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Scheduling & Logistics Meeting Minutes January 25 – January 27, 2005

Name Jane Foard Anita Benson Kathy Smith John Poust Jolene Fuqua Affiliation McKesson Datascene Steris Rouland-Borg Corporation Group Health E-mail Address

Monday AM – No meeting Monday PM – No meeting Tues AM – Co-chairs – Anita Benson, Jane Foard Reviewed Agenda Worked on V3 Materials Management modeling for item master catalog and inventory item messaging. Included new Device instance in the D-Mim to be used for Patient Safety.

C:\HL7\January 2005\Minutes\InventoryMaster.vsd

Tues PM - Co-chairs – Jane Foard Continued review of 2.6 ballot comments for chapter 10, 17, and comments related to Inventory Management from chapter 8. Wednesday AM - Co-chairs – Jane Foard Continued and completed review of for chapter 10, 17, and comments related to Inventory Management from chapter 8.


Thursday PM Attended the Wednesday PM . Scheduling Release 2. UAC addition to Ch10 could be posed to John Quinn (it will have to be since it is substantive) to add as an erratum to V2.C:\HL7\January 2005\V2.Co-chairs – Jane Foard. A change to a data type that was incorrect. Most members were of the thought that the field length could not be changed to match the Ch2 maximum field length for each data type. Friday – No meeting 93752367.5 has an erratum against it for the SFT addition to all messages.6 Publishing Committee session. is nonsubstantive.6 Committee Reconciliation\To website\Ballot Response Dispositions From Jan 2005 meeting. Scott to contact CQ and communicate that we need final clarification of the definitions of CNE and CWE before all publishing issues can be resolved. therefore there should have been/should be an erratum. C:\HL7\January 2005\Minutes\V3_SC_R2_C2_2005JANAmalgamated. Field length change discussion. (See Publishing Committee minutes) Comment to add the UAC segment is valid that it needs to be added.5. Anita Benson Began and completed review of V3 ballot.CNE vs CWE. SFT was added in V2. it was optional to add only because there were time constraints.doc .6. Discussion to be continued. Comments referencing CH2A are in regards to field length.xls Thursday AM .Co-chairs – Jane Foard Gave Scheduling tutorial and reviewed possible use of scheduling messages to schedule resources (nurses) for assignment to beds to help new vendor to understand this domain in order to expand communication to/from their application. Addressed publishing issues such as formatting changes in the published chapters. Check to see if V2. and needs to roll back to the data type that was published during Committee level.