third Engineer.

Congratulations to the 2006 honourable mentions for the outstanding service they provide to their colleagues and our customers throughout the year.

• Linda Bready, Senior Chief Steward, Queen of Saanich • Linda Coomber, Senior Chief Steward, Queen of Chilliwack • Darlene Cadwallader, Terminal Operations Supervisor, Campbell River • Patricia Conrad, Terminal Operations Supervisor, Crofton • Sheila Burdon-Murphy, Terminal Attendant, Horseshoe Bay

• Ferdinand Lamens, Equipment Operator, Tsawwassen • Gordon Cortner, Equipment Operator, Tsawwassen

• Terminal Maintenance South Dock Repair Crew from Tsawwassen: Mark Chaisson, Allan Calder, Mark Hobden, Doug Tomkins. • Alberto Toselli, Treasury Analyst, Finance, Fleet House

7 THE WAVE Spring 2007

On December 20, 2006, the crew responded to a significant medical emergency involving an elderly dialysis patient. The quickness of their actions, confidence under pressure and knowledge of First Aid procedures allowed them to handle an extremely difficult situation in the best manner possible. Their response was exceptional in every respect. Each recipient receives a certificate, a gold pin and cheque for $1,000.




LePoidevin, Foot Passenger Ticket Agent, Swartz Bay, whose design was chosen for the District of North Saanich’s new flag. The design conveys

“I recently used the internet reservation service and made a mistake on the sailing date. Dave Kotorynski, Customer Sales & Service Representative, called me within minutes, informed

In order to accommodate our new Super Cs, which are longer and wider than our existing C-class ships, we’re investing $28 million to extensively upgrade the berths at Departure Bay and Horseshoe Bay terminals. More than 20 B.C. companies are involved in the project that includes marine, anchoring, hydraulic, electrical, painting and communication contractors; environmental and engineering consultants; steel fabricators; surveyors; corrosion protection companies; electrical equipment suppliers; and diving companies. As a result of the project, alternating berth closures will continue at both terminals until June 2007.

8 THE WAVE Spring 2007

me of my error and immediately made the correction. He also helped us choose a cabin for our Port Hardy - Prince Rupert trip. What great service!” -Victoria “About 30 minutes into the sailing from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay, I was sitting in the lounge when an approaching passenger staggered and fell unconscious on the floor. A passing crew member noticed the situation immediately and radioed for assistance. Within a minute of the incident, five additional crew members arrived with medical equipment and administered first aid to the man, who had passed out for only a few seconds, but was quite disoriented. I would like to say that I was very impressed with the professionalism the staff showed as they interacted with each other quickly, efficiently and effectively. The situation was resolved and the man departed under his own power, in the care of his companion. I want to let the staff involved know that the passengers who witnessed the incident were impressed and reassured about the capabilities of the staff of BC Ferries.” -Vancouver

Drilling of flow deflector piles at Horseshoe Bay.

Land work underway at Departure Bay, including the temporary bracing for the upper transition deck and the newly installed rock anchor.


“Due to terrible road conditions and an accident on Hwy 17 that caused a 10 minute drive to become 97 minutes, we missed the 12:45 a.m. ferry to Duke Point and had to wait several hours for the 3:40 p.m. sailing. It had already been a long day for travellers battling a winter storm, but once onboard, we were immediately treated to the most compassionate and caring staff I have ever run into on our ferries. The Captain, Mike Greene, gave us many updates on the terrible storm happening that day, along with updates as to our progress in the gale force winds we were travelling into. He was OUTSTANDING ! Along with his announcements, Chief Steward Elaine Savidan gave us several updates on road conditions and what to expect on our trips north and south of Nanaimo. She, too, was an AWESOME TROOPER. These two, plus the rest of the very professional staff, were a treat to have after such a brutal day. From deckhands to cafeteria staff and all those in between, we were treated as royalty with smiles and compassion for the weary. They are to be commended.” -Ladysmith

