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Marketing Plan Samsung Galaxy Tab Strategy

By Selena He, Chen Xiao, Wang Yu, Mike Liang

City University of Seattle, China MBA
MBA525 Marketing Management Instructor: Prof. Dr. Mariella C. Remund Apr 22th 2012


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1 PEST 3 . Executive Summary: 1.1.

while the Tablet PC is the future development trend of the personal computer.7 million in 2011 to 383. this growth rate will be faster in emerging markets. and the mobile Internet has profoundly changed the way people live. the Governments strong support for its new generation of IT and IT product R&D. emerging markets are expected to occupy 40% of the global total Tablet PC sales volume. With the gradual increase in residents' income. As to the trade policy. With the upgrading of products and the entering of new brands. the demand for handheld portable mobile devices is growing rapidly. many countries trade protectionism is on the rise. The research report on Tablet PC released by the NPD Display pointed out that the Tablet PC shipments is expected to rise from 72. and people's recognition of the Tablet PC upgrade. At the same time many countries deem the information industry as its new economic growth point. moreover. market competition would be more intense. the demands for Tablet PCs would also increase. and implemented legal and tax preferential policies to promote the development of related industries. after the 2008 global financial crisis. With economic development.2. which provide greater space for development for the Tablet PC. which occupy most of the market share. From global point of view. the rapid spread of mobile Internet.1 PEST At present. the Tablet PC's overall external political and policy environment is getting better. People become increasingly dependent on tablet PCs and other mobile devices. society has undergone rapid changes. with the process of informationization. the major PC manufacturers have began to production their own Tablet PC which would further intensified the future of the Tablet PC market.3 million in 2017. 2011 Apple iPad market volume was in the first row. which reflected in the restrictive measures on the products of other countries such as higher tariffs. In recent years. 4 . By the year of 2017.External Analysis 2. As to the optimistic view about the market prospects of the Tablet PC.

The mobile office is the inevitable trend of the future. the Tablet PC is no longer just a super tool for access to information. the Tablet PC will further strengthen its business segments truly meet the needs of business people. rural areas 5 . study Regional market analysis: urban areas. many IT manufacturers began to enhance the protection of their intellectual property rights. retail trade Functional segmentation: entertainment. Tablet PC create a new business model which integrated hardware.Samsung computer technical level is the global leader in technical innovation and product upgrading capability is outstanding. the computer industry is facing significant changes. politics. business.g.2 Target Markets Segmentation Consumer segmentation: Age Kids: play games. e. study Income: high: middle: low: Industry segmentation: education. reading Occupation: white collar: do office work. 2. At present. but the tools of information production. study young people: entertainment. In recent years. catering. medical treatment. With the trend in the mobile Internet era. entertainment blue collar: entertainment students: entertainment. The European Union also launched an antitrust investigation on Samsung. Germany prohibited Samsung to sold some kind of Tablet PC in German because Samsung was alleged to infringe Apple's touch-screen design rights and patents. business elders: entertainment. software and services as one. finance.

study. kids. retail trade Regional: urban areas Income: middle 2. including perfect competition. white collar. We can compare the Samsung Galaxy Tablet with the apple’s ipad. students Positioning Industry: education. finance. young people Lenovo Le-Pad:entertainment. which means in the market existed many manufacturers producing tablet PC similar but different quality.3 Structure and Type of competition There are four types of competition in the market structure. we can infer that the type of competition faced by Samsung galaxy tablet is monopolistic competition. white collar. business. young people “Huashuo” Tablet( could connect cell phone with tablet): entertainment. white collar. students. kids. ipad2 from Apple Company. From these quantities of main big company manufacturing the tablet PC. young people  Targeting Business. orders. such as ipad1. and oligopoly. and Sony’s S1 tablet to get the idea that they 6 . young people. we consumers are very familiar with some brand of tablet PC. medical treatment. students. monopolistic competition. business. and Sony tablet from Sony. In the market of tablet PC.Competitor analysis:    iPad:entertainment. white collar. study. business. complete monopoly.

