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design of corbel (1

input data
dimentions data b=corbel width h=corbel hight (from conc. Face to cl of rft.) distance from the vertical concentrated load to face of support concrete & steel data concrete cubic strength concrete yeild strength fc fy 30 400 Mpa Mpa b h con.cover a 500 500 50 200 mm mm mm mm

1 0.85 0.75 normal weight concrete sand light weight concrete all light weight concrete

µ =coefficient of friction
1.4λ 1λ 0.6λ 0.7λ concrete cast monolithic concrete placed against roughened hardened concrete concrete placed against concrete anchored to structural steel

loads data ultimate vertical force Vu 553564 N

select from the above tables
concrete selender strength corbel depth to reinforcement center ultimate vertical force ultimate horizontal force Nuc=0.2*Vu ultimate moment: Mu=Vu*a+Nuc*(h-d) λ 1 Mpa mm N N N mm µ /λ 1.4

fc' d Vu Nuc Mu

24.9 450 553564 110712.8 116248440

5*b*d check that: 952425 N 1051875 N Vu≤Φ(.85*d) Af = As = 844 greater of mm2 mm2 mm2 mm2 location= 300 mm2 mm2 primary tension reinforcement 1) (2/3)*Avf+An 1101 2) Af+An 1170 1170 As = Ah=(1/3)Avf (closed stirrups horizontal) 388 Ah = check of As&Ah minimum ρmin=0.85 *fy*µ) Avf = An=Nuc/Φ fy An = 326 mm2 1163 mm2 µ 1.005199294 Ahmin =0.5*(As-An) Ahmin 422 As chosen = Ah chosen = ρmin = if mm2 mm2 1170 422 ρmin≤ρ ok N Φ 6 6 16 10 2 BRANCHES CLOSED STIRRUPS .04*(fc'/fy) 0.limitation check Φ(.4 tension reinforcement flexural reinforcement Af=Mu/(Φ*fy*.2fc')*b*d Φ*5.2fc')*b*d Vu≤Φ*5.5*b*d Ok shear friction reinforcement coefficient of friction Avf =Vu/(0.00249 ρ=As/(b*d) ρ 0.