If you work at Swartz Bay or have travelled Route 1 lately, you’re sure to have noticed some bulldozers in action. As part of our commitment to alleviate congestion on Highway 17 and improve access to the area for local residents, the next phase of construction is now well underway at the Swartz Bay terminal. The work to the south of the existing toll booths is to accommodate a new preticket area and new toll booths that will provide customers with faster access to ticket purchases and terminal amenities. Other work will include relocating a portion of the employee parking lot and two small buildings in order to reconfigure the holding compound for

traffic bound for the Southern Gulf Islands. The East Exit Road, which is utilized by Southern Gulf Island customers when two ships are unloading simultaneously, will also be realigned during this phase of construction. Manuel Achadinha, Vice President, Terminal Operations explains “The key objectives of the Swartz Bay terminal master plan are to improve safety and our traffic management, while minimizing our impact on the community. This project will create approximately 320 additional spaces inside the compound, which will greatly reduce traffic backing up onto Highway 17 at peak times.”

“At this time of the year, it is with a happy heart that we reflect on how wonderful the terminal staff at Buckley Bay are. They are all helpful and cheerful, no matter what the weather or inconveniences taking place. They are all to be commended for the way they carry the flag for BC Ferries! All the crew on this run are professional in their approach to their duties. They are a fine group to represent BC Ferries here in the northern gulf islands. What a team!” -Hornby Island

9 THE WAVE Spring 2007

“I am writing to commend the outstanding actions of Monique Turgeon, Terminal Manager, Swartz Bay, who gave my son assistance and support above and beyond the call of duty. Monique, along with Michelle Roberts, Chief Steward and Judy Schmidt, Second Steward onboard the Spirit of British Columbia, arranged to have my son, who was destitute and without funds or I.D., travel by Pacific Coast bus lines to Vancouver Greyhound bus depot so that he could board the bus to Chilliwack. Monique provided a meal for him and treated him with such kindness and respect that I want to let her know how much her actions meant to my family and me. There are times in life when an act of kindness changes my whole perspective on life. My son is living with FASD and has trouble coping with his day-to-day life. Monique’s generosity of spirit brightened life for my son and for me. It was a true gift to us both. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” -Winnipeg “We recently sailed from


10 THE WAVE Spring 2007

Captain Chris Frappell, Marine Superintendent, Southern Islands, congratulates Captain Don Funk, Master, Long Harbour, on his retirement after 35 years with BC Ferries. Enjoy your retirement, Captain Funk!

Horseshoe Bay-Nanaimo and your crew member Dana Hawkes, Customer Service Attendant, Horseshoe Bay, was serving in the cafeteria. He was cheerful, attentive, helpful, funny and hardworking, which was especially nice to encounter at 6:30 in the morning. Don’t let this guy get away—he’s a winner!” -Nanaimo
Pat Slingsby, Senior Chief Steward, was all smiles on his last day before retirement. Thanks for 36 great years of service, Pat! Lana Underwood, Supervisor, Accounts Payable, retired on December 29, 2006 after 36 years with BC Ferries. Congratulations, Lana!


“I Bob




to who





helped me with my luggage at Tsawwassen terminal and who also assisted me. I am an elderly person who has a broken arm and is in need of knee surgery. Both employees offered to help me without being asked. Congratulations on having such wonderful employees. I also think the Seawest Lounge is great.” -Victoria “Thank you to the crew on the Queen of Esquimalt who helped me as I travelled as a foot passenger from Swartz Bay to
Jenny Chettri, Employee Relations Coordinator, Tsawwassen and Matthew Burns, HR Advisor, attended one of several career fairs seeking new recruits to join the BC Ferries team. Next up for Matthew is a journey north where he will assume the role of Employee & Community Relations Advisor located in Prince Rupert.

Tsawwassen. I had slipped and fallen on my way to catch the ferry and had injured my wrist, but decided to wait until I got back to Langley to have it looked at. While onboard, I purchased a cup of tea but, due to my wrist injury, was unable to open the packet with the tea bag inside. A woman working in the snack bar helped me with my tea and called for a first aid attendant who checked out my wrist and gave me an ice pack. As it was the end of the shift for the crew, the woman in the snack bar gave me a ride to the emergency room in Langley as she was also travelling that way. Please send my thanks to these employees for their outstanding service.”

