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egabsam BBmHvf3t

GNOC ericsson123 wpp_admin SGSN-MME 2010A CP03

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Name:- vinod Kumar GSM:-+5215530567863 Name: Ismael Gonzalez Email: GSM:55-27-05-10-55 Name: Roberto de Jesus Urbina Email: GSM: 22-23-23-20-92

PIUs The magazine identification are set on the two Power and Ethernet Boards (PEBs) in the magazine supervised by all PIUs.Hardware components • Magazines (1) o Magazine 1 o Magazine 2 o Magazine 3 (optional) PIUs (Plug In Unit) (2) Backplane (3) • • Magazines The SGSN-MME cabinet houses two or. Each magazine carries a maximum of 21 PIUs interconnected through the backplane. A mismatch between the settings in the two PEBs in the magazine generates an alarm. optionally. three magazines. .

DPE. SGSN MME The platform (OS. the platform and the applications. Figure 29 SGSN-MME Software Architecture on Application Level . a Distributed Processing Environment (DPE). Frame Relay. SS7 protocol stacks. and SCTP. Apps) The application Control system Transmission system Executes on all PIUs The platform consists of Operating Systems (OSs). the software is divided into a control system and a transmission system interconnected through the backplane as illustrated in Figure 29.Backplane The backplane of a magazine provides dual redundant power distribution as well as dual redundant Ethernet connections to all slots in the magazine. On application level. Software The SGSN and the MME software are both divided into two main parts. and application support such as connectivity involving drivers for the IP.

distribution.2 Transmission System The transmission system enables high-performance and high-efficiency payload routing between the SGSN and other GPRS backbone and radio network nodes. . 3. It handles traffic control activities. system-internal control activities. and SCTP front ends as illustrated in Figure 31. SS7. Figure 30 SGSN-MME Control System Architecture The central AP (AP/C) handles the central functions of the control system and runs on the PIU that serves as active NCB. and O&M. such as transmission system drivers. The control system consists of a number of APs interconnected through the backplane. see Figure 30. The transmission system includes:  Forwarding and routing of all payload traffic between the Radio Network Controller (RNC) or Base Station Controller (BSC) and the Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)  Forwarding and routing of SS7 traffic  Termination of the lower protocols of all interfaces The transmission system consists of a number of DPs. and adaptation activities.Control System The control system is designed to process high-level protocols and to control payload routing in the transmission system. The remaining AP PIUs host one local AP each and form a generic processing pool in order to provide shared load handling. such as recovery. IP routers. such as mobility and session management and high-level protocol processing.

Network File System (NFS) service. and O&M. The IP routers determine the optimal routing paths and handle transport of IP packets through the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and Evolved Packet System (EPS) networks. each IP router serves its own Virtual Private Network (VPN). for example Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) services. The File Server provides node internal disk storage in the SGSN-MME.3 Software Components Each software component in the SGSN-MME is described below.1 Common Software Components The AP handles traffic control activities. LI Device SCTP Front End The Lawful Interception (LI) device supports the LI function.Figure 31 SGSN-MME Transmission System Architecture 3. IP routers are distributed over the router PIUs. 3. system-internal control activities. The Boot Server provides node internal boot services in the SGSN-MME. The common software components are used in both SGSN and MME. Application Processor Boot Server File Server IP Router . SS7 over IP traffic and all MME traffic. such as transmission system drivers. distribution. such as recovery. The SCTP front end handles and terminates the SCTP associations.3. although several routers can share the same router PIU. such as mobility and session management and high-level protocol processing. It also supports the SS7 back end for SS7 over IP and the SCTP device for the S1-AP and Diameter protocols. for example. This can as an example be O&M traffic. and adaptation activities.

