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LEARNING SOCIETIES UNCONFERENCE 2012 JOURNEYS AND INTERESTS – List #1 of 10 Sachin Desai – Dhamapur, Maharashtra – Syamantak (www. My journey into the world of rural youth and communities was not with the intention to 'develop' them or educate them. I went to them to regain that which I had lost in the process of getting educated. To learn from them. Having escaped 'education' and 'development' they are still original and authentic and are holding on to the culture and world-view, which sustained them for centuries. I am convinced that despite of all the glitter, the five star cultures, consumerist hospitals and schools, culture of greater India is still in rural areas. Our soul resides in the soil of Mother Earth. Our education ought to be related to our mother earth & nobody should be forced to leave his village for bread, butter or consumerist education. None should be detached from Mother Soil for the sake of keeping body and soul together. We had, in days of yore, excellent architects, super human minds, amazing space walkers, all of them in villages and forests. None of the great of that time had to leave their villages for survival and go to foreign countries or cities for higher education. The birth of our first child led to question the value of leading our completely ontrack, build-your-business-at-any-cost kind of life. Inspired by vision of scientist turned educationist Dr.Srinath Kalbag. Would like to share some of the things I learn in Life on organic learning process, indigenous technologies,natural farming etc, knowing and understanding other's experiences Meenal Desai – Dhamapur, Maharashtra – Syamantak ( We remember school: We had to be there at seven in the morning, or else there were consequences. We were given homework every day. If we arrived to class after the late bell, there were consequences. If we didn't do our homework, there were consequences. This structure and set of consequences "trains" us and makes us conform to certain expectations. Children in formal school are on a rigid schedule. They have to be at school at a certain time; they react to the ring of a bell; each class is a limited time period. The material presented is set in stone, with no room for variation. We decided to break the confines around our child’s minds. We do not use textbooks, workbooks, or any formal learning processes. Instead, we believe that life experiences will enable our child to learn everything she needs to know.This gave her more freedom to enjoy learning as a result our daughter’s mindset isn't stuck in the strict structure of the formal school system. Birth of our daughter Mrunalini led to question value of leading our completely on-track,build-your-business-at-any-cost kind of life.Inspired by vision of scientist turned educationist Dr.Srinath Kalbag,founded Non-Profit Organisation Syamantak. When we moved from Bhopal to Dhamapur, a small hamlet in Sindhudurg district (Maharashtra) in 2007, our idea was to create a proto-type education, a school that will be run by the students and for the students. Our curriculum was our day to hurdles we faced. The village mason, electrician who came to give their services

became our resource person for that particular day.In short span of time we got some extra-ordinary results from this organic learning system. Students evolved in this education system where there was no teacher - no supervisor. They innovated local technologies like the solar dehydrator, water pumping device etc.....through various community work like selling organic vegetables, vermicompost, constructing toilets etc funds were raised for the education. As against the donations received school gave services to the community valued and paid over the same period.This is about 40% of the recurring expenditure.This is not the profit made by us which can be used to cover the recurring expenditure; it is the amount paid for services rendered.The profit from this should be roughly 10-20%.This may not yet be measured as a good business model but it can certainly be seen as a positive effect of the investment made on education which is not only producing skills in students but also giving strategic services to the community and adding to the Gross National Product. Mrunalini Desai – Dhamapur, Maharashtra – Syamantak ( i dont go to school. i learn at home....i know how to make gadi-wafa for planting saplings and seeds,i know to make rotis,how to save cooking gas,how to make sev,how to take care of cow, I learn by sharing and with team work at Syamantak enjoy drawing,would like to play with every one Kokil V Poddar – Bangalore Doing some freelancing content writing for a Hong Kong based firm and also Drawing Analysis wherein the person draws and I analyze about the person in terms of behavioral patterns and its effects on our life and if the person if open to guidance I assist in helping them make the shift within. Having been a rebel since the time I was born, started my spiritual journey when I was 16. Slept on it for the next 16 years until I quit my corporate job and joined a school in 2010 wherein my journey took a new path and I got into the mode of Self introspection. Shifted my view from negative to positive on a lot of aspects of life. Relationships changed and so did I. Scene change – December 2011 post a few workshops and following the path….has spirituality made me weaker or stronger? Met my pattern of escapism again but this time taking me into a shell and avoiding people and situations compared to the earlier escapism of running away yes but emerging stronger and fighting and handling situations better. Currently also working on unlearning a lot of the conditioning that happens in our lives. Inspired by My brother Ashwin who is mentally challenged. The confidence that he has is amazing. Have been involved in Social work wherein I go as a volunteer for the mentally and physically challenged. Got to learn a lot from them. We easily give up if we fail once but they just refuse to. Its the 'Never say die' spirit that they carry without any inhibitions. Working on imbibing that SPIRIT. The Power of Pure Intent is also something I have been working on. I am also a part of the Tao Group of Co-evolve I am open to doing a demo of the drawing analysis. Rahul Dewan – New Delhi . towards spiritual values. "Beyond Tech" is an initiative i've seeded at Srijan to help bring diversity and breadth to people. advocacy. in pursuit of a purposeful life*.I have learnt drama. Yet i know where to look . Trying to experiment "Pay As You Wish" for priceless knowledge I/We(in a team) share. what i am after . Actually. I still do not know what i am seeking. i've learnt to *live fairly frugally*. I would like to share the knowledge & experience with all. My own learning happened mainly as self-learning.Ankur PateL – Ahmadabad – Sun Energy Club (www. i've always had an intuitive pull towards frugal and sustainable living. I want to explore the following: Self Learning University Leadership Education from Childhood Creating Viral Campaigns to Spread Knowledge Sun Gazing is an ultimate physical & mental therapy. and making and many other things by my keen interest & passion for learning. http://www. Have mastered the art of *delaying gratification* (even though it is beginning to hurt the financial planning for the family a bit). wellness.srijan.wordpress. leading first to a crisis/ I consider myself as Information Super Specialist. for regenerating degraded forests around using "seedball sowing". See: http://www. Gandhi. and a *deep seeking*. meditation. I am now closely associated with . Open Source evangelist/ Green activist/ Pilgrim/ In pursuit of a purposeful life". This year my goal is to startup two more projects: a) invest in a large piece of land in the mountains alongwith Navin Pangti . I've been an entrepreneur for most of my working life.Ashoka Tree / Srijan Technologies (http://danceofshiva. renewable energy.sustainable end up calling myself a * My internet social profiles say: "Entrepreneur/ Drupal. writing of life.laughter programs. eventually resulting in a *search* for health. employee-owned companies.with the objective of forming a base for experimentation with *BioChar* for increased organic agriculture productivity. about sharing and co-ownership. travelling. and eventually creating a sustainable local economy with an element of eco- . a bit of This pull led to a search for the divine fairly early on in my life.Read India Read & Heal India Heal campaigns and did lots of un-learning.

