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In the name of God School of Electrical and Computer Engineering 1.

Shiraz University

Operation research HW # 3 Posted: 22-Esfand-90 Due: 16-Farvardin-91

1. A contractor has five jobs to be done during the next week. Two workers are available for the jobs and each can do two in the week. The profit for each job depends on the worker assigned as shown in the table below. The problem is to select the jobs and assign the workers to maximize total profit. Some jobs may not be assigned in your solution, but we require that job 4 must be done. Job Profits Job 1 Worker 1 2 3 5 2 9 6 3 7 10 4 3 5 5 10 15

2. A city will undertake five urban renewal housing projects over the next five years .each project has a different starting and a different duration .the following table provides the basic data of the Situation:

Project 1 and 4 must be finished completely within their durations. The remaining two projects can be finished partially within budget limitations, if necessary. However, each project must be at least 25% completed within its duration. At the end of each year, the completed section of a project is immediately occupied by tenants and a proportional amount of income is realized .for example if 40% of project1 is completed in year1 and a 60% in year3, the associated income over the 5 years planning horizon is: 0.4×50,000 $ (for year2) + 0.4 ×50,000 $ (for year3) + (0.4+0.6) × 50,000$ (for year4) + (0.4 + 0.6) × 50,000$ (for year5) = (4×0.4 + 2×0.6) ×50,000$. Determine the optimal schedule for the projects that will maximize the total income over the five year horizon .for simplicity, disregard the time value of money. 3. Consider the following set of constraints:

%52. respectively. however. $48. respectively. Acme may elect to produce more than is needed in a given month and hold the excess units for delivery in later months. This. 140. 6. 190. Please determine the minimum number of buses that can handle the transportation needs. the city engineer noticed that the minimum number if buses need fluctuated with the time of the day and that required number of buses could be approximated by constant values over successive 4 hours intervals. then 0 < t < 1. will incur storage costs at the rate of $8 per window per month assessed of end of month inventory. and $50. The figure below summarizes the engineer’s findings. $45. To take advantage of the fluctuations in manufacturing cost.Solve the problem for each of the following objective functions: 4. After gathering necessary information. Wishing you a fabulous 1391. 5. Prove that if P and Q are vertices of a convex set S and X=P + t (Q-P) is a point of S. material and utilities. To carry out the required daily maintenance. Progress City is studying the feasibility of introducing a mass-transit bus system that will alleviate the smog problem by reducing in-city driving. Develop a linear program to determine the optimum production schedule. Acme Manufacturing Company has contracted to deliver home windows over next 6 months. $55. HAPPY NOWURZ! . Another meaningful chapter waiting to be written. full of great achievements and experiences. Acme estimates the production cost per window over the next months to be $50. 250. Production cost per windows varies from month to month depending on the cost of labor. 220 and 110 units. each bus can operative 8 successive hours a day only. The demands for each month are 100.