and the Subnetwork Dependent Convergence Protocol (SNDCP) over the Gb interface. The SS7 device is a traffic-forwarding device which keeps an association between established SCCP connections or Transaction Capabilities Application Part (TCAP) dialogs and the corresponding MS representations on the APs.2 SGSN Specific Software Components Charging Device The charging device collects charging information for Charging Data Record (CDR) based charging and Customized Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) based charging. the Logical Link Control (LLC) protocol. the MS device for the connection is selected based on the MS identity. and handles SS7 traffic. SS7 Back End The SS7 back end represents the upper layers in the SS7 stack. Revisar la lista de BSCs The list_bsc command lists all the existing BSCs. The generated SGSN .3. If a software component fails. The MS device handles the connection-oriented part of BSSGP. This allows an evenly distributed load. SS7 Device Software Redundancy The software components are distributed over the SGSN-MME in such a way as to achieve load sharing and redundancy on the software level. Mobility Management services are partly allocated to the MS device. according to the following: gsh list_bsc ps Class Identifiers | --------------------------------A bsc -bsc BSC101 . registration and deregistration of SS7 users as well as providing the SS7 user with information on the status of local and remote subsystems. In addition.3. When a new MS enters the GSM. The optional operands specify the objects and values to list.Charging Data Records (S-CDRs) are forwarded to the NCB for persistent storing and to the local AP for transport by GPRS Tunneling Protocol Prime MS Device Each MS device represents a number of MSs. another of the same type will take over the processing until the failing software component is back in service.

Each NSE is followed by the type of carrier protocol (Frame Relay or IP). all NSEs including NSEs used for Gb over IP and NSEs used for Gb over Frame Relay. Revisar las NSE (Network Service Entity) de las BSCs list_nses [-a] The list_nses command lists the identifiers of all existing NSEs.124. When using this command • • Without the operand a . only the NSEs used for Gb over Frame Relay are displayed. are displayed.131.A A A A A bsc bsc bsc bsc bsc -bsc -bsc -bsc -bsc -bsc BSC102 BSC103 BSC103-Lethem BSC104 BSC105 1. gsh list_nsvcs 151 161 122 153 124 162 143 135 144 131 154 155 142 163 .151 (NSVCs que pertecen a esta NSE) 3. Verificar la lista de NSVCs (Network Service Virtual Connection) The list_nsvcs command lists the identifiers of all existing NS-VCs.141. dependiendo de las NSEs enlistadas anteriormente) NSEI Connected BSC NS-VCs :1 : BSC101 : 121. gsh list_nses 2. With the operand a. Verificar las NSVCs (Network Service Virtual Connection) conectadas a las NSE y a que BSC pertecen Cada NSE corresponde a una BSC gsh get_nse 1 (1 to 6.

dependiendo del numero de NSEs) or gsh list_bvcs -bsc BSC106 (Revisar todas las BSC enlistadas en el punto 1) PTP BVC [NSEI-BVCI] Cell [MCC-MNC-LAC-RAC-CI] Operational State Blocking State BSC Name 1-15 1-32 1-64 1-96 1-112 738-002-100-1-513 738-002-100-1-1051 738-002-100-1-211 738-002-100-1-1483 738-002-100-1-1492 available available available available available deblocked deblocked deblocked deblocked deblocked BSC101 BSC101 BSC101 BSC101 BSC101 . Slot. Verify all the NSVC status for the all NSVS status should be de-blocked and alive if it is not standard then need to take the action or escalate to the concern team.F) : 2.S.P. gsh list_bvcs -nse 1 (1 a 6.152 121 123 133 134 141 132 164 4. The get_nsvc CLI command displays the attributes of an NS-VC. Valid values for a fraction depends if it is run in channelized or non-channelized mode) DLCI Blocking State Operational State between peer NSEs) : 121 (Data Link Connection Identifier) : deblocked (Indicates that the NS-VC is allowed for BSSGP traffic) : alive (Indicates that the NS-VC is able to provide communication Verify if there are some Blocked cell in the BSCs if there is block cell/sites then need to escalate to Concern team. All the sites status should be available and de-blocked state. SubBoard.1. and ProcessingModule) E1/T1 trunk : 1 (parameter specifies the trunk number of the interface board) Fraction : 1 (A fraction is a channel that consists of one or more time slots.2.1 (Magazine. gsh get_nsvc 121 (Revisar todas las NSVCs) NS-VCI NSEI Board : 121 :1 : NE/Magazine 2/Slot 2 (PIU (Plug-In Unit)) Equipment Identifier (M.

