You are more special to me than I ever thought possible, I hope you will someday know what you

mean to me, how proud I am of you and how much I love you. I really enjoyed seeing you. All My Best, Love Always, Papa

. It will make you bitter and cause damage to your physical and emotional health. That means that you make us want to do good things. it will kill your spirit. At least now. to be honest with ourself and do the work it takes to make things right. you must always forgive yourself. no matter how hard and that means being a strong person and a good Parents. At worst. it is how we learn and grow. you saved our life. that you know us. It’s not always easy to forgive when someone has hurt you but anger and resentment should not be carried.To Our Dearest Daughter Leah. It’s all right to make mistakes. even great things but most importantly. we do not wish for you to be walked on or taken advantage of but we are sure you will be able to recognize and find a balance. etc. We still have much work to do on ourself and there are certain things that we have not mastered yet (i. I'm a yeller and a smoker. We are happier than at any other time in our life.e. in fact. Right now you are a teenager and already have given us the most purest. You might even make the same mistakes a few times before you are able to recognize and choose another way. we were blessed with the news of you and it gave us the hope to go on. I thought it was important that you know a few things. It means forgiveness and compassion but the acts of both are even greater. Every day we give thanks and we are grateful for the life that we have with you a. Please do not misunderstand. we want to be a better person and make the right choices. we make a conscious decision to be aware. Because of you. At this very moment. “FORGIVENESS” Love your name! we wanted a strong name for you. Most importantly. “LOVE” we loved you before we ever knew of you. you make us want to be good. “GIVING THANKS” Thank you for being our inspiration. magical bond we have ever known.

BELIEVE!“ There is a whole universe out there and anything is possible. It shouldn't be taken for granted and please. believe in Love. Please don’t be fooled by perception. Be honest with yourself and with others. Believing in yourself means that you should know you could do anything you set your mind to. We do believe that words have power and even greater power when spoken out loud. your fist instincts are usually right. That alone gives you the opportunity to accomplish any and all dreams you may have. but. Family is the most important and should always be put first. “FAMILY” Family is the very essence of our identity. They are the one’s you can lean on in life. pray for them. They are your “rock “. There is nothing noble about being a liar. With commitment and hard work you will get where ever it is you want to be and know that nothing great or worth anything is ever easy. we also believe that education is empowering (especially for . don’t turn to your head or close your eyes to the abused and oppressed Women in other countries. Believe in yourself. and even magic. “EDUCATION” You need to know and appreciate how lucky you are. Our advice is to start early. God’s Truth. They love you unconditionally and support you. That means you should always trust your intuition.“BELIEVE. if for no other reason. Never wish harm on anyone or pray for monetary self-gain. although we cannot save the world. Believe in God and the Saints. We are big on education. Always be proud of your family. we believe perception is used to make a person feel better or to justify a hurtful action towards another human being. At the very least. It’s making a wish and believing in it with everything in you. because they are a part of you. Lying will only hurt the people that love you and cause them to mistrust you. BELIEVE. “TRUTH” there are many versions of a truth and many sides to a story but there is only one truth and that is Thee actual Truth. believe in prayer. A small part of me believes that and is afraid that we will miss much of and take away so much from you. Secondly. There are certain people in our lives who think that we should be a parents first and put our dreams on the back burner.

dreams are all they have. in other words. We are sure you will get caught up in gossip and drama at some point in your life. we will be setting an example for you and showing you that your dreams are important. It’s called choice. be a leader not a follower. People are beautiful and unique in their own ways. so long as it doesn't affect you. Don’t follow the pack. Don’t worry so much about the way other people live their lives. so. ask yourself “is it worth it” and make what you believe to be. Let your dreams take you as far as they can go. Thirdly. "RESPECT FOR SELF" First and for most. Secondly. stay clear of the nay-sayers. Stand by your convictions. the same as we have. fill yourself up with joy and surround yourself with positive people. Respect the privacy of others. LOVE YOURSELF! And have the ability to recognize.women) and never a waste of time or money. We think that by going back to school. And when life gets too busy. It’s not always easy to do the right thing but we believe that you will be stronger in the end. you need to think of the consequences that will follow. “The 10 commandments are still the best rules for living”. Put that energy into yourself and the things you want out of life. is not a loving or healthy way to be. We hope that you will not need to compete with others. accept and even admire the beauty in-of others. Read your Grandmother’s letter. That means We want you to stand up for . Goals are so important and the feeling of accomplishment is worth every thing that you sacrificed to get there. It is a waste of time and energy and in my opinion. Sometimes in life. but recognize it and run. We believe jealousy to be one of the weakest character traits. The people that really do love and respect you will be there when you’re feeling better. for some people. For the people that take it personal. It too is draining and toxic to your soul. Be careful not to get caught up in other’s gossip and misery. retreat to yourself and do the things that make you feel good and strong inside (see healing). People who don’t care about or respect them selves cannot possibly care for or respect you. well. Have your own ideas and your own mind. Gossip is ugly and empty. that’s there issue. Although we may want a certain thing or a situation to turn out a certain way. You have the right to “be “ and do not always need to explain your self to everyone all the time. the right choices.