In early February, a team from Little River participated in the Comox Valley Career Fair where an estimated 1200 students and 300 adults attended. Pictured here from left to right are Debbie English, Employee Relations Coordinator and Daneen Laird, Employee Relations Coordinator. Thanks also to Ken van Heyningen, Manager, Safety, Security & Environment; Judy Cryer, Manager, Terminal Operations; and Captain Gord Nettleton, Marine Superintendent, Little River, on a job well done!


11 THE WAVE Spring 2007

Tracey in the Seawest Lounge

Gavin Griffiths, one of BC Ferries' original 89 employees when the company began operating in 1960, passed away on January 20, 2007. Gavin began his career onboard the Queen of Tsawwassen before moving to the Life Raft Centre at Deas Dock in 1966 where he worked until his retirement in 1985. Gavin Jr. says his dad was very devoted to BC Ferries and spoke often and highly about his time with the company. The Griffiths family sends a special thank you to Ian Mansell, Life Saving Appliance Technician, who remained in close contact with Gavin after his retirement, and former Life Raft Centre employee, John Wilson. We send our condolences to Gavin’s family and friends, including his wife Catherine, son Gavin Jr. (Darlene); grandchildren Ryan (Jenny), Jody (Cory), and Troy, along with great grandchildren Taelor, Morgyn, Caden, Wyatt and Carys. In the words of Gavin Jr., “BC Ferries will always be with my father. God bless.”

12 THE WAVE Spring 2007

Gavin celebrated his retirement in 1985 with some of his workmates from the Life Raft Centre. From left to right: Ron Simmons, Ian Mansell, Gavin Griffiths, Archie McLean and John Wilson, with Ed Saunders in front.

Thanks to Lynyja Howse, Terminal Services Attendant, Campbell River, for sharing this good news story that makes turning a year older not such a bad thing after all! “I would like to share with you 14 small, but meaningful, rituals we have here at the Campbell River Terminal. We celebrate birthdays. This is no small affair. In the days leading up to the party there are phone calls to be made to each of our crew to tell them what day to be here. Husbands, wives, children and grandchildren are all welcome. Someone makes a cake, a gift is selected and a card makes its rounds for well wishes to the birthday person. In spare time on the day of the party, someone will decorate the kitchen with balloons and streamers. At 2:30 p.m. we gather in the kitchen and, after some conversation and coffee, sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in off tones, laugh about how that particular rendition went and take pictures. I have four children and they have been coming to these parties all of their lives. On my 28th birthday I had a baby boy. What a great gift!”

Luanne Boyes, Terminal Services Attendant, Campbell River (second from left) celebrates her birthday with her daughter, Angel (far left), her grandson, Alex, and Deb Casavant, Terminal Services Attendant, who is pictured with Faith, the daughter of Ann Brown, Terminal Services Attendant, Campbell River.


“I was in a car accident on the upper level highway and a BC Ferries employee, who had just come off duty, attended to me before the ambulance arrived. I was badly shaken and your employee gave me a sense of security in the aftermath of the accident. He had me sit down on the median and proceeded to ask me a series of questions. I was not able to get his name, but I want to applaud BC Ferries for hiring such an outstanding citizen. The man left the scene as the ambulance and police arrived. Thank you for your care and kindness.” -Vancouver “On a sailing from Long Harbour, Kai Chung Lam, Deckhand/Bridge Watchman, Tsawwassen, was very kind to my 4-year old grand-daughter from England. He took the family up to the bridge so that she could see the crew sail the ship. The crew was very welcoming and informative. This was an experience of a lifetime provided by staff who really seemed to care about more than just getting their passengers from A to B. This was well beyond the call of duty!! Well done indeed, and many thanks to them all.” -Vancouver “I am the mum of a 13 and 9 year old who travelled with their father from Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen on the Spirit of British Columbia. I just

