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Version 1.8.3 (January 12, 2012 from

8) Enhancements: * Adds a white list for ajax views * Improved navigation tab options * Added group specific search * Added button for reverting avatar * Improved documentation for core class attributes * Adds a server info page under administer -> statistics * Improving caching of icons and js/css * Deprecation notices not displayed to non-admin users Bugfixes: * Fixed upgrade scripts for blog posts and groups forum posts * Can now delete invitations to invisible groups * Fixed several widget bugs * Fixed access level on add to group river item * Fixed recursive entity enabling * Fixed limit on pages in sidebar navigation * Fixed deletion of large numbers of annotations Version 1.8.2 (December 21, 2011 from Enhancements: * Added a 404 page * Widgets controls now using the menu system * Admins can edit users' account information * Embed uploader supports uploading into groups * Add a control panel widget for easy access to cache flushing and upgrading * Comments now have a unqiue URL with fragment identifier * JavaScript language files are cacheable * jQuery form script only loaded when required Bugfixes: * Fixed default widgets * Fixed activity filtering * Embedding an image now inserts a medium sized image * Search plugin only uses mbstring extension if enabled * Site pages links returned to footer * Fixed URL creation for users with non-ASCII characters in username * The wire username parsing supports periods in usernames * Returned the posting area to the main wire page * Fixed layout issue on pages with a fragment identifier in URL * Added support for call elgg_load_js() in header and footer * Fixed user picker * Fixed uservalidationbyemail plugin ignoring the actions of other plugins * Fixed bug preventing the creation of admin users * Fixed deleting a widget with JavaScript disabled * Fixed many bugs in the unit/integration tests Version 1.8.1 (November 16, 2011 from Enhancements: * Completed styling of user validation admin page * Adding rel=nofollow for non-trusted links

* Added direct icon loading for profile avatars in profile plugin * Improved the structure of content views to make styling easier * Updated version of jQuery to 1.6.4 * Added basic support for icon size customization * Added a toggle for gallery/list view in file plugin * Added support for passing CSS classes to icon views * Added support for non http URLs to Elgg's normalize functions * Added better support for the 404 forward if a page handler does handle a req uest Bugfixes: * Fixed autocomplete and userpicker * Fixed RSS and web service-related view types * Fixed walled garden display issues * Added work around for IE/TinyMCE/embed insert problem * Implemented ElggUser.isAdmin() JavaScript method * Fixed the date views and JavaScript datepicker * Fixed horizontal radio buttons styling * Modules only display header if there is content for it Version 1.8.1b (October 11, 2011 from git:// Enhancements: * New group activity widget for user dashboard. * Added more sprites. * version.php information cached instead of loaded 100s of times. * Added class elgg-autofocus to add focus on inputs when the page loads. * Admins can edit user avatars again. * Added a filter for non-bundled plugins in plugin admin. * Improvements to admin area theme. Bugfixes: * Fixed site dropdown menu for IE. * ElggEntity->deleteMetadata() no longer deletes all metadata ever if called on an unsaved entity. * Fixed Embed plugin. * Fixed activate and deactivate all plugins. * Fixed URL for group membership request in notification email. * Fixed log browser plugin's admin area display. * Fixed RSS icon not showing up on some pages. * Fixed river entries for forum posts that were lost if upgrading from 1.7. * Better displaying of errors when activating, deactivating, or reordering plugins. * Fixed Developer Plugin's inspection tool. * Fixed avatar cropping on IE 7. * Bookmarks plugin accepts URLs with dashes. * "More" menu item on site menu hidden if items are manually specified. * Fixed hover menu floating if unrestrained. * JS init, system fired when DOM and languages are read. * Fixed the date picker input view. * Fixed stack overflow when calling elgg_view() from a pagesetup event. * Menu links no longer have empty titles and confirm attributes. * Fixed crash when attempting to change password to an invalid value. * Fixed "More groups" link for groups widget. * Fixed output/confirmlink to use a default question if not specified. * Added missing language strings. Also added "new", "add", and "create". * Registered security token refresh page as external to avoid token refresh

* * * * *

problems on Walled Garden sites. Displaying more accurate message if uploading an avatar fails. "Leave group" button doesn't display for group owners. Request group membership button displays only when logged in. Fixed the number of displayed items for Bookmarks widget. Fixed fallback to deprecated views for widgets.

