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A Training Project Report Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of the MASTER OF BUSNIESS ADMINISTRATION Academic Session 2008-2009 ROLL NO.520687595 SEMSTER - IV

PROJECT GUIDE: Mr.Navin Mathur Head Management

SUBMITTED BY: Parmeshwar Singh Hada Sikkim Manipal University


I Parmeshwar singh hada s/o kanha Singh Hada Student of MBA IV Sem. Hereby declare that for the purpose of Training Project report I have conducted study on “A study on INGINVESTMENT MANAGEMENT” for the partial fulfillment of MBA degree. It is my original work. Place: Date: Signature: Parmeshwar singh hada



First of all I would like to thank the management of ING LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED for giving me the opportunity to do my 30 days project training program in their organization. I am highly obliged to Mr. Pawan sharma {area manager} and Mr.Pranjal mattha {branch manager} for getting me to undertake my traingh at ING LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED. My credit of success goes to Miss Renu sharma{ sales manager} under her able guidance and direction. I was to give shape to my training. Her constant review and excellent suggestions throughout th project were highly commendable. She also provides me a strong training related to product we and selling pitch to deal with a customer I express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Lavlesh saxena {branch coordinator} to guide and force me to do hard work and make


apathy in IVL. He also helped me to make project and cooperate me in all steps. I am indebted to all team member of IVL kota to motivate me to do work and provide a peaceful environment. I extremely thankful to the faculty member of “ Calibre IT AND MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE. Under sikkim manipal university. ,, kota for there continued support and supervision . It was there scholarly suggestions, immense interest and moral support.

I thankful to my team member from the core of my heart to motivate and to help me all training program. They also encourage me at every step which led to my successful training program. As well as human being required motivation and help in his work and the human being is also supportive in nature. So some persons have encouraged me at all steps whether it was expressed or implied those are not only my friend circle but also my family member and relatives. So my heartily thanks go to Ved Prakash Bishnoi. Anil Sachwani, Mahender singh rathore , Neeraj Goyal, Navdeep0 singh Cheema, Sudhir Khaira, Sandeep Kumar, Dheeraj soni, Ashish Gautam, Manpreet Kaur, Anju Kadian and nearer

Those people who share his/ her knowledge through books, papers, magazines and so many more. If I express my thank to those people then I think it’s not enough for them


In this program I am learning theoretical knowledge about the management. According to today’s corporate scenario the management degree is more required in the market. Because in the sense of globalization the marketing is an art of delivering. But to gain real market knowledge I have done a 30 day’s training program in insurance industry The objectives of my training program is • To gain the practical aspect of organization working and environment 5 . In the program.Parmeshwar singh hada PREFACE In the era of globalization a continuous knowledge require about the market. So according to the corporate world I am persuading in MBA program. communication the thoughts and ideas and without a practical knowledge the theoretical and bookish knowledge is not enough in marketing field.

• To see the originally working condition in the situational market • To realize me with a self esteem • To explore prospective markets for opportunity to create additional business avenues for the organization • As well as in was in the insurance industry there are three things required commonly that is : patience .focus and efforts . so I also work on these three things with ambition So according to my conveys I have investment a 30 days ‘s training program in the ING life insurance and I have done my project work on “ING INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT” My project report is containing the investment policy and investment option ING life insurance and how to invest. 6 . If you want to get more knowledge about investment in ING then you have to undergo in this project report.

it    7 . Here we talk about the ING VYSYA life insurance company so the company was set up in India in sip 2001.: First of all the company profile and the introduction of the insurance the life insurance is a commitment for ensuring the life for a specific term as well we know that life is fully based on risk so purpose of life insurance is to cover a risk factor of life . a brief intro of the project is. ING is a global financial services company providing banking investments and life insurance and retirement services .EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The executive summary has been observing on the title on ‘ ING VYSYA INVESTMENT MANAGEMET” . and in a sharp span of nearly 3 year has established itself as a distinctive life insurance brand with an well as title suggest that main focus of the study is based on investment management . attractive and customer friendly product.