it will comfort you. “It’s better to have failed than to never have tried at all. “FEAR” its OK to be scared so long as you move through it. music. What’s best for another person might not be best for you and vise-a-versa.” You are deserving! “HEALING” The things that help me most when we are in emotional turmoil are prayer. Know that you are loved and not alone and that your family will always be here for you no matter what happens in life. even if we love them. We promise. In other words. drained and unhappy because you will have lost your sense of self. If you’re honest with yourself you will be able to do the noble deed of righting your wrongs by apologizing and admitting when you’re at fault. Everyone is scared sometimes. In fact. Be patient and know that things take time. for some reason. It is not our place to judge the choices that other’s make. if you constantly cater to everyone else’s needs or wants. you will lose yourself and have nothing to give back. Try to have an open mind and always try to put your self in someone else’s shoes before judging them. it will be hard for you to see your faults and you will hurt people in the process.what you believe in. my advice is to pray and that also goes for the times when you are scared. shrink or downplay yourself so that others around you will not feel insecure or inferior. Don’t have the need to be perfect (none of us are) otherwise. “LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE” “Never ever. so long as you don’t give up. you will be depleted. reading.” My motto is “keep failing until you succeed. It’s not the end of the world if you fail. your Father or myself are not here) If ever you feel overwhelmed or like you world is caving. " FRIENDSHIP” As a friend it is our job to listen and support.” (Just in case. Others need to learn on their own so that they can grow and find out whom they are inside and what it . journaling and absolute solitude. Also know that everyone is different and others beliefs might be different from yours. Life can be busy but you do have the right to say no with out feeling guilty or selfish when you need to rejuvenate. We are scared right now but we will keep going anyway because it is important. whether we agree or not.

Know though. treat people how you want to be treated. respectful. that will make them happy. feelings and ideas. Not “kick them when they’re down” or make them second. Keep your promises. “LITTLE-BIG THINGS” Give thanks. You have the right to defend yourself. make lots of memories and be grateful for the things you are blessed with. it’s nice to have and you should plan for your future. YOU WILL HAVE SUCCEEDED. honest.guess themselves when they are already confused. (we have a hard time with it) but our friends will need us to stand by them. laugh hysterically! Help the meek. family. and you have the right to “be. set boundaries. see things through. you have the right to be wrong and make mistakes. be a kind. dance the night away. So. change is good. Fall in love but never with a married . Make a list of things you want to do in life and work toward them! “Believe in God. Daydream. Take responsibility for your actions. you have the right to change your mind. that you can’t take it with you go. Pick your battles. “YOUR RIGHTS” You have the right to say no. you have the right to have your own thoughts. Guilt is a manmade emotion and also a useless one (beware. remember that not everyone has had a loving and supportive family to guide them. People change because life is a constant process and I don’t think it’s ever good to stay at a stand still for too long. “MONEY” Always principles first and Yes. So. surround yourself with beauty. good health. some use it to manipulate). sing out loud. communicate effectively. IN MY EYES. nor can you take anything that you bought with it. friends and the necessities. take your vitamins and eat healthy. but lock your doors.” “You get what you give” When people are cruel. “kill them with Kindness” “Check” yourself once in a while. forgiving and compassionate friend.” You do not have the right to purposely hurt another living being or put your hands on someone unless it is in self-defense. Although it can definitely be scary. use the saying “And this too shall pass”. we need money to live. "SUCCESS” IF YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF JUST ONE PERSON OR AFFECT ONE LIFE IN A POSITIVE WAY. Also.

Love Always. We might have had guidance. that We could shelter you from the hard things in life. We hope that they will be tears of joy. We wish this letter could have been more like a “fairytale” letter. We don’t want you to have regrets. When you cry. because life is precious. Papa and Mama . never a jealous one. no matter which life choices you make. Know that when we lose someone we love. our guardian angel. you have the right to live your life in your own way. Know that in the end. But this has been my reality and We have taken the hard road many times. We are not sure what we might have changed because we think that my life choices led me to you. at times. we will always be proud of you. We have wasted time but wanted you to have a head start by going through life with your eyes open. The fact remain. We pray that you will have a daughter some day and the experience of knowing the purest bond there is. And. they become our protectors. and that you will be a proud mother. We will love you. even when. you are precious! Whether you become everything in this letter or the complete opposite. your life will be what you make of You are OUR DAUGHTER We will love you . even after you read this. until forever.

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