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Appendix:Technology used: Various technology used are J2SDKEE Server:This server is introduced by sun microsystem and

in functions as a middle tier server in three tier architecture. Architecture:-


JSP Page Servlet Web Container

Database server

EJB Container Enterprise Bean

Tier1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Various tools of this server are • The deployment tool • The J2EE Server • The Cloudscape server • The Cleanup script • The packager tool • The realm tool • The runclient script • The verifier tool Servlet : Servlets are java programs that can be deployed on a java enabled web server to enhance and extend the functionality of server. init()----service()----destroy()


Browser (Client) Server


UnavailableException) • Javax. ResultSet. DriverManager. DatabaseMetaData. SingleThreadModel) Classes (GenericServlet. HttpSessionContext) Classes (Cookie. SQLOutput. Date. TimeStamp. HttpSession. HttpServlet. ServletResponse. ResultSetMetaData. HttpServletResponse. SQLInput. Blob.Various JSP application models are • The Simple Model • The n-Tier Model • The Loosely Coupled Model • The Including Request Model • The Forwarding Request Model The Component of JSP:• HTML Code • JSP Tags • JSP implicit objects JSP Tags • Declaration tags (<%! ------. ServletOutputStream.Servlet packages • Javax. Driver. ServletInputStream. HttpSessionBindingListener.sql Package :The interfaces and classes of this package are (Array. Struct. ServletContext. HttpSessionBindingEvent. Connection. ServletRequest.servlet. Ref. %>) • Expression tags (<%= expr %>) • The Scriptlet tags (<% ----. Time.HttpUtils) Java Database Connectivity (JDBC):Various JDBC drivers are available all has their benefits and disadvantages • JDBC-ODBC bridge • Native-API /partly-java driver • Net-protocol/all-java driver • Native-protocol/all-java driver The Java. DriverPropertyInfo.ServletConfig.%>) • The Directive tags (<%@directive -. PreparedStatement.http Interfaces (HttpServletRequest. Statement. SQLData.servlet Interfaces (Servlet. SQLPermission.%>) i) page ii) include iii) taglib . Clob. CallableStatement. Types) Java Server Page (JSP):This is a technology used to create dynamic content on the web . ServletException.

• • • The Comment tags (<%--comment--%>) The Action tags (<jsp:action tag attribute=” ”/>) i) useBean ii) setProperties iii) getProperties iv) include v) forward vi) plugin JSP Implicit Objects i) request ii) response iii) session iv) out v) pagecontext vi) application vii) page viii) config .