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Most Imported & Repeated Objective type questions

Prepared By S Siddi Rama Goud, SA Phy Sci ZPHS Machavara, MDl & Dist Medak Ph No 9290571147

1. Atomic Structure 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Among 3P, 4S, 3d and 4P the orbital having the least energy is__________ (3P). The Distance between the nucleus and outer most orbital gives the ______(Atomic Radius). The Electronic configuration of “Cr” is_______( 4s13d5) The Electronic configuration of copper Cu is_______________{(Ar) 4s13d10} What are the upper and lower limits of in for l=4_________________(Upper + 4, Lower-4) Plancks equation _______________________( E = hv) The Value of Plank’s constant is _________(6.625 x 10-27 erg.sec (or) 6.125 x 10-24 J.sec) Who introduced elliptical olbits ____________________(Sommer Field) The Wave Equation for the election is proposed by _______________(Schrodinger) Paul’s exclusion principle __________ (No two electrons will have all the four quantum numbers the same) 11. Principal quantum number (n indicates ____________( The Sixe and energy of a stationary orbit. 2. CHEMICAL BOND. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. The Shape of Pcl5 molecule is____________( Trigonal bi – Pyramidal). _______________Have a pyramidal shape (NH3, PH3, Pcl3). Water molecule has _________________ Shave (V). P-P overlap is present in ______________(F2,Cl2, Br2). S-P Overlap is Present in _____________(Hcl, H Br). ______________ Molecules having linear structure (Co2, HCN, and Becl2). The bond formed by the end – end overlap of orbital’s of atoms is called _______(Sigma) The bond formed by the side on overlap of orbital’s of atoms is called_________(Pi)

3) . The reagent used to prepare BeH2 from BeCl2 is _____________(Li Al H4) 38. 35. 25.4m solution __________(0. K or Cl. SOLUTIONS. Br.Kr. Molarities depends on _____________( Temperature) 45. 32. 36.Ar. Increase the electrical conductivity) 37.sadanstu.www. 3. 26. 23.12gms of Na5CO3 is present in 250ml if its solution calculate the morality of the Solution ______________ (0. 27. 20.08M) 42. 2.Ne. 28. 34. ALKALINE EARTH METALS. The Chemical formula of magnetite is _____________ (Mg Co3) The number of water molecules present in Epson salt is ________________(7) The two ores of magnesium are ________________(Magnetite and Carnality) KCL and Nacl are added to anhydrous MgCl2 during electrolysis to reduce the _____________and ____________(Melting Temperature. The Volume of solute in ml present in 100ml of Solution is called ________(Volume Percentage) 41. 21. Mendeleef’s periodic table is based on _______________(The Atomic Weight) The ___________ period is incomplete (Seventh) Elements from atomic number 58 to 71 are known as __________(Lanthanides) The First Classification of elements is attempted by _____________(Dobereiner) Name the Inert gases ______________(He.) 40. ______________ is radioactive in group II A elements (Radium) 33. Benzene etc. If 12gms Sodium Carbonate is present in 120gms of water the weight percentage of Sodium Carbonate is ________________(10%) 44. 31. 30. I) _______________are called Inner Transition elements (f – block elements) Moseley’s periodic law depends on _______________(Atomic Number) Addition of Oxygen to a given compound or removal of hydrogen from the compound is called _______________(Oxidation) Addition of hydrogen to a given compound or removal of Oxygen from the compound is called _______________(reduction) The minimum amount of energy required to remove an election from the outermost orbital of an atom is called _________________(Ionization Energy) d – block elements are called ____________(Transition Elements) Which group elements have the highest electropositive characters ___________(IA and IIA) 4. The Common name of sodium thiosulphate is _______________ (Hypo) 43. PERIODIC CLASSIFICATION OF ELEMENTS. Calculate the number of moles of Na OH present in 750ml of 0. 39. Soda is a solution of __________ water (CO2) 46. 29. 24. Na. 22. Same non – aqueous Solvents are ________________(Alcohol. Xe and Rn) Examples of doberiner triads ______________(Li.