I can do like any good person can do in his common life. awesome souls have come into my life for us to evolve together. youth in areas of business.tourism. education. coaches. I’m happy with what I done and I have so many adjusting . entrepreneurs and trouble makers in general. It is an experiment I m doing on myself! Akshay Cherian – Bangalore – Career Craft Over the last 5 years or so I've been experimenting with various ideas on daily creativity among students. social entrepreneurs. Then I took admission in Diploma in Chemical Engg. Being Real. Recently decided to not complete my Diploma Certificate course and have started learning by myself with a different way. I just leaved our traditional way of learning.everything has been through conversations with manish jain .com) I love creating together with facilitators. chemistry and maths but passed in practicals of these subjects and in English and Computer. b) create an e-commerce property to bring give market access for natural and wellness products to self-help groups and social communities around the country Devang Soni – Vadodara ..CoEvolveWithKiran.Amateur Astronomers Association of Vadodara. social entrepreneurs. coaches. I am working on a learning community that is applying simple creative thinking to daily challenges we face as students/people. learning and of late. reflecting. in which I was interested. I can continue with my. new world bringers. wellness and civil society. I have moved from IIT-HCL-XLRI-ITC. Somehow. etc. My introduction to the wild world of UN . It was a learning procedure and were adventureous days for me. Kiran Gulrajani – Pune – CoEvolve (www.still recovering. I can see that it(? we call it learning) is a continuous process of any one's life.wordpress. Unearthing magnificence in people and communities. failed in 12th HSc in main three subjects physics. Been involved in Community of facilitators. Eternale went thru a metamorphosis and is now CoEvolve. I personally have a love for quick and messy solutions/iteration/creative thinking/doing.) In the context of learning.. . awakening have been my enduring passions.Pragati Learning before I started Eternale Learning in 2000. Balbhavan I completed my 10th SSc. only certificate and only job targeted and violent and rigid way of Collage Education. But after a long time of thinking.

learning without school and from each moment...The following questions I would like to explore: What does it take to manifest a vibrant learning community? How are we reinventing ourselves individually and collectively? Dola Dasgupta – Delhi – Delhi/Pune Homeschoolers (http://thouartthycreator. Isabel Carlisle – UK .some pain some We are unschoolers...and in this together. I left there in 2002 determined to take the arts into areas of social change and ..... television and cultural activism. I then fell into the art world.some bitter some sweet.. I have also been involved in documentation of folk and tribal theatre.all in one... folk theatre and community theatre . When both my daughters were old enough to go to school I found a job in London with The Art Newspaper. Worked a lot in community theatre and community films involving communities in the process of creative expression and communication..laughter and tears. From there I became an art critic for the London Times and then an exhibitions curator at the Royal Academy of Arts.. Gourika (daughter). Our focus is all community theatre and reaching out to people in non-conventional ways and I grew up in London in the 1960s and '70s and attended very academic schools.. I am involved in theater.wordpress.. I have only our life. I then studied archaeology at university (Exeter) and became an archaeologist abroad in Rome.. Would like to explore street theatre.Transition Network (http://www... Sparta and Pompeii... My quest is for devising and experimenting alternatives in theater and in films. its ups and downs and warm hearts to share with all... had children and lived in Florence (Italy) and Bonn (Germany).. Myself (mom)..and self awareness through meditative practices and self healing..transitionnetwork.. Want to understand ways to co-create more accepting spaces for people with different ways and means and life paths.. Jerusalem.Would like to share about making of films on culture and heritage.. Gurcharan Singh Chani – Chandigarh – CEVA The process of learning and unlearning is continually happening with me. Have been Learning without school.. Ishaan (son) and we are each a person also.. yet there are certain psychology blocks which i have to consistently keep removing.

