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Rizal in Dapitan


Rizal is in a dark room, quill in hand, busily writing to his friend, Blumentritt.

July 8, 1892 My friend, Yesterday, Gov. Gen. Despujol’s decree contained my deportation to “one of the islands in the south,” which is Dapitan to be exact. A few days from now I will be on board a steamer, sailing like a lily pad who knows nothing of his destination. What awaits me there; I do not have a clue. I hope it will do me good and produce me memories that I would happily take with me to my final hours. Truly yours, Jose Rizal

Dim lights.

It was a stormy night when Rizal and 2 guardia civil arrived in Dapitan; aboard a banca, with only a lantern showing the way. As they walk, Rizal feels sad and everything around him is black and quiet. There are no more lights on the houses. As they pass a house, someone peeps through the window:

Mother: close the window, quickly! It’s the guardia civils.

They continue walking on. They reach the house of Capt. Ricardo Carnicero. The soldiers salute to him and he nods in return. From a window of the house, a friar peeps in. he recognizes Rizal and he has fury and disgust in his eyes.

Capt. Carnicero: Mi nombre este Capitan Carnicero Ricardo, el commandante de Dapitan. I welcome you to our town!

Rizal: Gracias, Capitan! (Goes inside Carnicero’s house. They are seated and Rizal is handed a towel and a cup of tea) (Heavy footsteps) Friar comes in. Rizal and Capt. Carnicero rise to their feet.

Capt. Carnicero : Padre…….. this is Jose Rizal. Friar: Si Capitan, I know him. The famous author of the notorious books Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. The pilibuster who betrays his own land. The number one enemy of Mother Spain. A shame to Catholicism! Oh yes. I know him very well, Capitan.

Rizal stiffens and is not waved by the friar. Capitan Carnicero, wishing to clear the atmosphere, speaks:

Capt. Carnicero: How do you find Dapitan, Doctor Rizal? Rizal: I find it rather lonely and quiet. I do not hear anything, even the humming of birds. Everything is too quiet. Capt. Carnicero: You will soon get used to it as houses close by 6 o’clock. Moving on.. Base from the letter of the governor-general, you are hereby given the choice as to where you want to stay. Here, at the casa commandante or in the convent. Friar: in the convent? There is no way I will let a pilibuster inside my home! He can only stay there if he goes back to Catholicism and confesses all acts he committed against the Spaniards. All things he wrote against Mother Spain!

Rizal stays quiet. He sips his tea. Dim lights.

Rizal and Capt. Carnicero are inside the latter’s house. Rizal is painting/sculpting Carnicero while they talk about issues and ideas.

Carnicero: You were already safe in Hongkong---secured. Why did you return? Why come back? ¿por qué volver? ¿por qué volver a aparecer en las Filipinas?

Rizal: I did not go to school to be a coward, Capitan. Do the reforms I’m fighting for apply to Hongkong? I came back because the battle is here, nowhere else. Carnicero: Reforma? What reforms are you talking about? Rizal: Reforms, are abandoned ideas that the mother never gave to her child. These reforms, if acted rightly upon, could spring those seeds into tall, towering trees. If only Espanya would let her colonies grow. Carnicero: Hmm. Veo tu punto Don Pepe. Yet Espanya has her hands full with the revolution and economic recession continuing in her land. Rizal: But that does not mean she could ignore her lands. Filipinas, ha sido siempre a la espera Carnicero: What other reforms you have? Rizal: Expulsion of the friars. Carnicero: (laughs) O mi amigo, Buena suerte con eso. You know they have always been a fixture of Espanya. Rizal: Los frailes han hecho lo sufficiente para mis compatriotas---like worms sucking out the life in plants.

Rizal and Carnicero take walks on the town’s park when a townsman approaches him in urgency

Man: Buenas noches, Capitan! (turns to Rizal) Buenas noches, senyor! Are you the famous German doctor? Word has spread that a famous doctor from Germany has come here. Rizal: (smiles) I am a doctor; but not German. I only studied there. Man: Oh Senyor! My daughter has been sick for a few weeks now and I’m afraid it’ll worsen. Can you help me? Rizal: (thinks this matter through) Show me where you live.


