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Atchara – Fermented Green Papaya Excellent for Digestion Atchara is a traditional Philippine fermented dish made with unripe

raw green papaya, fresh raw ginger root, and other raw ingredients in a vinegar base. As kimchi is to the Koreans, chutney to the Indians, and sauerkraut is to the Germans, so atchara is a traditional fermented dish valued in Philippine culture. The two main drawbacks of this dish were that it was usually made with white refined sugar and white distilled vinegar. Knowing the nutritional value of papaya and fermented foods, Marianita and I began a quest to make a truly raw fermented atchara (as it once probably was years ago) that could take its rightful place in the market of other traditionally fermented vegetable dishes such as sauerkraut, kimchi, and chutney, which are well-known around the world. It was a journey that took more than 5 years, since this was strictly a “homemade” type of product in the Philippines. – Organic Raw Coconut Water Vinegar: The water inside the coconut shell is packed with nutrients that nourish the nut as it prepares to germinate and start growing into a new coconut tree. Coconut water is high in many vitamins and minerals, especially potassium. Because it contains electrolytes, it is considered one of the best natural rehydrating drinks in the tropics. Pasteurized coconut water retains most of the minerals, and is frequently sold as a sports drink. In the Philippines, raw coconut water is often left in the open air to ferment, where it eventually turns into a vinegar. The fermentation process enhances the nutrients, unlike heat pasteurization. – Organic Whole Muscabado Sugar: We use only certified organic Muscabado whole cane sugar, grown by a cooperative of small scale family farmers in the Philippines. The sugar is also Fair Trade certified. Muscabado sugar is a whole sugar extracted from the sugar cane using traditional methods. It contains all the natural nutrients found in raw sugar cane or molasses. Our Muscabado whole cane sugar is a deep brown in colour, which gives a brown colouring to Tropical Traditions Atchara. The sugar is needed in the fermentation process, and much of it is used up during fermentation. Atchara is not sweet at all. – Organic Raw Ginger Root: Ginger is another ingredient in atchara that is known for aiding digestion. It is added raw and enhanced through fermentation in the raw vinegar. Our ginger comes from the remote areas of Mt. Banahaw in the Philippines, far away from large cities and pollution. It is the same area where most of our virgin coconut oil is produced. – Native Tagalog Garlic: This garlic is prized as a more potent and stronger garlic than larger imported varieties. We use only Tagalog garlic, and our small-scale family farmers raising this garlic are in the process of becoming certified organic. Garlic has traditionally been known as an immune supporting herb with remarkable nutritional qualities. Atchara is best used as a condiment during meal times. The coconut water vinegar should not be discarded after all the papaya has been consumed. It can be used as any other vinegar, such as part of a salad dressing. Note: The coconut water vinegar in this Atchara is very strong! Dilute with purified water to reach the lower acidity level of standard vinegars, if desired. SUMMARY

"Atchara" is a famous Filipino appetizer or side dish. Grated green papaya are placed in airtight containers and can be soaked for weeks in cooked vinegar and sugar (Splenda) mixture with onions, garlic, ginger, peppercorn, pineapple, and red bell pepper. This sweet and tangy relish is a perfect complement to grilled meat, fish or

canned 50 g Raisins 2. abundant in vitamin B and vitamin E and digestible amino acids. cut into thin strips 20 g Ginger.00 onion (178 g) Onion.50 cup (43 g) Green Capsicum. it contains more vitamin A than carrots.00 clove (12 g) Garlic. grated 50 g Sea Salt 100 g Carrots.50 cup (43 g) Red Capsicum.00 cup (592 g) Green Papaya. cut into thin strips 200 g Pineapple Tidbits. more vitamin C than oranges. cut into strips 0.poultry. sliced 4. cut into thin strips 0. Mature green papaya has higher nutritional properties than the ripe fruit but lesser in calories and carbohydrates. thinly sliced 250 g Vinegar . INGREDIENTS 4.

0 g -Mono-Unsaturated: 0.3 g -Saturated: 0.9 kJ (52.1 g Total Carbs: 9.0 g -Poly-Unsaturated: 0.8 kcal) Protein: 0.2 g -Sugar: 9.7 g Fibre: .9 g -Complex Carbs: 0.9 g Total Fat: 0.30 g Splenda Sugar Blend 10 g Sea Salt NUTRITIONAL PANEL Per Serve Energy: 220.

Nutritional Content IV. Introduction II. Pictures .0 mL Alcohol: 0.5 g Water: 108. Comments or Learning Experience V.2. Recipe Ingredients Materials Procedure III.0 mg Project Format in tle I.0 g Cholesterol: 0.