I am currently exploring the topic of exchange of skills for labour: how can we create "free" learning experiences for young people while gathering both "masters" and "learners" into a shared learning community. I am Sanjyot. This led to me setting up and running the Britain-wide Festival of Muslim Cultures that took place throughout 2006 with around 120 different events. transformation and experimentation. I now live in Totnes in Devon where I am a Trustee of Transition Town Totnes and work for Transition Network on setting up their new education programmes. I trained in Philosophy for Children and became an educator for sustainability. These are both blueprints with the potential for global transmission. We will be supporting their learning in four main ways: mentoring and personal development. enriched with a spectrum of . apprenticeships to skills masters. generating clean energy. building affordable eco-homes and much more. I am co-creating and project managing the blueprint for Schools in Transition with a number of very different schools in the UK as part of a pilot project. the town where it began. 4. I would like to present on my projects of Schools in Transition and Transition Learning Journey. The pilot schools will be networked together to form an action learning group. Have had a very beautiful life. The aim is to embed schools into their places and communities by making visible the learning ecosystems within which they sit. We are experimenting all the time with growing food. creating local businesses and livelihoods. 2. I am co-creating and project managing the Transition Learning Journey. I am part of the Transition Town Totnes education group and we are experimenting with using the Way of Council to run our meetings: I am very interested in what good collaboration looks like. community investment. 3. a knowledge curriculum that looks at innovative problem-solving of 21st century challenges. placements in Transition communities. working with the old Indian fable of The Lawsuit of the Animals against Humanity. In 2007 I decided to focus on climate change and the many challenges of this century (such as peak oil and economic contraction). I hope I will be challenged on articulating the values that underpin my work. The Transition Town movement is itself a learning community and I am right at the heart of it in Totnes. I am excited to be taking the learning from this unconference back to my learning and unlearning communities in England. Sanjyot Hardikar – Pune – Pune Homeschoolers Hello. I deepened my unlearning on a 10-month course for educators at Schumacher College and then created a community of practice of radical educators for an ecological world view called Quince. Experiments co-created 1. a one-year skills-based self-directed programme for young people who don't want to or can't afford to go to college or university. It was a huge learning for me in the nature of fear and political power and how the arts connect us at the level of our shared humanity.challenge.

I hope to host dialogues exploring different approaches to learning. No I am as screwed up as i ever was. spread arms.Links with India (www. by all my senses.Links with India (www. I see this as a tremendous opportunity to listen and learn. Want to further explore different healing meditations and group healing.linkswithindia.experiences. in the past few months. and they are helping me learn a lot.. The result of this is that we are running our first Learning Journey to India from 29th January to 13 February this year with a very small group. What is the role of the teacher? What is an effective parent? How do we grow in freedom? Maggie Alexander – UK . Recently my husband. close eyes. born into a working class family there were no expectations beyond going to school because it was compulsory. and unlearn even more. The result of this is that we are running our first Learning Journey to India from 29th January to 13 February this year with a very small group. Experimenting with Learning Journeys to India . I took early retirement in order to develop the Links with India project with my is through these experiences that I feel there is much to be learned from what is happening beneath the surface of the After 35 years in teaching. and hypnotherapy is proving to be my best friend. Of course when i say i am on an introspective road. These have all led me to believe that one just needs to flow with the stream. DOES NOT mean the introspection has led to any growth. both pastorally and as a teacher. Each experience takes me closer to my journey towards self discovery. Breath shallow. and then most students joined the . My own experience of education was an unhappy one. education and social justice at a local level in various parts of India.where adults from the West will be able to participate in discussions and observations with people who are working in the areas of sustainable living. I am homeschooling my two boys. Andrew.. Each moment is thoroughly felt with all I have spent much of my life bringing up my four sons and working with children in informal schools. and I took early retirement in order to develop the Links with India project.linkswithindia. Andrew Alexander – UK . and just smile and float. the only difference is now I know that i am screwed up. I have taken groups of students to India and have travelled fairly extensively around the country with Maggie . Maggie.. Anyways. Also I am gathering material for a collection of essays I am writing on approaches to learning that have emerged from India and their relevance to the global conversation on education. Approaches to learning from India that challenge the Western dominated view of life and education. who is also applying to attend the conference. the majority of which were spent in independent progressive informal schools.I am also a Spiritual hypnotherapist.

The idea behind this project is to enable adults from the West to participate in discussions and observations with people who are working in the areas of sustainable living. the outcome of their time there. alongside writing which is inspired by the incredible experiences and interactions I have had during many. which we are running in association with Schumacher College in Devon. Since leaving teaching.linkswithindia. I have taken many student groups to India and have travelled fairly extensively around the country with my husband. I am currently working on a personal project writing about and photographing India. Meanwhile we live I would like to explore different approaches to learning: What does it mean to be a teacher? How do we overcome parental fear when all around are telling them that a 'good education'. i might have a better opinion of them . in the most conventional of terms. in most cases. My decision to become a teacher was from this knowledge that school was a very unhappy place and I thought I could make a difference.. basically get out of . We follow our hearts. The day that schools include farming. where they were free to experience exposure to the culture and people without any imposed structure. and how their creativity and freedom is and http://thebharadwajknights. In contacting the students long after their trip to India it seems that.blogspot.-) Through a lot of internal work and the direct healing-inspiration i get from Urmila Samson and Anne Ohman and her online Shine Group (besides many others) I am able to give myself permission to be who I am. education and social justice at a local level in various parts of India. interesting. Having shown some ability I was 'trained' to become an office worker. We believe kids walk.. read. learn whatever they please on their own schedule. They have the option if they choose it. it begins on 29th January and will finish on 13th February.blogspot. has had an immense and abiding impact on them and the decisions they make in their lives. talk.. Along with my husband I have been developing a project called Links with India and we have created the first Learning Journey. My eyes are open to the gifts that they came into this world to give and I am able to allow them to follow their hearts. happy days. My experience as a teacher has been to see what damage schools do to young people. I am able to love myself enough to listen to that internal voice that we all have. As I do this I am able to give my family space to be who they are.workforce in factories. I am using the images I have taken and continue to take. The learning they gain from their experiences can be applied to their practices back home. many visits to Except for 3 (very long months) of pre-school for my older child we have never forced our children to go to school. and alongside the Links with India project. Andrew. write.. Our website is: www. plumbing and carpentry as subjects. is paramount? What do we mean by freedom? How can it be achieved? Hema Bharadwaj – Pune – Indian Homeschoolers (http://thebharadwajshine.