API changes: * Menus names must be unique to the entire menu, not just section. * Input views that encode text use the option 'encode_text'. * Added ElggPlugin->getFriendlyName(). * elgg_view_icon() accepts a class. * Added hook output:before, page. * Added hook output:before, layout. * elgg_get_entities() and related functions return false if passed valid options with invalid values. * Can disable the user hover menu by passing hover => false to elgg_view_icon(). Previously it was override => true. * Embed plugin uses menu system. See readme for embed plugin. * Manifest attributes are no longer translated via elgg_echo(). * Fixed livesearch ajax endpoint. * Fixed site unit test. * Unit tests tidy up after themselves better. * forward() throws an exception if headers are already sent. * Better errors if adding a user through admin area fails. * Localized profile fields. * Added 'is_trusted' parameter output/url to avoid escaping and filtering. Defaults to false. * Added elgg_unregister_action() * Fixed ElggPriorityList::rewind(). * Fixed forwarding after login for login-protected pages. * get_site_by_url() respects class inheritance for subclassing ElggSite. Internal changes: * Updated deprecated uses of internalname/id. * Using wwwroot instead of www_root because of inconsistencies. Version 1.8.0 (Jackie) (September 5th, 2011 from git:// Notes: Elgg 1.8 contains the most changes in Elgg since the transition from Elgg 0.9 to Elgg 1.0. The core team tried to make the transition as smooth as possible, but in the interest of following standards and simplifying the development process for core and third party developers, we have made changes that will require updating plugins. We believe these changes will help Elgg development be easier for everyone. It is unreasonable and unhelpful to list the full details of all changes in this file. Instead, we will list the high level, overarching changes to systems. If you are interested in the specifics, Elgg 1.8's source code is highly documented and serves as a good guide and the git commit log can provide excruciating details of what has changed between 1.7 and 1.8. Please post your feedback, questions, and comments to the community site at As always, thank you for using Elgg! --The Elgg Core Development Team

A tip about updating plugins: It's not difficult to update 1.7 plugins for 1.8. There is a detailed document outlining this process on the wiki: The basic process is: 1. Clean up the plugin to make sure it conforms to coding standards, official structure, and best practices. 2. Update any uses of deprecated functions. Functions deprecated in 1.7 will produce visible notices in 1.8! 3. Use the new manifest format. 4. Use the new menu functions. 5. Use the new JS features. 6. Update the views to use core CSS helper functions and classes instead of writing your own. The documentation directory and the wiki has more information. User-visible changes: * New default theme. * New installation. * Separate and updated admin interface. * Updated plugin themes. Generic API changes: * Improved the markup and CSS. * Restructured and simplified the views layouts. * Added a new menu system. * Added new CSS and JS file registration functions. * Added a JS engine. * Added a breadcrumb system. * Added a sticky forms system. New plugins: * Dashboard - The activity stream is now the default index page. A 1.7-style dashboard is provided through the dashboard plugin. * Developers Plugins - Developer tools. * Likes - Allows users to "like" other users' content. * oAuth API - A generic, reusable oAuth library. * Tag Cloud - A widget-based tag cloud generator. * Twitter API - A generic Twitter library that allows signin with Twitter and pushing content to tweets. Replaces twitter_service. Deprecated plugins: * captcha - Captchas have long since stopped being useful as a deterrent against spam. * crontrigger - Real cron should be used. * default_widgets - This functionality is now part of core. * friends - This functionality is now part of core. * riverdashboard - Displaying the river (activity stream) is default in core. The original dashboard can be restored by the new Dashboard plugin. * twitter_service - Replaced by Twitter API. Elgg was released immediately after 1.8.0 to correct a problem in installation.