Essay 1st

Final Edition

Editing is to correct and polishes the surface features of your writing, such as grammar, and punctuation. Here, certain common mistakes are discussd and grammatical rules are explained with the goal of clarifying the origin of those mistakes.

Editing Steps
Grammar and Spelling
1- Check your spelling. 2- Check your grammar. 3- Read the essay again. 4- Make sure each sentence has a subject. 5- Make sure your subjects and verbs agree with each other. 6- Check the verb tense of each sentence. 7- Make sure that every sentence makes sense.

Set of Common Errors
(1) The Run-On Sentence
It is a group containing at least two independent clauses without any punctuation separating them. e.g. David and Mark were in thier way to a yard sale and old man waved feebly to them. You can separate the two independent clauses with: 1- A period capitalizing the first word f the second clause. 2- A semicolon. 3- A comma and coordinating conjunction. 4- A comma and subordinating conjunction making the first clause dependent. ********************

Mr. Yehia


it is a fragment. and whose" Shakespeare wrote Julius Caesar. that. you should construct a relative clause by replacing a noun or a noun phrase with a relative pronoun like "which. who. e. Julius Caesar is a political play. You can separate the two independent clauses with the same four methods used to correct a run-on sentence. Sitting in my car To correct such error.Essay 1st Final Edition (2) Comma Splice It is the joining of two independent clauses with only a comma which does not provide proper separation. not a sentence. I learned teamwork spirit. While I was playing football.g. a comma to separate and a semicolon to join. Yehia 3 . David and Mark were in thier way to a yard sale . ******************* Sentences and Fragments If a group of words does not have an independent clause. whom. old man waved feebly to them.g. ***************** Subject-Verb Agreement Mr. Do not use a semi colon to connect an independent clause and dependent clause.g. you should attach sentence fragment to an independent clause or add a subject and its verb. ****************** The use Semicolon and comma They are both used between independent clauses. e. ******************* The Realtive Clause To make your sentence concise and lively. e.

or. These take a singualr verb. Some subjects appear to be compound subjects but they really constitue a single phrase mad up of two items acting as a unit.(All three verb phrases are in passive voice). The owner and manager of the bark is Mr. Yehia 3 Done .. To make writing parallel. e. put all items in a series in the same grammatical form.Essay 1st Final Edition Every sentence in English can be avoided into two parts. and was booked and fingerprinted. e. reading. In subjects connected by either.g. e.g. ****************** By MR. ( All three subject complements are gerunds). Either Ali or me am going to the market. Yehia Mr. Sameer.. e. • Tense and voice The prisoner was arrested..g. ******************** Parallelism It is an important feture of English that makes our writing easier to understand. was taken to the police station. nor. or neither . Subjects and verbs of English sentences agree in person. Mona and Ahmad aregoing to join Alahly club. • Gerunds and Infinitives My favourite hobbies are skin-diving. the subject that is closer to the verb determiness whether the verb is singualr or plural.. The advantage of mobiles is that they Take care of Compound subjects in which the subject is composed of more thanone element and often linked by and. facilitate our life.g. The subject and the predicate (verb group). and playing the guitar. Birds sing.

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