as an active participant of the local community. if there is love. physical and mental. Becoming a parent further fuelled the desire to explore deeper and wider. education and actually just living with each other as a family.their way :-) We soar when we go with the flow and stay connected deeply with our inner selves. every experience. I seek to connect with people who want to honor their children.. I'd love to talk about this with others. In such a scenario. painting walls. Our one year long homeschooling journey has been an eye opener as has been the efforts to understand Gandhi. . exactly where they are. passion and a desire to explore then learning seems to happen naturally. fully. i have been sort of unjobbing for a decade to explore life beyond 9 to 5s and look out for viable alternate lifestyle options for our family though we have not reached any firm conclusions as yet. unschoolers. in next 1/2 years and these actions will have a very strong impact on the lifestyle we have been leading so far. With each passing day i feel more and more strongly that there is so much for me to unlearn before i can truly focus on learning alone. the man i grew up disliking.. still learning. I connect sickness/physical ailments directly to our mental health/work. every dream adds value to our own and that is precisely what we seek to explore. every idea. poems i have written and the art of storytelling which I have been trying to inculcate. as homeschoolers. every thought. we have been actively interacting with homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers to create an environment of interactions that is sustainable and fun. the hills of uttarakhand. Would love to be a part of an artistic/crafty venture. I love helping other homeschoolers and unschoolers. I love sharing our journey with others and hearing about other's paths. creating bird houses etc. Its an online National homeschooler's community. Divya Tate and I started the PuneHomeschoolers Google Group 3 years ago... And true learning seems to happen when we are able to stay true to our 'selves'. We grew from there and moved into our new online home Indiahomeschoolers. people willing to live in peace with themselves and each other. we are very actively considering migrating back to our place of origin. has been helping me direct my internal energy and Our health. maybe making seed necklaces. I'd like to share our experiences so far with food. Urmila Samson. I'm keen to meet homeschoolers. I can share my experiences of the last one year. still exploring. The theme 'healthy lifestyles and healthy communities' is something which directly affects our actions. Navin Pangti – Gurgaon – Dolka I have never seen learning as a different entity but as an integral part of life. as a family. While seeking an alternate lifestyle option.

. co-creation . we looks forward to interact with other homeschoolers..... injured lower back and confined to a wheel chair when tending to an injured and orphaned seal pup whilst engaged in dolphin and seal rescue on the Cornish coast of UK...things on which i could not focus much in the last lsc.. so here I am.... collected mega yachts from ports all of Asia and Europe and delivered them to owners next desired destination (people with too much money and to little time). carrying out a few repairs on a yacht after being hit by hurricane on the trip and reinjured the lower back.apart from that. wood. associated with both "Hippies" & "Hells Angels" experimented with all types of drugs....... a lot of time drunk. childhood spent any time could sneak in wandering round the nearby "Aussie Bush" and learning from mother-nature and various guru's came across. didn't actually have to do a lot of Unlearning as never learn't anything in school.... sail maker. written off as "Disabled". educationists.. rigger.... reflexology and colour healing. fit and walking within 6 months. Infact these many words are also too heavy for me to write and i have begged my wife to give me appropriate words to finish this paragraph!!!! Peter Bakos – Andhra Pradesh – Aid India Among the very few lucky ones.. i am also keen to meet lsc participants to understand the gandhian way of life.. Tried hospital therapy as first treatment on suggestion of other rescue team but to no avail. Made life a little more interesting as lived on a old wooden yacht on an estuary.. took some local treatment but didn't help... natural farming. tried various treatments . and learn a little more about her idealistic ways. activists to understand their perspectives on education and exchange notes about our jounrey so far.. traditions and skills and mother nature Ying and Yang. I go with the flow. sailed tall ships and raced private yachts took people scuba diving on the outer barrier reef and co-discovered a new Nudibranch . spent time in many different countries and learnt from many gurus both young and old .. leather. many weekends spent riding 1000's of kms on Harley Davidson and Triumphs with masses of Hells Angels bikers. Milind Rahate – Pune – Pune Homeschoolers We are homeschooling our two boys for the past 2 years. but at the same time practiced Yoga. Adolescence was a big learning experiment. trying to be by her side. blacksmithing and gold smithing and lapidary . owner flew down (southern spain) and took back to London for treatment.. eagerly learnt anything from Vehicle mechanics to biology and horse riding. games and tales from elders many crafts. sailed around the world on tall ships working as chief engineer. grew and collected wild plant and herbs and concocted and administered balms and tonics..Was diagnosed by the best as Dyslexic & unable to learn.. sabotaging logging machinery and spiking trees. organic gardening and various crafts including macrame. Worked as a site forman building 10 acre factories by day and eco activist at night. radio operator and watch leader . non-violence. And I have decided to trust her completely when it comes to the childrens well being. from the children language. after recovery joined a yacht delivery team on request of a longtime sailing friend.. I have never been a person to question the norms. practiced natural healing and massage . But my wife feels very passionately about homeschooling. Managed to find a reflexoligst and Mctimney practitioners and took regular treatment..