Market of monopolistic competition also means that the three big company as Apple. According to their consumption http://cn. Meanwhile we must look out that prices of the three products have the same level exhibiting nuance. In addition to the piece level product of the three.are all belong to tablet product but due to their own company’s design concept it turn out different product style.. Samsung and Sony keep their core competiveness which prevent other’s small IT company entering into the tablet PC market.cnki. causing the profit shared by all.big-bit.html 7 .htm “Huashuo” Tablet provide less expensive price than Samsung. Apple and Sony. meeting the consumers of lower income. http://www. The most important is that they Lenovo Le-Pad. consumer choose product they like. “Huashuo” Tablet made and created in China. it exist other tablet like Lenovo

1” WXGA TFT LCD touchscreen. 8 . dual camera's and the ability to record and playback full HD video at 1080p.1 the kick it needs to support a high resolution 10. where you guessed it.4% 26. PDP. Meanwhile Samsung has been secretly developing the Tegra 2 chipset in partnership with Nvidia.7% 18. one on the front and one on the back.0. a 3. Nokia Sony [84] Source [77] [78] [79] [80] [81] [82] [83] 17. Many people have been debating whether the Galaxy Tab would make the jump to a dual core processor with the ability to run Android 3.4% 40. LED) Mobile phone Digital camera Samsung's global M/S 40.3.11 a/b/g/n.1 + EDR. Like it’s younger brother the Galaxy Tab 10.1 actually has two cameras. USB 2. Wi-Fi 802. This new hardware gives the Galaxy Tab 10.0% 11. AUO Sanyo Dell Seagate Technology LG Electronics Apple. Bluetooth v2.1' is referring to the device's stunning 10 inch screen.0% 9% Competitors Hynix Toshiba LG Display LG Display.2 GHz. The main camera is 8 mega pixels with auto focus and flash.1. while the front facing camera is 2 mega pixels. 16GB or 32GB of DDR2 memory.Internal analysis 3. the '10.1 tablet also boasts dual surround sound speakers. a dual-core processor running at 1.5mm ear jack. That’s Galaxy Tablet! Samsung has officially released the details of the second generation Galaxy Tab.2% 21. CRT. The 10.0 Honeycomb.8% [85] [86] (1) Product Performance Have you ever seen a computer like a Ebook? appearing to be true or real cell phone? Aha.0% 97% 18. and an amazing 6860mAh battery.1 Product Performance and Objectives Product DRAM NAND Flash Large-size LCD Panel (revenue) Active-Matrix OLED Lithium-ion battery LCD Monitor Hard disk drive Television sets (LCD. Samsung's new tablet is called the Galaxy Tab 10.

The Galaxy Tab 10.This introduced “the growth-share matrix” to help corporate managers identify which businesses they should support for growth. Samsung company’s sale target in globlal is: Sales more than 2 million sets. dogs. OGG. 3. For audio. (2) Product Objectives Samsung says this Android device is more business friendly. and 1080p Full HD at 24fps during recording. other home appliance. “Huashuo” Tablet. market share. It comes with built in wifi and high speed networking based on the fast HSPA+ at 21Mbps. Competitor on Table: iPad. 9 . A few years later Boston Consulting Group wrote an article titled “The Product Portfolio“. It weighs an unbelievable 599 grams. AAC.1 BCG Matrix analysis of Galaxy Tab In 1963 a US company based in Boston was founded. Samsung product line: TV. AAC+.1 is an amazing multimedia platform. it supports MP3. LCD. Demand for these Galaxy Tab is high. It supports video formats like MPEG4/H263/H264. eAAC+. Cell phone.9mm. Dimensions are 246.4mm x 10. b. with built in support for flash and Honeycomb’s native interface rather than the TouchWiz UI. runs at an unbelievable 1080p Full HD at 30fps during playback. Laptop. and AMR-NB/WB formats. despite their high price. Data released during two months from Samsung company showed that. It is NFC equipped and has a really nice form factor. cash cows. but it’s quite light and thin and has slightly rounded edges for a comfortable grip. a. or question marks according to growth rate.2mm x 170. At ten inches it’s a little bit larger than the 7″ Galaxy Tab. and positive or negative cash flow. Sales more than 100000 sets. Tablet. MIDI. Lenovo Le-Pad. This framework groups products within a company's portfolio as stars.

