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Phrasal Verbs 1.

Phrasal Verbs Account for Act for Meanings Give a reason to, explain Act on behalf of Phrasal Verbs Look out for Make for Meanings Keep one’s eyes open so as to see something 1. To Move towards hastily 2. Conduces to 3. To attack 4. To help to bring about Call Think about someone wrongly Defend 1. 2. 1. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. Express confidence in Guarantee something To demand To be in urgent need of

Allow for Ask for Call for Be for Care for Cut out for Go for

Take into consideration, include in a calculation Request or demand 1. Demand 2. to require Be in favour with Look after, take care of – usually used in negative and passive Specially fitted to be 1. Attack 2. To seek or obtain 3. To be sold for 4. To apply to Be ruined 1. Live for the sake of some high principles 2. To consider most important Search for, try to find something To come for getting something and taking it away. To demand in an obvious manner To be attracted to

Send for Take for Stick up for Vouch for Cry for Die for Stand up for

Be done for Live for Look for Come for Cry out for Fall for

Pass for Fight for Go in for Come in for Do for Head for

Hold out for Pay for Stand for Long for Enter for

To continue; to make; demand for To suffer for mistakes or wrong decisions To signify To desire Become a candidate for an examination, contest etc. Meanings 1. Act in accordance with 2. Affect, To exert an influence upon

Let in for Sign for Apply for Stick out for

Vindicate Maintain Championing the cause of To support, defend or side with Regarded as 1. To fight on behalf of a person 2. To get something To adopt as a profession, hobby or a guiding principle To be abuse, blamed, criticized etc. To cause the ruin, defeat or death of 1. To move towards (of a ship etc.) 2. To move towards disaster(figuratively) To involve, especially in trouble To sign a contract to agree to do something Make a formal request for something (job, permit, loan etc.) Persist in demanding

2. On
Phrasal Verbs Act on Phrasal Verbs Seize on Meanings Recognize something and use it eagerly


Phrasal Verbs
Bear on Keep on Be relevant to or connected with something 1. To Continue to hold, use, show, employ etc 2. Persist in doing Continue studying, working longer than expected 1. Continue without halting 2. To manage or conduct 3. To behave in an excited, improper or silly manner 1. Continue any action 2. To happen, to occur 3. To act or behave 1. Come with me ,Accompany me 2. Make progress 3. To encourage 4. To find unexpectedly 5. Start functioning (of Electricity, gas, water etc. 1. Make progress 2. Agree, live well with, to establish friendly relationship 3. To board a bus or train 4. Put on clothes 5. To advance (of time) 1. Dress oneself in 2. Switch the light on 3. To assume; to take on(of character, appearance) 4. To present or perform 5. To increase in 1. Borrow from 2. To withdraw money from an account 3. To come near 4. To put on 1. To wear 2. To have a schedule for Investigate the background, record ; etc of 1. To depend 2. To rely on Visit for something Attack up suddenly Cancel a promise Send on Take on Forward, send after a person 1. Take the responsibility of some work; to undertake 2. To assume or acquire 3. Hire or engage staff Have a bad effect on Put on to see if it fits; wear something to see if it suits or fits Attend , serve 1. To move quickly towards it in a threatening manner 2. To affect in a harmful way.

Stay on Carry on

Tell on Try on

Go on Come on

Wait on Bear down on

Get on

Blow on

Defame or discredit a person

Put on

Bring on

To cause illness esp. One that recurs again and again

Draw on

Call on

Have on Check up on Count on Drop on Fall on Go back on

Catch Cut back on Cut down on Grow on Hand on Hang on

1. To pay a visit to a person 2. To appeal someone to do something 3. To draw in[to arrive at a station (of a train), to become shorter (of hour of day light)] To understand what is meant To reduce expenditure, funds etc To reduce some activity, Reduce in number or size To become gradually more acceptable, agreeable or pleasant to. To give to a successor 1. To persevere, to persist 2

To view as a spectator Make use of someone’s feeling. To fail completely. to summarize Phrasal Verbs Beat down Break down Meanings To compel a seller to accept a lower price. decision etc. blame or do an unpleasant task To continue talking To fire or get fired To suppress news. To become acquainted with the latest information To take into one’s confidence To make a sudden physical or verbal attack To instigate to attack To be present but take no part in the discussion To treat a junior or less important person harshly or contemptuously To cause on ???? to flow or operate by turning a knob etc. To depend upon for success To find what is sought. to cling Criticize somebody or something 1. refresh one’s knowledge of something Last longer than expected Count on. to regard with contempt 1. By chance To provide refreshment. entertainment etc. reduce it to pieces Lose control of one’s emotions Give a detailed explanation of figures To invoke as from heaven 3 Bring down 1. Regard. go out of order. fears etc. Or to take undue advantage of the feelings or weaknesses of someone To refuse to give something. To influence or persuade Act strictly to prevent something Concentrate on something Take back a demand Won the favour of Hold on Jump on Live on Look down on Look on Play on 1) Wait especially on a telephone 2) To maintain one’s grasp. scold Hit on Lay on Lead on Let in on Pass on Catch up on Hold out on Pick on Run on Sign on Sit on Strike on Walk out on Brush up on Drag on Rely on Come down on Phrasal Verbs Back down Boil down Let in on Round on Set on Sit in on Step on Turn on Work on Clamp down on Focus on Back down on Gain on 3. To cling 3. Unexpectedly To abandon suddenly Improve. Have something as food 2. esp. To make do with the bare minimum Hate. Down Meanings To abandon or withdraw from an earlier commitment. depend on. To cause a government’s fall Call down . Consider 2. cease to function To destroy it. To mislead by giving false information To take into one’s confidence To transmit to another person in series. especially information To select someone to bully. information. To collapse. answer etc. trust To be severe with. To find a solution. concede defeat Reduce to essentials.Phrasal Verbs 2.