Eric Kalnins, Travel & Tourism; Navin Sami, Commercial Sales; Wes Boyd, Strategic Planning & Business Development; Amar Johal, Sales & Community Relations; Dale Ryan, Corporate Marketing; Marlane Christensen, Aboriginal Relations; Christina Harris, Advertising & Production; Audra Garsys, Corporate Marketing; Deborah Marshall, Media Relations; Gary Leitch, Stakeholder Relations; Russell Bell, Pricing & Revenue; Wayne Kondruk, Market Research; Maureen Cumming, Advertising & Production; Rebecca Bailey, Community Relations; Penny Lidstone, Community Relations; Mark Stefanson, Public Affairs; Dan Wong, Vice President, Corporate Development. Missing from photo: Linda Morgan and Jill Bonneteau-Smith, Executive Assistants; Grant Bierlmeier, Pricing & Revenue; and Erinn Grant, Corporate Communications.

Wondering who to contact about an event in your community? Looking for the latest information on our marketing activities? Need help with your business plan or commercial sales? Then you need to talk to the Corporate Development team. Formed last year, the Corporate Development group provides a wide range of services and support to all areas of the company. While you may be familiar with some of the services we provide, we have lots of new and exciting initiatives underway, so don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Corporate Development team if you have questions or need support in any of the following areas: • Corporate Marketing • Corporate Communications • Public & Media Relations • Sales and Community Relations • Stakeholder Relations • Travel and Tourism • Commercial Sales • Aboriginal Relations • Revenue & Pricing • Strategic Planning & Business Development

wanted to let you know how very grateful my family was to find every staff member extremely helpful and sensitive to the fact that my daughter lost her purse. We really appreciated it.” -Victoria

13 THE WAVE Spring 2007

14 THE WAVE Spring 2007

Unloading the last of the ancillary equipment for the RADs from the delivery aircraft. Pictured on the flat deck truck trailer are hydraulic power pack units for each of the new drives.

The controllable pitch propeller (the “business end” of the new US 175 right angle drive) within its outer protective shroud or duct. The photo was taken in the delivery aircraft as part of our quality assurance review.

The right angle drives, each weighing 16 metric tonnes and measuring 4.8 metres in length, at Vancouver airport awaiting transport via Route 1 to the refit shipyard at Esquimalt Graving dock.

In the early morning hours of March 3, five of six new right angle drives arrived at Vancouver International Airport onboard an Antinov 124-100, a former Soviet armed forces heavy lift cargo aircraft now operated by a commercial enterprise in the Ukraine. The RADs were built by Rolls-Royce at its factory in Finland for installation on the Queen of Capilano. The five drives are the very latest in marine propulsion technology, with each drive built to the

exacting technical requirements of BC Ferries. The new US 175 series drive is ice strengthened, has a rated power of 900 kW and is a steerable and controllable pitch drive. The five drives, together with ancillary equipment, were brought by air from Finland to meet the refit and drydocking schedule requirements for the Queen of Capilano. Four drives will be fitted into the vessel, while the fifth and sixth drives will be held as spare units.

Last November, we asked the Gallup Organization to conduct an employee survey to better understand employee opinions, engagement and other issues, and provide us with input to help us continue to develop an even safer and more engaged workplace. Surveys were mailed to each employee’s home address along with instructions on how to complete the confidential survey by telephone. Gallup tells us the response to the survey was 30 percent, meaning that seven out of every ten employees did not use this opportunity to express their opinions and help us build a better workplace. As you can appreciate, the relatively low response rate makes it difficult to interpret data and trends; however, Gallup has provided some data that we have posted on the intranet. As a next step, we have asked Gallup to hold focus groups throughout the company. We hope you will use the opportunity to be heard and let us know what’s working, what’s not and what we need to do to build a better BC Ferries.