Rizal arrives in a shackled hut and sees the young girl, feverish, shaking and almost lifeless, sleeping in a worn mat. Her mother is by her side, crying in despair.

Rizal: (checks temperature) She has high fever. What else can you tell me? Mother: She has been bleeding her nose and we do not know what to do with it. We fear there’s no more hope at all. Rizal: (lists in his pocket notebook) Base on the symptoms your daughter showed, she has dengue. A disease that when left untreated could cause death. I have this plant………. Boil its leaves and let her drink it. Never leave her out of water. I shall be back to assert her progress. Father: Thank you very much, Senyor. Please, take this (hands a basket of fruits) as our humble thanks of what you have done for us. Rizal: No, take it. Your daughter will need this more than I do. Your time will come to repay me, Tino. Take care of your family. I shall be back.

By then, Rizal was made famous by his medical expertise. Patients, near and far traveled to be treated by him. Rizal sits in a desk. Writing prescriptions as a line of patients wait by the corner.

Rizal: Who’s next?

A man approaches Rizal and says

Blind man: Doctor, I would like you to restore my eyesight. Rizal: (checks the blind man) Are you married? Blind man: Yes, senyor Rizal: Do you have children? Blind man: 3, senyor!

Rizal: Then why do you wish to be operated? You have married like that. (gestures to the patient’s eyes) Blind man: I have been blind since I was a kid. And I have forgotten how the sun and my town looks like. Rizal: (smiles) Very well, we will see what I can do with that. Blind man: Thank you, very much Senyor!

Just then, a friar approaches Rizal. Without looking, Rizal says:

Rizal: Do you still wish to be treated even if the doctor is a pilibuster? Padre Sanchez: Oh, Pepe! Have you forgotten who I am? (smiles)

Rizal looks up and sees Padre Francisco Paula de Sanchez, his favorite mentor in Ateneo. (he smiles)

They are in the dining room, sipping tea and enjoying the view by the window.

Padre Sanchez: How are you, Pepe? Rizal: I defy my loneliness, Padre. I find my unfortunate situation unfitting but I am trying to make the most out of it. Padre Sanchez: And how do they treat you here? Rizal: Capitan Carnicero has been a good host and friend. The townspeople are also very kind. Although I am not so sure with Padre………… Padre Sanchez: You must expect this hostile treatment of friars to you, Pepe. They were the most attacked by your writings. Rizal: Yet I am glad and happy that you have come and visited me here, Father. Padre Sanchez: I will be truthful to you, Pepe. The archbishop sent me here to influence you to go back to Catholicism.

Rizal: You know I’m only attacking the evil friars, Padre. I have nothing against the religion. I just wish to correct it. Padre Sanchez: Si, si. Let’s stop that talk for awhile, Pepe. I wish to enjoy my stay here as the teacher you’ve always seen me to be.

In a dark room… A hand hands to another an envelope with Rizal’s photograph, a button and money.

Voice 1: We will give you more when you finish your task. Voice 2: Yes, Padre! Voice 1: Be careful, it is not that easy to have him fooled. Voice 2: I will do what I can, do not worry. Voice 1: Good! Because I want Rizal punished once and for all!

Dim lights.


Padre Sanchez: So this is what you’ve been occupying your time, Pepe. Rizal: Si, Padre. 16 hectares of land. I bought it using the money I won for my lottery ticket. Do you see those trees? Acacia, chico, etc… I planted them all! And this… (showing Sanchez a bamboo tube, like ancient poso for water) is for the watering of my farms. The water here comes from the brook nearby. It can be used for drinking also Padre Sanchez: Indeed you are more than a poet, you are an engineer and a farmer too!

Rizal smiles and Padre went on.

Padre Sanchez: It is like paradise here, Pepe! The clean air, sweet humming of birds, the serene view…

Rizal: Yes, perhaps a paradise. And yet, I am its prisoner! Padre: Take it on a light manner, Pepe. This is your destiny. Accept it with a fine heart.