NOTA: Las alarmas por contadores no se tienen que reportar por que automáticamente al llegar a un valor preestablecido estas se reestablecen.73800200101002 : 216537 215468 214525 213360 212182 . aquí se debe revisar que los contadores no se congelen y que tampoco se desborden o se caigan repentinamente.AttNormalIntraSgsnRaUpdate.1-128 1-160 .AttNormalIntraSgsnRaUpdate. 43845nocSupervisedMeasMin 2011-10-20 16:33:18 noc_alarmService minor processing 1722033849 Measurement type gprsMmSgsnUnsuccessfulAttachRequests has exceeded its threshold. 738-002-100-1-483 738-002-100-1-1513 available available deblocked deblocked BSC101 BSC101 Verify List Active Alarms id is there any major and critical alarms then escalate to concern team gsh list_alarms 43624 nsNsUnblockRetriesExceeded 2011-10-18 15:45:34 mbv_GbConfiguration major communications 1710073628 NS Unblock has not been responded from BSS for NS-VC number 133.G.73800200100001 : 863446 859346 855429 851446 847500 MM.AttNormalIntraSgsnRaUpdate.1 : 3079087 3067325 3056134 3045788 3034921 GTPP. -ti En esta opción se muestran los contadores por las últimas 5 horas. 43747pmSupThresholdCrossedMaj 2011-10-19 14:54:33 measTypeIndex 1 major qos 1715753751 The value of measurement type bssgpStatusBvcUnknown has reached its threshold.G.CdrTransfReq.G. Verify WHO is connected on the Equipment who Verify CPU Utilization counters – IBXXs Boards every Hrs Counter value should be change as per the Utilization. ============================================================ Month: Oct PDC Counter Values Counter Name 10/20 16:00 10/20 15:00 10/20 14:00 10/20 13:00 10/20 12:00 ============================================================ GTPP.2 : 639 639 639 639 639 MM.73800200101001 : 111227 110671 110034 109349 108635 MM. -n5 -c SYS. .CdrTransfReq. .

MSISDN.73800200105002 843041 840547 : 414443 : 1332072 : 344864 : 284474 : 398148 : 850370 413204 1325876 343595 283554 396239 848058 411921 1320124 342401 282768 394082 845514 Verify the links utilization and attached/active subscribers’ status always should be some counts if not then need to escalate to concern team. the external IDs and the context location for the specified connection. This option displays instructions. This option prints a list of subscribers in SGSN-MME.G. can be debugged with this command. TLLI. PTMSI or TMGI.G.G.73800200104002 281847 281118 MM.AttNormalIntraSgsnRaUpdate.73800200104001 341129 339996 MM.AttNormalIntraSgsnRaUpdate.MM.73800200102002 410631 409209 MM. It is very useful for analyzing further hanging subscribers. Verify Context distribution on GPB boards eci dist This command prints a summary of the connection state. Options eci details -cid [Cid] | -imsi [IMSI] | -msisdn [MSISDN] | -tlli [TLLI] | -ptmsi [PTMSI] | -tmgi [TMGI] .AttNormalIntraSgsnRaUpdate. stats dist list details help This option displays connection statistics for SGSN-MME.AttNormalIntraSgsnRaUpdate.AttNormalIntraSgsnRaUpdate. NOTA: Los valores de “eci stats” no deben estar en cero.G. This option displays distribution of connections over APs. eci stats This tool can display This command can be used to find out in which state a given subscriber is. Subscribers that are unable to activate PDP contexts/EPS bearers or subscribers unable to attach.G.73800200105001 391806 389518 MM.AttNormalIntraSgsnRaUpdate.G.73800200103001 1314022 1308019 MM. This option prints connection details for a given subscriber. The connection can be identified by Cid or any of its external IDs like IMSI.

