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The phenomenon of occurrence of additional species found in the ecotone or transitional zone between adjoining ecosystems is known as -----------------a) Edge effect b) Root effect c) Raman effect 2. The complex network of interconnected food chains is called --------------------a) Trophic level b) Food web c) Ecological pyramid 3. Each organism in an ecosystem is at a specific feeding stage called as the ---a) Climax level b) Producer level c) Trophic level 4. The area to which a species is biologically adapted to live is known as-------------a) Niche a) April 22 b) Habitat b) March 21 c) Succession c) May 22 5. Official date of Earth Day is on --------------------------------------------6. All forms of water that comes down on Earth, including rain, show, hail etc. is known as-----------------a) Calcification a) Savanna a) 51 % b) Fixation b) Tundra b) 61 % c) Precipitation c) Prairies c) 71 % 7. The forests in the Arctic are called -------------------------8. The ocean cover ----------------------- percentage of Earth’s surface. 9. The salt-tolerant trees growing in shallow marine sediment or estuaries known as--------a) Mangroves b) Xerophytes c) Epiphytes 10. The largest brackish water lake situated in Asia is in Orissa. Which is the lake ? a) Chilka lake a) Deserts a) February 02 b) Vembanad lake b) Wetlands b) February 28 c) Woolar lake 11. Ramsar Convention refers to the conservation of ---------------------------c) Agriculture lands c) June 05 1 12. The World Wetlands Day is celebrated on -----------------------

13. National Maritime Day of India is celebrated on ----------------------a) October 16 b) April 05 c) March 21 14. The animal which consumes decaying organic matter is ---------------------------a) Carnivore a) 1988 b) Detrivore b) 1985 c) 1980 c) Herbivore 15. Ganga Action Plan in India was launched in the year ------------------16. What is the name of the action plan for sustainable development in the twenty first century framed in the Rio Declaration on Environment & Development (1992) ? a) Action 21 b) Agenda 21 c) Rio 21 17. A set of organisms that resemble one another in appearance and behaviour is called a ----------------------------a) Exons b) Prions c) Species 18. The area where all the living organisms interact with each other and their environment is ---------------a) biosphere b) exosphere c) mesosphere 19. An ecosystem gradually merges with an adjoining one through a transitional zone called the -------------------a) ecological niche a) sericulture a) Silent valley a) 2000 a) May 22 b) ecological footprint c) ecotone --------------c) fish culture c) Bandipur sanctuary b) agriculture b) Corbett National Park b) 2005 b) June 05 c) 2002 c) March 22 c) Ethane & Methane c) Tri Nitro Toluene 2 20. Green revolution is associated with

21. The first protected area in India is -------------------------22. The Indian Parliament passed the Biodiversity Bill in the year 23. World Water Day is celebrated on ---------------------24. The components of LPG are ---------------------------a) Methane & Hexane b) Propane & Butane 25. Which chemical was responsible for Bhopal gas tragedy? a) Methyl Iso Cyanate b) Benzene Hexa Chloride

26. Major consumer of wood from forest is ----------------------------a) Thermal Power Plantb) Paper Industryc) Chemistry Industry 27. Green Revolution in India was initiated by -------------------------a) M.S.Swaminathan a) decibels b) Sunderlal Bahugana c) Kurien b) lux c) parsec 28. The Unit of measurement of intensity of sound is in ---------------------

29. A combination of smoke, fog and chemical pollutants seen in industrialized cities is known as -----------------a) Sol b) Smog c) Fallout 30. Enrichment of water body by nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen is called a) Succession b) Eutrophicationc) Stratification 31. The violent tropical storms in the Indian Ocean are known as -----------------a) Typhoon b) Cyclones c) Hurricane 32. The worst nuclear accident happened to date is occurred at ------------------------a) Chernobyl in 1986 b) Three Mile Power Plant in 1979 c) Sellafield in 1957 33. Major cause of Ozone depletion is due to which chemical ? a) Chlorofluorocarbons b) Polyphenols c) Dioxins 34. The legally binding international agreement to reduce Greenhouse gases by 5 % 2012 is ---------------a) Vienna convention b) Montreal Protocol c) Kyoto Protocol 35. The portion of the earth and its environment which can support life is known as a) Crust b) Biosphere c) Exosphere b) Environment degradation c) Environmental cultivation 36. Public awareness of environment creates ---------------------a) Environment protection c) Environmental improvement

37. Salim Ali centre for ornithology and history is located at ---------------------a) Pune b) Hyderabad c) Kerala d) Coimbatore 3

What is oil slick ? 4 .38. hydrosphere and lithosphere connected ? a) Hydrological cycle c) Oxygen cycle b) Nitrogen cycle d) Carbon cycle 41. Which of the following enhances soil fertility ? 46. How is the atmosphere. What is troposphere? a) Portion of air b) Portion of water d) Portion of sky c) Lowest layer of atmosphere where we survive b) Lal Bahadur Shasthri c) Morarji Desai 40. Salinization is ------------------------a) Accumulation of salts in water b) Accumulation of salts in food c) Accumulation of salts in body animals d) Accumulation of salts in animals 47. Which gas is likely to be reduced in the atmosphere by deforestation? a) Carbon dioxide 44. What is the meaning of the word “endemic” a) Rare and occur only in a few location b) Rare and occur everywhere c) Abundant and seen everywhere d) Abundant and only in few locations 43. Wild life protection act was formulated during the period of -----------------a) Mrs. The main energy source for the environment is ---------------a) Solar energy c) Bioelectric energy b) Chemical energy c) Electrical energy 42. What are rodenticides ? a) that kill fishes c) that kill rats a) Crop rotation c) Using new seed verities b) that kill insects d) that kill crocos b) Improved methods of agriculture d) Irrigation b) Nitrogenc) Oxygen 45. Indira Gandhi c) Rajiv Gandhi 39.