“I just wanted to say how helpful and caring your employee Melanie Francis, Switchboard Operator, was when we needed help. She went out of her way our student from Cambodia who was travelling by herself for the first time. Our student called me when her ride didn’t show up at the terminal. She was very worried. I tried to contact the friend who was to pick her up, but had no luck. The only way I could reach her was to call the terminal. Thankfully, I did not get an answering machine, but a real person! I explained the situation to Melanie and she immediately took an interest. She paged our student, got her to phone me and helped reassure her that everything would work out. As soon as her ride did show up (an hour late!) Melanie called me again to let me know that all was well. I really appreciate how she handled the situation and it meant a lot to have someone who took an interest and cared to help. Please pass along our thanks again to Melanie! You are lucky to have an employee who is so caring.” -Duncan “I would like to commend the excellent and professional service provided Nanaimo. by Della Mackie, Customer Service Attendant, My heart began to fibrillate and Della stabilized to be kind and considerate to

We are pleased to report that after more than three years, we have a new Collective Agreement (November 1, 2003 – October 31, 2012) that balances the evolution of our company with the wage and benefit expectations of the workforce and our need to have sufficient flexibility to make productive changes. Importantly, the final award focuses on the interests of our customers by extending the term of the agreement and creating an innovative dispute resolution process to facilitate future collective bargaining. It also repatriates the employees of Deas Pacific Marine Inc. back to BC Ferries. The new collective agreement, along with a summary of the award, is available on the intranet or from your local Employee Relations office.

In his comprehensive review of operational safety at BC Ferries, George L. Morfitt made 41 recommendations regarding safety enhancements at BC Ferries. While the report concluded that, overall, we operate a safe coastal ferry transportation system and that our directors, management and staff are highly committed to operational safety, it also noted there are a number of areas where safety and related administrative processes and procedures should be strengthened. As a company, we have committed to implementing all 41 recommendations, so take the time to read the report, which is available on the intranet, understand its recommendations and talk to your supervisor about what you can do to ensure that we put safety first each and every day.

On March 26, we released our Divisional Inquiry into the grounding and sinking of the Queen of the North. To view the report, visit www.bcferries. com/about/qnorthdivisionalinquiry.html

me and got me to the Delta Hospital by ambulance. Thank you for your assistance.” -Delta

15 THE WAVE Spring 2007

“I made a couple of reservations on the internet for the first time today and I entered the wrong date. 1-800 I phoned your and was number

By the summer of 2008, another new ship will join our fleet, allowing for the retirement of the 45-year-old Queen of Tsawwassen. The new 125car intermediate size ferry, which is currently under construction at Vancouver Shipyards in North Vancouver, will initially sail on our Earls Cove – Saltery Bay route.

16 THE WAVE Spring 2007

connected to Kendi Clearwater, Customer Sales & Service Representative. I am writing to inform you that she was nothing short of terrific. With a minimum of fuss she spoke with her supervisor and my mistake was corrected.” -Victoria “Thanks to Bill Haire,

Deckhand, Tsawwassen, who helped me get into my truck. The slim jim didn’t work so Bill went to the engine room to get a part to open the door. I’m very grateful for Bill’s assistance and send him my thanks for going the extra mile.” -Vancouver
The hull of the new intermediate vessel under construction at Vancouver Shipyards.

“Thanks to the chief steward on the run from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay for her very helpful assistance. I received a phone call while onboard advising me that my doctor’s appointment in Vancouver had been cancelled. I asked the chief steward if there was any way I could stay on the ferry with my car and return home to the Sunshine Coast. The chief steward asked where my car was located, made a call and then advised me to put on my flashers when they were about to unload. When the time came, a deckhand directed me to turn my car around once the other vehicles had disembarked. My sincere thanks!” -Langdale

It’s great to see so many employees wearing their new uniforms, but if you haven’t ordered your new items yet, you better get busy as the new uniform policy takes effect company wide on May 1, 2007. Our uniform policy is an important component of our safety and security practices as we need to ensure that all employees are properly outfitted in the appropriate attire for their position and are easily identifiable to passengers and fellow crew in the case of an emergency. Don’t forget that you only need to order items required to meet the May 1, 2007 compliance date. For some employees this means that you will not need to order any items and for others it will mean submitting partial or full orders. For example, with the exception of Deckhands, base uniform colours have remained the same for all positions.

Where practical, you are encouraged to supplement your useable inventory of uniform items with new ones, but there is no requirement to do so if your current uniform meets the new standard. For more information about our uniform program, visit the intranet or contact Logistik Unicorp toll free at 1-800-265-1314 or Gabe Tonin, Project Manager, at (604) 204-2214.