strengths 10 . Laptop cC O High Other home appliance Relative Low Market Share Samsung product line: TV. 3. We may make scientific predictions about the direction in which Samsung product may evolve in the future. Cell phone.High Product-Market Product-Market Growth (%) Growth (%) LCD TV ??? Galaxy Tab phone Cell Cell Low $. other home appliance. LCD. Data were obtained through chart review. Tablet. (2) Galaxy from QUESTION MARKS to STARS. Laptop. Opportunities: Open up possibilities for creation of sustainable competitive advantage. (1) LCD and TV from STARS to CASH COWS. Threats: Potential to weaken or destroy existing base for competitive advantage. For all how things will develop specifically in the future , the answer to this question should come from practice in the future. Weaknesses: Detract from ability to create sustainable competitive advantage. (3) Cell phone from QUESTION MARKS to DOGS.3 SWOT Analysis Strengths: Capabilities that reinforce our ability to create sustainable competitive advantage.

(5) Support FLASH. (2) Users can use it for 7 hours without uninterrupted and its standby time is one month. (4) Edition of network download pilfer impacts BookStore and damages the win-win pattern of Galaxy Tab magazines and books. opportunities (1) Traditional magazings face digital breakthrough.4 Ansoff Matrix 11 . (4) Easy to operate and you can put it in your bag conveniently after using it. Fortunately. (6) Have a camera. (3) People can read. low-cost expansion by complying with traditional magazines. (2) Tablet computers which use Microsoft operating system have price advantage and more manufacturers’s support. So it’s hard to expand capacity and function. (4) Providing quality platform for rich form of magazines ads. (2) Content can be updated in real time.(1) Samsung Corporation is a very profitable organization.Galaxy Tab’s big screen which is particularly suiable for reading magazines. 3. you can listen to music when you are reading magazine. newspapers. (5) Having convenient touch screen operation. threats (1) The functions of Ebook enhance. so its applicable people can extend to children and elders. new trend that breaks the publication cycle. (2) It’s not suitable for a daily office work. write and surf the internet without waiting too much time after booting it. books. (7) Support multi-tasking. For instance. Galaxy Tablet launches its latest creation at this time. (3) Ebook readers which are blach and white screen such as Amazon’s kindle are more suitable for a long time to read. weaknesses (1) Without USB interface. (3) Having large menory so that it’s convenient to put off.

change prices to ↑ value. Product Development: LCD and TV MARKET MARKET New Diversification Market Development 12 .  developing new ones.Ansoff Matrix represents the different options open to a marketing manager when considering new opportunities for sales growth. managers had two options:  Remain in the existing market. improve advertising. the two options are:  selling existing products.  Enter new ones. Review new demographic (senior consumers) or geographic (Asian. European & Australian) markets. Two variables in Strategic marketing Decisions:  The market in which the firm was going to operate. Market Development: Galaxy Tablet Identify and develop new markets for its current products. Market Penetration: LCD、TV and Galaxy Tablet Making more sales to current customers/markets without changing its products. etc. In terms of the product. In terms of the market.  The product intended for sale. Add new stores in current market areas.Long-term business strategy is dependant on planning for their introduction. PRODUCT Present New Present Market Penetration Product Development Product/Market Expansion Grid Based on Galaxy Tab.

13 . Diversification: Other home appliance start up or buy businesses outside current products and markets.Offering modified or new products to current markets.

14 .

1 – Implementation Timetable 15 .5. Marketing Implementation: 5.

November 2) If poor can choose. M. Department of Psychology Web site: http://www. 2000 from Vanguard University.. DC: Author. Retrieved May 18. The six sigma fieldbook. H. D. 16 . B1. Washington. pp. L. & Linsenmann. will they pick urban hospitals? Wall Street Journal. D. (2006). (2000). Cooper. (2000).References American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (4th ed. & Harris. New York: Currency Doubleday. (1993. APA style essentials. M. text revision).