Scene 10 (PARK)
Rizal and Padre Sanchez busily putting the touches to the relief map of Mindanao.

Padre Sanchez: Pepe, I am returning home tomorrow.

At this, Rizal seems sad.

Padre Sanchez: Since I clearly failed on the mission to retract you to Catholicism. I cannot do anything about it. Rizal: I understand, Padre. Padre Sanchez: Pepe, take this advice from someone who’s been around a long time…resist your majaderas! You’ll get your head cut for it. Rizal: I want to hit the friars, but only friars who utilized religion not only as a shield, but also a weapon, castle, fortress. I was forced to attack their false and superstitious religion in order to fight the enemy who hid himself behind it. Padre Sanchez: I know you want nothing but the freedom of your country, we all want the truth! But do remember that Catholicism has brought about good changes in the society. Rizal: Perhaps so. But were you asleep when they slashed their vicious reins on the native Filipinos who were forced to abandon their own culture so that another one could settle in? the wounds they immortalized on all the natives’ hearts? The pains that marked three decades of tyranny? Some may be asleep, but I was not. Padre Sanchez: Divine faith, supersedes everything---reason, self-esteem & individual judgement. No matter how wise a man is, his intelligence is limited, hence, he needs the Guidance of God. Rizal: Individual judgement is a gift from God. Everybody should use it as a lantern to show the way from unworthy acts. Religions may vary but they all lead to the light. Padre Sanchez: This is what a man begets from being too brilliant! Oh, my dear Pepe. Always be careful of your actions. Enemies are ready to pounce on you anytime…

Rizal: What matters death if one dies for what he truly loves? Yet I promise you. I will be mindful of everything around me. Be careful, too Father! You are not exempt and I apologize for the sufferings I have and will cause you. Padre Sanchez: Oh Pepe! What words you speak! It is an honor to have you as one of my students. You are like a son, to me. (they hug) Adios, Pepe! May God be with you always! Rizal: Si, muchas gracias! God bless you too, Padre! Adios, muy bien!

Rizal: I do not understand, Don Ricardo! I have proven myself to be of good use to this town---to be a good citizen. Why do they deny me visit of my family? Did I break any of their wishes? Carnicero: It is the governor-general’s decision, Don Pepe. If I had a choice, I would surely let your family acconmpany you here. Rizal: My parents are old, and my mother does not see clearly anymore. I wish to see them. I wish to see my siblings! We have all been thrown to different lands. Paciano is in Jolo and my sisters are in Hongkong! The Spaniards were not content with me, they wanted my family to suffer, also! Carnicero: We will send another letter, Pepe! Do not lose hope… Rizal: Thank you Don Ricardo, I appreciate your kindness. Carnicero: You are to me more than a visitor. You are a friend, Pepe. Have faith.

Boys’ voices. Rizal is busy building something.

Boy 1: May we help you, Senyor? Rizal: Where do you come from? Don’t you have classes to attend to? Boy 2: Our parents do not have the money to send us to school, but we’d like to help you, Senyor!

Boy 3: We offer our time and help…

Rizal looks at them, an idea forming his mind.

Rizal has a stick in hand. Points to blackboard.

Rizal: Do not ever cease to stop working for the welfare of our nation.

Students follow.

Rizal: And in Spanish? Student 1: Rizal: Very good! (claps hand and other students join in) Rizal: Tomorrow, we will practice fencing and arithmetic. Classes will resume by then.

Students say their words of goodbye and head on to their chores. A certain student of Rizal, Joselito, is by the garden observing the flowers and bees.

Rizal: The bee is smart. He does not limit himself to one flower, yet he tastes them all. He knows what is convenient for him and he is willing to go beyond his comfort.

Joselito looks at Rizal. Then Rizal asks…

Rizal: What do other people say when they knew you were one of my students? Joselito: Whenever I go to church, they would stare at me and nanay and tatay. Other kids make fun of me because they said nothing you say is true.

Rizal: And do you believe them? Joselito: Senyor, if I believe them. I would not be here now. I do not regret being your student. I have learned far more interesting things than I have ever learned before. Rizal: Yet education does not stop at school. We never stop learning, Joselito. And very soon you will find out your path in this world. Follow and do not leave it. (scrunches hair and Joselito smiles)

Priest having his sermon.