Vermi composting is a natural method of a) Producing compost manure c) Managing waste it creates a) Beaufort scale a) Dams b) Floods 55. Energy is returned to the atmosphere in the form of 59. Euro II standard refers to --------------------a) Lowering sulfur content in fuel b) Increasing sulfur content in fuel c) Lowering carbon content in fuel 51. What is ‘temporary threshold shift’ ? a) Hearing loss due to excessive noise untolerable c) Tolerable noise 53. Phagotropic mode of nutrition is found in --------------------a) Productsb) consumers a) potential energy c) heat 58. Noise is --------------------a) Huge sound b) Sound of vehicles d) Sound of crackers b) Noise that is c) Undesirable and unwanted sound 52. “Ozone Hole” is a -----------------------a) Hole in the atmosphere c) Hole in hydrosphere b) Cooled oil d) Oil in deep sea b) Carbon dioxide d) Carbon monoxide b) Destruction of ozone layer 48. Acid is an example of -------------------------a) Corrosive waste c) Radioactive waste b) Infectious waste d) Ignitable waste b) Producing worms d) Destroying worms b) Richter scale c) Mohs scale c) Drought d) Population growth c) decomposers d) all of these b) metabolic energy d) vapours 54. Which of the below is most responsible for world water crisis ? 57. Cigarette smoking exposes one to --------------- 50. The intensity of earthquake is measured in -------------------56.a) Boiled oil c) Thin film of oil in sea water a) Sulphur dioxide c) Nitrogen peroxide 49. The conversion of ammonia to nitrate is known as ------------------------5 .

which may not be normally present. The expansion on POLI is a) physical quality of life index b) population quotient of life in India c) poor quality of life in India d) poverty. liquid or gaseous compounds. or in excess concentration in the atmosphere is called a) air pollution c) soil pollution a) estuaries c) lake a) Taj Mahal c) Pisa Tower 67.a) ammonification c) denitrification a) syn ecology c) autecology a) renewable c) exhaustible a) earth’s crust c) peak mountains a) eutrophication c) biomagnigication b) nitrification d) all of these b) population ecology d) human ecology b) non-renewable d) natural 60. The place where the river meets the sea is called 66. The presence of solid. The presence of which is necessary for photosynthesis a) Chloroform c) Phosphorus b) Chlorophyll d) Polymer b) water pollution d) radioactive pollution b) oceans d) wetlands b) Pyramid of Egypt d) Golden Temple 65. quality of life in India 68. The historical monument that is affected by acid rain is 69. The study of individual organism is known as 61. The resources that can be replaced by natural ecological cycle is called 62. The Primary Consumers are also called as 6 . Natural earthquakes are caused by -------------b) deep seas d) forests b) environment pollution c) bioaccumulation 63. Any unfavorable alteration of the environment may be called as 64.

Zoos are examples for a) insitu conservation 77. Organ affected by pneumonia a) Liver c) Heart b) Kidney d) Lungs b) Hydrochloric acid d) Acetic acid b) in vivo conservation c) exsitu conservation d) exvivo conservation d) None of these ` b) deciduous forests d) all the above b) gene d) population b) endangered species d) flood 73. Snake is an example of a) Primary Carnivores b) Secondary Carnivores c) Herbivores a) Evergreen forests c) Coniferous forests a) gene poll c) ecosystem a) endemism c) habitant loss 76. Acid rain contains a) Sulphuric acid c) Oxalic acid 78. Forest is an example of a) Marine ecosystem b) Carnivores d) None of these b) Limnic ecosystem c) Artificial Ecosystem d) Terrestial Ecosystem 71. Which year was declared as the ‘Water Year’ by Indian government a) 2010 c) 2007 b) 2004 d) 2000 80.a) Herbivores c) Enzymes 70. The destruction of habitat of plants and animals is called 79. The forests which occur in law rain fall area is b) reflected light c) solvents 74. The amount of solar radiation reaching the surface of the earth is called a) Solar flux c) minerals 72. All the genes of a population is called 75. In which Indian state is Corbet National park located 7 .

Where was the Stockholm conference on Human Environment held ? 87. Leader of ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan’ a) Vandana Siva b) Menaka Gandhi b) Medha Patkar d) Mayilamma 90. The first national park of Kerala a) Aralam c) Idukki a) 1973 c) 1998 the b) Uttarakhand d) Tamilnadu b) Sheela Dikshit d) Arundhathi Roy b) Kottayam d) Iravikulam b) 1964 d) 1970 81. On which date was the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment held ? a) July 6th 1974 c) June 5th 1972 a) Sweden c) India a) May 24 c) Aug 2 a) Sardar Sarovar c) Bhakranangal b) Aug 8th 1976 d) Dec 12th 1990 b) Austria d) Greece b) July 5 d) April 22 b) Hirakud d) Sutlej 86.a) Madya Pradesh c) Kerala a) Vandana Siva c) Menaka Gandhi 82. In which year was ‘Project Tiger’ launched? 84. The controversial dam across the river Narmada ? 89. World Earth Day is observed on 88. In whose name is it constituted? a) Lal Bahadur Shasthri c) Indira Gandhi b) Morarji Desai d) Kamaraj 85. The biggest award for environmental activities in India is given in name of an individual. Most abundant noble gas of the atmosphere is 8 . Who wrote the book ‘Violence of Green Revolution’ 83.