To keep in check 2. To release air from. To have brief rest in or on the bed 2. To reduce prices etc. To undo for adding length To live long enough to make others forget any mistake. To decrease prices. Cool down To become less angry Cast down Close down Cry down To be little. rank etc. To be beaten children 4 . To disassemble into parts for export 1. To sacrifice one’s life 1. Not to vomit 3. myths. To be remembered 5. To write down 3. To depress Cut down Die down Fall down Get down Do down Fight down Go down 1. To fell. To pass from one generation to another To make a person discouraged or dejected. To strike to the ground with a hit (of boxing) 2. reduce 2. To formulate rules. To hold in subjection 2. scandal one was involved in. To declare in article sold (of an auction ) 3. 4. attitude. condemn To lose strength or become weaker Calm down. To make appear less important or clever.Phrasal Verbs Come down 2. 2. To prove unsuccessful 1. To accept an unfair decision or treatment without complaining or resisting 1. To manage or make a firm agreement Let down Live down Pass down To convey tradition. cost etc. to fail to come to the expectation of 2. To renounce an idea. to deflate 3. crime. Hand down Keep down To pass on the younger generation. To disappoint. To exact a definite promise or consent from 3. To overcome. To cheat. To be received in a specified way 1. To restrain. to bequeath 1. to humiliate 2. 2. To dismount or descend 2. To surrender arms 2. usually for good(of a business) 2. to disparage. 3. To sink 3. To manage to keep one’s job 1. to deceive To control one’s emotions or urges 1. etc. To fix firmly on the wall or floor 2. stories. 1. to control Hold down Knock down To lay down Lie down Nail down 1. To demolish 4. etc. To kill 1. principles. To stop broadcasting for the day 1. To cease operations. To collapse 2. 3. become less strong 1. . Fall of prices or standards etc.

crush Expel from a college or university Meanings To gain unexpectedly.Phrasal Verbs Pay down Pull down Run down Sit down Step down Take down Turn down Jot down Bear down Send down Phrasal Verbs Come by Get by Lay by Live by Put by Stand by To pay the first instalment To demolishes To speak ill of 1. a rule) Meanings To withdraw from an agreement. etc. a decision. promise etc. To reject. plan or project esp. By Abide by Drop by Visit for some time 5. 1. refuse 2. fail to fulfil a promise 1. To suppress by force or authority To record into a written form To resign and withdraw in favour of another To cause an injury or death to To demolish or destroy Become more relaxed. less angry or upset Write something Be in poor health after illness. Without protest 2. Blow out Break out 5 . To dismantle 1. to prove right Substantiate To begin suddenly or violently: a fight. To reduce the volume Take quick notes Overthrow. To move past 2. argument. principles. fire etc. to record 2. etc. To suffer insults etc. activities without interfering To remain faithful to 4. Take a seat To resign or abdicate 1. disease. To puncture suddenly.. To listen and write 2. To refrain from interfering. to be present as an onlooker 2. Close down a shop. overwork. 3. policy. To pass 2. To extinguish a flame candle etc. Before completion. business etc. enterprise. To stick to one’s principles. To overlook or disregard To look on illegal . Meanings To treat or deal with in the manner specified. etc. esp.. To judge from 3. At high speed (of a tyre) Play down Put down Set down Stand down Strike down Tear down Calm down Note down Be run down Shut down Phrasal Verbs Do by Go by Lie by Pass by Sit by Stick by To make something seem less significant 1. to keep quit or retire 1. Out Phrasal Verbs Back out Phrasal Verbs Bear out Meanings To Confirm. 2. To save for later use 1. To be guided by To keep unused. get by chance To manage or survive in spite of difficulties To save for future needs To abide by certain beliefs. To be available and ready for action if needed Respect or obey (the law. ideals. To write down. commitment.

) 1. cupboard etc. to drag out To leave a school without completing studies. To broadcast a programme. thicker.Phrasal Verbs 3. To stretch forth hand etc. To diminish or use up the energy of 1. Complete (a form/application) 1. house. to leave one’s house etc. To ask someone to go away 2. 1. To sort and remove undesired things from a room. broader. to fail 3. To get extracted Have out Hold out 1. To shape by cutting 3. To stop burning or throwing light 2. To publish or be published 4. To execute or implant an order. To exact information or money from 1. To make a verbal attack upon someone 3. To remove or delete 2. to cause to be seen. To summon in emergencies Bring out Call out Buy out Carry out To buy the shares of a business partner. To declare a batsman out Catch out To detect someone in mistake Clear out Come out Cut out Do out Drive out Fight out To be published or revealed Come to know 1. In pain terror etc. make clear 1. races etc. To refused to surrender or give up 1. To scream aloud esp. To publish 2. experiment) 1. To let something be known 2. customs. Spend time at particular place or with a group of friends 1. To make one speak freely 2. 2. To prolong. To become extinct Become non. To attack vigorously 2. 3. To settle by fighting Cry out Die out Draw out Drop out Fill out Get out Go out Hang out Hit out Keep out 1. instructions or a plan. To reveal. Perform or conduce (test. To force something or someone to leave and disappear. To be no longer in use 1. To alight from a vehicle. To be suitable 4. To break down. To render unconscious 6 Knock out . 2. Stop doing something To clear tidy or redecorate a room. To dismiss or be dismissed(cricket) 5. To distribute 4. rounder or shapelier. To shout loudly 2. To settle a matter by fighting or arguing 2. To leave an organization 3.existence or dead (of animals. To live at or go frequently to a place 3. To hang clothes on the wash line for drying 2. cupboard etc. To score runs energetically To prevent from entering Give out Hand out To distribute similar things among a group of persons 1. 2. To make or become fuller.

