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SECTION B Name the correct external features of these animals.

Some words may be used more than once. Stripes Fin Scales Claw Tail Leg Beak Horn







( 12 marks )

bird C. whiskers C. A. ant D. wings Match the correct answers. wings C. These animals have fur on their body. snail 5. A bird has ________. legs C. They are ________. A tiger has many features. beak D. crocodile 4. fur B. A. ( 10 marks ) 1. scales 3. spider C. wings 2. bear B. A. Crabs and prawns have the same features. stripes B. fish D. They have _______ . These animals have six legs to help them move from one place to other. claws D. ( 4 marks ) 1 2 3 4 Sunflower leaf Banana leaf Mango leaf Hairy Smooth Rough Shiny Hibiscus leaf . shells B. claws D. A. bee B. A.Tick ( ) the correct answers.

( 4 marks ) 1 I have beautiful flowers. What am I ? I have flowers that change into fruits. Read the riddles below carefully. ( 5 marks ) sunflower This is a ( 1 ) fern red green plant.Circle the correct answers. Write your answers in the space provided. My leaves are jogged – edged. Its leaves are ( 3 ) in colour. ( 5 one seed in a fruit. It has ( 2 ) no many can cannot leaves. I Name these red and havemarks ) have woody stem and prime root. I have thorns to protect myself. It ( 4 ) bear flowers. What am I ? 2 . It does not have any ( 5 ) fruit leaves . My fruits are magnets.

( 5 marks) 1 2 3 Bar magnet U – shaped magnet Round magnet Ring magnet Horseshoe magnet Underline the correct answers. 6. . 3. The magnet which holds the most number of paper clips is the ( strongest . colour ) when it is knocked. non – flowering) plant.Label these magnets. 7. scales ) on their body. 8. A rose plant is a ( flowering . 5. fly ). iron ) are magnetic objects. Fish and snakes have ( fur . horns ). 4. A bird can ( swim . Objects made of ( wood . ( 10 marks ) 1. attract ) when the same poles face each other. Magnets will ( repel . An elephant has ( tusks . 2. A magnet will lose its ( magnetism . weakest ).

6. 4. 9. Answer the questions that follow. Which magnet attracts the largest number of paper clips ? ________________________________. Durian tree have short stems. Lions. An elephant has a trunk but a goat has a beard. ( 10 marks ) Magnet X Magnet Y Magnet Z 1. A coin is ( attracted . Sugarcanes have long needle – shaped leaves. 2. A magnet has two poles. All the magnets have same strength.9. 8. 3. 5. Which magnet attracts the smallest number of paper clips ? . Ring – shaped magnets have only one pole. 7. They are the North pole and ( East pole . Things that are attracted to magnets are called magnetic substances. Turtles and tortoises have shells. 2. South pole ). 10. Rabbits and birds have feathers. 10. ( 10 marks ) 1. not attracted ) by a magnet. All the magnets can loss its magnetism if we heat it. tigers and cats have whiskers. Write ‘True’ or ‘False’ in the boxes provided.

SECTION A Circle the correct answers. ( 30 marks ) 1. Write the sequence of the magnets from the weakest to the strongest.________________________________. 3. .

. C.A. Z Rabbit Lion Rabbit B 7. Cat 3. woody stems C. oval leaves. soft stems C 4. thorns B. Buffalo B. The animals shown above have ……… hair wings shells 2. Y and Z ? X Bee Bird Fish Y Cat Snake Cat Which animal belongs to the same group as above animals ? A. Rabbit C. rough leaves C. B. Tiger C. A. A. shiny leaves B. * horns * hair * a tail The plants shown above have ……. The durian tree and the hibiscus plant are similar because they have A. Animals With wings With claws With fur Z X Y What animals are X. Which animal does not have the external features stated above ? . Goat 5. Which group of animals have similar external features ? A A B C 6. Owl B.

Sunflower plant B. Papaya tree C. The magnet inside a ____ lights up a bulb. * Flower * Thorns * Woody stems * Oval leaves 14. Which part of the compass is a magnet ? 12. refrigerator 13. rambutan tree B. Bird’s nest fern 10. maize plant C. A. A. Fern and papaya tree 9. Mattress . conductors B. A. rose plant 11. non – magnetic objects A _____ has all the external features listed above. Objects that are attracted by magnets are called _______. Which group of plants are flowering plants ? A. dynamo C. pencil box B. Which part of the scissors is attracted by a magnet ? 15. Maize plant and hibiscus.flowering plant ? A. magnetic objects C.8. Grass and moss C. Stapler C. Handbag B. B. Which plant is a non. Which object uses a magnet ? A.