Plants adapted to open. Plants growing under shade are 95. sunny habitats are 97.a) Neon c) Argon a) UV-C b) UV-A a) Clay c) Sandy a) Weathering c) Melting b) Xenon d) Krypton b) UV-B d) All the above b) Loam d) None of the above b) Pedogenesis d) Both A and B 91. Favorable morphological and physiological response to a change in environment is called a) Preadaptation b) Ecotyping d) Accilimatisation b) Heliophytes d) Epiphytes b) Semi-epiphytes d) Sciophytes c) Formation of ecophenes a) Sciophytes c) Mesophytes a) Epipytes c) Mesophytes 96. Formation of soil takes place by 94. The most harmful of ultraviolet radiations are 92. Study of inter-relationship between organisms and their environment is a) Ecology c) Phytogeography a) Charles Darwin c) Birbal Sahani b) Ecosystem d) Ethology b) Ramdeva Misra d) Jagdish Chandra Bose 98. The soil with poorest water holding capacity is 93. Who among is a famous plant ecologist of India ? 99. Grassland of USA is referred to as a) Praires c) Pampas 100. Deserts occur in area of a) Adverse human disturbance b) Underground saline water 9 b) Steppes d) Veldts .

Crystalline salts are natural resource of biogenetic element b) Phosphorus d) Sulphur 102. tropical evergreen forests occur in 104. Extensive planting trees to increase forest cover is called b) Agroforestry d) Social forestry 106. Mine spoil is a) Wastes from mines processing c) Land degraded by mining 109. Temperate forests occur in India in a) Indo-gangetic plains b) Himalayas c) Eastern India a) Himachal Pradesh c) Assam d) Southern peninsula b) Madhya Pradesh d) Tamil Nadu 103.c) Little underground water a) Calcium c) Magnesium d) Rain shadow 101. A renewable source of energy is a) Petroleum b) Coal b) Nuclear fuel d) Trees 108. In India. Which one is nature’s cleaner ? a) Consumers c) Decomposers and Scavengers a) Afforestation c) Deforestation b) Producers d) Symbionts 105. Soil erosion can be prevented by a) Deforestation b) Afforestation c) Overgrazing d) Removal of vegetation 107. Estuaries are a) Fresh water wetlands c) Least productive ecosystems 110 Chipko movement is connected with a) Conservation of natural resources b) Plant breeding c) Plant/Forest conservation d) Project Tiger 111 Earth summit of Rio de Janeiro (1992) resulted in 10 b) Wastes from mine d) Both A and B b) Salt water wetlands d) Both B and c .

b. c. d. 112 Compilation of Red list Establishment of biosphere reserves Conservation of biodiversity IUCN India is primary centre of domestication of a) Sheep c) Water Buffalo b) Goat c) Donkey 113 World wildlife week is observed during a) First week of October c) Third week of October 114 India. coldest desert occurs in a) Mount Abu c) Rann of Katch 115 Lions are found in a) Western Ghats c) Forests of Madhya Pradesh 116 b) Corbett National Park d) Gir forests b) Gujarat d) Ladakh and Spiti b) Last week of October d) First week of September National park associated with rhinoceros is a) Kaziranga c) Corbett b) Ranthambore d) Valley of flowers 117 The relationship between nitrogen fixing bacteria and leguminous plants is an example for a) Parasitism c) Mutualism 118 b) Predation d) Commensalism Algal blooms are caused by a) Green algae c) Diatoms b) Blue green algae d) All algae 119 Name the disease caused by mercury poisoning in Japan a) Sulphur dioxide c) Methane b) Carbon dioxide d) Ozone 11 .a.

120 The place where the worst nuclear disaster took place ? a) Washington c) Bhopal b) Chernobyl d) Japan 121 What is meant by GM foods ? a) Growth modified foods c) Growth marked foods b) Genetically modified food d) Good mobility food 122 Expand GIS a) Geographical Information System b) Geographical Information Source c) Geological Information System 123 MoFE means a) Ministry of Forest and Energy b) Ministry of Forest and Environment c) Ministry of Fuel and Energy 124 Sedimentation is a a) Primary water treat c) Territory water treat b) Secondary water treat 125 Deer is a a) Producer c) Secondary consumer b) Primary consumer 126 Some species of plants and animals are extremely rare and may occur only at a few locations are called a) endemic c) vulnerable b) endangered 127 Forest grow in high rain fall areas are a) ever green forest c) conifers b) tropical forest 128 The species that flower are called a) gymnosperms c) angiosperms b) bryophytes 12 .

desert a) The Great Rann c) Ladakh 133 b) The Thar …………………… is an example of ‘ bottom feeders’.. a) Cat fish c) Snail b) Frog a cold desert in India a) Thar c) Ran of Kutch b) Ladakh 132 The only known breeding colony of the greater and lesser Flamingos in our country is seen in…………………. …………….regions a) semi-arid c) low temperature b) high rain fall areas 131 …………………….tree is known as ‘ flame of the forest’? a) zizyphus c) Jackfruit b) Butea monosperma 13 .species is known as Azardirachta Indica a) Neem c) Jackfruit b) Mango 136 ……………….trees shed their leaves during winter and hot summer a) ever green c) deciduous b) coniferous 130 Thorn-forests are found in the ……………..129 …………………. The drug morphine is extracted from …………plant a) Cocoa c) Opium Poppy b) Belladonna 135.