Priest: And I tell you! I tell you! Those enemies of the Catholic church---they are as dirty as rats. They do nothing but steal the virtue of the church! Do not! Do not be fooled by what these rats tell you! Steer your children away from them at once! Or else…they will be granted eternal suffering in hell!

Joselito looks on with his parents, looking uneasy and uncomfortable.

Rizal is writing to his mother. My beloved mother, At last! The governor general granted my request of your company here in Dapitan. I look forward to seeing you and my two sisters. May you have a safe trip here and may you always be guided by Him above. Do not fret! We will see each other very soon. I am looking forward to it. How I missed you so. Your son, Jose Rizal

Donya Teodora, together with Rizal’s two siblings: Narcisa and Maria arrive at Dapitan. Seeing his mother by the window, Rizal rushes outside and kneels and kisses his mother’s hands.

Rizal: Nanay! (hugs both sisters) How was your trip? You must be starving, come and let us go inside.

At the table…

Rizal: Nay, how is tatay? Donya Teodora: Oh Pepe, he is okay. But you know your father is already very old. He says he misses you and that you always be careful. Are you really fine here, Pepe? Rizal: I am now, nay! Your visit has been the highlight of my stay here. Although inay, I must ask…how is Leonor?

At this, the three women grow uneasily quiet.

Rizal: Does she still remember me? Maria: Pepe, you do know that her parents let her marry a british man, right? But she was never happy… (turns to Narcisa as if urging Narcisa to finish the sentence.) Rizal: Well.. where is she now? (smiles) Narcisa: (in a hushed voice) Pepe... Leonor is dead..

At this, Rizal is devastated. His expression turns to sadness.

Rizal: Excuse me…(Rizal gets up and goes to his room)

Later, Rizal is strolling by the beach. Reminiscing Leonor and his moments together. He sits by a rock and bows his head---in great agony. Rizal’s heart is torn to pieces by the death of his one great love.

Rizal and Donya Teodora takes a morning walk at Rizal’s farm.

Donya Teodora: (looks around) This is quite a land, Pepe. Rizal: Do you like it, nay?

Donya Teodora: It puts my heart at peace… How do you run things in here, Pepe? Rizal: I wake up at 5 in the morning, feed my chickens and wake up my students. At 7, we take breakfast together. Then I go to the town and visit my clinic, where I treat patients until noon. That’s when I come back here to take my lunch, and then I teach my students until 4 in the afternoon. After, I study and I read my books. Donya Teodora: It seems to me you have a lot to occupy your time here, Pepe! Rizal: That is to drive the loneliness away, Inay. But this visit of yours certainly made me very glad. Donya Teodora: Oh how we worry about you every single day, Pepe! But I trust in the Lord and His power, and that I know, He is the ultimate judge of us all. We are at rest in His hands…

Rizal hugs his mother and both mother and son cry tears of joy in being together. They walk back to the house.

Rizal is operating his mom.

Rizal: You have cataract in your eyes. Are you sure you want to go through this, Inay? Donya Teodora: The eye is your specialty, my son. Do what you have to do. Rizal: (smiles)

Later.. Donya Teodora’s eyes are wrapped in white bandage.

Donya Teodora: Pepe! Narcisa! Maria! I wish to see through this. Where are you? Maria: Inay, do not! Rizal: Inay! You have to wait for your eyes to heal. You must rest. Donya Teodora: But I do not know what’s happening. I wish to see.

Rizal: And you shall, mother. When this heals. (turns to Maria) This is the problem when a doctor treats his family.

A few days later… Donya Teodora receives a letter from Saturnina. Which says that Don Francisco (father of Rizal) fears that he may be in the verge of death due to his old age.

