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March 14, 2012 Number: Position: Office: Open to: Work hours: Closing Date: PC 11 0015 Education Technical Resource Facilitator (TRF) U. S. Peace Corps All Interested Candidates 40+ a week March 26, 2012 – 5:00pm

PERSONAL SERVICES CONTRACTOR (PSC) The Peace Corps is a United States federal agency that promotes international peace, friendship and sustainable development by providing trained men and women to serve in local communities. In Ghana, these trained men and women (Peace Corps Volunteers) work in the areas of health, education and agriculture. The agency in Ghana is seeking to hire one person to assist with its Pre-Service Training operations in the Kukurantumi Office as Technical Resource Facilitator for Mathematics at the Junior High School level from June to August 2012 Desired Qualifications and Statement of Work: Please see the attached Desired and Required Qualifications, and Statement of Work. Compensation: Competitive salary Interested applicants for this position must submit the following or the application will not be considered: 1) A detailed resumé or C.V. that includes:
Professional positions held identifying duties, responsibilities, dates of employment and reasons for leaving Education and training, schools attended, dates of attendance, qualifications obtained An accounting for periods of unemployment longer than three months A professional reference.

2) A cover letter 3) Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above: Write the job number on the back of the envelope and deliver to either of the addresses: Post Delivery: The Director of Management and Operations US Peace Corps P.O. Box 5796, Accra –North Hand Delivery: The Director of Management and Operations Peace Corps Ghana Office Near 37 Military Hospital Behind Army Officers’ Mess 26 W. Switchback Lane Cantonments, Accra Email:

U. S. Peace Corps – Ghana Technical Resource Facilitator/Mathematics Number of Positions: 1 Duty Station: Kukurantumi, Ghana

U.S. Peace Corps – Ghana TRFs ---- 1 Position Duty Station: Kukurantumi, Ghana RELEVANT QUALIFICATIONS Possess at least a Diploma in Mathematics Minimum of three years in adult training/learning experience Minimum of three years of experience in a cross-cultural setting Knowledge and understanding of US values, history and culture Be familiar with GES/MOE policies and trends in education Be familiar with the Ghana education system Have workshop planning and facilitation skills

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS Have at least a Diploma from a recognized institution and at least four years teaching experience at the junior/senior high or tertiary level Demonstrate a variety of Education training methods Strong skills in training curricula development Very strong networking, negotiation and collaboration skills Peace Corps experience. Have knowledge of program monitoring and evaluating.

Peace Corps – Ghana (PC-Ghana) Statement of Work (SOW)

Position: Reports to: Duty Station:

Technical Resource Facilitator (TRF) Director of Programming and Training Kukurantumi, Ghana

POSITION DESCRIPTION The U. S. Peace Corps is an agency that promotes international peace, friendship, and sustainable development by sending trained men and women, Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs), to serve in countries that have requested assistance. The TRFs/Mathematics, working under the guidance and coordination of the APCDs, and the APCD/Training, will assume responsibility for the design, implementation, and evaluation of technical training sessions for Mathematics. These are in support of the Peace Corps Trainee assignment projects. The TRF works directly with Peace Corps Staff, partners, and PCVs and supports the U. S. Peace Corps mission in Ghana in the following main areas: Technical Instructions 60% Cross-cultural Facilitation 20% Safety and Security 20%

MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Technical Instructions: 60% In consultation with the Sector Coordinator, APCDs, and the training staff, design the sector technical training ensuring that it corresponds to Sector Project Plan’s technical Competencies and corresponding Learning Objectives. Provide oversight and support to the Mathematics Trainees during training. Attend and participate in the Training of Trainers (TOT) held before the PST. Conduct other workshops requested by the Site Director. Work very closely with the LCFs and Home-stay coordinator to assist in delivering a training program which is integrated, and incorporates the principles of experiential and adult-learning, and adheres to Peace Corps' training philosophy. Develop and write the training session/TDA plans for the program based on the guidelines, directives and overall goals and objectives. Ensure that resource persons write elaborate session plans for each training session they facilitate and that they collect and store all plans each week for inclusion in the final report. Conduct regular observations and interviews of Trainees that will provide regular feedback for you to develop and upgrade your training skills to meet Trainees’ needs. Direct, write, assist and monitor the development of new training materials and update the existing ones. Facilitate other technical, cultural and core sessions when requested or necessary. Solicit Trainee input into the design, delivery and evaluation of the training program. Where possible assign them the responsibility to facilitate training sessions or field trips. Provide expertise and leadership in counseling Trainees. Serve as a model to staff in giving and receiving feedback.

Provide leadership which establishes and maintains a healthy productive team spirit among the training staff. In collaboration with the PST Director, recommend any Trainees who should not swear-in as Peace Corps Volunteers with supporting written documentation/evaluation. Attend and participate in regular staff and planning meetings called by the PST Director. Monitoring, collation and storage of all technical training materials and documents to ensure that they are kept accessible for future years. Identify resources in the community that can be used in the trainees TDAs - these can be people, places or materials. Play an active part in Trainees’ formal assessment/feedback interviews. Provide feedback related to PST competencies/objectives. Document Trainees’ behavior and inform the APCD/Training about Trainees’ behavior. Cross-Cultural Facilitation: 20% Serve as an honest and objective cultural information resource for Trainees. Be available outside “classroom” hours to assist with cross-cultural learning and integration. Take part in problem-solving situations with home stay families; if the issue is serious, solicits advice from the Homestay Coordinator and/or APCD/Training. Act as a community contact person when necessary for communication, information sharing, and liaison with the APCD/Training, PST Director and other Coordinators. Safety and Security: 20% Document and report to the APCD/Training any safety and security concerns or incidents including Trainee, host family or community member behavior with regards to alcohol use or culturally inappropriate behavior that place Trainees at risk. Provide safety and security support to PC Trainees and staff and assists in MS270 regulations compliance. Monitor safety and security environment with host families and communities. Co-facilitates safety and security sessions with SSC when needed. Report all medical emergencies to community contact person, LC, APCD/Training and PST Director. Act as a warden to support safety and security. These duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: o Create awareness and understanding of Peace Corps Safety and Security policies. o Create awareness and understanding of the Peace Corps Ghana PST Emergency Action Plan. o Create awareness and understanding of warden’s roles and responsibilities in the communities. Perform other duties that may be assigned to him/her by the DPT or his designate.