publish or broadcast To emit loud and clear sound 1. To cover a part of an area of cloth. To watch in the hope of finding something 1. To present ideas. light. To be careful 3. sign and leave the hotel Stand out Stick out Stop out Strike out To become distinctive or conspicuous 1. To defeat an opponent by knocking him on the canvass to the count of 10(of boxing) 3. To arrange or spread out 2. To plan 3. To decipher Understand or comprehend To write or draw To pose or pretend Lay out Let out Look out Nose out Pay out 1. especially in the knockout competition 1. To extend beyond. Not mention To reside away from the place of work or studies 1. to release 2. To select from among others 1. etc. 3. 2. To extinguish a fire. To faint. Clearly 1. To ignore especially in social matters 3. In order to prevent its being dyed. 1. To emit 3. 2. To begin a journey 2.Phrasal Verbs 2. To annoy or upset 3. To endure something disagreeable To pass a line through one’s writing because something wrong or unwanted to be omitted 1. printed. to project 2. To finish a military or police course. To take a person to an eating house or an entertainment place Read out 1. To discover by persistent searching 2. to become unconscious 2. etc. printing plate etc. To allow to go. To force a person to leave his job or house 7 Take out Throw out . To recognize among a crown of persons or things 2. To discard 2. To defeat by a narrow margin A spend of large sum on a particular thing To finish Leave out Live out Make out Pass out Pick out Play out Pull out Put out Ring out Set out Sit out Start out 1. To explain at length To stay patiently until the end of something 1. To depart a station (of a train) 2. To assume. To reveal a script. To take the first as in life. arrange or display 3. etc. information. To withdraw from a situation or commitment To read aloud Run out Sign out To become completely used up To pay. To start a journey. To be careful to notice some hazard 2. or etched. To omit to exclude 2. 2. one’s career etc. To present. 1. cigarette. 4. To eliminate.

discharge or expel 2. keep up spirits. To support or assist 2. To come out for a public event or entertainment To be on one’s guard Be careful Walk out 1. to result 3. To dismiss. Watch out Work out Black out Check out Cross out Figure out Iron out Opt out Rule out Ask out Hear out Print out Send out Try out Wipe out Write out Phrasal Verbs Back up Faint. programme etc) 3. Eliminate differences of opinion 2. To leave without explanation. 5. especially in anger 2. To go on strike To find a solution To formulate To prove satisfactory To happen as specified To do physical exercise Stop (something) working Become exhausted from overworking 1. not to despair Support 8 . Become regular or regular Discover or obtain information Leave your home/office for another one Indicate/direct attention to something 1. 1. Not to loose heart. eliminate differences Leave a system or decide not to participate eliminate Invite someone to some entertainment of food outside Hear to the end Produce a document or information from a computer Distribute to a lot of people or places To test Destroy completely Write the whole of it Burn out Conk out Even out Find out Move out Point out Wear out Be out Fall out Sell out Sort out Wear out Worm out 6.Phrasal Verbs Turn out 1. Make a copy of (file. 4. 3. To prove the truth of one’s story or claim by supplying evidence. To end. To move down the wicket in readiness for a run as a Phrasal Verbs Bear up Meanings To endure cheerfully. Pay one’s bills and leave a hotel 2. find the answer Think about and understand Resolve by discussion. 4. Become very tired Out of the building Quarrel Sell all that you have Arrange or solve Tire out Make somebody tell you something by asking questions cleverly 1. 2. Stop or fall asleep (from exhaustion) 1. Up Meanings 1. investigate Remove by drawing a line through Understand. Become unusable 2. Stop working 2. To walk or move one’s vehicle back wards a little way 5. lose consciousness 1. 2.

to hinder To exhibit. To cut into pieces 2. To become brighter(of weather) To be raised for discussion 1. mystery etc. 2. To increase Grow up 2. To rise. to snatch Break up 1. 4. To develop or establish gradually 2. To cause to become involved. To telephone 2. To complete a form application etc. To hang from a hook etc. . to sustain To delay. Hold up 1. to develop (of cities. To be completely destroyed Hang up 1. To formulate. decorate again 2. 2. to tie loose hair 1. To make or become completely full 1. To explode or cause to explode 2. To tie or wrap a package. To order people to join the armed forces 3. To shut 2. To dress in a particular way Come up Cut up Draw up 1. 2. To grab. To be erected 3. To feel unhappy 1. 2. leave bed 2. For discussion To purchase all or all that is available of something 1. To stand erect To end often used with “by” or a participle 1. 1. suddenly and violently 3. Come nearer together To praise highly 1. To rear or educate. especially to derision 9 Fill up Finish up Get up Give up Go up 1. 1. To put back the receiver after the call is over 2. remember 1.. To come into existence with sudden force. To fasten buttons etc. 2. To increase the importance of 1. 4. To end a relationship 2. 3. organization or ideas) Having stronger and stronger hold over To support. write (contract. agreement) 2. 3. To surrender To stop doing something To abandon hope for To resign from To become mature To come into being. break into pieces Bring up Build up Buy up Call up Catch up Clear up Close up Cry up Do up 1. Be destroyed by an explosion 3.Phrasal Verbs Blow up ball is bowled 1. To raise a subject etc. to explain 3. To come and stop (of a vehicle) 3. To end an activity. raise (a child) 2. Come to end like a meeting. To resolve a misunderstanding. To entangle 2. often unwillingly 3. To place disorderly things in an orderly manner. To increase the value or importance of a thing or a person etc. 3. To recall. document.

