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SECTION – I Straight Objective Type This section contains 8 multiple choice questions numbered 1 to 8. Each question has 4 choices (a), (b), (c) and (d), out of which ONLY ONE choice is correct. 1. In the circuit shown in figure, the switch is shifted from position 1 2 at t = 0. The switch was initially in position 1 since a long time. The graph between charge on upper plate of capacitor versus time t is
1 R 2 C 2R 2

q 2C


(a) –C t

C t

q 3C





(d) t –C


In Young’s double slit experiment, the introduction of a thin transparent film reduces the intensity at centre of screen by 75%. Then ( = refractive index of film, t = thickness of film and =wavelength of light used) 5 5 2t t (a) if (b) if 3 2

Space for rough work

5 4 3t if (d) for any value of 3 3 In Coolidge tube experiment.3. (c) 2 A2 3x 2 (d) 4 A2 3x 2 5. Two particles are moving towards each other along a line joining them so that their centre of mass does not move. the short wavelength limit of continuous X-ray spectrum shifts by 20 pm. What is the initial voltage applied to the tube? (a) 20 kV (b) 41 kV (c) 52 kV (d) 102 kV (c) A particle is executing simple harmonic motion of amplitude A. if the ideal ammeter and the ideal source of emf is physically interchanged then reading of ammeter will 5V 2 4 6 A Space for rough work . (a) their centre of mass will move (b) their velocities will not change (c) their speeds will not change (d) their velocities will not change if they have equal mass 6.3 10–3 T (d) 8 10–3 T 7. A long solenoid with 10 turns/cm and a radius of 7 cm carries a current of 20 mA. if applied voltage is increased to three times. At a distance x from the centre. What is the net magnetic field at a point inside the solenoid where it makes an angle 450 with axial direction? (a) 8 T (b) 11.3 T (c) 11. particle receives a blow in the direction of motion which instantaneously doubles the velocity. A current i exists in a straight conductor located along central axis of the solenoid. After elastic collision between them. Its new amplitude will be (a) A (b) A2 x2 4. In the circuit shown in figure.

What is the minimum speed of charge at infinity to reach the common centre of rings Kq 2 2 5 J) (take R 3 (a) 5 m/s (b) 10 m/s (c) 20 m/s (d) 30 m/s SECTION II Reasoning Type This section contains 4 reasoning type questions numbered 9 to 12. (a) decrease by two times (b) increase by two times (c) increase by 50% (d) not change There are two concentric and coplanar nonconducting rings of radii R and 4R. change in kinetic energy is same for any inertial reference frame. Statement-2: The pressure at a point inside a liquid kept in a container will increase if container start moving upward with constant acceleration.8. (b). 10. (D) If statement-1 is False and statement-2 is True. Statement-1: A solid cylinder is floating in water kept in a container. Each question has 4 choices (a). (C) If statement-1 is True and statement-2 is False. The charge is distributed uniformly on both rings. A particle of mass 10 g and charge –q is projected along the axis from infinity. Directions: Read the following questions and choose (A) If both the statements are true and statement-2 is the correct explanation of statement-1. (a) A (b) B (c) C (d) D Statement-1: For a system of particles in conservative field. The charge on smaller ring is q and charge on larger ring is –8q. Space for rough work . (c) and (d). (B) If both the statements are true but statement-2 is not the correct explanation of statement-1. If container is moving upward with constant acceleration then length of cylinder inside the water at equilibrium is greater. out of which ONLY ONE is correct. 9. Each question contains Statement-1 and Statement-2.

while a ball of mass m bounces between the ends of rod in vertical plane as 2 shown in figure. (b). The angular speed of the rod is rad/s and time 3 period of periodic motion of the ball is 2s. 120° 13. (c) and (d). out of which ONLY ONE choice is correct. Each question has 4 choices (a). depends on path. Statement-2: The line joining the sun to a planet sweeps out equal areas in equal times. Statement-2: The work done in electric field. (a) A (b) B (c) C (d) D SECTION III Linked Comprehension Type This section contains 2 paragraphs P13 P18. change in potential energy is same for any inertial reference frame. (The mechanical loss and the duration of collision is negligible and g = 10m/s2) 12. Passage-I A uniform rod of mass M rotates uniformly in alternating directions to and fro about a horizontal axis passing through its centre. (a) A (b) B (c) C (d) D Statement-1: The frictional drag exerted on a satellite by the atmosphere results in an increase in speed of satellite. What is the velocity of the ball at the highest point of its path? (a) 10 m/s (b) 5 3 m/s (c) 5 m/s (d) 5 2 m/s Space for rough work . produced by time varying magnetic field. (a) A (b) B (c) C (d) D Statement-1: If magnetic field in cylindrical region as shown in figure changes with time then induced electric field can not be radially outward. Based upon each paragraph. Statement-2: For a system of particles in conservative field. 4 multiple choice questions have to be answered.11.

