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Chapter 1

Technology: The Human-Designed World

• • • The process of design; that is, solving problems with criteria and constraints; The product, system, or environment that results from the design; and The new understanding or knowledge gained through the design and production of a product.

• An integrative or repeating decision-making process that results in a plan to produce a new product.

Inc ..Technology in Our Everyday World Items that exist in our “designed world”: Home Personal Use Play Entertainment Exercise Transportation Courtesy of KitchenAid Courtesy of Cate Gillon/Getty Images Courtesy of American Honda Motor Co.

.Skills Required in the Design World The designed world requires many different skill sets as shown on a design continuum.

Graphic/Fashion/Stage Concerned with aesthetic principles .

. examination. and reassembly in a process known as mechanical dissection.Industrial Designers Improve the function. Lieu The construction and function of a device can be learned from its disassembly. value. K. and appearance of the product Courtesy of D.

systems. .Engineering Designers Use detailed knowledge of physical principles to design and produce new products. and environments Courtesy of SolidWorks Corporation Solid modeling allows engineers to easily visualize a proposed part in a variety of orientations.

Automobile 3. Health Technologies 17. Imaging 15. Electronics 6. Internet 14. High-performance Materials How have these achievements affected our everyday lives? . Electrification 2. Radio and Television 7. Petroleum and Petrochemical Technologies 18.Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century What are the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century? 1. Water Supply and Distribution 5. Highways 12. Computers 9. Laser and Fiber Optics 19. Spacecraft 13. Airplane 4. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 11. Nuclear Technologies 20. Household Appliances 16. Agricultural Mechanization 8. Telephone 10.

Electrification Courtesy of the Bureau of Reclamation .

Inc ..Automobile Courtesy of American Honda Motor Co.

Sikorsky Historical Archives Courtesy of Ken Reid/Getty Images .Airplane Courtesy of Igor I.

Water Supply and Distribution Courtesy of Travel Ink/Getty Images http://www.coffsharbour.nsw.asp .au/www/html/

M. Used with permission of the College of New Jersey . Salter. DeAngelo. and W.Electronics Courtesy of D. Bottley.

/Getty Images . Courtesy of Travelpix Ltd.Radio and Television The Eiffel Tower was used as a radio tower at one time.

Moline.Agricultural Mechanization Courtesy of Deere & Company. IL .

Computers Courtesy of Intel .

Telephone Courtesy of Andreas Rentz/Getty Images .

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration .

Highways Courtesy of The Portland Cement Association Courtesy of Sylvia Otte/Getty Images .

gov/vonbraun/photo/29.nasa.Spacecraft http://history.html .msfc.

Getty Images .Imaging Courtesy of Dana Neely.

Household Appliances .


Science and Technology .