71. 73.www. 70. 64. 75. 59.sadanstu. 55. 48. The spent cane is called _______________(Bagasse) _________ is the micro organism used for fermentation of molasses (Yeast) _________ is the byproduct of alcohol industry ( Co2) Yeast produces two enzymes ____________ and ___________ (Invertase & Zymase) Purified juice is called _____________ (Clarified Juice) ____________ Alcohol is Called rectified spirit (96%) The Enzyme invertase breaks down sucrose into ________ & _______(Glucose & Fructose) Silver mirror is formed in __________ test (Tollen’s reagent test) ________ are used to separate the crystals of sugar and liquid juice (Centrifuge) The process of passing So2 through the Solution to remove any traces of lime is called ____________ ( Sulphitation ) 78. 7. Alkenes. The concept of PH was introduced by ___________(Sorensen) 47. 54. 60. 74. 62. ____________ is the sweetest sugar ( Fructose ) 79. Ionic product of water at 25 c is _____________(1.42 A0) The refractive index of diamond is ___________(2. 49. 52. 58. 61. BASES AND SALTS. Chemistry of Carbon Compunds Alkenes undergo ________reactions (Addition) The presence of alcoholic functional group it tested by addition of _______ metal (Sodium) The General formulas of Alkenes.1200) The phenomenon in which atoms of same elements join together to from long chains is called _____________( Catenation) 66. 76. Buckminster fullerene contains __________Carbons (60) 67. 65. 50. o .28.CnH2n-2) Solid Co2 is called ______________(Dry Ice) Bond length of C-C in Graphite is ______________(1. Alkynes and benzene are ___________ hydrocarbons (Unsaturated) 6. 63.CnH2n. Bases) Arrhenius theory explains the nature of substances which areSoluble in ________only (Water) 56. Carbohydrates and Proteins. 53. 69. 77. The CO –NH bond is called _____________ bond (Peptide) 68.Cal/Mole) 57. 51. ACIDS. 72.001M Hcl _____________(3) The Negative logarithm of H+ ion concentration is called _____________(PH) PH of water and Nacl _____________(7) If the PH>7 then the solution __________(base) The Colour of Phenolphthalein in basic solution is ________( Pink or Red) The body fluid whose PH is greater than 7 is ____________(Blood) ____________turn blue litmus to red and __________turn red litmus to blue (Acids. Alkenes Alkynes __________(CnH2+2.45) The bond angles in diamond and graphite are _____ and _____respectively (1090.7 K. What is the heat of neutralization for a strong acid and strong base______(13.0 x 10-14) Calculate the Ph of 0.

The slow cooling process of glass is called ____________ (Annealing) 90. 84. The formula a for stearic acid is ________________ (C17 H35. Drugs which act an blood circulation are ___________ (Cardio – Vascular ) 98. What is the use of adding cullet to the raw materials of glass ________ PHYSICS I. Raw materials for the preparation of glass are soda – ash. Teste and odour) 10. Chemistry and Industry 89. Screw gauge consists of __________ scale and _________ scale (Pitch & Head) II. Glass – blowing is possible with ____________ (Pyrex glass) 99.9 N) Sensitive instrument used to find small changes in the value of “g” is _________ (Gravity Meter) Acceleration due to gravity “g” is maximum at ____________ ( Poles ) Units of Universal gravitational constant G are _________ (Nm2. limestone and _____( Sand. Phosphorous and Potassium) 91. Kg-2) . The first synthetic dye prepared by the scientist ___________ ( W H Parkin) 100.sdanstu. 107. The Weight of 400gm stone is ___________ (3. Oils and Fats 80. If the zeroth division of the head scale is below the index line of the pitch scale the error is said to be _____________ and the correction is _________ (Positive & Negative ) 105. __________ is used as refrigerator lining (Polystyrene) 102. The primary nutrients ____________ (Nitrogen. Cement is a mixture of _____________( Calcium Silicates and Calcium Aluminates) 97. The type glass used for manufacture of Laboratory glass were is _________ (Pyran Glass) 95. Which type glass used for making bottle is _________ (Soda Glass) 101. 86. Screw gauge works on the principle of _____________ (Screw in a Nut) 104. Cold cream is an ___________ oil and water (Emulsions ) 93. 82. CooH) _______ and ________ are examples of oils giving seeds (Cotton & Ground Nut) Deodorants soap contains ______________ (tribromosalicylanilide) The Catalyst used in the Hydrogenation of oils is _____________(Ni) Shaving soap contains excess of ___________ (Stearic Acids) Detergent are used even in hard water because ______(Their products are soluble in water) The formula for oleic is _____________ (C17H33COOH ) ______ and ________ are the principal sources of fats and oils (Plants & Animals) What are the advantages of hydrogenation of oil ________ ( 9. 109. 83. 87. Our Universe.www. ____________ gives red colour to the glass (Cu2O) 96. 88. 108. Measurement of Length 103. 85. Cullet is ____________ (Some Broken Glass ) 92.(SiO2) 94. 81. Gravitation 106.