To provide funds in advance 6. activity etc. To carry on Save for future 1.Phrasal Verbs Keep up 1. To take or gather by hand 2. 8. From sinking 2. To begin a new venture To withstand wear and tear. To accept the responsibility of paying To repay one’s debts against one’s will. To maintain a pace or rate set by another 3. 3. To prevent one’s spirits. 6. Ring up Run up Round up Set up Sit up Start up Strike up To remain awake later than usual 1. To need repair. To acquire skill. To put into a position of power 3. Come into existence 2. prices etc. as in a reference book To fasten firmly onto a wall or other vertical surface 1. put in order or prepare 2. To nominate 5. To catch an ailment 4. To make runs quickly (of cricket) Lay up Look up Lie up Make up Nail up Pick up Pack up Play up 1. To set in motion. etc. To accelerate the speed. condition. To build or make whatever is available 2. activity etc. To apply cosmetics to the face 3. 1. To scold. To absorb. To improve in health. To increase To make a telephone call To increase (of debts. To become friends Stand up Step up Take up To seek and bring together 1. To remove by the roots 3. To stay in bed. bills etc. amount or extent of a thing 1. To go and fetch 5. give somebody a bed 3. habit. engage 2. 1. To provide lodgings for 4. Collect somebody 7. To reconcile after a quarrel To stop an activity To give wide publicity to Pay up Pull up Put up Read up 1. To take on passengers. To improve 2. criticism etc. To adopt something as a hobby or career 10 . freight. knowledge. To search for and find. To remain informed or in touch 4. To establish or build 2. To erect 2.) Knock up 1. to rebuke To acquire information by reading exhaustively. Accommodate. etc. To slow down the vehicle and stop 2. To arrange. as through illness 2.

To excite. quarrel 1. With Phrasal Verbs Bear with Catch up with Phrasal Verbs Break with Fall in with Meanings To fall out. effect. To give up. To vomit 1.Phrasal Verbs Throw up Work up Clam up Hurry up Mix up Show up Use up Cheer up Crop up Train up Fed up Seize up Stir up Wash up 1. to discover Recognize something and use it eagerly Meanings To be patient or tolerant 1. usually undesirable. Meet and unite with Admit or confess something Be silent. Upon Phrasal Verbs Bear upon Fall back upon Grow upon Look down upon Sit upon Light upon Seize upon Meanings To be relevant to or connected with something To have a recourse to To become gradually more acceptable. seem reasonable 1. set right Chose. Meanings To meet unexpectedly To attack suddenly To find what is sought. agreeable or pleasant to. To reach the same level or amount 2. To move gradually towards Refuse to speak Be quick. to arouse the emotions of a person 2. To agree 11 . information. make people feel strong emotions Wash the plates etc. decision etc. arrange Concoct. fabricate Be confined to bed through illness To remain out of bed for work or pleasure Stop sleeping Being or come to an end—a speech or business proceedings etc. To meet by chance 2. After a meal Turn up Add up Dress up Join up Own up Shut up (impolite) Be up Clean up Fix up Trump up Be laid up Stay up Wake up Wind up To arrive or appear Make sense. especially by chance To take undue advantage of the feeling or weakness of some one. Become a member of. Disguise oneself Engage in. stop talking Be out of the bed Clean thoroughly. Chance to find. to regard with contempt To suppress news. Rely upon To affect 7. Phrasal Verbs Come upon Fall upon Hit upon Play upon Hope upon Tell upon 8. to relinquish 2. To have an expected. Wear elegant clothes 2. Act speedily Mistake one thing or person for another confuse Appear/arrive expose Finish a product (so that there’s none left) Put someone in a better mood Appear unexpectedly educate Be completely bored Stop working because something is wrong (of moving machinery) Encourage somebody.

Without Phrasal Verbs Phrasal Verbs Meanings 12 . telephoning. especially to steal or abduct 2. Etc. To kill someone or oneself To treat irresponsibly Do away with Come out with Finish with Get in with Go off with Hold with Keep up with To remove. Stay at the same level as someone or something To put up with unpleasant situation To steal and take away 1.Phrasal Verbs Come up with Do with Fall out with Get away with Get off with Go with Keep in with esp. reveal a thing etc. take care of (problem. To use words or ideas cleverly 1. To decamp with stolen goods 2. To win easily Handle. solution etc. abolish. make progress To delay in a promise or programme Be completely bored Get involved with To give up. To steal 2. To consider but perhaps not to ate. After a lapse of time. To make known suddenly To end a connection or relationship To become friendly with To abscond To approve of To remain in touch with by writing. To present a plan. To behave irresponsibly towards 3. To be glad to have. To need or have To quarrel To escape To establish romantic or sexual relationship with To be normal part To maintain friendly relationships with To be decided 1. To be carried away by emotions To remain faithful to . to get rid of. etc. situation) Have a good relationship with Accept an offer Continue an action Come together in society Possessing legally. 2. To carry off. idea. To win something easily Have the same opinion as somebody else Continue to do. to persevere 1. cancel To present a proposal. to let go off Make change to something without permission Meanings 9. seeing. to kill. aware informed of Compete strongly with or Lie with Make away with Play around with Live with Make of with Play with Put up with To tolerate Run away with Stick with Walk off with Deal with Get on (well) with (somebody) Close with Go on with Mix with Seized with Vie with Start with Walk away with Agree with Get on with (something) Be behind with Fed up with Mixed up with Part with Temper with To have as an initial number of sequence.

