Our Sorls (SOS) Lrverpool Piains

group held its second 'Taste of the Liverpool Plains' on Sunda;,, March 6 at the Caroona Hall, Caroona and the day. shorvcased some ol ihe finesr produce gro\\n ln Ausralia on the famous black soils of the regon.
The SOS Liverpooi Plairu goup, a diverse goul of r.r'omen shanng a pmsion fbr the Ll'erpool Plains are campaignlng alongside the Caroona Coal Acuo' Group to save this iconic lanning counry from the imprcrs o[ioal and coa] seam gas minurg.



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The day showcased the magnifi.cent contribution ihis region makes to not only lhe economy of NSW but to future lood security ol Austraiia.
The event recognlses the n:emendous conrribudon of agnculture rn this region while highlightrng the r'rsron ol a future r-rsrng renelvable eners/ sources that r,vrll lgarantee emronmenlal sustrinabiliry lor luture generalons. The diversig, and productlviry ol agncr-rlture on the Plairu r.vas highlighred r,vith lood sralls promottng locuh food producs such as rvrre, honey, oLives, oLir''e o' cheese, pasta, berries, cotton and lavender producs. Local businasses were also on site io promolt
renewable energy altematil'es.




Wrth gourmet lunches, hrgh ieas, children's activities, enieruinment and a wam and firendly
daywas harled as a success and there is no doubt that those rvho attended r'vilL ralk about it lor some time to come. Guest speakers on dte day included Associate Prol'essor Julian Cnbb, author ol "The Comurg Famrne" lookrng at global food secunq'issues; Prof'essor Paul Mardn, Director ol the Ausnalian

Avoiloble From Selected Good Food Retoilers
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Cenrre lor,{gnculture and Law- at UNE;Jack



Mundey- Lirang legend and enr,rronmental activist, Adam Blakester Social Change Strategst, Communiq, planmng enfepreneur; Matthew Wright Execunve Duector- Beyond Zero Emissiors Young Enr,rronmentalst of iheYear 2010, who spoke about how Australia can reach l00o/o
renervable energy r,r'rthin a decade usrng technolog,




that is commercra\ available right now

Other speakers lncluded Tlm Wright, a previous Farmer of the Year talking about
carbon sequestration and sustainable energies; Meredith Kirton - Grow, Harvest, Cock and Deborah Tabart O-\\'1 - Erecutir-e - r .a':. ..--...

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