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“This dissertation is my original work and has not been presented for a degree or any other academic award in any university or institution of learning before “.

Name: Hukun H Ali Warsame

MARCH, 2012



I hereby declaring that this project titled “IMPACT OF CHILD STREET IN PUNTLAND” was done by me through different types of methodologies; it is purely my original work. And it is a documentation of first hand research work done by me and it is complimentary from resources of others.

I submitted this project report the fact that I am well aware that work will be evaluated by the sheet. I am sure that this has not been previously submitted for the award of any degree.

It is the hard work of my effort and attempt which is behind the possible success of this thesis under the guidance of PROFESSOR SIMIYU J EDWIN, faculty of business administration in East Africa University.

It is my understanding experience and asking interviews and questionnaires for the other people those I thinking for more experience of this field.

This paper was completed with tremendous hopes for a better future with who persistently contributed to this publication. The references which I take are remarked for the Appendix section.

Name: Hukun H Ali Warsame


MARCH, 2012


This work is dedication firstly to my beloved and merciful Parents MOTHER: AISHO AHMED ARUS and MY SISTER LUCKY ALI WARSAME, without their patience, understanding, educating, rising, support, and most of all love, my coming in this level or stage would not have been possible.

Name: Hukun H Ali Warsame



Praise be to allah, who gave me the ability to be made it possible for this book to be completed,

I am deeply indebted to my supervisor SIMIYU J EDWIN. Who give me confirm, stimulation, encouraged to go ahead with my thesis. His good guidance, support, attention to detail, hard work, and research have set an example I hope to match some day.

I would like to thanks my parents and my brother and my sisters that is construct me to strong myself any also helping with the proof reading of research.

My special thanks go to Prof: JAMA HAJI WARSAME who gave indispensable guidance, unflagging patience and constant good humor, he sorted out with me every difficulty encountered to completed my university during various stages of the project, I am highly indebted to him/her prompt commitment of ensuring this accomplishment.

I am also thanking all the respondents who helped me without any reservation by offering their valid opinions and suggestions in this study thanks and acknowledgments are also due to all those who commented on consultation drafts, and helped in other ways.

Finally, I thank especially to my Mother for their taking care in me, and their confidence and a drive for pursuing my education and my rising during the early stage of my life


NAME: Hukun H Ali Warsame


The title of my project is called “IMPACT OF CHILD STREET IN PUNTLAND” This project I will explain the origin of the children street problem and the entire world. To perform this thesis I make every effort I could to organize my book. The purpose of my thesis was to find out that how to enlighten the problem faced by PUNTLAND CHILD STREET, causes and solution as to eradicate this global problem.

I plan to make steps to complete this important project. I arranged or ordered these steps into Seven Chapters and Sub small title. Previously, I have found more references and books talking about the western views and opinions toward this field, but finally, I got good references about PUNTLAND CHILD STREET,

My data also concludes that the findings and recommendations for PUNTLAND societies to become the understandable people.

NAME: Hukun H Ali Warsame


TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE: THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE Background of the study Statement of the problem Purpose of the study Research Objectives Research Questions Hypothesis Scope Significance of the Study Operational Definitions of key Terms PAGE -- vii .

exploitation of child labour was common on plantations and large scale agricultural projects.CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1. PUCPD has undertaken a project directed at street children in the capital Bossaso Which consist of three components such as literacy and numeric educational program Under flexible schedule. Street children issue is a global problem that persists in most parts of the world. children living on the street. children in conflict with law. Children in IDP camps.Children belonging to ethnic minority groups are at risk and the majority of children in IDP camps are minorities. health. and proper shelter. And others left to find work and contribute to their Household income. child labour. Following civil war that erupted in the country many children becay me orphans. viii .. Thousands of children are living in destitution in displaced camps in Puntland. These children have every right to get education. There has been little awareness raising targeting street children who are suffering in unsafe and risk exposed conditions. nutrition. especially in Bossaso Hundreds of children living in orphanages are deprived of a normal family environment and children have been conscripted in to the militias. while there is no evidence that such practices have ended. street children. sexual exploitation and prostitution. Prior to the war. Other faced displacement and met financial difficulties which necessitated that Many move to urban areas with and without parents and some escaped broken or Abusive family environments. Puntland Child Protection and Development (PUCPD in collaboration With international organizations worked hard to help and support street children in Puntland to reduce the violations against children in puntland by raising awareness on child protection in order to create conducive environments accordingly. family reunification program. child drug abusers and disable children has been increasing since the downfall of the former government in 1991.1 Background of the study. and psycho-social support to Children with problems and awareness raising and advocacy on street children in Puntland.