To drink quickly and in large quantity 2. Suddenly To suffer from dieback (of trees plants etc. To postpone by a definite period To hinder. To allow someone to come home again To work over time To return into the owner’s hand Die back Fall back Get back Hang back Hold back Knock back Lie back Pay back Pull back Ring back Sit back Take back Look back Play back Put back Set back Strike back Throw back Work back Hand back Phrasal Verbs Blow into Answer back Win back 11. To check the advance of 2. To return to the former state or situation To be afraid or unwilling to do something 1. To slow one’s speed to remain close behind a person Resist To have existed in an earlier time To retaliate. To enter a building forcibly 2.Phrasal Verbs Do without 1.)= leaves dry but roots remain alive. To reflect on the past 2. To revive a practice. To remind one of one’s past to hurt Reply disrespectfully or rudely Get or have again Meanings 1. To change abruptly from a 13 Call back To repeat or return a telephone call Come back Cut back Drop back Fight back Go back Hit back Keep back To reduce expenditure. Manage easily without 2. To retract or withdraw something written or stated 2. Phrasal Verbs Beat back Meanings To force or withdraw or retreat Back Phrasal Verbs Bring back Meanings 1. Suddenly Into Phrasal Verbs Break into . to impede To retaliate 1. To hold back 2. To conceal especially information To accept a situation as inevitable To retaliate against Reimburse To retreat or cause to retreat To return a telephone call or make another one. To remember a name. To restrain or be restrained 1. event etc. To retreat 1. reply to an attack 1. funds etc. To return 2. To cost. To relax when one should be working 1. Not to require uncalled for advice or criticism Go without To be deprived of a thing which one normally has 10. To recover or retrieve 2. To become fashionable again 3. especially a large amount of money 1. method 1. To compel to be dependent 2. Meanings Arrive in or enter a room etc. To cease to make progress To reproduce the recorded material on tape 1. To cause to remember long forgotten things 2.

enter To become big or mature or enough for 1. To treat contemptuously 2. To renovate or redecorate To give in the care of another To cover with growth To postpone To lively transfer the ownership of To make acceptable or effective To break a journey for a night or two 1. To hand over especially to police Over Phrasal Verbs Boil over Buy over Come over Get over Give over Grow over Hold over Make over Put over Stop over Turn over Go over Hand over Look over Pass over Run over Take over Walk over . 1. 3.Phrasal Verbs slower to a faster speed. To get admission 4. To examine or check 2. Recover from (illness. To examine. clothes etc. To surmount difficulties 2. To make acquainted with secret. 2. 3. To gain an easy or 14 12. Meanings 1. etc. To be forgotten To win over. money. To do again 2. To communicate 3. To investigate To start a career in To hit To be spent upon(of time. To put into the surface of 3. To disregard something that is bad or embarrassing To knock down with a moving vehicle To undertake a responsibility or task in succession to another person 1. To convert To postpone or defer 1. pass off 2. 4. To disregard 2. 3. 2. To be received in a specified manner To transfer the possession of To examine quickly 1. To interrupt To buy a business firm partly To show one’s real worth 1. 2. To begin conversation argument fight etc. To put on boots. To inherit. agreement etc. To subside. policy contract. To allow to enter 2. effort) Build into Come into Get into Grow into Let into Read into See into Walk into Carry into Phrasal Verbs Blow over Bring over Carry over Do over To make something a definite part of a system. disappointment) 1. enter 1. To discover the real meanings of To find out the true nature of To be involved in an unpleasant situation unwillingly Cause to operate Buy into To come into one’s own Go into Lay into Look into To attack physically or verbally To investigate Run into Tear into Bump into Drop into To be faced with Meet by accident or unexpectedly (also bump into) To criticize vehemently Meet by accident or unexpectedly Get accustomed to Meanings To lose one’s temper To pay money to a person so he may not act against him To change loyalties 1.

Phrasal Verbs 2. Depend upon Go to Hold to Lead up to Look forward to Look up to Put on to Set to take to Hang on to 14. Be strong enough to do something 3. To regain consciousness 2. especially something pleasant To admire To inform a person of someone’s activities or whereabouts To start working or fighting 1. 1. Disappear (of mist) Compel a person. animal etc. Remove the remains of the meal from the table 2. etc. to be essential element for something Be summarized as 1. To consider carefully To look after Discuss Convince by talking Help someone through a difficult period uncontested victory Think over Fall over consider Go over to the enemy Watch over Talk over Tide over 13. working. Be busy with some mischief 2. Phrasal Verbs Boil down to Come to Get down to Meanings To amount to. To communicate. 2. To do business to the amount of 3. 1. To think of future 2. To rely upon 3. culminate in To wait for. 2. To arrive at a certain state To start doing To Phrasal Verbs Bring to Fall to Get on to Meanings To cause to recover consciousness To begin some activity. To resort to To attribute or ascribe To attend to To continue to do the same thing or talk on the same subject. to adhere to 1. To be attracted to 2. To discover something secret or illegal. To 15 To become weaker and then . as eating. To form the habit of Keep in one’s possession Go over to Hand it to Keep to Live up to Look to Put down to See to Stick to Be up to To change party or a way of doing things To acknowledge the merit of a person To adhere to To fulfil expectation 1. Phrasal Verbs Break away Come away Cast away Die away Meanings To go away abruptly. Support or interest 1. fighting. To be awarded to To remain faithful To result in by a series of steps. To escape 1. to make contact with 2. To become detached To leave a place To reject or throw away Be wrecked(of a ship) Away Phrasal Verbs Carry away Drop away Clear away Draw away Meanings To be effected emotionally Cause to lose self control Decrease or depart gradually esp.