There seems nothing special in my journey of life so far. our project was funded and we soon joined the Aid-India team..... And I used to sit long on thinking on the unsolved mysteries of Nature that were beyond my physics understanding. After reading an article in newspaper on Special Theory of Relativity. can demonstrate/ workshop on creating and"Ezcooker" our low-cost method of cooking daily rice using 40% less environmentally destructive cooking fuel.. Never I thought that there are so many mysteries in our everyday life.... Appropriate print decimation ? Creating literature to reach illiterate ? plus many more. (a bamboo basket strategically lined with insulation_ {residual heat cooking} ).. a cornish sailing friend suggested Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville and linked some friends there . Lower back responded quickly to the yoga therapy and massage and active & about within a month. Rushikesh Kirtikar – Jalgoan.. creating appropriate village technologies and tools & most recently working on ecoawareness using multi media to reach farming communities and village school children. cropping patterns and techniques? .. there were unending opportunities to utilize some of what was learnt and experienced over the years.Independent/Possibilities I am a very simple person from childhood. Experiments . There was however a very small but significant addition in my life from 12th Grade. During this time was introduced to Aravinda and Ravi who were instrumental in establishing AID (Association for India's Development) .... Maharashtra .. reciprocal methods of Organic practice including crops. latest guru is now our 3 year old daughter. and spent some time volunteering on organic farms but after a letter from an NGO requesting to return and assist with their tribal livelihood program decided to pack and return and work with them. and thats where we are today. I understood of my tremendous interest in physics.. started working with the local villagers around Auroville with a few of the members from the "GreenBelt" ... reading on physics is still an important part of my life and have .. the life-cycles and their co-existance . good college shifting from hometown to a better city.. returned home for a visit to family and friends after being away for 7 years or so.... Though I never took it in my formal education.. more of formal education. The journey.ways to inter involve communities ?...... creating a documentary of the local flora and fauna ...... Main Q's. finally at present in Mumbai after completing my PG.interlinking children and artisans so as they can learn from each other.. did wonders for the Dyslexia but lower back showed little improvement. was pretty smooth.including kinesiology. went to a 'good' school in my hometown. neither big achievements nor failures. initializing a village resource centre.Revitalization and enhancement of traditional crafts and access to raw materials has been our major focus combined with activity based learning .

When I look back I find that my journey till now wasn't actually my journey. Studied in Manipal(4years) hospitality management lived and loved the experience(s). making and playing together. It is tremendous fun. I am interested in putting stalls/ workshop on toys that can be made by children from everyday available simple materials and every toy works on a certain science principle. I am trying to create learning opportunities for children that emerge due to being a part of group and working together. I got an opportunity to do something on this. though I never quite reached any solution. But I was lucky that I have less things to unlearn. I began to think on problems from their root cause. Ritika Gulati – Uttar Pradesh – Freelancer A Delhi girl. I worked on a small project to put my own ideas on education in practice with children. with school and its education. From childhood. and my way would be new because I don't know the other ways. It would go wherever the river takes it. Want to share Training & Development related learning and unlearnings. to achieve something that is of personal importance. not only physics but even social. for a revolution. I don't know when and how it exactly started.. The process of working together on a particular task. More than philosophy I am focused on methods as I have found that in spite having a good philosophy we haven't been successful enough to put it to practice and therefore couldn't spread the alternative education. hoping to find what education is exactly and give something back. The last bell of the school day was like a freedom from prison. School being its important part. now a freelance corporate trainer enjoying the journey of life. I find myself being a wooden log in a river carried by the river currents having no direction of its own. Presently I am working on the same project on a full time basis. I would like to explore the present methods in alternative education and how it is different and still better than the conventional methods. And now one day by chance.helped me in a totally different journey. . It was difficult for a person like me having no expertise and experience in this field trying to shape education. or a creative art activity. physical and social and understand oneself if facilitated among children. The learning from the last conference was useful in many ways. I hope at least something of my work will be worth enough. but I began to think of education as the first step for change. It could be just a play. I was never happy with studying. Learning that emerges by organising oneself to achieve something. It provides learning opportunities in diverse ways and can be a very important tool to explore the world. It was the society's journey of shaping a child. lived in a protective environment at home till 12th Grade. has tremendous learning opportunities that just needs to be extracted to organise and learn further. Working for the last 4+years in the hospitality industry.

