Engineering Activities

Description of Deliverables Review of HSE FEED documents, identification of known HSE drivers and document gaps.

Stahlecker Comment Total involvement from initial start meeting through demobilization and turnover of soft and hard cover libraries to client. Using my PQRST chart formal guidelines are developed, then site specifics and job requirements set.

Prior Phase Verification Part of Safety Concept Verification Layout Study/Verification Summary of Permit Compliance and Design Requirements Summary of permit conditions and operational discharges associated with the design, intended operation of the facilities and the permit. Document as deliverable. Review of highly toxic chemicals and operational issues that can impact personnel exposures. Update of FEED level document as deliverable. HSE participation in PHAs PHA Participation Action Item, Tracking plan, close out and reporting Tracking of PHA and HSE action items; documentation of closure. Safety Concept Verification HSE Philosophy Documents Verification (Safety Concept) Update of PHA plan and methodologies for execution of PHAs and project workshops/reviews, schedule coordination. Update of Project Design Basis document and support to civil structural for inclusion in civil structural design basis. HSE and Fire Equipment Specifications/Data Sheets/FRG packages to support estimate and RFQ’s. Verification of quantities and review of technical packages. Support to Electrical – activity for HSE not a deliverable. Hazardous Area Classification design basis & classification plan (typically support to electrical)

Depending on factors, location, size, toxicity, location guidelines form framework for a study, a plan and then QMP to execute the desired plan. A study might be first required, then a schematic or line drawing showing the steps conceptually.

Health Risk Assessment

I can provide training, checklists Setting up the documentation controls, all relevant records can be kept in soft copy libraries and also printed.

Please review the Manual I prepared for SPEC International.

PHA Plan & Scheduling/Coordination

As scheduled, this area is a combination of parties, time allowed for work procedures, checklists and reviews. A company is usually brought in with the expertise. I follow them, guiding them through the different levels and areas making sure they are aware of future plans and ideas. I have worked in several EPCC companies and have set up meetings, led discussions and helped define contacts and proceed through documentation and construction finalizing in commissioning. From ITB through PTW system (LO/TO) we can collectively gather a plan and then produce a visual step by step to cover a potential areas of concern.

Fire & Explosion protection design basis/analysis Safety equipment data sheets/specifications

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