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It also includes the crucial components of coordination and collaboration with channel partners. But all of them Ramdev is fast growing who providing good qualitative product at affordable prices. conversion and logistic management. transformation of these materials into intermediate and finished products and the distribution of these finished products to customers. U. In essence. in Ahmedabad. They also try to make spices in such a way that it can satisfy all consumers need like test. Food items. and AUSTRALIA. which can be suppliers. intermediaries. Ramdev has world class infrastructure to meet high standard requirements of global market. India. Ramdev is the oldest masala companies in the today market. Misc.A. There are so many company of readymade masala. In later year company also entered into export and it is exporting grinded spices to the countries like U. colour and good for health. procurement. Mission of Ramdev is to deliver spices to customers with quality. . Papads and many other food products.K. A supply chain is a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the functions of procurement of materials. RATIONALE OF THE STUDY:Ramdev dominate commercial organized spices market in India. Cooking pastes. According to the Council of Supply Chain Management professional (CSCMP). Ramdev was first started as small unit in 1963. supply chain management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing. third-party service providers and customers. Ramdev have lots of products in its export basket like Basic Spices. Grocery. The company has its own export house. supply chain management integrates supply and demand management within and across companies. They also want to give spices to customer at reasonable price and it must be available in the size that suits customer demand.S. The suggestions of this study will help the organization to reduce their working capital by achievement of supply chain management. This study also will help to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Here. purity and freshness. Researcher was studied about supply chain management in Ramdev and he has given the idea of achievement in cost reduction of supply chain management. The followings are the main rational of this study:    Supply chain management has always been one of the most important criteria of making profitability of any company. Instant Mixes.A).

. before and after achievement in supply chain management. To analyze the profitability of the Ramdev Food products Pvt. before and after achievement of supply chain management. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd: Supplier Manufacturer Distributor Retailer Customer The present study explores and investigates how Ramdev Food Products Pvt. Ltd. this study endeavors to determine how Ramdev can be achieving their supply chain with cost reduction. Most importantly. A). some sort of differentiation is necessary.B). This study addresses the following research objectives:   To achievement of cost reduction in the supply chain management of Ramdev Food Products Pvt. This study provides a theoretical framework to understand Ramdev’s performance. Supply Chain Management in Ramdev Food Products Pvt. The following diagram describes the existing supply chain management in Ramdev. Ltd. supply chain management. Ltd uses supply chain management to gain with their competitive advantage and increase business success with reducing total cost of supply chain. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY:The present study is related to Ramdev Food Products Pvt. To study the inventory of the Ramdev Food Products Pvt. Researcher tries to find the advances and new ideas in supply chain management with reducing cost at each and every stage because the majority of companies cannot compete on the basis of price alone.

online published document on internet. RESEARCH PLAN: Data Sources  Primary Data: Information given by the employees of Ramdev serves the primary sources for this case study. Achievement of Supply chain management has contributed to competitive advantage and long term profit of the company. collecting. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY:According to Clifford Woody research comprise defining and redefining problem or suggested solution. organizing and evaluating data.    Reducing total cost of supply chain has made a reduction on the working capital of the company. Further more face-to-face meetings with employees can provide understanding and information on several qualitative areas such as: reasons for achieving specific supply chain factors (or strategies).Hypothesis: In order to reach the objective of the study the following major hypothesis were formulated. previous research report related to Ramdev Food Products Pvt.Ltd. annual report. making deduction and reaching conclusion.  . and discussions and feedback on the questionnaire. financial statement of the company. There has been a decrease in the volume and value of inventory of the company. C). Secondary Data: The secondary data needed for this study has been collected from various sources like Journals.

CONTACT METHOD:  Researcher has used personal interview and to face communication from employees. Hence. In convenience sampling. A structured technique for data collection that consist of a series of questions written or verbal. The major purpose of Qualitative research is description of the state of affairs as it exists at present.  Supply chain management is a vast collection of techniques. In such a dynamic setting it is best to use qualitative research methodology (using case studies) to understand the situation. selection of supply chain factors and strategies can be a complex process. In this study researcher was selected qualitative research. Ltd. researcher have survey in Ahmedabad. The communication method is the method of designing questionnaire with a view to collect the information. RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS:  Researcher has conducted a survey through questionnaire.RESEARCH APPROACH:  Out of many types of research approaches. . personal knowledge and opinion are used to identify the items from the population that are to be included in the sample. SAMPLE ELEMENT:  The target population for this survey was the employees of Ramdev food products Pvt. In Non-probability Researcher has used the convenience sampling techniques a slightly more sophisticated sampling techniques use for references. SAMPLE SIZE:  Researcher has selected a sample size of 20 respondents. There are two major techniques for sampling. Qualitative research includes survey and fact finding enquiries of different kinds. SAMPLING TECHNIQUE: Sampling is a procedure of using a small of units of a given population as basis for drawing conclusion about the whole population. For conducting this study Researcher has used the Non-probability techniques for sampling method.

Doing this Researcher can conclude the exact view of achieving cost reduction in supply chain management. Gujarat. LIMITATIONS AND DIRECTION FOR THE FUTURE RESEARCH: LIMITATIONS:   This research work has been completed after facing various types of difficulties because it is too tough to measure the success of an achievement of supply chain in a company. As an exploratory study. DIRECTION FOR THE FUTURE RESEARCH:  In this case study researcher is focused on single company operating geographically in Ahemdabad.D). and increasing time duration for this study. The sample sizes of employees were very small and in selected area so the response from them does not reflect the exact view. Researcher can survey this study in depth by increasing their sample size. For being a private company the employees of the company are reluctant to give any information. E). which is specific to that company. Researcher has tried to give useful and positive result so that it can act as guidance for further research in this field. India.  The first tough task was collection of data for the purpose of review. Getting primary data from the company is very difficult. Since the data is related to achievement of any cost reduction systems are confidential of the company. This research focuses on how Ramdev achieved Supply chain management with cost reduction. .EXPECTED CONTRIBUTION FROM THE STUDY:   The data is based on a single company operating in Ahemdabad. the goal of this research effort is to seek greater understanding that can lead to building a foundation for more extensive research in the future.