we were not aware.Pune Well our son(7. in this period of one year we had visited many schools.  When Anand was just 1. Still we took the decision because it was my husband who gave me this idea as he had not gained anything from schooling. pune-homeschoolers group have been making our journey smooth. Later when answering concerned people's queries about Anand's schooling I came to know that people all over the world are doing it . And that gave me the confidence to start it with Anand. I decided that I'll give this school a real try. when Anand was 2. I just follow my instincts and my child's. of Anand's age. Indeed she was a montessori teacher .Wish to know and explore new ideas of life and society. Nor do I want to define it. She was a montessori teacher in UK and had returned back and was starting her school here. Then in later(Anand was 2+ yrs) we went to another 'good' school but on the second day itself. Imagine forcing a 1. Anand. hamara beta school nahi jayega'. I don't know whether i'm homeschooling or unschooling or whatever in between or outside these range. to school. after giving my piece of mind to the principal. Although the playthings were nice but I didn't like the 'teacher' there."you will have to make him sit in one place". I called her up and talked to her at length and decided that I'll take Anand for the camp there. we left the school for good.talked to them . Then I joined the punehomeschoolers group and came to know about other flavours of 'Not sending to school'. It did not occur to us then that we can homeschool(or whatever else) Anand . He calls school a 'jail'. Saraswati. we are not sending our child to any school till he is 6 yrs old. Then many of the children from our society.4 we joined a mother-toddler club. Not to mention. And ofcourse.5yrs) doesn't go to any school. I quit the place. For the first time(in anand's case). After a 3 weeks of bad experience we left that school too.they gave me all the sweet talk and we took the admission there too! Upon insistence from all others and I was also was feeling a little odd. But then in Dec same year. I like to know that I'm evolving and my child and my hubby are helping me to do so and are patiently by my side. Sharadchandra and son. I didn't even know what montessori school is then but she explained it to me and then I searched . in fact he said it was totally futile. I landed there . were going to another 'good' school. we didn't even knew the word 'homeschooling'. And I and Sharad(dh) decided that thats enough. close to our place somebody was organizing 'Winter Camp' for really small kids. I really liked a teacher. When we took the decision of not sending our son. But we did not realize we are some other stuff.. The most important thing for us is that we enjoy with each other. I'm still learning things and unlearning few other things and I know I have a looooong way to go. She once told me to make Anand sit in one place when we are reciting poem . We just decided 'ghar par hi padhayenge.EVEN IN PUNE. Anand Chavali .5 year old to sit in one place when he doesn't want to.7yrs we got a flier that.I came to know that at the end of one week camp. But I'm not tensed about it.

Do child really need company of one more child at home? if yes andif parents do not find that their need then?? 4. When finally he was 5. Well. For many months there were just 3-4 kids there. I want to explore: 1. How about J. Pratibha Agarwal – Janakpuri I have finished first year of my journey of unschooling with my son.harmonyholistichut Since 1996 ever since i came to know about amazing possibilities with which a human brain is formed and that it is being far underutilized. When Anand was 4 yrs old and the new academic yr was about to start (Anand is May born) other parents started telling me that better take admission in another school which is till 10th std atleast because later I will not get admission in another school as this montessori school was only for I've mentioned in several places before that we not aware of homeschooling concept and thought he has to be enrolled in one or the other school. So we were finally settled. Atul Abhyankar – Pune . And it landed up in helping parents which eventually turned out to helping myself. .over the net too.5 to 6 yrs olds. I am trying to create a community of people who understands children and life.5yrs old and we have never regretted our decision of not sending him to a school. That time I took one bold decision(considering my awareness levels) that whether my son gets admission or not he is not leaving this montessori school. Now Anand is 7.5 yrs we were a little worried and upset and apprehensive about sending Anand to any other school. And then with my husband's initiative quit the idea of schooling Anand completely and were really at peace except for panic attacks on and off till I joined this group. Learning society group has helped me a lot in understanding my child and to take away some of my fears and to give some supporters and mentor and a list of friends. Even if my child does not get in good school. Want to invite people to work with me children. I am enjoying my life completely after this journey. we enrolled there and Anand was the first child in that school. he will get in some school and finally whichever the school be. Krishnamurthy schools? 3. so it doesn't matter . my journey into helping children began. how much money matters in bringing up a child? 2. it will be me who will be teaching him. It was a great experience as i explored myself also a lot during this period as now i am more aware of my needs than earlier.

I have started accepting life more than ever.a homeschooling mother. Since the birth of my baby I have been a dedicated happy. I now have an intention to start a chain of preschools myself and tap the sensitive parents who are ready or are ready to have a real go at their task of being a parent. and many more in true sense by being with my child.totality.. It is huge experience awaits the receiver to pour on. yet without an answer.truthfulness. It is giving me strength to withstand all odds. my learning is focussed towards playing the role of a mother. It is helping me beyond anything. I spend most of my time with my two daughters (7&9 yrs old).focused. Last years LSC was a very new experience for me. In the current stage of my life..learner.. I have also been contemplating working with children and . Apart from homeschooling. I am a hard core parent. It was very interesting though I was uneasy at times because I feel I am not very good at articulating my thoughts or sharing my thoughts in a group. It is just that we see it in different light during different stages of our life.. All in all being with my child comes to me as my first choice and it comes effortlessly. I have started to understand the meaning of many words like creativity. Not with that intention really but a lot of parents have come quite close to me and arti because we chose to be parents sharing our parenting journey from our hearts to parental who truthfully wanted to help their children. me and my husband are actively trying to work out a plan that helps us migrate back to our roots in Uttarakhand and lead a village life as a local community member. Deepti Bisht Pangti – Gurgaon I feel that learning is something which happens all the time though one may not be consciously aware of or involved in the process. Otherwise a person who uses words sparingly. I would like to share my invaluable parenting experience with anybody interested to listen and implement. I depend largely on books for understanding various aspects of learning/unlearning.. learning and growing father.. My trust in my child Atulyayatri/s ability is absolute. when it comes to parenting they pour like a flood. My experience with my child atulyayatri. and since last one year .. Until i became a biological father myself in 2008 I continued to take up these workshops and kept on guiding parents to help their children..energetic. has made me travel from being a taskmaster to being more realistic down to earth easy going and freely flowing individual.determined. I think this form filling will go on for quiet sometime before we start or even conclude the learning societies unconference. enthusiasm.I conduct workshops for parents having children below six years by the name "Genius Babies Joyous Parents". The "how" of bringing this quality(the parenting quality) to a large number of parents is perennial question that i keep asking and answering to myself. to rewrite their journiessss. Teaching parenting also comes to me effortlessly.