Are you using your Fleet Maintenance Standards (FMS) manual? In July 2005, we introduced our new FMS manual, an easy to use reference document and an integral part of our Safety Management System that provides direction to employees responsible for maintaining the condition of our vessel hulls, systems and equipment. Your FMS manual is meant to be used, and we don’t mean as a bookend in the engine room! Every system on your vessel is described in the manual with our stated company policies for required maintenance, so next time you’re hands on with the tools, be hands on with the FMS. Get it greasy, get it dog-eared, get it working for your vessel and for our fleet. Want to know more about the FMS manual? Check out the Fleet Maintenance Standards Essentials guide that provides an overview of the FMS and how to get started with the manual. The Essentials guide is available onboard all of our vessels and at the terminals, as well as on the intranet. Questions about the FMS? Contact Greg Peterson, Director, Fleet Performance, with any questions or suggestions at greg.peterson@bcferries. com or (604) 204-2330.

“My girlfriend had planned to spend the weekend in Victoria, but her flight into Vancouver was delayed enough that she could not make the last ferry over. I rushed to the ferry after work, parked in my assigned lane, got out of my car and used a payphone to call my girlfriend and let her know I was on my way to meet her in Vancouver. Upon returning to my car they were just starting to load the trucks when I noticed.... I LOCKED THEY KEYS IN THE CAR! I scrambled to find some help and was able to get Chris Cole, Equipment Operator, Swartz Bay, to help me out. Chris was all over my problem, retrieving his trusty slim jim and popping my door open right away. Chris saved me from having my head bitten off by my girlfriend, and I had to let you know how thankful I am!!! Also, Tim Armstrong, Cashier, Hospitality Services, Tsawwassen, was very helpful with directions to the airport. Thanks for such a good experience.” -Victoria “I travelled from Tsawwassen to Salt Spring Island via Mayne, Galiano and Pender Islands, and must say the journey was fantastic with smooth sailing and friendly staff. Special praise for Sandy Shaw, Deckhand, Long Harbour, who is truly an ambassador. He was a terrific guide to the islands and Vancouver Island and it was an absolute pleasure meeting and talking to him. He is a great asset to your company with his informative way of explaining what to look for on our journeys. deserves -England a All the staff mention, we met were lovely, but Sandy special so please pass on our praise.”

Congratulations to the Horseshoe Bay terminal team for their outstanding response after they received a call for help from a mother whose 17 month old baby was not breathing. The mother, who was travelling to Bowen Island, called out to Kelly Carson, Terminal Attendant, who in turn alerted Kathy Chodak, Occupational First Aid Attendant. Kathy was on the scene within seconds, followed by Equipment Operators James Hearns and Mike Collins, to move the baby to the First Aid room. Clayton Burgess, Terminal Attendant and former OFA, joined the response team as they performed the Heimlich manoeuvre and supplied the child with oxygen. By the time the first ambulance arrived, the baby was alert and breathing normally. We join the parents of this young child in sending our sincere thanks to all those involved for their tremendous response in a challenging situation. Well done!

Left to right: Clayton Burgess, Terminal Attendant; Kathy Chodak, Occupational First Aid Attendant; Mike Collins, Equipment Operator; and James Hearns, Equipment Operator.

17 THE WAVE Spring 2007

The Internal Control Certification (ICC) and Business Improvement (BIT) Teams send their sincere appreciation to all those who assisted them throughout the ICC and BIT projects. As a result of your contributions, on March 31, 2007 the CEO and CFO were able to certify that our company’s financial controls are in place, marking a major milestone in our company’s journey. Lyndsay Green, CA, ICC Project Manager, says “Over the past two years, our team worked with employees throughout the company to document and evaluate internal controls in our business processes. We send our thanks to all the employees who shared their time and expertise with us and made the projects a great success. As a result of these contributions, we concluded eleven days ahead of schedule and with a savings of $1.5 million against an original budget of $5 million.” In turn, David L. Hahn, President & CEO, sends his thanks to the ICC and BIT team members for their significant accomplishment, which is particularly notable as they were covering new ground for Canadian companies and had limited information available to help them get where they needed to go. Notwithstanding, they took up the challenge, created the roadmap and got us to our destination on time. Next up for ICC and BIT is to work with you to continue to strengthen our internal controls and improve efficiency and effectiveness in our operations. Thanks for your great work!