Latin America . Canada . the main objective of my research is to gain practical of my project title. both in developed and emerging markets and in different ranges of risk/ return profiles. In the globalization and privatization world there is a lot of competition not only in insurance but also in investment market so according to today’s scenarios ING is also work in investment management and asset management. so it has a strong background with the help of Gujarat Amnuja cement. ING wants to pursue profit on the basis of sound business ethics and respect for its customers.   As will as I concern that the study is bases on investment management so in ING investment management leverages its worldwide investment capabilities. the united states . government securities systematic investment plan and many more  In this project report I did a research study. and environment factors play an integral role in out business decisions.  The ING investment management is provide a flexible investment option to the customer like according to today’s market there are several option to invest the money in the market that are: Equity fund . social. The research is done with the help of primary data and secondary  8 . our global network of dedicated investment teams ensures that your clients benefits from investment opportunities across the world . it also has ING Vysa bank in India. Asia and Australia ING is not only in India but also it has its market in 60 countries. serves more than 75 million customers in Europe . Exide group and Enam group. Corporate responsibility is therefore a fundamental part on ING’s strategy: ethical. deep expertise and scale to help you find the most appropriate investment solution for your clients.

in the market survey I collect the dat5a from 100 people in the kota city.. 5. COMPANY’ S PROFILE  History of insurance  Company background  Promoters  Products  Financial performance  Organization structure 6.  At last on the basis of research I reached a conclusion with SWOT analysis. 2.  As per the research I find an appropriate solution that what is the position of the company in the kota city and how many people are familiar with the company etc. CONTENTS TITLE 1. CHAPTER – 2 9 . 3. DECLARATION ACKOWLEDEMENT PREFACE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CHAPTER-1 PAGE the research is done on the basis of surveying. this process is done with the help of data interpretation . 4.

PROJECT PROFILE  General introduction  ING investment management in India  Ambition and strategy  Mission and principles  Investment capability  Our strength  Organization structure  Investment policy  ING fund  Financial report 7. CHAPTER-3 RESEARCH METODOLOGY  What is research methodology  Objective and motive of research  Type of research  Data collection  Primary data collection  Secondary data collection 8. CHAPTER -4 RESULT AND DISCUSSION  Data interpretation 9. CHAPTER -5 FINDING AND CONCLUSION  SWOT analysis] 10 .

 Conclusion 10. CHAPTER -6 RECOMMENDATION  Suggestion  Bibliography  Appendix 11. ANNEXURE CHAPTER 1 11 .

Such as terminal illness or critical illness in return the policy owner agrees to pay a situated amount called a premium at regular interval or in lump sums. As with most insurance polices life insurance is contract between the insurer and the policy owner whereby a benefit is paid to the designated beneficiary if an insured event occurs which is covered by the policy. 12 . where the insurer agrees to pay a sum of money upon the occurrence of the insured individual’s or individual’s death or other event.INTRODUCTION OF INSURANCE Insurance of life assurance is a contract between the policy owner and the insurer. To be a life policy the insured event must be based upon life of the people named in the policy.

WHAT IS LIFE INSURANCE “It detest life insurance. they always argue that I shall some day die which is not so” Stephen B Leacock IN COMMON WORD INSURANCE IS: A contract between two parties whereby one party called insurer undertakes in exchange for a fixed sum called premium to pay the other party called insured a fixed amount of money on the happening of a certain event This is something you will need to understand before we get into its different aspect Insurance is a mechanism that helps alleviate the financial losses arising out of adverse consequences of unforeseen origin simply put life insurance offers financial protection to you and your loved ones when you retire die or you are unable to continue to provide financially due unforeseen incidents such as accidents or critical illness while nothing can substitute your loss insurance at least takes care of the financial gap created after you are gone. you can be assured of a better standard of living you may plan to receive a lump sum amount just when you need it or you can simply make your money grow for the rainy day. HISTORY OF LIFE INSURANCE 13 . Today they are smart savings and investment options with the right insurance policy. Thinking of marriage expenses your Childs education how about that vacation abroad you have been planning for choosing the right insurance policy could be the answer to all of the above. But is that all life insurance can do for you? No why! Life insurance has evolved over time.