This is eci version 1.0 %) 1.0 %) 1.2 %) 1.1 213 2228 2998 6 5445 ( 0 0 0 0 0 ( 0.1 %) 2508 ( 11.1 216 2338 3071 7 5632 ( 11.2 %) 2499 ( 11. Distribution of SGSN-G connections over GPBs: GPB active attached idle unstable total replica --------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.1 210 2354 3016 7 5587 ( 11.2.9 %) 2556 ( 11.1 217 2309 2972 12 5510 ( 11.1 211 2276 2986 4 5477 ( 11.12.9 %) 1.0 %) 1.1 %) 2510 ( 208 2333 2957 12 5510 ( 11.3 %) 2510 ( 11.1 202 2294 3028 8 5532 ( 11.2.0 %) 2490 ( 10.15.1 218 2320 3126 8 5672 ( 11.2.0 %) 1.2.2 %) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sum 1893 20778 27120 71 49862 22747 Verify the check point backup active SC (software configuration) and default SC should be same if not then escalted to concern team.20.4 %) 1.0 %) 0 ( 0.0 %) 2542 ( %) gsh get_active_sc gsh get_active_sc ReleaseName : cxp9011380_8r11b11_0_0_merged CheckpointName: AfterMigrationallOK gsh get_default_sc ReleaseName : cxp9011380_8r11b11_0_0_merged CheckpointName: AfterMigrationallOK gsh get_next_sc ReleaseName : cxp9011380_8r11b11_0_0_merged CheckpointName: AfterMigrationallOK Verify next restart.10.0 %) 1.0 %) 0 ( 0.2. last restart and default/active SCs Entrar como Super User “su” listSCs Check which SCs that are available by performing .1 0 0 0 0 0 ( 0.1 198 2326 2966 7 5497 ( 11.1 %) 2549 ( 11.2 %) 2.2.4 %) 2583 ( 11.0 operating on an SGSN/MME '10A-00-05' (WG).

CheckpointCompleted GomGnGrIuCfg.Permanent) . CheckpointCompleted E1T1Configdelete20111005. 2011-09-08 22:23:17. 2011-09-01 16:02:52. CheckpointCompleted AfterMigrationallOK. CheckpointCompleted beforelicense. CheckpointCompleted GomGnGrIuuCfg. 2011-09-28 17:08:30. 2011-09-09 22:13:56. Obsolete cxp9011380_8r11b11_0_0_merged (10A-00-05). 2011-10-13 10:48:46.LastActivated. 2011-09-13 18:47:01. 2011-09-28 12:43:10. 2011-08-30 22:10:33. CheckpointCompleted GbFRWIthIPSPDown. CheckpointCompleted AfterNewLic. CheckpointCompleted GbFRGomGnwithIPSPDown. CheckpointCompleted Backup. 2011-08-28 21:20:56. 2011-09-04 18:16:24. 2011-09-09 19:26:58. 2011-09-27 11:44:32. CheckpointCompleted GomGnGrConfig. 2011-09-01 19:09:57. 2011-10-04 12:28:39. CheckpointCompleted GomGnGrconfignolic. 2011-09-14 15:56:56. 2011-08-30 20:15:51. 2011-09-03 21:33:02. 2011-09-06 19:34:20. CheckpointCompleted COnfigwithGomBeofreSS7. 2011-09-14 11:49:11. 2011-09-01 19:46:12. CheckpointCompleted withimsicnahges. CheckpointCompleted (LastBooted) ImsiModified20101040.# listSCs cxp9011380_8r11b11_0_0 (10A-00-00). 2011-10-06 10:01:19. CheckpointCompleted BeforeLiceAfterSS7FullOSPF. 2011-09-07 20:32:29. 2011-10-05 10:32:40. 2011-09-22 11:56:15. CheckpointCompleted afterlicense. CheckpointCompleted ImsiCreated20111005. 2011-09-13 14:18:05. CheckpointCompleted localokroamerfailbeforeuch1to0. 2011-09-20 18:05:15. CheckpointCompleted Gbmodify. CheckpointCompleted AfterSS7redNoStaticRoute. CheckpointCompleted GomGnGbFRSTPok. 2011-09-26 17:35:17. 2011-09-13 18:58:43. CheckpointCompleted GnIpChange. 2011-08-31 19:39:35. CheckpointCompleted LocalRoamerOksendudt. 2011-09-03 11:50:35. CheckpointCompleted beforeSNMP. CheckpointCompleted AttachWorkingDNSChange. 2011-08-28 21:20:42. 2011-09-02 14:14:35. CheckpointCompleted BeforeSS7red. CheckpointCompleted AttachPDPOkImsins. CheckpointCompleted AttachPDPWorkOk. 2011-09-10 14:32:56. CheckpointActive (Next. 2011-08-31 16:04:50. 2011-08-30 22:30:31. 2011-09-15 11:21:38. CheckpointCompleted GomGnGrGbFRConfig20110831. CheckpointCompleted WIthIPSPDown. 2011-09-12 13:18:53. CheckpointCompleted GbFRModifyCostOSPFGom. CheckpointCompleted IncompleteGomWithSS7. CheckpointCompleted EmergencyState. 2011-10-05 11:44:50. CheckpointCompleted WithIMSILACRAC. CheckpointCompleted AfterLicenseAllOk. InstalledCompleted Basiccfg300820112015.