119. 116. Newton’s laws are valid in __________ frame of reference (Inertial ) 128. 113. 126. Circular motion is a special case of ____________ motion (Rotatory ) 133. 117. ____________ force is a pull on the body towards the centre of circle ( Centripetal ) 129. Periodic motion is also called as ________________ ( Harmonic motion) .sdanstu. 114.67 x 10-11 Nm2 Kg-2) The uniform acceleration produced in a freely falling body due to gravitational pull of the earth is called ________________ ( Acceleration due to gravity) The Value of acceleration due to gravity “g” is nearly ____________ (9. 123. 125.G.8 m/s2) Acceleration due to gravity at poles is _____________ and at equator it is ____________ (maximum & Minimum) Ptolemaic theory also known as ____________ (Geocentric theory) Copernican theory is known as _____________ ( Helioceritric theory ) Relation between g. 121. Centre seeking force is called _____________ ( Centripetal Force) 134. The value of “G” is ___________ ( 6.T and g is _____________ (2 l/g ) 135. Formula for angle of banking is ______________ ( tan θ = v2/rg) 131. 115. 111.M and r _____________(g = GM/r2) Mass of the body is ___________ anywhere in the (Constant) Acceleration due to gravity is andependent of _________ ( Mass of the body) According to kepler concept the orbit of a planet around the sun is _________ (Elliptical) III. In simple harmonic motion the acceleration of the particle is directly proportional to ___________ ( its displacement) 110.www. A car moves on a curved but level road the necessary centripetal force on the car is provided by _______________ ( Friction between the tyres and the road ) 130. 124. The relation between l. 118. 112. Centripetal acceleration a = ___________ ( a = v2/r) 132. 122. Dynamics 127. Kinematics 120. Time of ascent is directly proportional to ___________ (Initial Velocity) When a body moves towards the earth acceleration due to gravity is taken as __________ (Positive) When a body is projected upwards the acceleration due to gravity is taken as ___________ (Negative) Formula to find out maximum height reached by a body thrown up ________( h = u2/2g) A ball is thrown up and attains a maximum height of 80 m find its initial speed _______ (40 m/s) A body is projected vertically upwards with a velocity of 10 m/s the maximum height reached by the body is ___________ (5m) When a body is dropped from a height h the velocity of the body on reaching the earth is ___________( 2gh) IV.

Particles undergo maximum displacement at _________ in a stationary wave (Anti node) 157.001 nm to 10 nm ) Radio wave have wavelength from _________ ( 1 m to 100 km ) Ozone is depleted due to release of __________ (Fluoro Carbons) ____________ are often used in microwave ovens (Microwaves) Relation between C. 139. 143. first resonance occurs when the length of the air column is 10cm second resonance occurs at ____________ ( 30 cm ) 154. A medium transmits a sound wave through it by virtue of its ________ ( Elasticity and Inertia ) 160. Distance Between a node and the next anti node is ___________ (λ /4) 156. Sound 151. Distance between a node and the next anti node in a stationary wave is 10cm then the wavelength is ________________ (40cm) 158. In a resonating air column experiment with a closed – end tube. In the vibration that take place under the influence of an external periodic force are called ________________ ( Forced Vibrations ) 159. 140. 144. γ and λ ______________ (C= γ.tk V. The periodic vibration of decreasing amplitude are called ___________ (damped vibration) 152. Velocity of sound in air is V= _______________ (V = rp/p) 153. Electromagnetic Spectrum 137. What is the distance between successive anti node _____________ (200cm) 161. 149. 138. 142. 145. 141. λ) VI.sdanstu. Distance Between two successive node is __________ (λ /12) 155. 147. The Electromagnetic radiation that are used to take photographs of objects in darkness _______________( Infrared rays ) The speed of objects Electromagnetic radiations is ___________ ( 3 x 108 m/s ) ____________ rays are emitted in radio activity in the Electromagnetic spectrum (Gamma) The frequencies used in radio communications are in the range of ________ ( 300khz to 30Mhz) RADAR means _______________ ( Radio Detection and Ranging) All Electromagnetic waves are ____________ in nature ( Transverse ) The Ozone layer protects us from __________ radiations from the sun ( Ozone ) The process of making use of soft X-rays in medical diagnosis is called ________ ( Radiography) The Electromagnetic radiation used in RADAR ___________ ( Micro Waves ) The wavelength range of visible spectrum _______________( 0. The wavelength of a stationary wave is 400cm. 148.www. 146. In a stationary wave the paint at which the particles are at rest is called a ________ (Node) . 150.