they added that their trustees voted to end the sale of such policies 15 years before the Emancipation. The first insurance company in the United States was formed in Charleston. Life Insurance dates only to and ancient Rome. as early as 5000 BC in china and 4500 BC in Babylon.But fewer than half a dozen survived . predecessor to the famous LIoyd’s of London. 14 . “burial clubs” covered the cost of members funeral expenses and helped survivors momentarily. the companies have been required to search their records for such policies. New York Life for example reported that Nautilus sold 485 slaveholder life insurance policies during a two-year period in the 1840s. In response to bills passed in California in 2001 and Illinois in 2003. originally as insurance for traders: merchants.Insurance began as a way of reducing the risk of traders. ship owners and underwriters met to discuss deals at LIoyd’s coffee House. Between 1787 and 1837 more than two dozen life insurance companies were started. South Carolina in 1732. but it provided only fire insurance. The Synods in Philadelphia and New York created the Corporation for Relief of poor and Distressed Windows and children of Presbyterian Minister in 1759. Modern life insurance started in late 17th century England. Prior to the American Civil War many insurance companies in the United States insured the lives of slaves for their owners. Episcopalian priests organized a similar fund in 1769.

People say they don’t want to pay life insurance premium so they can spend more to enjoy life. Mumbai. Infect.Life Insurance makes it possible for us to spend more of our income with a clear conscience. It is paying a LITTLE now to prevent a BIG loss later. For instance one can be reasonably sure that you are not thinking of those while reading this. it has over 8000 active advisor working form 43 branches (in 21 cities) across the country and over 800 employees. Kolkata .NEED OF LIFE INSURANCE Events Now a day’s death is not something that most people connect to themselves. disability or death occure. By choosing the right insurance cover parents health and financial needs can be taken care of. For we know that if illness. ING LIFE INSURANCE ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Private Limited entered the private life insurance industry in the India in September 2001. disability. ING Vysya Life Insurance Company is headquartered at Bangalore and has established a strong presence in the cities of Delhi. the opposite is ture. attractive and customer friendly product portfolio and a professional advisor force. In addition 15 . Currently. and in a short span of nearly 3 years has established itself as a distinctive life insurance brand with an innovative. our families will be provided for. Nor are accidents. children’s educations needs will be provided for and your family can continue to maintain their standard of life. It also distributes product in close cooperation with the ING VYsya Bank network. Hyderabad and Chennai. critical illness and other contingencies.

Ltd.000 customers as on date and achieved a premium income 0f Rs. 00.combatore. infrastructure development and several other businesses.Hubli.ING Vysya Life operates in Chandigarh. Cochin. The company has over 1. provides mutual funds products to customers throuht ING saving Trust.114 corers since start of business ING Vysya Life Insurance Company is a joint venture between ING Insurance International BV a part of ING Group.Mangalore . ING Vysya Bank With 2 Million Customers and over 400 outlets and GMR Technologies and Industries Limited part of GMR Group also based in Bangalore and involved in the filed of power generations. established in early 1999 Year2000: Ing Venture capital-Brings Private Equity Year2001: ING Vysya Life Launched in the of September 16 .Mysore.Ludhiana.vizag. Viyaywada . ING IN INDIA Year 1994: Office investment banking corporate finance and other fiancial product and service Year1997: ING Insurance representative office Year1999: ING Investment Management (India) Pvt. Nagpur . the world’s largest life insu8rance company (Fortune Global 500. and Trivandrum. Jaipur Guntur.Ahmadabad. Pune. 2003).

