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RULES & REGULATIONS FOR THE TEACHERS Red Cross mark- Arrival in the Morning will be by 7:45 am and

departure time is 2:30 pm in the noon. Red Cross Sign will be marked if any teacher disobeys the time-schedule set by School Authority. House Teachers arrival- House teachers shall arrive before 15-20 minutes from normal arrival time to do the House Duties. House Duties- It is the accountability/responsibility of House teachers to maintain all the disciplines within the school building. They are as under: i. ii. iii. iv. v. Make the House Captains and Prefects; give them task as break duties and supporting staff and students around the school. Decorate the Notice board, write Thoughts & News daily. Stop teachers talking without permission or having lunch with others. Keep an eye while students playing during break so that no injury/damage may occur. Appoint someone to check the goers by bus/van should be in queue in each round until the bus/van goes to its destination.

Come to class on time- Standing outside the door and rushing in after the bell has begun to ring will constitute a tardy (belated). You must be INSIDE the door when it begins ringing to be counted on time. Do not eat food in other class- No teacher will take his/her eatables/food in other class. Talk only when permitted- Talking with other teachers without permission in the school premises is totally prohibited. Its the duty of House Teachers to check it out as much as possible. No painful body postures to students- No teacher shall subject his/her pupils/students to painful body posture such as frog jumping, standing in the sun, holding heavy loads on outstretched hands, etc. No discrimination among students- No teacher shall discriminate against a pupil/student on the grounds of sex, race, age, religion, disability, health status, custom, ethnic origin, background, socio-economic status or misunderstanding with a parent or guardian. Favouritism shant be made for a special student- No teacher shall do anything that shall suggest or create the impression that a pupil/student is more favoured than any other pupil/student. Simple Dress- Teachers shall be in particular dress to portray the dignity of the teaching profession. You may not dress in bright colors. Check the luggage of students- When the last bell rings; check the luggage, bottle, books, Note-book of pupils/students, lest they forget it in haste. Tests should be signed- At least 2-3 tests should be given to pupils/students each month except FA/SA and should order the students to get the tests signed by their parents. Check diary daily- Diary of all subjects must be given to the pupils daily and sign of their parents in diary must necessarily be checked in order to stay in touch with guardians. Being absent without permission is misconducting- It is misconduct for a teacher to absent himself/herself from duty for one (1) or more days continuously without permission or reasonable excuse or cause. Leave for more than 1 day isnt permissible- Only 1 leave is permissible in a month and 8 leaves in a year are acceptable. Taking leave for more than 1 day continuously without a sound reason/excuse/cause will be considered as misconduct and consequently his/her pay for the month will be deducted considering double leaves. ( i.e., 2 leaves = 4 leaves, thus pay will be deducted accordingly )

Send a Proxy Teacher- If taking leave in any circumstances for more than 1 day, you should send a proxy teacher having the same education as of yours so that study can go on uninterruptedly during your absence. Long Leave means termination-A teacher who absents himself/herself from duty continuously for ten (5) days or more shall be deemed to have vacated post will be terminated from the service summarily. A part of first time salary will be kept as security- A fixed part of fresh teachers salary of first month will be kept by the School Authority as security. Quitting or discontinuance from job- After joining PMPS you are abided by the rule that you wont quit/discontinue from your duty without intimating the School Authority in written or oral before 30 days of your discontinuance from duty. If you void the rule, the fixed amount kept as security from your total pay as per rule will be forfeited by the School Authority. Teachers babies in school are not allowed- Without having permission, no teacher shall bring their babies or children to school. No Money Collection from students- No teacher shall collect unauthorized moneys or fees from students for any activity/reason without permission of the Chairman. Maintain the dignity of teaching profession- No teacher shall involve himself/herself in any act that is likely to bring the teaching profession into disrepute.

Penalty for Minor Misconduct i. Warning or reprimand ii. Forfeiture of pay. Penalty for Major Misconduct i. Suspension with loss of pay. (For a period of not more than one month). ii. Stoppage of increment. iii. Termination For persistent (continue) misconduct. I hereby declare that I am abiding by all above mentioned Rules & Regulations made by the School Authority and will maintain disciplines in school. In case I am found misconducting or voiding any rules, I will be fully liable for all this and will accept the penalty imposed by School Authority against me. __________________________ Signature of Principal ( ) __________________________ Signature of Teacher ( )