information etc. To move towards and surround someone or something 2. To reach one’s home. Meanings To train horses In Phrasal Verbs Bring in Meanings 1. 16 . To send for assistance 1. To save for future use 2. 2. To enter a train etc.Phrasal Verbs Get away Keep away Pass away Run away disappear (of sounds) 1. escape To avoid coming or prevent from coming To die. ship etc 3. 2. To betray. usually on the way somewhere 1. To complete a form etc. Give as profit or rent To buy something in large amounts for a future occasion. to come to an end 1. To win election (of a political party) 3. Become shorter(of days) To entrench oneself firmly Build in Call in To construct as an integral part of a structure 1. To distribute 2. To introduce custom. To pay a brief or informal visit 2. 1. book etc. 1. To waste Move backwards. To yield (income profit etc. roofs) 2. office Buy in Close in Come in Dig in Cut in Draw in Do in Drop in Fall in Fill in Get in Give in To kill To visit a person without previous arrangements Visit. leave 15. crack etc. topic. To do a thing differently 2. To yield. To become shorter (of hour of daylight) 1. become weaker (of sounds) Gradually reduce Give away Lead away Put away Sign away go away 1. tell one’s secrets To induce to follow unthinkingly 1. 4. To arrive at a station (of a train) 2. to cease to exist. to abscond 2. To interrupt 1. To flee. To enter a room etc. train. To act as a substitute 3. To make it level. To succeed to leave a place 3. To arrive (of a plane. 2. To gather crops. To be received (of a report. to surrender 2. 2. legislation etc. fashion. To deliver a document. To put material into a hole. To desert a place or a person because of unhappiness To subtract 1. Collapse inward (of buildings. debts etc. To form lines (of military) 1. To elope 3. in fear or dislike Disappear. To discard as useless 2. To confine in an institution To give up a claim on something Take away Throw away Back away Fade away Wear away Phrasal Verbs Break in Tear away Turn away Eat away Go away To persuade oneself or someone else to leave To refuse admission corrode Disappear.) 3.

To stop talking or doing something suddenly Off Phrasal Verbs Bring off Meanings To accomplish successfully esp. Write to an address 16. To elect a person or government To persuade someone to give a helping hand To begin to happen To act as a substitute To stop at home rather than go out To give something extra without charging Ring in Run in Sign in Step in Take in Rope in Set in Stand in Stop in Throw in Work in Check in Move in Be behind in Bear away Plug in Vest in Butt in (on something) Join in Ask in Be in Listen in Send in Write in Interrupt impolitely participate Invite someone to come into the house In the building Listen to the radio For competition. To stay indoor 2. To devote time. To store provisions. To acquire profit. To enter as a competitor 2. To enter the station (of train) To telephone to someone at your place of work.Phrasal Verbs Go in Have in Keep in etc. Phrasal Verbs Break off Meanings 1. impulse etc. effort. exhibition etc. To be understood To ask a person to give a service 1. To detain student after school hours as a punishment To permit to enter To reside in place of work or studies To stop doing something 1. Arrive in a new home or office To delay in a promise or programme win Connect electrical equipment to the main supply Belong to somebody or something legally Hand in Hold in Lay in To submit (report. airport etc. To involve oneself in a difficult situation or argument to resolve it 1. Against odds or expectations 17 . payment. 1. etc. To end relationship or association with 2. 2. In a bank account 1. To understand. to absorb 3. cheque. etc. homework) To suppress an emotion. To restrain feelings 3. 3. To apply for 3. To deceive or cheat To insert Register at a hotel or airport Report one’s arrival at a hotel desk. To arrest To register or get registered at a hotel etc. Let in Live in Pack in Pull in Lie in Look in Pay in Put in To stay in bed later than usual To pay a short visit To deposit money. To draw or attract 2. money. etc. To receive a person in one’s house as a guest or lodger 2.

To finish and leave work 3. To decline 1. firework. from happening 1. To gain an acquittal for a person 4.Phrasal Verbs Buy off Carry off To pay money to a person so he may not act against him 1. unstuck and detached from something etc. to happen 3. To disinherit 5. To descend the train etc. To forestall or prevent something. To escape the consequence of 2. To discharge gun. 1. throw off as useless or rejected To isolate or cordon off 1. 1. bill. performance. animal. 3. To interrupt esp. To remove by cutting 2. etc. Deliver someone or something 3. To branch of (a road) 2. To stop functioning Cry off Get off Draw off Drop off Drive off Fight off Finish off Go off Give off Head off To emit or discharge 1. To force a person. 2. To end the supply of 4. especially unpleasant. meeting. To remove. A telephone conversation 3. 2. Not to come or allow to come close to 2. To be shot. To kill a wounded person 1. To bring to a final conclusion 2. To delay or defer something 2. Take without permission or by force To ask someone to go away To retreat or draw away Call off Cast off To cancel To abandon. To avoid To dispense with the services of workers temporarily To stop doing or using Hold off Knock off Lay off Leave off Lead off Let off . To cause the death of 2. To win a prize or award 3. novel. To compose verse. To start conversation. etc. To go to sleep without intending 2. To post a letter etc. to take off 6. To keep at some distance 1. 5. To deduct sum amount from price. to explode 3. etc. To take place as planned. To depart To force someone to go away and stop threatening or attacking you To repel with effort Clear off Back off Close off Come off Cool off Cut off To become calm 1. vehicle to change direction 2. To succeed well or fail badly To withdraw from an undertaking or back out of an agreement or promise 1. To disconnect To take some liquid from 1. To isolate 6. 18 Hit off Keep off To represent or mimic accurately 1. To become unfastened. To proceed on 2.