Year 2002: ING buys a 44 % stake in vysya bank and merge ING brings with vysa bank to from ING VYsya bank Year 2003 : ING bank launched a direct selling arm ING vysya financial services. COMPANY’S PROMOTERS ING GROUP 17 .

The annual interbred report 2007 which ranks global brands across all categories has ranked ING among the top 100 global brands. ING comprises a broad spectrum of prominent companies that increasingly serve their clients under the ING brand. ING Group is the world’s largest financial service provider. Fortune 500 July 2007 has ranked ING group as the world’s thirteenth largest company. ENAM GROUP: Enam group is one India’s largest financial service providers reputed for its ability to perceive the true potential of business and enhance their value. 18 . ING’s The annual interbred report 2007 which ranks global brands across all categories has ranked ING among the top 100 global brands. exide is India’s largest producer of automotive and industrial batteries.ING is global financial institution of Dutch origin offering banking. insurance and asset management to over 60 million private corporate and institution clients in over 50 countries . Its range of products covers everything from the smallest batteries required in motorcycle to the giant batteries.000 people. As per the ranking. EXIDE INDUSTRIES LIMITED With eight manufacturing plants strategically located across the country. innovation and financial society. The culture at enam group is deeply rooted in ethics. ING‘s ranking has risen from 85 to 81 compared to last year. With adverse workforce of approximately 120.

AIM AND OBJECTIVE] It is our aim to become one of the top private life insurance companies in India ana to become a cornerstone of iong integrated financial services business in India. THE BRAND POSITIONING 19 .77 cores. Dubai and Kuwait.For the fiscal year 2004-2005 the company registered a scales turnover of Rs.482 cores and a net profit Rs. Apart from domestic’s sales. Ambuja cement is also the largest seller of Indian cement in countries including Sri Lanka. Ambuja cement is considered a premium brand in the Indian market. 1. MISSION Set the standard in helping our customers manage their financial future. Gujarat Ambuja Cements Company limited’s brand. GUJRAT AMBUJA CEMENT LIMITED Gujarat Ambuja cements limited is the fastest growing cement company in India and considered one of the most reputed companies in India .

“MERA FARZ” In 2007 ING vysya life developed its unique brand positioning ‘mera farz’ this position means ing vyusya life helps its customers fulfill their responsibilities towards themselves and their families this powerful positioning has helped ing vysya life create a distinct identify for itself. 20 . The latest brand campaign with a very catchy jingle dwells on how a little planning and a helping hand from ing vysya life can help lighten the burden of responsibilities that often come with happy moments and let you enjoy your life without any worries PROTECTION The primary reason to have life insurance is to protect your income and your family’s financial future in case your are not around • Term life • Term life plus SAVING Another reason for life insurance is that it work as long term saving thus giving you the financial strength to achieve your life goal.

• New future perfect • ING golden life Rider 21 .• • • • • • • • Reassuring life Creating life Safal Jeevan Creating life money back Safal Jeevan money back Ing life plus Ing positive life Ing creating star INVESTEMENT Life insurance is a safe long term investment towards wealth accumulation]]] • • • • • • • Powering life New freedom plan New one life Platinum life New fulfilling life High life High life plus RETIREMENT Make sure you have regular income after you rewire and helps you maintain your standard of living.

314 billion EURO or 65.5 billion EURO or 325. the net profit from the back business was 6.15 percent for its retirement plan best life with two other plans powering life and new fulfilling life’s getting a bonus of Rs. 75 per thousand ING Group’s performance 2007 in 2007 Group disclosed a profits before tax of 11.04 billion EURO or 550. an increase of 20.2% 22 .800 million THB and the net profits from the insurance business was 4051 billion Euro or 224.ING Group had total assets of 1.913 million THB.Extra benefit of sum assured • • Accidental death rider Accidental death .714 million THB.1% from last year. disability and dismemberment raider FINANCIAL PERGORMANCE Ing vysya life insurance announced a bonus of 9.5 million THB return on Equity in 2007 return on equity was 24.