. Which tree is known as Coral tree? a) Quercus c) Erythrina 138. a) Gir forest c) Kasiranga b) Manas 141 ‘ ………………is a marine tortoise which shows the unique phenomenon arribada’ a) Olive Ridley b) Star tortoise c) Travancore tortoise 142. Largest reptile in the world a) Dragon c) Crocodile 143 b) Anaconda Snow leopard is found in which National Park ? a) Kaziranga c) Bharatpur b) The Great Himalayan 144 Point Calimere sanctuary is situated in which state? a) Tamilnadu c) Karnataka b) Kerala 145.137. The movement ‘ Beej Bachao Andolan’ was aimed for the conservation of……….. a) Trees b) Shrubs 14 . b) Bamboo b) Dipterocarps The one-horned Rhinoceros is now restricted to which state a) Maharashtra c) Assam b) Gujarat 140. Which plants die after flowering a) Lotus c) Chrysanthemum 139. Asiatic lion is found only in…………….

Expansion of PCB a) Pollution Control Board b) Population Control Board c) Protection and Conservation of Biodiversity 153. In which year Silent Valley was declared as National Park ? 15 b) brown-field projects . Who had stated in the Stockholm conference in 1972 that poverty was the greatest polluter? a) Indira Gandhi c) Rajiv Gandhi 147.c) Crops 146. a) Green-field projects c) blue-field projects 152. The Expansion of SPCA a) Society for the protection of Common Animals b) Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals c) Society for the Prohibition of Cruelty to Animals 151. b) Mahatma Gandhi The movement ‘Pani Panjayath’ was initiated to conserve waters in the drought prone areas of ……………………state a) Tamilnadu c) Maharashtra b) Rajasthan 148. Founder of ‘Shantinikethan’ a University that taught an environment based education a) Mahathma Gandhi b) Rabindranatha Tagore b) Chandi Prasad Bhat 149 Which state proposed a ban on all types of polythene packing for the first time in India? b) Madhya Pradesh a) Himachal Pradesh c) Kerala 150. The projects that already exist but require expansion must also apply for clearance is called…………………….

An example of lotic water a) Pond c) Lake 162 Superbugs are a) Synthetic bug c) Radio nucleotide 163. Torrey Cannon is famous for 16 b) Bacteria d) Industries b) River d) Reservoir (b) 5th June (d) 7th June b) Mumbai b) Primary Consumer d) Tertiary consumer b) Bacteria d) Helminthes b) Snow and Fog d) Sulpher Dioxide and Fog b) Bacillus Thuringiensis . Zoological Survey of India is at a) Delhi c) Calcutta 160. Moisture in the air is known as a) Water b) Fog c) Snow d) Humidity 159. One of the most commonly used pesticide a) Lacto Bacillus c) Rhizobium 155.The Anthrax disease is caused by a) Virus c) Protozoa 157.A Hawk that eats a frog is a a) Producer c) Secondary consumer 158.a) 1988 c) 1984 b) 1982 154. World Forest day is celebrated on a) 21st March (c) Ist Dec 161.‘Smog’ is a mixture of a) Smoke and Fog c) Snow and Dust 156.

is an evergreen forest of Kerala a) Silent Valley c) Wayanad b) Muthanga c) Muthumala 169. Earnest Wilson 17 . Johanssen c) Dr.. Aquatic life is damaged by a) Sound pollution c) Thermal Pollution b) Industries d) Oil Spillage b) Blue green algae d) Brown Algae b) Air Pollution d) All of these 166. Acid rain mainly result from a) Sulpher dioxide c) Carbon monoxide b) Carbon dioxide d) Amonia 170 Ozone depletion is caused by a) Co2 c) CFCs b) CCL d) CO 171 Which among the following is an example for ex-situ conservation a) Zoological parks c) National Parks b) Wild life sanctuaries d) Reserve Forests 172 The World Biophilia was coined by a) Dr. Minamata disease is caused by a) Air Pollution c) Marine pollution 167 b) Water Pollution d) All of these Complex interlinked food chains are called a) Food Web c) Trophic levels b) Food net work d) Food pyramid 168 ……………. Benjamine b) Dr.a) Gulf of War c) Electric Potential 164. Red Sea is named after a) Red algae c) Oil spillage 165. Hackel c) Dr.