Donya Teodora: Oh my dear son! I wish to stay but I have to be with your father. He fears he may not have much time… Rizal: I understand, Inay. Please kiss Tatay’s hands for me. And tell him I am sorry for all these problems that I gave him in return of his sacrifices. (bows head down) Donya Teodora: Hush! It is bad for you to say such things. Do you hear yourself? We always thank the Almighty for giving us a brilliant son like you. You and your siblings---you are God’s gift to us. And no matter where we’ll be. We will always be here for you. Because we love you. (embraces Pepe; they both cry) Take care, my son. God will watch over you… justice will be returned..(turns to Narcisa and Maria) Take care of your dear brother. Your sister, Saturnina will fetch me by the seashore. Take care, all of you… Narcisa: Send my regards to tatay. Tell him I miss him so… Maria: Si, me too, Nanay. May you both be well…

The two daughters hug their mother and a tearing Rizal looks on.

Rizal: I love you, Nanay. Take care… take care…

Constant knocking on the door; Rizal gets a lampara and goes to see it.

Rizal: who is there?

Man: Don Pepe! It is me.. Pablo Mercado! Rizal: Pardon, Senyor, but I do not know you nor have I heard your name elsewhere. If you are here to consult, my clinic is open tomorrow at eight. Pablo: oh no, Senyor! Tis Pablo, a relative of your family.

At this, Rizal opened the door slightly. He is hesitant.

Rizal: a relative, you say? Pablo: yes, Senyor! I have this (shows a button with the initials “PM” and a photo of Rizal) We have not yet met before.

Since it was raining very hard, Rizal, having a benevolent heart, took pity on the man who was drenched from head to toe.

Pablo: Could I come inside Senyor? It is raining very hard and my socks are soaked. Rizal: Si, si. Come in (yet he was still doubtful about his visitor).

As they are seated…

Pablo: You know, Don Pepe, I am a believer of freedom and independence and I am one in your goal to fight the Philippines from Espanya. Rizal: I do not wish for bloodshed in any way. I just want reforms and mutual treaties between the two countries. Pablo: (seems unattentive; lights a tobacco) Si, si. But you know, you an use me as a mediator and passageway of your letters to the Katipunan. So that they may be updated as to your whereabouts and plans. Rizal: My letters are my most prized possession in this world. It is hard for me to just submit them to a stranger whom I rarely know. (at this, Pablo’s face changes; Rizal gets up) Do you need a cup of tea?

Pablo: Certainly, Senyor.

Rizal makes a cup of tea. He feels someone is behind him, ready to attack so that when he faces front, the knife hidden in his trousers is ready. At the exact time that rizal faces front, he avoids a staggering bow by Pablo to his arm. He twists the spy’s left arm and lunges at his neck. The spy drops his dagger to the floor. Rizal: (bellowing with anger) Who are you? WHO?!

At first, Pablo would not speak, but with much urging…

Pablo: My real name is Florencio Namanan. The friars from Manila sent me. The paid me P72 and said the would pay me more if I were successful in intercepting your letters to condemn you to jail and make you suffer forever. Rizal: Insolent---! Pablo: (lets out a cry) I think my shoulder cracked! AAAH!

Rizal unknowingly looses his grip and the spy, seizing the opportunity, runs away. Rizal wanted to go after him yet he realizes it is raining very hard and he knows that person won’t dare come back again.

That morning, as Rizal returned from farming… A girl named Josephine Bracken and her father, Mr. George Taufer with a Filipina companion named Manuela Orlac were waiting inside his house.

Joselito/Narcisa: They have been waiting for you, Pepe. They came from Hongkong.

Manuela loudly introduces herself.

Manuela: Buenos Dias, Dr. Rizal. My name is Manuela Orlac and I came with them because they thought your clinic was in Manila and when I knew whom they were referring to, I offered my services to come here with them. (it is as if Manuela is extravagantly flirting with Rizal) Manuela: Err.. Doctor, this is Mr. George Taufer and his daughter, Josephine Bracken…

The moment Rizal laid eyes on Josephine, he knew he was in love at first sight. He kissed the right hand of the lady after shaking hands with Mr. Taufer.

Rizal: It is a pleasure seeing you, Josephine… Josephine: The pleasure is all mine… (na inlove din! HAHA) Mr. Taufer: I hope you could operate on my eyes, Doctor. You were referred by a doctor in HK as one of the best opthalmologists in Asia. I had to see you. Could you help me regain my eyesight? Rizal: I will have to do a check up but I will do my best, Mr. Taufer.