At equilibrium the pressure and volume of the enclosed gas are P0 and V0 respectively. What is length of rod? (a) 5 3 m (b) 10 3 m (c) 10 m (d) 5 2 m 15. Determine the frequency of oscillation if the process is isothermal 2 2 2 m 1 (a) 2 17. What is the ratio of time period for adiabatic and isothermal process if is the adiabatic constant for the gas? 1 (a) (b) (c) (d) none Space for rough work . A small displacement from this equilibrium position will cause oscillation of the piston with frequency f. 16. The piston can move in the cylinder without friction. What is the value of (a) m ? M (b) 3 18 18 (c) Passage-II 3 18 (d) 3 9 A thermally insulated cylindrical vessel of radius r is closed with a piston of mass m encloses ideal gas as shown. P0 r 2 mV0 (b) 1 P0 r 2 mV0 1 (c) 4 P0 r 2 mV0 (d) none of these Find the value of adiabatic constant small oscillation) (a) 4 f 2 mV0 P0 r 4 assuming process to be adiabatic (f is frequency of (c) 8 f 2 mV0 P0 r 4 (b) 3 f 2 mV0 P0 r 4 (d) none 18.14.

SECTION IV Matrix Match Type This section contains 2 questions. C 2. (B). Each question contains statements given in two columns which have to be matched. screen distance. 4) in Column II. (D) in Column I have to be matched with statements (1. 2. The answers to these questions have to be appropriately bubbled as illustrated in the following example.2 mm y = 2. If the correct matches are A 1. Column I Column II 1. 3. In Young’s double slit experiment. Intensity at P is 7I0 Intensity at P is 3I0 P lies between 2nd minima and 2nd maxima P lies between 3rd minima and 2nd maxima (A) (B) (C) (D) y = 2 mm y = 2.8 mm Space for rough work . B 3.6 mm y = 2. 3. Intensity of light through two slits are I0 and 4I0. then the correctly bubbled 4 × 4 matrix should be as follows: 1 2 3 4 A B C D 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 1. One statement in first column has one or more than one match with the statements in second column.3. wavelength of light = 6000 Å.4. d = 0. 4. Column I indicates the distance of certain point P on screen from central maxima. D = 1m and slit separation.50 mm. (C). 2.3 and D 2. Statements (A).

Consider the graph between average power (P) consumed and angular frequency ( ) for a series LCR circuit containing ac source. 4.2. 3. 2. P Pm Pm /2 1 0 2 Column –I (A) R is increased (B) L is increased (C) C is increased (D) L is decreased 1. Column –II Pm remains constant Pm will decreases 2 0 – 1 will increase will decrease Space for rough work .

Illustration: If you want to fill 2379 as your answer then it will be filled as 1. The answer is x 103K. Space for rough work . calculate the focal length of the lens. For any answer all four bubbles must be filled. If hydrogen were monoatomic. for example if you plan to answer as 16 then fill 0016 and if you plan to answer 0 then fill 0000 in the grid provided in answer sheet. k = 1 10 –23 J/K) k is Boltzmann’s constant. Find x The diameter of aperture of a plano convex lens is 2 cm and its maximum thickness is 2 mm. in cm. 2. If the velocity of light in the material of lens is 2 108 m/s. Any incomplete filling will be considered as incorrect filling. what temperature would the average translational kinetic energy be equal to the energy required to raise a hydrogen atom from the ground state to the n = 2 excited state? (Rhc = 14 eV.SECTION V Subjective or Numerical Type The answer to these questions would lie between 0 to 9999.