To confuse. . To award 3. 2. To escape from or elude 3. to escape 4. Leave the ground 3.Phrasal Verbs etc. gas. Make off Pass off Pay off Pull off Ring off Round off See off 1. To postpone a meeting etc. To pay the full wages of an employ and discharge him 2. etc. To discard acquaintance etc. To get rid off 1. To start a journey 2. one by one 1. To put signature at the end of a letter 2. To disappear gradually 3. sell. or put into circulation a superiors thing as a genuine one 2. or punish lightly. become less severe or Throw off Turn off Work off Ease off Walk off Block off Kick off . To depart suddenly 2. To cause to explode 3. To end day’s TV or radio programme 1. To cause a person to begin doing something To remove the name of a person from an official list or register Stand off Stop off To stay at a place for a while during the journey 1. aircraft. to elope. start 19 Take off Tear off 1. To start a person laughing or taking on pet subjects To remain aloof Live off Pack off To depend on bounty of others To get rid of a person by sending him away. To occur in a specified way To shoot persons. 2. 2. etc. to disconcert To cordon off an area To abscond. To become air borne (of an aeroplane). To begin to move in a particular direction 2. 3. Down. To rush hurriedly 1. To take off one’s clothes violently 2. to leave secretly 1. To get rid of Reduce. Not to punish or compel . To withdraw (of a film or play) 1. 2. To get rid of unpleasant feeling by walking Separate using a barrier Begin. To deviate from a road etc. To allow or cause liquid. To succeed in performing a difficult test To end telephonic conversation To complete something in a satisfactory or pleasant way To witness departure Pick off Put off Rope off Run off Set off Sign off Start off Strike off 1. To remove garments etc. To shut off or switch off 2. To act as adornment or foil to something to enhance its effect 5. To offer. To get revenge on 1. steam. Remove clothes forcefully 2. To excuse from work or other responsibilities To run away in a hurry 1. To spark off 4.

Show off Wipe off Shake off Well off Sell off Brag or want to be admired To try to impress Clean (board. To examine. To wonder aimlessly 2. as by telephone 3. to miscarry. To use money etc. Nose about Put about . to waste time About Phrasal Verbs Cast about Fall about Go about Meanings To look for something To loose control of oneself with laughing 1. review or rehearse quickly 2. 3. To examine 2. To give help in time of need or trouble Let through Look through Pull through Run through Live through Pass through Put through See through 18. To consume money. To go to many social events. to spread 20 Hang about Knock about Lie about Pull about To be left carelessly out of place To treat gradually. To permeate permanently Through Phrasal Verbs Carry through Fall through Go through Meanings To bring to completion in face of difficulties. To spread (of a news or a rumour) To loiter. To pierce 3. work) Fall asleep Reprimand/criticize severely sell Prevent. to get active socially 2. To be approved or accepted To survive an unpleasant event To experience To connect by telephone 1. To detect 2. avert Become less or fewer Gradually disappear of feeling etc. Set to work at 1. To contact.Phrasal Verbs Nod off Tell off Dispose off Stave off Fall off Wear off Phrasal Verbs Break through Come through Get through slow down (pain. To allow to pass through To read a document carefully for the removal of mistakes To recover from a serious illness or crises 1. After long efforts To emerge successfully 1. To get passed by the parliament etc. doesn’t happen 1. supplies etc. traffic. To suffer. To go out and associate with 4. Wastefully 4. Meanings To penetrate. To treat brutally To search interesting things on the properties of others To make widely known. To travel widely and gain experience. table) Get rid of In comfortable circumstances Sell cheaply what is left 17. to undergo or experience 3. To pass 2. Phrasal Verbs Bring about Come about Get about Meanings To cause to happen To happen 1. 4. to make a long discovery etc. To fail. To move from place to place 2.

To spread. to reveal. To make an idea. Known 3. To attend to 2. etc(of plants) 2. To regain consciousness To agree To be engaged in To be habitually in the company of esp. from one person to another Give or show to each person present Get round Go round Bring round Hand round Shove around Phrasal Verbs Cast around Get around 22. To nominate Forward Phrasal Verbs Come forward 21. Meanings To look for something 1. To send out leaves. To persuade a person by flattery Convert or change the views of someone Push around in a rough way Round Phrasal Verbs Come round Meanings 1. In public 6. To advance an idea. 2. 4.) Produce in discussion etc. especially food. To overcome a problem or difficulty 3.Phrasal Verbs Run about Set about To move busily from place to place To start to do something energetically See about Throw about news. In public 3. To revive an unconscious person 2. 2. plans etc. proposal. etc. etc. Known 20. 1. Phrasal Verbs Bring forth Hold forth Meanings Produce To speak at length or in public Forth Phrasal Verbs Call forth Put forth Set forth Phrasal Verbs Bring forward Put forward To make ideas. To be engaged in 2. cause to be seen) 1. 5. to circulate To pass something. Meanings to offer services. To agree to something opposed 1. inquire into To spend one’s money recklessly and flauntingly Meanings To bring out(to publish. rumours. To be habitually in the company of esp. 1. etc. Around Phrasal Verbs Come around Go around Meanings 1. theory. present oneself 19. To regain consciousness 2. buds. To convince a person esp. An opponent of one’s point of view. To cope with a problem or difficulty 2. to circulate 21 . To get the better of law without breaking it. Phrasal Verbs Bring about Meanings 1. To spread. 1. Meanings To cause to happen earlier (a meeting etc. To be known 2. To investigate.