families.starting from within the family. Was a very painful time as I learned to journey through my shrieking searing anger... the glaring distortions created by hierarchies stood out and exploring collective functioning it seemed as the logical next step. gender..we journeyed seven times! Participated in the children's community theatre workshops was another experience. where we currently stay. performances prepared in workshops with the children of the area. conversations.. More discomfort with myself.women and men. Both these experiences opened windows.. We understand that in order to unpack the actual process in a teaching . students... puppetry was next. For six years we journey for 10 days at a stretch once a year through different areas in Punjab with a book exhibition (the NBT van + other publishers mostly leftwing) and day long Bal melas in small towns and villages. I have been actively reading about and discussing Tibetan Buddhism. green revolution. people .. Writing concept and scripts for some documentaries ((women. Was part of a very active feminist group "Shamshir" in Chandigarh. we would need to look at the how we as a 'learning' group deal with the 'differences' among ourselves. Punjab issues. Especially after interactions with several communities working in different ideas about learning. science literacy Harleen Kohli CEVA Centre for Education and Voluntary Action Chandigarh. Looking back I feel that the most important outcome of this learning journey is the intense desire to figure out how to wean ourselves out of heirarchies (organisational. Centre for Education & Voluntary Action (www. art forms. spiritualism and education with friends.. What gives me joy negotiated teachers. qualification. I was a part of the student group through college. its about an impulse that underlies the perpetuation of many wrongs.also. the experience of organising the Kafla is embedded on a very deep level in me. Somehow.meetings with writers. worked in the women's 'front' :) and conducted adult literacy classes. had an opportunity to work with a community theatre group. to create an active cultural space.. healing. earth shaking and yet peaceful times. slow moving and still at the stage of figuring out things. teacher training.) helped my search for articulation. However. Harleen Kohli – Chandigarh . through all the experiences. skill. children.) and work as a collective.deep interventions. Thats what we are doing now. though I have not been able to do much as of now.. age. Left party.. micro-planning in DPEP. . This got me exposed to lots of new thoughts which I can share and discuss in small groups. My learning journey started in school when I joined the realized that i am only hurting myself and mis-communicating and all that. we are working in the 'streets' .cevachandigarh..adults of our colony. artists some of whom travelled with us. was part of IPTA in Chandigarh. painful yet joyous. dialogue and doing things. Subsequent to the Bir conference. Working within the school system was a huge and difficult decision. I can share my last one year’s experiences of homeschooling. melas . Cultural action is what I would like to call it . (but not my comrades). Realised it is not only about being a woman.learning situation in which there are some (or one) adults and some children. :) What kind of personal change does it take to work as a collective is a question that all in our group are engaging with.

and perhaps strengthen some ideas and intentions or alternatively discard some of them. homes.building upon it. insights and experiences of the last year. institutional as well as hidden and subtle in different kinds of groups of people. and got pretty much sucked up into the middle-class life. and I quit and came to India. I would like to have conversations with homeschoolers about learning science and math process skills together with children and young people and about using language so as to heal as well as create a world. Have been weeding out hierarchical functioning within the organisation.. the split was too much. the complex dynamics of a school community and system.. Finally during the Iraq War. I am aware that working closely for deep change within the formal education system is something that some people are engaged in. in talking with anyone who has been experimenting with weeding out hierarchies . some theories have gained a surer ground.. . We are working with the idea of negotiated learning within the limits delineated by learning spaces like the street. we have experienced some successes in terms of seeing some doors ‘open’. in the period after the last LSC. closer to the earth and more connected to the body. some areas of the brain have experiences light. Plus the most important effort.. but soon ended up working in a big corporation as a software engineer. but I grew up in the US.we are trying to understand. come to terms with and find acceptance for. I would like to gain clarity about my thoughts and intentions. Roy Jacob – Kerala – Kanavu My family is from Kerala in south India. This will take the shape of adding in more education institutions. There was a split between the way I was living and what I believed in. classrooms. I’ve been living mostly in the Wayanad district of Kerala. teaching communities within and on the fringes of these institutions. I got interested in Gandhian ideas during college. family and growing circle of friends who 'understand'. It would be nice to add on to the conversations of last year. In the last year. individuals and families. doing organic farming and learning to live a completely different lifestyle.. Both personal and ‘group/community’ experience of change has been rewarding and enjoyable. Learning/unlearning happens all the time. We are looking at more formal efforts at creating learning communities as part of the 'building on earlier efforts' process. I would like to widen my experience by learning about newer and better ways of doing. I look forward to.finding and learning together with a group of people who are willing to take the journey towards the personal change required for working within this learning community.explicit. keeping up dialogue and conversations in as authentic a way as I know how with people I work and live with. Sharing processes that crystalise learning with those who would stop and share... I would be happy to share my thoughts. I would of course be very interested.