These children are divided into four categories : children working on the street and living at home (the majority). insecurity and child abuse. children working and living on street.This program is directed to create awareness through workshops and media with regard to the most disadvantage children in puntland such as street children who are the most violated in puntland. the main issue is that it persists and leads to social problems. There are a lot of challenges arising of the street children problem. NGOs and public sector activities. 1. children not working but living on the street and abusing drugs.2 STATEMEN OF THE PROBLEM. street children problem is still very prevalent in puntland. The main purpose of this study was to identify the root causes and impacts of street children problem in puntland.3 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY. xi . Despite the improvement of economic. children roaming the street and usually not working or abusing drugs(the minority). All these children on the street have missed their rights and security guard of main business centre and build their capacity to know their roles and responsibilities for childrens protection particularly street children who sleeps in areas under their watch. 1.

4 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY. Street children problem is a major product of instability in the country due to past civil war. v. iv. v. iii. iv. Street children problem contributes to the increased cases of drug abuse. What are the major impacts of street children in the community? What are the emerging trends of the street children problem? What are the major causes of street children? Is age a factor in street children influx? Is family background related to street children problem? Is there government policy on street children problem? 1. vi. i. ii. To investigate the possible causes of street children problem To identify the major impact of street children To determine the trends of the street children problem To find out possible mitigation measures to the street children problem 1. i.5 RESEARCG QUESTIONS.1. All the street children are below age 18. All the street children are from very poor family background. . Street children problem contributes to increased cases of insecurity. Lack of proper government policy is the major contributing factor to street children problem. iii. vi. ii.6 HYPOTHESIS.

vii.7 ASSUMPTIONS OF THE STUDY. . Tracing all the street children was not easy. i. vi. ix. ii. Limited of secondary data. Lack of experience for questionnaire designing. The responders were not interested or they were more doubtful. ii. viii. There is limited time for the research Since the researcher was also employed and at the same time a student.8 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY. Only a few randomly selected individuals were interviewed instead of every person. iii. As we know puntland researchers faces many difficulties because the country has undertake many years of civil war. 1. Better part of the study was based on secondary data.1. The area under research has the highest number of street children. Lack of adequate information about the subject. v. Limited of experience of project research. confusion and corruption. The researcher did not know challenges causes by the problem of street children. I met very hard situation in my research course such as:It was difficult get reference books and resources. The study was only based in puntland due to financial constraints faced by the researcher. There was high level of cooperation between the researcher and the respondents there for reliable responses were being provided. iii. iv. i.

SOCPD: Somali Child Protection Development. Child: One who is below 18 years of age? Poverty: A condition of deprivation where one cannot support him/herself financially. Abbreviations and acronym NGOs: Nongovernmental Organizations. IDP: Internal Displaced People. . UNICEF: United Nation International Children Fund. The study would also act as a basis on which others can develop their studies to help manage the street children problem.9 Significance of the study. Street children influx is a major problem that affects particularly children from very poor family background in puntland. The study would also help to form policies that would help to control this problem.1. The study would help to unearth the underlying factors that contribute to its prevalence and its adverse impacts of the street children problem to the community. Drugs: Substances that affect the normal functioning of the body. Both the children from IDPs and those from the local community are affected. INGOs: International Non Governmental Organizations. Street children: The children living in open trading centres. Definition of Central Terms.