Rizal glances at Josephine. Josephine, caught staring, immediately draws her eyes away. That afternoon… Rizal and Josephine take a walk…

Rizal: And how does this beautiful lady beside me find Philippines? Josephine: It is very alluring. Like a flower so exotic and vibrant. You have a wonderful country… Rizal: Much like you, Josephine… Josephine: I’m sorry, what did you just say a while ago? You must teach me Spanish. Rizal: (blushing) Oh, it’s nothing… Josephine: They say you are the Filipino doctor who did wonders with eyes. And so, Mr. Taufer wanted to see you as soon as possible. He said you are his key to a restored eyesight. Rizal: I do not do wonders, I just help people see… we tend to neglect our eyes and the beauty it beholds… many of us are lucky to see the sun rise everyday but some… they fade in the darkness until they just grow accustomed to it.

Josephine: You talk as if you’re a poet… I can sense you to be a man of the muses… Rizal: Yes, I am a servant of the art. With art, I express my feelings in the most elaborate way without having to explain them… Josephine: I used to do painting before… but when my mother died and I almost became an orphan, I lost the spirit to return to it… Rizal: Is Mr. Taufer not your biological father? Josephine: Yes, you are right. He took me in his home when my father would refuse to care for me... he treated me as his own daughter. Rizal: I see… Josephine: I owe my life to him, now… he is my only family left…

Rizal looks at Josephine

Rizal: Come now, hurry! And we will miss the last hint of the sunset. Josephine: What? I have never seen a sunset before.. Rizal: (already pulling Josephine) Then let us go! It will be the most beautiful thing you will ever witness.

Both go to the seashore…

Rizal and Josephine stroll by the garden… Suddenly, Josephine is frightened by an insect that looked like a flying dragon…

Josephine: AH! What was that? Rizal: (bending to a nearby plant where the reptile has fallen) I am not sure. I have never seen anything quite like it. (extracts the reptile) Ah! It is like a lizard, but with wings!

Josephine leans down to get a closer look.

Rizal: I have not encountered this in all my books. I shall have this checked by my friends in Paris. It seems like a rare specie to me. Josephine: (jokingly) Maybe they will name it to you, then… Rizal: (laughs) Such privilege! But I doubt… Josephine looks around and when she turns, she is surprised to see Rizal handing her a bunch of flowers…

Rizal: Flowers…for the most beautiful girl I know… may their beauty compare to you… Josephine: Thank you Doctor Rizal…(GIKILIG!) receives flowers and looks at Rizal soulfully. (insert clips of Josephine and Rizal’s moments together. Picking up seashells by the seashore, riding a banca, tagu-taguan under a shady tree, etc)

Rizal checks Mr. Taufer’s eye condition. Josephine is with them and when he is finished, he motions for Josephine to come with him outside.

Rizal: I will be honest to you, Josephine. I cannot cure Mr. Taufer because his ailment is venereal in nature. It is incurable… Josephine: OH! What will we do now? Rizal: I am deeply sorry… Josephine: Then I guess it is time for us to go…

Josephine starts to go back to the house but Rizal stops her by the arm.

Rizal: No, you cannot go…(looks at Josephine with love in his eyes)

Josephine: Doctor… Rizal: I love you, Josephine. From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew that this was the woman I intend to spend the rest of my life with… Josephine: I fear that it is only your loneliness speaking… Rizal: But my love is pure and true… I have fallen deeply, Miss Josephine Bracken… I love you… Josephine: I love you too, Doctor Jose Rizal… (KISS! HAHA)

They embrace and stay like that for awhile Later that night… Rizal is about to ask for Josephine’s hand in marriage…

Rizal: Mr. Taufer, I would like to ask for your daughter’s hand. I would love to marry her. Mr. Taufer: Marry her?! But she’s only just a child.. Rizal: She is eighteen, and a grown woman, sir… Mr. Taufer: You could not operate on me and now you are taking the only eyes that I have!!… Well, if that is how you like it, then so be it! (attempts to cut his throat with a razor but Rizal is quick enough to grab his wrists and stop him.) Josephine: Papa, no!!