The Chipko movement is started by a) Engler c) Medha Padkar b) Sunderlal Bahuguna d) None of these 175.173 The book silent spring was written by a) Madhav Gandgil c) Racihel Carson b) Anil Agarwal d) E. Biome refers to a) Flora of an area c) Large community of Plants & animals b) Fauna of an area d) None of these BOD of a river water is found very high. This means water a) is clear c) contain Algae 180 Lotic eco system refers to a) static water system c) Ecosystem of estuaries 181 b) Ecosystem of flowing water d) Deep marine water system b) is highly polluted d) contain many dissolved minerals The Red Data book which lists endangered species is maintained by a) UNO c) ICUN b) WHO d) WWF 18 . Abiotic is a a) Living component b) Non living component c) Both living and non living d) None of these component 178. Which of the following is a part of the Carbon Cycle b) Plant respiration d) Production of proteins in a) Animal respiration c) Production of sugars in plants animals 177.O Wilson 174. World Ozone day is a) March 16 c) September 16 b) June 5 d) November 16 176.

Plants which grow in shade are called 19 .182 Which of the following is a biodiversity hot sport in India ? a) Western Ghats c) Eastern Ghats b) Nandadevi d) Aravalli 183.The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is located at a) Pondicherry c) Anakkatti b) Thattakad d) Kalakkad 185. b) Peacock d) Rhino 186.2 184. Utilisation of natural resources in moderate manner remaining something for the next generation is termed as a) Resettlement c) Rehabilitation b) Sustainable development d) Mutual development 188. The source of atmospheric oxygen is a) Nitrogen cycle c) Water b) Photosynthesizing from Green Plants d) Carbon Cycle 191.First Biosphere reserve in India a) Nilgiri b) Agastyamala c) Eravikulam d) Chinnar Flag ship species of Choolannur sanctuary a) Tiger c) Elephant 187.Global warming is caused by a) GHGs c) CH4 b) CFCs d) No. Organisms which depend on Producers are called a) Autotrophs c) Consumers b) Saprophytes d) Xerophytes 190. Autotrophs are…………… a) Consumers c) Saprophytes b) Herbivores d) Producers 189.

“ Silent Spring” is a well known book written by a) John Miller b) Charles Darwin c) Rachel Carson d) Aldoleopold The build up of Co2 is known as a) Global warming c) Fossil fuels b) Green House effect d) Ozone 195. Zinc and Manganese are usually referred to as a) Micro materials b) Macro materials 20 201. Bears are usually hunted and killed for their a) Teeth c) Gall bladder b) Skin d) Nails 197. b) Heliophytes d) Epiphytes Who coined the slogan of ‘Chipko Movement’ Ecology is permanent economy” a) Jawaharlal c) Sunderlal Bahuguna b) Salim Ali d) Rachel Carson 193. 196. The darkening of the skin due to arsenic poisoning is called a) Black syndrome b) Diffiuse melanosis c) Skin scaling d) None of these Boron. . Coral reefs is India can be seen in a) Himalayan region c) Uttarpradesh b) Andaman and Nicobar Islands d) Maharashtra 199. The ‘Marble Cancer’ shown by Taj Mahal was due to a) Global Warming c) Marble degradation b) Exposure to carbon dioxide d) Fungal growth 200. Herpetology is a branch of Science which deals with a) Aves c) Reptiles b) Mammals d) Fishes 194.a) Sciophytes c) Oxylophytes 192. The capacity to do work is termed as a) Power c) Strength b) Force d) Energy 198.

c) Soil Vitamins 202. The word Tsunami is derived from two Japanese words a) tsu(big) and nami(flow) b) tsu(harbour) and nami(wave) c) Tsu (big wave) and nami(wave) d) None of the above 205. Regain 206. Reuse c) Reduce.G. Tansley c) Aristotle b) Earnest Hackel d) Linnaeus 210 Nitrogen gas returns to the atmosphere by the action of a) Nitrogen fixing bacteria c) Nitrifying bacteria b) Denitrifying bacteria d) Nitrate fertilizers 21 . 204. Reset b) Reduce. The 3 R principle in waste management involves a) Reduce. Reuse. ‘Project Tiger’ was launched in the year a) 1973 c) 1991 b) 1972 d) 1992 208 The famous Minamata disease in Japan is due to the accumulation of in fishes (a) Cadmium ( c ) Zinc b) Mercury d) Lead 209 The term ‘Ecology’ was coined by a) A. d) MBZ nutrients The noise pollution is measured in terms of a) decibel b) Dobson units c) Hertz d) Candela Incineration of Municipal waster involves a) Oxidation b) Deduction c) Redox action d) disintegration 203. Regain. Retain. Which of the following is an extinct species a) Tiger c) Dodo b) Lion c) Ostrich 207. Recycle d) Reduce. Reform.

Environmental Protection Act was introduced in the year a) 1986 c) 1972 b) 1988 d) 1989 22 . 218 Gas released during photosynthesis is a) Methane b) Nitrogen c) Oxygen d) Carbon dioxide …………………is one of the most endangered species of Indian bird a) Bee eater c) Owl b) Paradise fly catcher d) The great Indian bustard 219 220. Black Buck is a a) Goat c) Butterfly Gharial is a a) Crocodile c) Tortoise b) Deer d) Bird b) Cobra d) Frog 217. The only ape found in India (a) Gorilla c) Haddock gibbon b) Chimpanzee d) Oranguttan 214. Photosynthesis is found in (a) Producers c) Consumers Phytoplankton is (a) Producers of forest c) Consumers of Ocean b) Decomposers d) None of these 212. b) Producers of lakes d) Omnivores 213. Green House Effect is caused by a) Increase in Co2 c) Decrease in O2 b) Increase in O2 d) Decrease in Co2 216.211. Soil pollution is caused by (a) Aerosol c) Acid rain b) Ozone d) PAN 215.