When resistance are connected in _______________the total voltage is divided among them(Series) 186. The equivalent resistance when two resistors of 8Ω each are connected in parallel _____(4 Ω) 182. The symbol of a battery is ____________( 185. 172. If three cells of 1V. Current Electricity 180. Candela is the Unit of ____________ Luminous Intensity) 169. Magnetic field induction on the equatorial line is given by __________ Magnetic Field induction on the axial line is given by _________ The formula of magnetic moment M is ___________(2lm) The Units of intensity magnetization are ____________ ( Tesla ) The value of the magnetic permeability of free space __________ The S.www. Corpuscles are _________ by the refracting surface ( Attracted) 163. The size of corpuscles are _________ for different colours (Different) 164. The unit for solid angle is ____________ (Steradians) 166. Wave theory of light was proposed by _____________ ( Huygens ) 165. VII. 177. B and A is _____________( ø = ) The Units of magnetic pole strength is M. 179. 175.Ne) 170. The conductors which do not obey Ohm’s law are called ___________(non.S system is ___________ (weber) in S. Bismuth are example of ____________ ( Diamagnets) Relation between ø. __________ Laser is an example for gaseous laser (He.f will be _______(2V) 183. The Unit of Electric current is ______________ (Ampere) 184. The Special Three Dimensional Photography in which lasers are used in known as _____________ ( Holography) VIII. Units of resistance ___________( Ohms) 187. The units of specific resistance is _______________ (Ohms-meter) . 174.K.I Unit of magnetic moment is ____________ ( Ampere Metre2 ) Air.metre) IX.I system is ___________( Ampere. Light 162. 1.ohmic conductors) 188. 176.5V and 2V are connected in parallel . then the total e. 178. 173.sdanstu.m. The process of achieving population inversion called ___________(Pumping) 168. What is the equivalent resistance of two resistors 6Ω and 12 Ω when connected in series __________( 18 Ω) 181. Expanded form of LASER is ________( Light Amplification by stimulated Emission of Radiation) 167. Magnetism 171.

www. Rheostat symbol _____________ ( ) 193. When an α – particle is emitted by an atom its mass number is decreased by ______( 4Units) 203. Neptunium series is __________ series (4n+1) 201. Electric potential is measured in ___________ (Volts) 192. The value of mechanical equivalent of heat is __________ (4. A dynamo converts ___________ into ___________( Mechanical & Electrical ) 194. Modern Physics 199. 214. Isotopes examples _____________(1H1 1H2 13H. 217.sdanstu. 212. Isobars Examples _____________( 613C 713N) 206. Ohm’s law ___________ (V = iR) 191. A group of closely spaced energy levels is called ___________( Energy bond) The process of introducing impurities in small qualities into a material is called_________(Doping_ A group of 8 bits is called a __________________(Byte) Some of the high level language are _____________( Basic. A transformer use iron core to ___________( To minimize power loss) 196. 1940K and 2040Ca are examples for __________ (Isobars) XI.18 J/c) 190. 220. Electronics 209. Isotopes examples ( 204. 218.Ga) I Mev = ______________(1. As Sb) Examples for trivalant impurities __________( B. and Fortan) A set of __________ is called a programme. 221.0078amu) 208. Mechanical) 197. 1020Ne 1021Ne 1022Ne ) 205. 219.A1. 1532P) 207. 213. Pascal.(Instruction) Transformers acts as ____________________ ( an amplifier) Assembler os a _____________ language (Mechanic) The Symbol of P – N junction diode is _____________( ) Graphite is an example of a ___________( Semi conductor) IC is the abrivation for ___________(Integrated Circuit) The current produced by the motion of holes is called _____________( Hole Current) Examples for pentavalant impurities ____________( P. The units of self inductance is _____________( Henry ) 195. 210. Cobol. 215. A Transformer works on the principle ______________ (Mutual induction) 198. 222. Faraday’s first law is ______________ ( m = zit) X. 216. 211.6 x 10-12J) .tk 189. The electromagnetic radiation observed in radio activity is ___________ ( 202. Isotones Examples ____________(1431Si. The mass of one proton is _______________(0. Electric motor converts ___________ energy into ____________energy (Electrical. Actinium series is ____________ Series (4n+3) 200.

Group-A ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) Group-B A) Electrically neutral B) Same atomic number C) Positive charge D) Different number of protons E) Negative charge 1. Isotopes 5. Voltameter 5. γ – ray 4.0078 amu . Joul Colorimeter 2. Ammeter 4. V = iR 3. Isobars III.66 a 10-12 Jolules B) 1. 1 amu 5. Mass of proton 3.6 x 10-12 Jolules E) 2 1 H 1. Mass of Neutron 4. α – Particle 2. β – Particle 3.sdanstu. 1 Mev F) 1.0087 amu C) 931.5 Mev D) 1. Deuterium 2. Group-A ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) Group-B A)Flow of Current B) Ohm C) Ohm’s Law D) Tomeasure mechanicla equivalent of heat 1. Group-A ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) Group-B A) I. Rheostat ( ) E) Potential Difference F) Regulates the Value of Current in a Circuit II.

Rectifier 5. Printer 8.type semi condutor 6.sdanstu. MDl & Dist Medak Ph No 9290571147 .tk IV Group-A 1. A positive charge carrier 2. n. Oscilator 4. Mouse 7. Bit ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Group-B A)Output device B) Input Device C) Intrinsic Semi conductor D) Extrinsic semi conductor E) Hole F) Diode G) O orl H) Transistor Prepared By S Siddi Rama Goud.www. SA Phy Sci ZPHS Machavara. Pure Silicon 3.