To walk through making a shorter route To explain successfully Get across Put across 25. To annoy Across Phrasal Verbs Cut across Meanings 1. pay a short visit to a home etc. Appear. To persist in 2. especially food. Phrasal Verbs Come along Meanings 1. from one person to another Nose around Stick around Shop around 23. truth etc.Phrasal Verbs Hang around 3. To discover facts. To meet or find by chance 2. To treat brutally To search interesting things on the properties of others To linger. Come with me. 7. To wonder aimlessly 6. To cross or help to cross 2. Phrasal Verbs Come across Meanings 1. Accept an offer eagerly 24. 1. seem. pretend not to notice At Phrasal Verbs Catch at Dig at Drive at Meanings To take or try to take hold of something quickly To make unpleasant or spiteful remarks To intend or mean Go at Pick at Hit at Wink at Keep at Start at Jump at 1. make an impression 1. to advance 3. To travel widely and gain experience. To remove differences on an important issue between two hostile groups 2. To attack 2. accompany Along Phrasal Verbs Cut along Meanings To ask to go away 22 . To take in hand energetically 2. imply 3. To tell to make haste 2. To go out and associate with 8. To make understand 3. to nag Aim a blow at Not to notice purposely. To attack To find fault within a pity manner. 1. To make progress. To become widely known To loiter. To gain access to 2. To make a person work hard continuously To have as an initial number of sequence. To mean. Etc. to waste time Knock around 5. To criticize or annoy persistently 1. Phrasal Verbs Call at Come at Get at Meanings To pay a visit. to remain near the same place Compare prices Lie around Run around Throw around Hand around To be left carelessly out of place To spend a lot of time with other people To spend one’s money recklessly and flauntingly To pass something.

To manage or fare with reasonable success To manipulate. To be descended from 2. aware or informed of Of Phrasal Verbs Grow out of See of Break out of Get rid of Run out of Allow of Meanings To outgrow To meet Escape from a place by force eliminate Have no more of something Admit of 29. To forget to bring or talk 2. To deduce the meaning of 2. to give a false impression Go along To be in agreement. From Phrasal Verbs Keep from Meanings To prevent oneself from For two people to leave each other To be born at a particular place or in a particular family To move away from an Part from unpleasant situation without trying to make it better 28. to cooperate Pay along Run along To say patronizingly to someone to go away and leave one alone Meanings 26. To cause to remain as a sign or result or something Meanings To begin to have different 23 Phrasal Verbs 1. To sink or be drowned 2. to Leave lag behind behind 2.Phrasal Verbs Get along me 1. To be in arrears 31. To construct from Take advantage of something (an opportunity) Avoid doing something Laugh at/makes jokes about Look after Possessing legally. To result from 1. Meanings or Between Phrasal Verbs 27. To be friendly and agreeable 2. Meanings Behind Meanings 1. To be overwhelmed by difficulties Phrasal Verbs criticized Go under To hold in subjections 30. Phrasal Verbs Come under Keep under Phrasal Verbs Fall behind Meanings To be heavily attacked or Under Meanings 1. Phrasal Verbs Come between Phrasal Verbs Come from Walk away from Meanings Cause the estrangement separation of two persons. Phrasal Verbs Come of Make of Avail of Get out of Make fun of Take care of Seized of Meanings 1. To fail to keep up with. Phrasal Verbs Fall apart Meanings To go to pieces Apart Phrasal Verbs Grow apart .

To collide Play off 2. Phrasal Verbs Get ahead Look ahead Phrasal Verbs Give onto Meanings To be successful in one’s career Think of the future Ahead Phrasal Verbs Go ahead Meanings To start something after planning or getting something 34. To come across casually against 1. To cause people to quarrel or separate. Phrasal Verbs Get after Make after Take after Meanings To catch esp. To cause friction between two friends or relatives To become hostile Come up against Prove unfavourable to Protest against To make two persons or groups act against each other To form a dislike for Be faced with or opposed by 36. To wear well or last a long time 24 Phrasal Verbs 1. To hold very tightly. To listen very attentively 2. Meanings To regard as discredit 35. To remain united in spite of Hold differences together 2. To be contrary to principles Hold against or beliefs 2. Criminals. To split into pieces violently 2. To chase or pursue After Phrasal Verbs Look after Run after Meanings To take care of To pursue with attention or seek society Try to find or get something To resemble in appearance or Seek after character 33. To remain or cause to remain united 2.Phrasal Verbs interests and opinions after a close relationship To criticize severely Pull apart Tear apart To cause mental suffering to Take apart 1. Phrasal Verbs Go against Meanings Against Knock against Set against Turn against Tell against Cry out against Phrasal Verbs Hang together Phrasal Verbs 1. To be unfavourable to a person 1. Meanings To provide a view Onto Phrasal Verbs Hang onto Meanings 1. 32. even though the thing may or may not be useful. To balance or compare Take against 2.) . To fit together (of ideas etc. Meanings Together Meanings 1.

Phrasal Verbs Take aback Phrasal Verbs Cut short Meanings To bewilder. etc. Meanings Make short. To try not to think about 2. To stop doing something to attend to another thing 3. Meanings Aside Meanings 1. argument. To declare invalid or void Throw off as useless or rejected 38. In detail Before Phrasal Verbs Meanings 39. To separate or reserve for a Step aside special purpose or later consideration 2. opinion. Meanings Put an idea. To store or reserve for Put aside future use 2. To put off to one side (to abandon) 1. To save for later use To resign or abdicate Set aside Cast aside Phrasal Verbs Lay before Phrasal Verbs 1.Phrasal Verbs Pull together Get together Phrasal Verbs Lay aside To cooperate Meet each other Put together To say that a person or a thing is better than the whole lot of them 37. astonish or shock Aback Phrasal Verbs Meanings 40. make silent Short Phrasal Verbs Meanings 25 .

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