Project Tiger was launched by Govt..S. The term ‘Nuclear winter’ is associated with 23 . Who among the following is commonly called ‘Bird Man of India’ a) Salim Ali c) M. 224. of India in the year a) 1972 c) 1973 b) 1978 d) 1983 222. ……………. Mehta b) M. Energy stored within earth is a) Magma b) Geothermal c) Tidal d) Ocean thermal The most dangerous agent that leads to O3 layer depletion is a) UV c) CFC b) Halons d) All of the above 223. Pangolins feed on a) ants c) leaves b) fruits d) roots 226. is the poisonous gas leaked during Bhopal gas tragedy a) MIC c) Teflon b) PVC d) Hydrogen Sulphide 225. Swaminathan d) Raphel Emerson 227. Ecology is a) The science that studies the evolution of live b) Integrates both social and natural sciences to help us understand how the earth works c) The study of the relationships between organisms and their environment c) The study of the environment in the absence of humans 228.221.C. Ozone layer is present in a) Troposphere c) Mesosphere b) Stratosphere d) Ionosphere 229.

Thiruvananthapuram d. Deforestation b. Dehradun c. Pond ecosystem d. Idukki b. Delhi d. Troposphere c. Nuclear disarmament c.a. The most endangered ecosystem in India a. Assam b. Rain water harvesting is a major method implemented for-----------a. Evergreen forest ecosystem c. d. Atmosphere 232. None 233. Jim Corbet National Park Bandipur National Park Gir National Park Sunderbans National Park b. Nuclear War b. Water Conservation c. Ecological Conservation 238. Wayanad 237. Bioaccumulation 24 . b. Shola forest ecosystem b. Ionosphere 239. Eravikulam National Park conserves a. Lion tailed macaque c. Pathanamthitta c. The phenomenon of accumulation of non-biodegradable pesticide in human beings a. Tiger d. Biomagnification b. None of the above 231. Climatic changes c. Soil Conservation d. Hydrosphere d. After effect of nuclear 230 Many wild plants and animals are on the verge of extinction due to a. First National Park in India a. Ozone Umbrella is located in which layer of atmosphere a. Forest Research Institute is located at a. c. Non availability of food d. Nilgiri Tahr 235. Stratosphere d. Peechi 236. Lithosphere b. Nuclear weapon testing d. Mesosphere b. Elephant 234. Agastyamalai Biosphere reserve is in a. Ionosphere c. Forest Conservation b. Multilayered gaseous envelope surrounding the planet is a.

Plant 242. The major reservoir of carbon is a. Vehicle exhaust d. Example for a physical pollutant a. Un-biodegradable b. Lightening 246. Electricity b. Bio degradable c. Methyl Carbonate d. Water c. Stars d. Oxylophytes b. Soil b.c. Air d. Naturally degradable 243. The atmosphere c. Plant and animals b. Agricultural and sewage water c. Epiphytes 25 . The natural source of energy is__________________ a. Sun c. The term ‘Eco’ implies a. DDT is a ________________pollutant a. Reforestation b. Sciophytes b. Plants c. Eutrophication results from a. Ocean led c. Methyl Alcohol c. Bacteria 245. Enviornment c. Plants which grow in light are called a. Rock b. Soil d. Pesticides 247. Agro forestry c. Bioremediation 240. Ecotone b. Animals 244. Industrial effluent 248. Methyl Sulphate 249. Methyl isocyanate b. Deforestation d. The method of simultaneous integration of trees with agricultural crops is called a. Heliophytes c. An example of an abiotic component a. Biodegradation d. Radiation b. Non bio degradable d. The cause of Bhopal disaster is a. Combined culture 241.

c. Nitrogen and water cycles 254. World World World World wrestling Federation India wide Fund for Nature . b. Forest ecosystem 255. Holard b. c. All of the above 26 . The simplest aquatic ecosystem can be seen in a a. WWF-1 stands for a.250. Trustees of animals d. a. According to the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. River c. d. Desert ecosystem c. Green feeders d. Water Tank b. Echard d. Lake Pond 256. Masters of animals c.India wide Finance for Nature – India wide Flora-India Chapter 253. Bottom feeders b. A book written by Charles Dickens Interlinked chain of food Energy cycle Carbon. Western India and Deccan plateau is famous for a. d. Aquatic ecosystem b. Humans were a. b. Mud feeders c. c. Grassland ecosystem c. b. All the above 257. What is meant by root ozone process? a. Web of life is a. A control measure to prevent water pollution A process by which roots of plants are spread on the ground A control measure to prevent soil pollution None of these 252. Total water content of the soil is known as a. Chraserd c. All of the above 251. Fishes such as catfish which takes their food from the muddy bed of the lakes. d. Trainees of animals b.