(ING Select Debt Fund). A few achievements are highlighted below: • First investment Manger to launch a packaged concept in asset Management Industry. • First Private Sector Mutual Fund to launch a concept dedicated to women. • ING Mutual Fund has also pioneered a new reality show on television called Indian Investor of the Year.52. • Two CRISIL AAAf* products in Debt fund space.97 cores as of June 30th.amfiindia. Has an investor base of over 1. The rating of the fund is not an opinion of the asset management 24 . (ING Liquid fund& ING Floating Rate Fund). • First assts Manager to launch a debt fund based on Credit risk with with a portfolio based on credit monitor. ING Investment Management has enjoyed many firsts and has always maintained a pioneering outlook.677 with Rs. Ltd has been associated with innovation and responsive adaptability with sharp minds at work.ING Investment Management (I) Pvt. • The assigned rating of AAAf is valid only for ‘ING floating rate Fund’ and ‘ING Liquid Fund ’. ING Investment Management has sealed a position of strength and is considered as one of the top contenders to challenge the market leaders.2007 (Source: www. • Awarded “Abby Gold 2006” for its advertising campaign for ING LION fund. ING Investment Management (I) pvt. • ING Mutual Fund recently launched India’s first DAILY TRASFER PLAN called Zoon Investment Pac (Zip).5080. we currently mange 21 schemes.with a presence in 34 locations.(Mahilanivesh) • ING dynamic asst Allocations Fund was awarded “Most Innovative Product” by Asia Asset Monitor.

AMBITION & STRATEGY ‘Setting the standard in helping our clients manage their financial future ’ AMBITION ING Investment Management ranks among the top25 asset managers globally (source. our way of doing business of dealing with our clients and our general conduct are all part and parcel of this.15 August2007). • Build further on our global manufacturing capabilities scale and (cross) regional distribution strength in Europe Americas and’s willingness or ability to make timely payments to the investor. GLOBLE STRATEGY Building on our strengths: • Continue successful innovation and cross-regional cooperation to meet client needs. regional organizations are closely aligned to distribution channels. 25 . The rating is also not an opinion on the stability if the NAV of the fund. which could vary with market developments.the entails charting our clients need carefully and providing both the products and the services that they need .our ambition is to be recognized as a top tier asset manager .IPE.

• We emphasize bottom-up analysis of business fundamentals as the cornerstone of long term investment success. air pricing and a client service culture. • We are committed to original research as the means to develop information advantage to capitalize on market inefficiencies.• Capitalize on improved investment capabilities in Americas. strength in core investment disciplines.  Investment capabilities include quantitative and fundamental equities. disciplined. assuring customized. • The degree of benchmark awareness and risk control are tailored to client guidelines. • We integrate quantitative and fundamental analysis varying the contributions of each to suit each assignment. Europe and Asia-pacific.  We are committed to original research our active. INVESTMENT CAPABLITY  We offer global reach and presence. 26 . client-oriented solutions. fundamental approach applies across all investment strategies. MISSION AND PRINCIPLE Our mission as a leading investment management firm is to dedicate our experience and resources to development and delivery of customized client investment solutions.

insurance companies and mutual funds.  Clients include and public. asset allocation strategies and alternative investments. brokerage. corporate and Taft-Hartley pension funds.  We focus exclusively on professional investment-no banking. or bundled products.fixed income. Fixed income Fundamental Equity Structured Asset manageme nt Investment Capabilities Quantitative equity Alternative Assets Institutiona l Markets Multiasset Strategies 27 . endowments and foundations. insurance.