/tmp/ # ls -lrt total 4 -rw-r--r-..91 chsLog. Normally 1 or maximum 2 file has to be generate every day based on subscribers if SGSN generating more than 1 or 2 file then it’s not normal situation need to Escalate to Concern team.1 root root 13 Oct 20 17:02 chsLog.92 NOTA: Debe de haber un registro por día.# tail -f mobility_event_log./tmp/ ls -lrt total 32 -rw-r--r-.# ======== MOBILITY EVENT (G): ATTACH REJECT ========= .89 chsLog. if there are lots attached failures then need to Escalate to concern team. # cd .86 chsLog.4 mobility_event_log.3 mobility_event_log.90 chsLog.5. CDR files should be generated in the SGSN and move to the EMM/Billing Server on daily Basis in ready/tmp dir if not then Escalate to Concern team # cd /charging/chsLog/ready # ls –lrt (si se usa ll no saldrán los resultados de forma cronológica) -rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw1 1 1 1 1 1 1 root root root root root root root root root root root root root root 696964 788771 753241 735469 739798 739709 744184 Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 15:32 15:47 16:02 16:17 16:32 16:47 17:02 chsLog. /logs/mobility_event_log/ready ls-lrt total 4920 -rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw-rw1 1 1 1 1 root root root root root root root root root root 999954 999627 999784 999927 999600 Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct 20 20 20 21 21 06:22 13:38 19:25 02:42 09:52 mobility_event_log.index -rw-r--r-.88 chsLog. En la carpeta “/charging/chsLog/tmp” se encuentra el archivo que actualmente se esta escribiendo.1 root root 137049 Oct 20 17:02 chsLog.1 root root 238584 Oct 21 10:00 mobility_event_log.1 root root 12 Oct 21 09:52 mobility_event_log..index -rw-r--r-.1 Leer las últimas entradas del registro que se esta escribiendo actualmente cd .5 mobility_event_log.93 6. Verify the charging (CDR) files in the SGSN.2 mobility_event_log. Check the Mobility logs files ready/tmp logs file in the logs file.87 chsLog.

. -rw-rw-rw..1 root root 999756 Oct 11 12:29 session_event_log. gprs_attach IMSI : 234308318064438 PTMSI : N/A RA New : 73800200105002 RA Old : 738_0165534255 Cell ID : 251 HLR addr : TT=0. Addr=447953318064438 Syntax tail tail [options] <file_name> The following example shows the last 20 lines of filename: tail -n 20 filename This example shows the last 15 bytes of all files starting with foo: tail -c 15 foo* This example shows all lines of filename from the second line onwards: tail -n +2 filename tail has a special command line option -f (follow) that allows a file to be monitored. tail updates the display./tmp/ ll total 444 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Oct 11 12:29 . NP=7.1 cd . en /tmp se deben revisar las últimas entradas de este registro. /logs/session_event_log/ cd ready/ ll total 992 drwxrwxrwx 2 root root 4096 Oct 11 12:29 . tail -f Luego se debe revisar el contenido de las carpetas /ready y /tmp. drwxr-x--.4 root gsnuser 4096 Aug 30 18:00 . It display the last few lines. . As new lines are added to the file by another process. NAI=4.Time : 2011-10-21 11:16:01 Node : e_Erlang__Global_pm1_9_2_1@eqm01s09p2 GMM Cause : Network Failure (#17) Details : Timeout when communicating with external node Attach : imsi_type. ES=1.