Manuela Orlac guides Mr. Taufer down while Josephine sadly looks on to Jose.

Josephine: I am sorry, but I cannot live him just like that. He took care of me when I had no one… it’s only right that I return the deed… Rizal: Will we ever see each other again?

Josephine: The waves, no matter how far they reach, will always make their way back to the shore… if we are truly meant for each other, God will plan a way… Rizal: I will be waiting… Josephine: Goodbye, Joe… Think beautiful memories of me… Rizal: How could I not? You will always carry my heart with you… Josephine: And mine with yours… (BLOWS KISS! HAHA)

Rizal catches it, waves and smiles nostalgically at his sweetheart.

Rizal takes a walk with Carnicero and notices the darkness of the town.

Rizal: Its is very dark when night comes in… what do the natives do about it? Carnicero: They simply use their lampara as light. That’s why almost all houses are asleep when nightfall comes.

Rizal forms an idea in his mind. Clip that Rizal builds a town lamp The following day… With permission from Capitan Carnicero, Rizal goes down and puts the lamps that he made as town lighting. Padre Obach sees him and laughs to himself

Padre: Such a fool! What does he think of himself, a super human? Ha-ha-ha. I’d bet my money his plan will never work.

Rizal attaches lamps as Padre Obach walks by…

Rizal: Buenas Dias, Padre. Padre: (as if not hearing him and continues to walk) Rizal just shrugs and smiles to himself. Later that night, two children are playing by the plaza when their mother scolds them to go inside the house… Mother: Come now! Do you not see that it is dark? The guardia civil might snatch you away! Come now!

Just then, the town plaza lights up with Rizal’s lamps. The children rejoice in joy Child 1: Whoa! Nanay, what is that?

People go outside their houses and take in the light that has brought sunshine to their darkness.

Inset: Padre Obach by the corner, clenching his fists…

That afternoon, Rizal was picking seashells by the seashore. He kneels and examines a shell and murmurs to himself :

Rizal: What a beauty!

Just then, he notices a person standing next to him. The saya fluttering in the wind. He looks up and his face brightens instantly.

Josephine: yes, it is. Is it not?

Rizal quicly leaps and takes her in his arms.

Rizal: You have come back! Oh my dear Josephine! I feared I would never catch a glimpse pf you… Josephine: And yet here I am… (smiles)

Rizal: ALAS! You have put an end to my suffering heart…(kisses Josephine’s hands)

That night, Josephine has gone looking for Rizal, she sees many lights by the beach and a soft hymn of a guitar being played. She wents down to see it and she sees Rizal waiting a few feet by.

Rizal: Can you read? (referring to the letters written in the sand/or using shells) Josephine: I love you, Josephine.. it is in Spanish, Joe… Rizal: It means this…here has not been a day thatT you were not in my thoughts. There has not been a night that I wondered back to where you are… Miss Josephine Bracken.. WILL YOU MARRY ME? (kneels in one knee) Josephine: (shocked and could not speak) (claps hand to mouth) Yes! Si! Oo! I will marry you, Dr. Jose Rizal ?

They embrace… (and maybe kiss??) HAHAHA

Rizal and Josephine enter the church to be married.

Padre Obach: I am sorry, but I cannot perform marriage between a pilibuster. That is the Church’s law. And you, Dr. Rizal is therefore not allowed to have this rite. Rizal: please, wont there be any way? I ask for your assistance, father.. Padre: We have no problem otherwise with the woman. We know she is Catholic. It is you that is the problem. We do not perform marriage to pilibusters and enemies of the Church!

Rizal looks at Joephine and later on the friar walks away. Later… On a rock, Rizal and Josephine say their vows to each other.

Rizal: Do you, Josephine Bracken, take me as your lawfully weded husband?

Josephine: Yes.. And do you, Jose Rizal take me as your wife, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer? Rizal: With this serenity as our witness, Yes!

They kiss…. ?))) HAHAHAHA




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