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-1 Evolution and Critical Thomism Revisited

A Tract Book Essay


Anthony J. Fejfar

© Copyright 2006 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Charles Darwin has argued that evolution is based upon random

mutation and natural selection. I argue that evolution is based upon a three

fold metaphysical process involving God. I argue that God the Father is the

End or Pull of Evolution, while God the Holy Spirit is the Push of Evolution

from the bottom up, and that God the Son is the mediating principle of


Metaphysically, Being, is the End of Evolution at the top, involving

the Immutable Platonic Forms, while Substance is the Push of Evolution in

terms of creative advance. Finally, Substantial Form or Creative Form is

the mediating principle of Evolution. At this intermediary level substantial

forms affect material form and material causes which are contingent. It is at

this level as well, that accidental forms and accidental causes take place as

random mutations. Thus, evolution involves planning, creative impetus,

and chance.

God Metaphysics Description

God the Father Being Immutable Platonic Forms

God the Son Logos Substantial Form and forms

Materiality Earth Material Form Material Cause

Accidental Form Accidental Cause

God the Holy Spirit Substance Creative Impetus in Substance