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Please tell us why you want to work for BP and why you have chosen to apply for this

opportunity in particular BP is an equal opportunity employer who has operations in more than 80 countries which mean working in BP will give me an opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. As I am born in a multiracial society, I am eager to explore cultures that are very different from Malaysia. This is the way I enjoy life and living with people. As a global company with oil fields scattered around the world, I believe BP has encountered some of the most challenging oil fields in the world and already possessed leading edge technology to deal with these oil fields. Example in the Alaska heavy oil development on the North Slope, BP has successfully tested a new technology, cold heavy oil production with sand (CHOPS) at Milne Point project site. Thus, by becoming BP's geoscientist, I have the opportunity to works at the frontier of exploration and helping in adding new reserves to the fast depleting hydrocarbon. Extra-curricular activities

Please list any extra-curricular activities such as clubs, sports, business ventures, societies or professional associations you have been active in and describe your specific involvement e.g. your level of responsibility, length of involvement, notable achievements. Please give association names in full rather than using abbreviations. 1) American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), Student Chapter in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP): I am one of the founding member and current President which have served for almost 1 year (2011/2012). Under my tenure, I have organised 2 technical talks by oversea experts and 2 trips to conference and AAPG President workshop. I also initiated a program called “Student Subject Matter Expert” and Student Chapter's bulletin.

2) Society of Petroleum Engineers, Student Chapter in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (SPE-UTPSC): As Head of Tour & Visit department (2009/2010), I had initiated 5 educational visits to several local and oversea O&G related companies and also university. Throughout my tenure, SPE-UTP-SC had been UTP’s best club for year 2009 and 2010. Besides, it also received Residential College Dinner Award “Most Popular Club Award 2010”.

3) Malaysia Open Grand Prix Gold 2010: I was one of the three selected technical staff from the state of Negeri Sembilan. I function as a line judge in this international tournament.

4) Convofair 2009: I was in-charge of company exhibition and was the first person to bring in Scomi Group Berhad for exhibition in Convofair.

what you learned and how it has helped you or will help you in future. and GeoHazard study. Please describe why you see the achievement as significant and any obstacles you had to overcome. BP will be beneficial in term of training cost as I had attended Significant achievement What do you consider to be your most significant achievement other than your academic results? This should be something which you personally decided to do and worked hard to achieve. AAPG President 2011/2012. a poor quality 3D marine seismic data is caused by noise and feathering of streamers. HSE Risk Assessment. BP will be beneficial in term of training cost as I had attended some of the basic training by RPS on Seismic Acquisition (Operation). and well data reports. Please be specific and list no more than three examples. Site Survey. Thus. I had 3 months working experience with RPS Energy and was responsible to setting up database of all RPS completed projects. Rig Move. Paul Weimer. Seismic Acquisition and Processing Technical Seminar by Polarcus. Those projects include Seismic Acquisition. I got a chance to assist RPS Energy – South East Asia Region's Business Development Manager to review Upstream Report on Mambang Sebasa Block. All this experience will definitely become my asset when I become the decision maker as I need to know how the exploration functions and where should I troubleshoot a problem when the geological model doesn't fit the data.5) I represented my university to the 1st Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Perak Campus Run 2011 and finish at 21th position for open category. For example. Besides. I got to know well logging methods and the theory of log-derived parameter. a university’s official bulletin and is 100% managed by the students. else the cost of drilling an exploration well based on poor data will be wasted. Indonesia. G&G. Geotechnical. 6) I am a reporter for "Heart Of Tronoh". we need to redo the processing part or seismic acquisition. Seismic Interpretation workshop by Dr. in South Sumatra. Personal learning and development What have you done to develop your experience/knowledge/skills outside the academic environment? How will what you learned be beneficial to BP? Describe what you did. The best things were I got to learn more than 130 technical and operation reports which serve as my basic understanding on O&G exploration activity. seismic acquisition tools and positioning system. The content includes Reserve Certification. .

Organising an educational visit to Keppel Shipyard Limited in Singapore was my most significant achievement as this was the first oversea trip done by Society of Petroleum Engineers. . Then. given us a chance to understand how a semi-submersible functions and what is their capability. tape and string. Second runner-up in my university "Build and Break Competition 2011" was another example that applied my technical knowledge on civil structure. The reason I chosen this company was because it delivered almost half of the world's new build jack-up rigs and semi-submersibles in the past decade. forming an arch. we can lessen the movement of semi-submersible caused by wave by deepening the lower pontoon to the depth deeper than half wavelength and uses the upper pontoon to further dampen the wave energy. What is your best example of where you have applied your technical knowledge in a practical way? What was the situation? What did you do? What was the outcome? Winning Special Award for "Schlumberger Oil Rig Model Building Competition 2010" was one of the examples that applied my technical knowledge on platform stability especially on rough sea. Since the arch was stiff enough. we bent it and slipped both ends to the opposite foundation sides. we need people who can apply their technical knowledge in a way that innovates and creates competitive advantage. What so different was we constructed a ladder first and made it as strong as possible. it withstood maximum load of 22.2kg (2010 Asian record was 24. I did not know what document should I prepare and failed to predict the consequences if the VISA is not ready on time as I applied the VISA one week before the departure date for 7 students. The bridge will be tested on its maximum load capacity before it deformed. Inexperience was my biggest obstacle at that time as I was not familiar with Singapore and I didn't know how to apply Singapore VISA for foreign students. After a month of sleepless night. As the wave energy loss at the depth of half wavelength. We were required to design a bridge using wooden skewers. What I did was I navigated to Keppel using Google Map and it was quite easy to get lost! Lesson learned. we won Special Award for creativity.6kg). check who should apply VISA and what are the conditions required at the very beginning of planning. We were required to design an oil rig model using recycle items. we employed the most stable arch geometry in our design. As this is a new concept that seems workable. Next was the application of Singapore VISA especially for the Middle East students. Besides. Thus. As a student. The model was then being tested on lightness. strength. we can't find any semi-submersible builder in Malaysia. One pontoon will be at the boy's leg and another pontoon on the boy's chest. We designed a semi-submersible with double pontoons as analogous to a boy with 2 tubes. this trip proved to be a success and the compliment from the participants was my biggest achievement. the best way to see a drilling rig is when it is parked at the dry dock rather than offshore. So. Application of knowledge At BP. Lesson learned. GPS is better than Google Map. creativity and build-ability. Student Chapter in UTP.

Please note you will not be penalised if you leave this section blank. you must know how to apply your knowledge to solve a problem. For example. . Winning civil engineering related competitions are the proudest achievement for a Petroleum Geoscience student! No matter what degree you are enrolled.Additional Information Is there anything else you wish to tell us that you believe is important to your application? This may include any special circumstances that significantly affected any of your academic achievements. This later made him known as the father of modern geology. though James Hutton was a trained physician and chemist. his observation and knowledge led him to the theories of plutonism and uniformitarianism.