This requires a deep understanding of client need and commitment to excellent service throughout the organization. 28 . As a client you therefore benefits from a flexible product range which offers an appropriate solution no matter what the markets are doing and which can be tailored to individual requirements. we employ client-servicing professionals who have an understanding of local market conditions and have all the information our clients need at their fingertips.OUR STRENGTHS Client’s place their money in our task is to come up with the most appropriate solutions and services. Lacally. They have extensive knowledge of our broad range of investment strategies. In close cooperation with our investment professional they offer investment solutions tailored to client’s needs. Depth and breadth of our capabilities Our investment capabilities and expertise comprises all major asset classes and investment style covering all capital markets.

Size scale and resources Our global scope enables us offer our clients access to any market or sector in the world and bring profits potential within their reach. As a client you gain access to these products and services via our global network of affiliates and third. To our clients. They search for the interdependencies and connections between apparently unrelated facts and distributors. to our markets and to our business . Making the connection In everything we do we want to make the connection. As part of ING Group. Our investment professional monitor global development on a daily basis and rigorously analyses the markets.we offer our clients a variety of investment solutions to suit their different investment needs. Its many and varied resources are at our disposal.Risk management plays a vital role in our disciplined investment management processes. ING Investment Management enjoys the benefits that this brings. we use this to assess and monitor the implications of all our investment decisions. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE 29 . These lead to new idea and insights about the markets and companies in which we invest.

Based on your needs we put together the ideal portfolio with the optimum combination of return and risk. We actively share our expertise in areas such as fiduciary management and strategic asset allocation. we support institutional client with a full range of investment solutions. offering strategic advice e and excellent service. Tailoring this to your requirements is the key elements in this process.KEY EMPLOYEES OF THE ORGANIZATION Vineet k Vohra Ashutosh Bhondele Paras Adenwalla Yogesh arora Vandana Vangani Manish Bhandari : CEO & MD : CFO : Chief Investment Officer : Head Human Resource : Head Fund accounting : Fund Manager INVESTMENT SERVICE Welcome at ING Investment Management. Besides our investment solutions our institutional clients view us as a partner. 30 .

ING 31 . when executing transactions directly with other parties it obtains the best possible results with a broker for execution. ING investment management supports the goals of mifid and has always considered integrity and transparency to be the basis of any long-term client relationship. ING INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT POLICIES Miffed market in financial instruments directive On 1 November 2007 the markets in financial instruments directive. comes into force. Execution of orders Mifid introduces new requirements convening the execution of orders.Our goal is to deliver added value to our client’s outstanding service and investment that meet your objectives. ING investment management is committed to implementing the required changes so that its customers will benefit from the opportunities mifid has to offer. or mifid. mifid aims to harmonies European financial markets and to provide greater levels of transparency through a new regulatory regime for investment services. ING investment managements has a duty to take all reasonable steps to ensure that.

Conflicts of interest ING investment management conducts business in a way which is fair and professional in accordance with your best interest as our customer. HUGE GROWTH IN INVESTMENT Moreover the sector is on the eve on an enormous investment boom investment growth will push up demand for electricity which is expected to double between now and 2030 there is a pressing need for new generation Russia. ING investment management is required to maintain and operate effective organization and administrative arrangement with a view to taking all reasonable steps to identify. One of the ways ING investment management does this is to have policies in place to manage conflicts of interest that may arise through our business activities.investment management deems. To help achieve this ING investment management Europe offices have policies in place addressing conflicts of interests. Attached policy provides you at a high level with the key information that you will need in order to understand the nature of the measures ING investments managements is taking to safeguard your interests. This exacerbated because for the past twenty years investment in new capacity has been minimal investment 32 . Under mifid. monitor and manage such conflicts of interest. the interests of clients best served with a transparent view on the selection of and allocation to brokers when executing orders in financial instruments the attached information package contains information on the ING Investment management best execution policy.