This (ASCII) format log file can be viewed using UNIX commands. The wrap time is 2 hours and this log file is deleted after 5 days. : blackberry.1 root root 434259 Oct 21 11:02 session_event_log.. La administración de la movilidad (Mobility Management) en la SGSN mantiene la ubicación (Routing Area (RA)) de la MS (Mobile Station).$.net APN Sub. 0–9.1 root root 12 Oct 11 12:29 session_event_log.index tail -f session_event_log. -rw-r--r-.drwxr-x--. lo que permite que la MS se mantenga registrada en la APN Used : blackberry.gprs MOBILITY EVENT The mobility management printout is a log file named Mobility Event Log.2 Time : 2011-10-21 11:02:46 ======== SESSION EVENT (G): MS INITIATED ACTIVATE REQUEST ========= Time : 2011-10-11 12:29:40 Node : e_Erlang__Global_pm1_9_2_1@eqm01s09p2 IMSI : 302720216019489 MSISDN : 14168178300 SM Cause : Missing or unknown APN (#27) Details : APN Resolving error APN Req. ya que estas suelen cambiar de posición. @ and # ] String of characters. the results are stored in a temporary directory. En otras palabras la red debe conocer la ubicación de la MS para mantener la conectividad During the collection of measurements.mcc302. : blackberry. Strings of characters which contain the slogan and cause code Strings of characters to describe the breakdown of the failure reasons Strings of characters which contain the parameter name [5–15] INTEGER [10] INTEGER [5–15] INTEGER [5–15] INTEGER [1–5] INTEGER . Format Table 1 Time: Node: GMM cause: Details: Attach: IMSI: PTMSI: RA New: RA Old: Cell ID: Mobility Event Log File for SGSN in ASCII Format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS [Any combination of characters a-z. A-Z. _.mnc720.2 root gsnuser 4096 Aug 30 18:00 . All attach reject messages that occur due to network failure.-.

HLR addr: [2–15] INTEGER SESSION EVENTS The session management printout is a log file named Session Event Log.. SGSN y GGSN para uno o mas PDP (Packet Data Protocol) Figure 1 Bearer = portador PDN. During the collection of measurements.Mobile Station Logical View of a Session . Also all UE-initiated activate default bearer contexts that are rejected due to a missing or unknown APN or network failure are stored in this log file.Packet Data Network PDP. the results are stored in a temporary directory. unknown PDP address..Packet Data Protocol MS. GPRS session management en la SGSN establece y maneja la conexión entre la Mobile Station y el Packet Data Network (PDN) a través del Gateway (GGSN) Un inicio de sesión se realiza en la MS.. This American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)-format log file can be viewed using UNIX commands. All MS (Mobile Station) -initiated activate Packet Data Protocol (PDP) contexts that are rejected due to missing or unknown Access Point Name (APN). network failure. or requested service option not subscribed are stored in this log file.This field only applies to GSM.

Table 1 Time: Node: IMSI: MSISDN SM Cause: Session Event Log File in ASCII Format for Missing or Unknown APN YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS [Any combination of characters a-z.d APN Req: APN Sub: APN Used: One or more labels separated by dots referring to a valid Domain Name System (DNS) name or domain One or more labels separated by dots referring to a valid DNS name or domain Three labels separated by dots: mnc<a>.c.: a. @. _.g.-. 0–9.b. and # ] in a string [5–15] INTEGER String of integers Strings of characters Missing or Unknown APN (#27) Details Strings of characters GGSN Addr.mcc505. gsh get_imsins -imsi 50501 Parameter Active Data Planned Data -----------------------------------------------------------timestamp 20111005114354 _ planState _ _ rs visitor _ dn mnc001. A-Z.gprs(1) NOTA: si se requiere saber más a fondo de que problema se traba podemos verlo con el siguiente comando: gsh get_imsins –[imsi] (donde en [imsi] solo se usan los primeros 5 ó 6 números) e. or RNC Internet Protocol (IP) address in dotted-decimal format: Addr.mcc<b>.Format The session_event_log file format for a missing or unknown APN (session management Cause #27) is shown in Table 1.$.gprs _ np e214 _ ac true _ na international _ rd 5 _ ad 61408 _ m1 Australia Telstra _ m2 NULL _ m3 NULL _ eplp NULL _ .