c. China 265. Parasitic Organism Plasmodium c. Conservation of forest eco system c. Exhibitionism c. Causative organisms of Malaria a. Chcken b. India b. Malnutrition Lack of medicine Lack of hospital facilities. Virus 266. c. b. Marketism 259. United Nations Conference on Environmental Day United Nations Conference on Environment and Development None of these 263. Every fifth child under the age of five in India dies due to Diarrhea. What ex-situ conservation a. Britain c. Inadequate purification of drinking water. Bacteria b. The reason is a. c. Fungus d. One third of the global cases of Tuberculosis is in a. Conservation of plants. d. Conservation of a species by protecting its habitat along with all other species living there. b. d. Sweden c. tsu(big) and nami(flow) tsu (labour) and nami (wave) tsu(big wave) and nami(name) None of these 260.258. United Nations Conference on Education. Eggs c. Conservation of a species outside its natural habitat d. The word Tsunami is derived from two Japanese words a. Fish 261. Consumerism b. 264. Narcism c. 262. Mutton c. d. product origin or environmental on sequences/disposal is called a. b. What is “Black Lung”? 27 . Salmonellas is a disease related to consumption of a. durability. What is UNCED? a. The constant purchasing of new goods without any concern of the true need. b.

Polluted water c. None 272. Study of distribution of related species Association between members of same species Association between members of two species None 273. What is fly-ash? a. Study of air c. none b. Water in ponds b. Marine habitat b. b. c. Waste produced by thermal power stations that use coal c. Study of water b. Occupational Hazard to pesticide applicators. Standing or still water habitat d. What is edge species? a. d. 269. Running water habitat c. Waste from nuclear power station b. Oil Tanker sank in 1989 along the coast of Alaska and marine life seriously affected. Occupational Hazard to navigators c. Occupational Hazard to the miners b. What is hard water? a. Exxon Valdez? a. What is lentic habitat a. The species which occur abundantly in the ecotone b. None of these. c. 267. A ship which wrecked on the coast of India d. Pedology? a. c. Species on the verge of extinction c. Rare species 274. d. What is symbiosis ? a. None 28 . Study of soil 270. Waste from house hold 268. A plane which crashed and caused death of human life. b. Water containing salts of Ca and Mg d. What is hibernation and aestivation? a. Thermal adaptation shown by animals wind adaptation shown by animals adaptation of animals to escape from predators.a. b. Water in rivers 271.

Ecology of forest b. c. Mullaperiyar dam is in the district? a. Drugs for curing infectious disease cancer c. Pathanamthitta c. What is Carcinogen? a. d. Alcohol consumption b. b. Vermi compost – as b. Microscopic floating organisms – Plants and animals. Cancer causing agent 279. BARC b. Ecology of deep sea d. Alappuzha 283.275. Running water habitat 276. None 280. Drugs used for curing None b. Standing or still water habit c. What is Plankton? a. 15-Nov-1990 d. Largest preventable cause of cancer a. SARC d. Soil in forest 278. Tobacco smoking and chewing b. 15-Dec-1999 281. Egg consumption b. Liquid waste – as fertilizer fertilizer 284. Thrissur c. CRAS c. What is lotic habitat ? a. Biogas – used as . 26-Dec-2004 b. What is deep ecology? a. bottom dwelling aquatic organisms c. Meat consumption d. Protecting nature for its own sake c. none 277 What is Canopy? a. None b. Centre of Modern nuclear technology in India a. Marine habitat d. Ground level of the forest d. What is Bagasse? What is it used for? a. Sugar cane waste – to make paper fuel c. None of these 29 d. Uppermost level of the forest. 26-Dec-2000 c. None of these 282. The deadliest Tsunami in recorded history took place on a. large plants in water d. Idukki b.

d. biotic potential None 288. c. Kaigo c. Forest protection b. Population explosion b. What is deforestation? a. None 287. repetition c.285. d. None 291. Both a & b d. What is NIHL? a. 294. Furnace used for treating liquid waste c. Birth rate is called a. c. Hydrolysis 293. DDT b. Tokyo smog c. BARC 286. carrying capacity b. Haemolysis c. c. Los Angels smog b. Matura Refinery c. The inherent ability of organisms to reproduce and multiply is called a. d. Bokaro Steel Plant b. Population Density c. Product of forest c. Mortality c. Pyrolysis None . Which of the following is a non-degradable pollutant? a. The combustion of waste in the absence of Oxygen is called a. Natality b. Carbonates d. Furnace used for burning solid waste b. Noise induced hearing loss b. destruction of forest None 30 Water pollution None b. London smog None 292. Air pollution c. Population decrease None 290. What is an Incinerator? a. The rapid explosive booming of mankind is known as a. Photochemical smog is called a. c. Tajmahal is threatened by atmospheric pollution from a. Sewage c. Vital index None 289.

Pampas c. North American grassland are called a. Global Warming c. 298. Conversion of cropland into desert. The balance of nature b. What is meant by Oceanography? a. c. African grassland are called a. The state which constituted green bench a.295. What is desertification? a. Conversion of grassland into desert None b. Study of soil c. Tamilnadu Madhya Pradesh 305. Why? a. c. Drought Rainfall 297. Green plants are absent in deep sea. Name the example of nitrogen fixers in the soil a. Good for man d. c. d. Study of fresh water None. A study of marine habitat c. Assam b. Low temperature 301. Infection of HIV is usually detected by which test a. Elisa test c. Azotobacter b. Killing of animals disturbs a. Savannah 299. High pressure Great depth 302. Prairies c. d. Prairies None 300. Silent Valley was proclaimed as a National Park in the year 31 . Nostac None 304. b. Rhizobium c. d. Soil erosion b. None 296. d. Deforestation generally decreases a. Savannah b. Light is absent c. Hybridization None 303. Conversion of forest into desert. Kerala c. d. Good for eco system c. Gram staining b. b. c. Pampas None b.