Our ambition? We believe that you always deserve the best. WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN INVESTMENT S safety • Safety is the soundness of the issuer to repay the principal amount along with the Higher the safety lowers the returns 33 . one of the world’s largest financial services companies. The result? We won over 35 awards during the past 3 years. We have over 2500 experts in thirty countries who continuously keep close track of the financial markets. this enables them to identify new investment opportunities and develop strategies. Our teams constantly analyses economies market trends and business. There is always an ING mutual fund which is appropriate for you. As a client you therefore benefit from markets are doing. The inter national energy association calculates that over 11 trillion dollars will need to be invested in electricity generation transmission and distribution between 2005 and 2030 ING FUND Ing investment management is part of ing group. We offer our clients a wide range of mutual funds across all asset electricity transmission and distribution to the customer needs to be stepped up as well.

L – Liquidity is the quickness with witch you can convert our investment into cash Higher the liquidity l. lower the returns R returns Returns are the income that one earns on investment by way of interest dividend and realized capital gains unrealized appreciation Higher the risk higher the expected returns VARIOUS INVESTMENT OPTIONS EQUITY SHARE • • • • • • • • No maturity date No guarantee of returns Traded on stock exchange Have high liquidity Market prices go up and down Ones not provide regular income Good for capital growth over a long term Can deliver 15-20 % returns over longer time horizons • Risk of loss of capital Government securities • Issued by central/ state government • Have fixed maturity dated k of 2 or 3 34 .

• Provide regular income • Principal and interest payment guaranteed by government • High liquidity • Guarantee return 6-8 % Corporate bends • Has fixed maturity date • Provide regular income • Market price sensitive to interest rate and credit rating changes • Returns higher that government bonds • Low liquidity • Low volatility Money market instrument • Mature within on year • Capital protected lo • Low returns 4-6 % • Minimum volatility • High liquidity • Good for short term liquidity Bank deposits • Have varying maturates with a maximum of 10 years • Offer assure returns • Capital is protected • Not marketable • Premature encasement subject to penalty • TS at 10. 5000 • Benefit of 80 c for FDs of 5 years and above 35 .2 % deducted if interest exceeds RS.

SYSTEMATIC INVESTMENT PLAN Unit holders can benefit by investment specified rupee amounts at regular intervals for a continuous period. Benefits of a systematic investment plan By investing an equivalent amount at regular intervals each month for example the investors do not have to worry about catching market highs and lows. because their monthly contribution will buy more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high. The net results is that over a long period of time their average cost could be lower than then the average higher than if they had invested a lump sum / thus by investing a fixed amount of rupees at regular intervals unit holders can take advantages of the benefits of tepee cost averaging at the same time saving a fixed amount of rupees each month WHAT INVESTOR LOOK IN OFFER DOCUMENT An abridged offer document which contains very useful information is required to be given to the prospective investor 36 . The SIP allows the unit holder to invest a fixes amount of rupee at regular intervals for purchasing additional units of the schemes at NAV based prices this concepts is called Rupee cost averaging.

Though past performance of a scheme is not an indicator of its future performance and good performance in the fast may or may not be sustained in the future this is one of the important factor for making investments decision. age factor financial position. etc. educational qualification and work experience of kiy personnel including fund managers performance of other schemes launched by the mutual fund in the past pending litigation and penalties imposed et SCHEME AVAILABLE IN INVESTMENT As already mentioned the investor must read the offer documents of the mutual fund scheme very carefully. They may also look into the past track record of performance of the scheme or other schemes of the same mutual fund. The may also compare the performance with other schemes having similar investment objectives. In the case of debts oriented schemes parts from instruments which is reflected in their rating. The applicant form for subscription to a scheme is an integral part of the offer document. INVEST IN DEBT AND EQUITY FUND An investor should take into account his risk taking capacity. due care must be given to portions relating to main features of charged to the scheme entry or exit loads sponsors track record. As already mentioned the schemes invest in different type of securities as disclosed in the 37 . SEBI has prescribe minimum disclosures in the offer the mutual fund.