18 THE WAVE Spring 2007

Back row (left to right): Karen Nelson, Janet Watts, Paul McKinnon, Stuart Williams, Ken Brown, Tim Evans, Jim Murray, Lyndsay Green, Chetan Sondagar Front row: Robin Middleton, Rob Clarke, Fran Hobbis, Kathy Doxtator, Trevor Hoff, Christy Hermans. Missing from photo: Doug Caton, Gary Gordon, David Hendry, Alison McCluskey, Landon Schmidt, David Sharpe, Arvind Sood, Doug Steele and Paula Weir.

Have you heard? This past year, we revised our vision and mission statements and have taken a closer look at how we define success.

“I just wanted the powers to be know that because of your outstanding crew I had a wonderful experience onboard. As I was getting my son ready from a classmate asking him why he wasn’t on the ferry with them on the way to Science World. We were in shock. How could we have missed it? My son was devastated that he would miss the big school trip. My husband and I were due to go to work, but as I listened to my son’s heartbreaking sobs I realized that even if we were four hours behind the group, he would still get the bus ride and ferry ride back with his friends if we left immediately. So I phoned work and we jumped in the car wondering if we would make the next ferry. They had caught the 7, we had already missed the 9, for school, he received a call

To provide a continuously improving west coast travel experience that consistently exceeds customer expectations and reflects the innovation and pride of our employees.

To provide safe, reliable and efficient marine transportation services which consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and communities, while creating enterprise value.

Defining success for a company takes time, a lot of thought and plenty of discussion to determine the best way to support our corporate vision and mission statements. After careful review, our Board of Directors and management team jointly arrived at the definition of success for BC Ferries: • Provide to our customers integrated marine transportation services that are safe, reliable and continuously improving, while delivering best value for money. • Operate in a manner that preserves our financial integrity.

First and foremost, our definition of success places a prioity on ensuring the safety of our passengers and employees. While this has always been our primary objective, each of us must ensure that we put safety first every day in all areas of our company. Our definition of success is also very much related to our customers (the public, commercial clients, government and the communities we serve) and their perception of the value-for-money that we provide. It’s important to remember that when we talk about an integrated transportation system, we are referring to the complete customer experience that starts with the first point of contact with the company (reservation system, internet, employees) through the utilization of our facilities (food services, parking, signage) and the onboard experience. In addition to providing an exceptional experience for our customers, our success is also dependent upon our operational performance (reliability and asset re-investment) and our financial integrity. Together, we will achieve success!

but with faith we prayed that we would make the 11, which we did. I watched him join his friends doing the scientific activities and said goodbye as I headed back to the ferry. When I was back on the ferry, I got out of my car and shut my door, immediately realizing that I had locked the keys in the car. I walked over to the crew and they told me to go have a coffee and they would take care of it. I joined my son and his class for a lovely buffet and when I heard the purser page me I walked to his office and was handed my keys! I was so happy I hugged him. The trip ended without a hitch because of your outstanding crew and service. -Victoria Thank you so much.”

19 THE WAVE Spring 2007


20 THE WAVE Spring 2007
Thanks to Andrew Parr of North Vancouver for submitting this terrific photo of the Queen of Capilano. Andrew writes, “I live in North Vancouver and have property on Denman Island so I travel on the ferries a great deal. I always enjoy the great service that BC Ferries provides. Keep up the good work!”

Retired and wondering what to do with your free time? Friends looking for work? We’re gearing up for our busy summer season and we want you to be a part of it! If you or anyone you know is interested in joining or re-joining the BC Ferries team, we’d love to hear from you. Contact your local Employee Relations office and we’ll tell you about the exciting opportunities available to you or your friends who are looking for an active and interesting summer while earning some extra income.


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