a. The organism which spend their whole life as parasites are called a. Black buck None 313. d. 1990 1980 306. Chital c. Gandhiji None 308. Rain formation 32 . 1981 b. Nilgiri Tahr b. d. 1975 c. Nehru b. The basic unit of biosphere is a. Use and disuse theory proposed by………………………………… a. d. Temporary parasite None 310. d. 26. but not for every man’s greed” words by a. Darwin b. “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need. 1985 c. Air pollution b. Stebbins Dobzhansky 312. The excessive green effect is referred to as a. The first global environmental protection treaty “The Montreal Protocol” was signed on Sept. Name the endangered animal which is protected in Rajamalai National Park a. Ozone hole was first observed on a. Lamark c. a. 1984 b. Global warming c. d. Global warming None 311. 1990 1987 307. d. Biotope None b. Tagore c. d. c. Glass-House effect Green house effect 314. America b. Permanent parasite c. Africa Australia 315. The heating of earth’s atmosphere due to trapped radiation is known as a. d. Acid rain c. c. Facultative parasite 309. Heating of atmosphere by radiation accelerate the process of a. Antartica c. Biome c. Thermal effect b. Condensation b. Medium b.

d. A biodegradable plastic developed by Biopak Corporation Australia a. Botanical Gardens Sanctuaries 318. Sabarigiri c.c. Autotrophs 320. Growing of trees in a large scale is known as a. Pet PVC . Evaporation 316. The chief chemical element in the biosphere a. Afforestation c. Erosion b. Biopol c. The category to which majority of forest in Kerala belongs to a. c. Thickness of plastic cover permissible to use a. Heterotrophs c. Green Plants c. 20 Microns 10 Microns 325. Precipitation d. d. Saprophytes d. Carnivores b. d. Deciduous Forest b. Sulphur bacteria are examples of a. Nitrogen Carbon 321. Paper 33 b. d. Which among the following result in the formation of soil? a. Herbivores Bacteria 319. Which can be an e-waste a. Polyester 326. Deforestation Forest Conservation 322. Carnivores b. Zoos c. Oxygen c. Animals and plants are best protected in a. Hydrogen b. 50 Microns c. The water conflict between Kerala and Tamilnadus associated with a. Plastic b. National Parks b. Radiation c. Rain Forest Tropical Evergreen 324. Agroforestry b. Kuttiyadi Alliyar 323. d. d. Wet Evergreen c. The first tropic level in a food chain a. d. Mullapriyar b. 100 Microns b. d. Weathering Pollution 317.

World first Teak Forest was planted in 1842 in Kerala. Dissolved NO2 b. Mortality c. d. Amazon Thailand 337. Blue baby syndrome is caused by a. Pampas Thaar b. d. Rain during November is more acidic than monsoon rain due to a. Oxygen cycle c. Wayanad c. Mobile Phone b. Dissolved CO2 c. Sedimentary biogeochemical cycle a. What is Dentrology? a. Sulphates Nitrates 335. d. d. Nitrogen fixing blue green alga a. Example for a bio-degradable polymer is a. Australia c. d. Death rate of the population a. Silent Valley b. Polypropylene Polyester 332. Taiga b. Rhizobium Nitrosomonas b. Natality d. The Native place of Redwood trees? a. Poly lactic acid b.c. Thundra c. Water cycle 329. Carbonates 334. Industrial effluent 327. Dissolved SO2 None of the above 333. The Residential and Commercial wastes mainly consist of 34 . d. Nitrites c. Nilambur Nelliyampathy 336. Study of Butterflies None of these b. Nostoc 330. d. d. Study of Trees b. California b. Study of Plants c. Nitrogen cycle Phosphorus cycle 331. Green Land biome a. Clostridium c. d. Viability Vitality 328. Identify the place a. Polyethylene c. d.

Biological Oxygen Demand d. Water 348. Auxanometer c. Rheumatism Haemophilia soil erosion urbanization 346. deforestation b. eye disease c. Lead in water can cause a. When number of food chains are interlocked this is called a. Cholera c. water cycle oxygen cycle b. b. Wild bears 343. Disease aggravated by air pollution is a. Elephants c. Carbon dioxide b. Periyar sanctuary is famous for a. Food wastes b. d. d. Packaging materials d. Mulching helps in a. Bronchitis a. d. carbon dioxide cycle c. soil fertility b. arthritis hair falling b. Colorless odorless and non corrosive air pollutant is a. b. Atmospheric humidity is measured by a. 35 b. Which of the following type of pollution can cause the out break of Jaundice? a. c. Biotic Oxygen Demand None of the above. Moisture conservation c. d. pollution d. Photometer None. Thermal Land . soil sterility 340. None of the above 338. d. d. energy cycle 342. Air c. Sulphur dioxide c. food chain pyramid 344. improvements soil structure d. Biological Oxygen Decrease b. kidney damage b. Carbon monoxide Ozone 345. d. Wild buffaloes Swamp deer b. The loss of species in tropical countries is mainly due to 347. Card board c. One day cycle is a. BOD stands for a. food web 339. c. food link c. Hygrometer 341. d.a.

******** 36 .