CXS101289_4_R1H07(10A-00-05) UTC-0400.heartbeat.sau.rn hn s8 gcc wcc lcc smsc qpml NULL _ NULL _ gtp _ NULL _ NULL _ NULL _ UNDEFINED_VALUE UNDEFINED_VALUE _ _ 7.22700.heartbeat.heartbeat. Verify the SCTP (Stream Control Transmition Protocol) connection.22900.1700.heartbeat.22300.pdp.pdp.21300.23200..sau.heartbeat.2200.heartbeat.2400... both remote IP (Internet Protocol) Server Processes (IPSPs(IP Server Process)) and remote SG (Signaling GAteway) Processes (SGPs).CXS101289_4_R1H07(10A-00-05) UTC-0400.2000. Check the ISP logs file in the logs file need to check heart beat should be there for pdp/sau and check if there is any hardware equipment loss or nodes restart in NCL if yes then escalate to concern team. All the available connection should be in active state if not then escalate to concern team gsh show_ss7_sys_statallsp The show_ss7_sys_statallsp command requests the status of all the configured remote signaling processes.sau.sau..heartbeat.sau.1400..CXS101289_4_R1H07(10A-00-05) UTC-0400..CXS101289_4_R1H07(10A-00-05) 8. ISP (In Service Performance logs) /Core/log tail -f isp. RemoteSpID/RemoteSgpID 40041 LocalAsID 4740 LocalSpID 39041 Status Active ...pdp..heartbeat.CXS101289_4_R1H07(10A-00-05) UTC-0400..CXS101289_4_R1H07(10A-00-05) UTC-0400.pdp.CXS101289_4_R1H07(10A-00-05) UTC-0400.log ISP (Internet Service Providers) 2011-10-19 2011-10-19 2011-10-19 2011-10-19 2011-10-20 2011-10-20 2011-10-20 2011-10-20 2011-10-21 2011-10-21 06:14:20 06:14:20 19:14:20 19:14:20 08:14:20 08:14:20 21:14:20 21:14:20 10:14:20 10:14:20 UTC-0400.heartbeat.CXS101289_4_R1H07(10A-00-05) UTC-0400.CXS101289_4_R1H07(10A-00-05) UTC-0400.pdp.CXS101289_4_R1H07(10A-00-05) UTC-0400.heartbeat.

or both. The operator can choose to display the SCCP remote signaling points in the active configuration.RemoteSpID/RemoteSgpID 40031 LocalAsID 4740 LocalSpID 39031 Status Active 9.3G NodeID 1 OPC 4739 DPC 16383 DPC Status Prohibited . ps Class Identifiers | -----------------------------------------------------A ss7_sccp_remote_point -net CN -dpc 14954 A ss7_sccp_remote_point -net CN -dpc 14956 A ss7_sccp_remote_point -net CN -dpc 14959 A ss7_sccp_remote_point -net RAN -dpc 16383 gsh show_ss7_sccp_remote_point_stat -net CN -dpc 14954 -nid 0 NodeID 0 OPC 4739 DPC 14954 DPC Status Allowed CongestionLevel 0 gsh show_ss7_sccp_remote_point_stat -net RAN -dpc 16383 -nid 1 (0 – 2G. Verify the SS7/HLRs connection all the available connection should be in allowed state if not then Escalate to concern team gsh list_ss7_sccp_remote_point The “list_ss7_sccp_remote_point” command lists SCCP (Signaling Connection Control Part) remote signaling points. the planned configuration. 1 .