314 Fixed Deposits 82 Promissory Notes 739 Bills of Exchange Stock 411 State Enterprise 903 Debenture Summary 8.212 CHAPTER 3 Ratio 11% 47% 16% 1% 9% 5% 11% 100% RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 38 . 2007 Type of investment Amount (Million THB) Debenture 903 Government Bonds 3.offer documents and offer different returns and risk.860 Corporate Bonds 1. Agents and distributors may also help in the regard. Investors may also consult financial experts before taking decision. FINANCIAL REPORT ING Life Limited: Investment Portfolio December 31.

formulating hypothesis or suggested solution collecting organization and evaluating data making deductions and reaching conclusion and at last carefully testing the conclusions to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis.” “The manipulation of things concepts or symbols for the purpose of generalizing to extend correct or verify knowledge. whether that knowledge aids in construction of theory or in the practice of an art.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research methodology is a study or a research for a particular area or a product. observation.”1 “Systematized efforts to gain new knowledge”2 Research is an academic activity as such the term should be used in a technical sense.”3 At last we can say that the research methodology is the pursuit of truth with the help of study. In common words it refers to a research for knowledge. “Research is a careful investigation or inquiry especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. which we include a scientific research study of that product and the area. The also define that research is a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on specific topic. comparision and experiment and finding the solution of the problem with systematic approach. According to Clifford woody: “Research comprises defining and redefining problems. 39 .

MOTIVE OF RESEARCH • Desire to get a research degree with its consequential benefits. To determine the frequency with which something occurs or with which it is associated with something else. TYPES OF RESEARCH  QUALITATIVE RESEARCH 40 . 4. • Desire to face the challenge in solving the unsolved problems.OBJECTIVES OF RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The main aim of research is to find out the truth which is hidden and which is not been discovered as yet. To test a hypothesis of a casual relationship between variables. • Desire to get intellectual joy of doing some creative work. To gain familiarity with a phenomenon or to achieve new insights into it. To portray accurately the characteristics of a particular individual situation or a group 3. • Desire to get respectability. though each research study has its own specific purpose we may think of research objectives that are: 1. 2. • Desire to be of service to society.

However. Secondary data is data that already exists and many be found within your own organization or is published by another party and readily available.Qualitative research allow you to explore perceptions.) DATA COLLECTION 41 . is inevitably subjective and samples are small. it relies heavily on the skills of the provider depth of information which can be used in its own right or to determine what attributes will subsequently be measured in quantities studies.  SECONDARY OF DESK RESEARCH The collating and analysis of secondary data is called desk research. it provides information in breadth and allow you to sample large number of the population in breadth structured and does not yield the reasons behind behavior or why people hold certain attitude. in order to replication the overall experience). attitudes and motivations and to understand how they are formed . Vibration quotes are used in reports to illustrate points and this brings the subject to life for the leader. Surveys (appropriate for surveys of employers). Individual in depth interviews and mystery shopping (where the researcher plays the role of a potential students etc. on-line or web based surveys (Very cost effective for the reaching audiences where e-mail penetration is high. Techniques commonly used in HE/FE include postal surveys. QUANTITAIVE RESEARCH  Quantitative research is descriptive and providers hard data on the number of people exhibiting certain behaviors attitudes etc.

1. TYPES OF DATA COLLECTION 1 PRIMARY DATA COLLECTION 2 SECONDARY DATA COLLECTION 42 . collection-data collection 3. Data collection is a term used to describe a process of preparing and collection data for example as part of a process of improvement or similar project. pre collection activity agree goals targets data definitions methods 2.Present finding –usually involves some from of sorting analysis and/or presentation.Data collection is a procedure of collecting the data of a research it could be primary and secondary. A formal data collection process is necessary as it ensures that data gather is both defined and accurate and that subsequent decisions based on arguments embodies in the finding are valid the process provider both a baseline from which to measure from and in certain cases target on what to improve. Data collection usually takes place early on in an improvement project and it’s often formalized through a data collection plan which often contains the following activity.


The result of the research has represented on the basis of Talwandi area (100 People) in kota. In the research I surveyed on the basis on the questionnaire and implement the survey part. 44 .