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1/16/2012 By: Parul Khandelwal fmg20b103

Business ethics assignment 1. This teacher clearly tells him to join his tuition or else he won’t pass him. mostly unwillingly is a common practice. lot of efforts and money has to be spend on building healthy relationships with officers. So. Hence. I know of a time one officer had to buy a car for himself from his undeclared wealth actually bought car on some contractors name and used it personally. So he finally talked to teacher why he dint get marks even when his answers were right and people who hardly attempted the questions got marks. It’s a matter of ethical concern as every ones not being treated same and students report don’t really tell their actual performance. But he had no option. When questioned the .he had to finally join his tuitions and fared really well after that. I know how much pleasing of officers is done to get some job done. yet get good grades. Giving gifts. What according to you are ethics and what ethics are not? Define in your own language. it never happened. What may seem ethical in one situation may be unethical in other situations. Recognize and explain about two situations wherein you have experienced (or someone you know) ethical issues/problems that bother you as a person? and why? Situations where I have seen ethical issues: a) In class 11th . Ethics are a set of rules that we define for ourselves which guides us to decide what’s right and what’s not. Its widely accepted norms which gives us a code of conduct and makes us responsible for our social conduct. What we see ethical may seem completely unethical to others as theirs is different perspective. Though my friend was competent enough to not take any tuition. my friends were taught by this professor who was much interested in taking private tuitions rather than teaching in class. b) In cases where there are government employees involved there have been many cases of ethical concern. Ethics are not clearly defined. Hailing from a business environment. ethics can guide us in doing right or wrong taking into consideration everyone’s interest. Ethics are moral principles. So he felt bad for those who had not yet joined his coaching. Even to get what you rightfully own. So he was bothered ethically as he was getting marks because he paid him fees. Nor it is universal. but viewed differently by different people. All the pros and cons of an action are measured and viewed from an ethical framework to decide its rightness and wrongness. Many other such incidents of taking undue favors to do work is common. 2.

to ber accepted by society we have to follow certain code of conduct which is ethically right for most. Forces which affect our behaving ethically are: Driving Forces: a) Self respect: if we don’t behave ethically we tend to lose respect for our self. To gain money or other personal goals indulging in unethical means might not seem improper to some. We feel a sense of guilt and that bothers us all our lives. to safeguard ones job. This is happening since ages and it would take a lot to change the whole system. It’s a common practice. Hence in fear of being socially abandoned we aqct ethically. We take care that our actions doesn’t harm anyone else. it bothers one might put efforts to rectify it and hence behave ethically. b) Force: at times u indulge in unethical means due to force from some one else. What according to you are your driving and restraining forces towards behaving ethically? Identify at-least 5 factors/reasons each. 3. we act ethically from fear of law. Bribing to get away from police to do some important job is a common practice. b) Law: many actions can be gauged ethically by law. . e) Public image: it bothers to humans what people see them as. So. d) Humanity: humans have an emotional side which makes them caring in nature. Pressure from boss to complete one task. And this motivates us to act ethically. Hence. This issue bothers me because this would make rich richer and poor poorer. c) Social acceptance: humans are social animals and cant live in solitude for long. c) Impatience: at times. what others think about them. Restraining Forces: a) Greed: to fulfill ones self interest one indulges in unethical means. to be true to our self we act ethically.reply you get is this is how work is done. It doesn’t let everybody enjoy equal opportunities. Killing somebody is unethical as well as unlawful. to fasten up a process we might indulge in unethical means. If you don’t indulge in such activities you can’t work. For all actions there are some driving forces and some restraining forces. its tough to see someone in pain. people have to indulge in such means. If someone thinks bad about you.

. Drinking and driving is unethical but people indulge in these activities because of peer pressure. e) Peer pressure: sometimes you do something because your friends pressurize you.d) Complacency: there are times when we are just too complacent to bother of anything. we just give away and act unethically because its an accepted norm. Because things have been happening in a certain way.

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