Dan Millman. had difficulty trusting and accepting the how beautiful life . and realizing its beauty. decided to clean it.and everyone.. without being aware of it. while searching for its answers . have given and received much.. the biggest unlearning has been with respect to certain views on life.. and clean it well. when asked..each person I meet. Byron Katie (A Thousand names for joy)..unboxedwriters. I love delving deep into people's behaviours and intentions.. and Numerology-a la Dan millman style! Also dabble in writing when inspired (www.. This has now evolved into The .. Online blogs. and then got the entrepreneurial itch. 1.. passionate about reading. etc.. need for perfect physical form to receive love etc..that were passed down by parents.. the world is a bad place... ever since the decision....symplifyinlife.. must say Im still in the process :) Right now searching for an introduction to myself.. love and success . I’m definitely interested in this topic of community... I might also try to do a workshop that explores assumptions we learn from our culture. 2. a radical experiment in learning outside of classrooms. and were not helpful.and yet.. resources and support have flown in effortlessly and abundantly. esp the question of how an alternative community can best engage society in addition to meeting its own needs. "do-nothingmeditation" and discussions on the same in 2011..anatomy and physiology.. The Buddha.need for perfection. they helped me see the dirt. but now I’m more interested in engaging with society more directly. but lost motivation along the way. especially through gatherings and camps where we can explore more harmonious ways of being and living. last one year has been dedicated to re-inventing my relationship with money... Some examples could be . and formal learning communities like Tao of Facilitation with Kiran Gulrajani. human body.. the most amazing people.. Sindhu Ramachandran – Bangalore – Simplifying Life (www.Sindhu Ramachandran) Inspired by the Tao Te Ching. For me. started many things. documentary film-making... Lousie hay. Cortona India .. made a Documentary Simplifying Spirituality... then PG-ed in Fitness Management.. and depths of human connection. Robert Fritz (The path of least resistance)... I also live next to Kanavu. had a lot of questions. Have led focused groups on Silence .through silent meditation. dance and music. duty and obligation. Have been a part of many informal discussion I have had an interestingly logic-defying life!! Graduated as an Engineer.Science and Spirituality conference 2010 and many more..I’ve had visitors over on the farm.dots Im yet to connect!!! Around 2008 met some awakened souls..

W. We has an atmosphere of a true Gandhi Ashram shere everything was to be done by oursevels. From my childhood I have witnessed activities of my parents and relatives for the cause of Gram Swaraj.1. Even today.which may also be for detail). have been co-creating my own life through experiments and exploring experiences with people. The said school is directed to pursue the Nai Talim as enunciated by Mahatma himself.Silence Project. 4.. My parents were in Wardha in early 40s and with the blessing of Gandhiji and Dr.not instructing it to focus or concentrate. through travelling and otherwise Things I want to explore .org) I was born in a family of Gandhian freedom fighters from both paternal and maternal side. Have been a part of few start-ups . Another workshop that Id love to co-create would be to de-mystify myths about Spirituality (through screening a 40-min Documentary if possible and have discussions) and discover ways to be in touch with our spirit in the course of daily and worldly life .Majhihira National Basic Educational Institution (www. Last but not the least. short-films and more. My parents are still alive at 98 and 88 and active & agile. Later I went to Calcutta (KOLKATA) for higher study and completed my post graduation in Journalism from Bhavans and Calcutta University.www. Being a freelance reporter for few years.. but just watching it lovingly. Today we run a Buniyadi school in the Asram Campus with about 350 inmates and a Primary Teachers' Training Institute. They are still the guiding spirit of our .preferably everyday or at the least one day. I traveled every nook & corner of rural Bengal and ultimately decided to come and join hands with my father in his Ashram in 1990 for promotion of Nai Talim (Buniyadi Education). The aim of the above activity being to get us in touch with Silence and Mindfulness doing and speaking nothing and just spending sometime with our minds . I was brought up in this very place with other boys and girls coming from nearby villages. grant or recognition is sought 'cause we don't believe in this. No govt.. or travel to Himalayas or escape to a forest! Prasad Dasgupta – West Bengal .and not necessarily wait till retirement. I would like to explore the minds of participating cocreators with respect to The Silence Project through 1 or 2 hour sessions .social entrepreneurial ventures and helped with vision alignment and inter-personal communication dynamics. E. came to a remote & inaccessible village called Majhihira in West Bengal's tribal belt (then in Bihar) to propagate the idea of Nai Talim. They found a Buniyadi School here with 7-8 half naked. Rest was the history (please visit .. as if it were our best friend! 2. 3. the students and teachers do all their work on their own including craft education and production orientation. including production for fooding livelihood. or a 3-hour workshop .mnbei.Aryanayakmam.mnbei. discussions. half starved children. which aims to understand the relation between Silence and human behaviour through interviews.

We experiment craft-base and production oriented education as was the focal point of Nai Talim. We can discuss a project proposal named "Nai Talim's Samgra Shiksha Yojana" which we have prepared to further our goal of implementing Basic Education suiting the needs of the contemporary reality. .team. Learning communities are mainly from villages here and many of them come from tribal families.