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.223 (5.56) CAUBER
(For use with "180-" serial number prefix models.)


This model out of production - F or reference use only,

The extremely rapid autoloading action of the Mini-14 mechanism places stresses on the cartridge which are not encountered with s.lower mechanisms. If the bullet is not held securely by the cartridge case mouth, it may be driven bock into the case during the feed cycle. Should a bullet lodge in the throat of the bore (the result of a squib'" load), a loosely seated bullet will be driven bock into the case and no indication of an unusual condition will be noted until the moment of firing. Either of the above conditions will result in extremely high pressures, possible damage to the rifle and/or injury to the shooter. FOR THIS REASON, USE ONLY CANNELURED BULLETS AND CRIMP THEM SECURELY.
'IIA Squib load is usually the result of a failur. 10 load an adequate quantity of prop.llant powd.L

STURM, RUGER & COlDpany, Inc.

M{7-95 R9

223 (5. A. The stock. We specifically disclaim respansibilitv for IIny damage or injury iohatsocrer occurring in connection with tlu: U$(' in this firearm of faulty or non-standard or hand-loaded ammunition. the mechanism and operating characteristics of the MINI-I4 are unique. It is intended for use only with standard ammunition of th e proper caliber which conforms to Industry Specifications. or other . NEEDLESS TO SAY: SAFETY MECHANISM Never aim at anything which you do not wish to shoot. This firearm has been proof-II'slnl with special test ammunition which conforms to American Industry . simple and reliable. Light w{'ight and great strength is achieved by innovative engint'ering and the US{' of the finf'st available materials. the barrel and the magazine constitute the major wr-ight of the MINI-14. 2 SAFETY OFF . S. SAFETY ON Fig. industry standards. The MINI-l4 conforms to basic HUI!. It is chambered for . Military.S. self-cleansing design.l.GENERAL INFORMATION The Ruger MINI-14 Rifle is a gas operated.22:) (5. Compact. semiautomatic firearm designed and manufactured in Ruger factories in the U-S_A. Although it resembles several C. AMMUNITION The MINI-H is designed to usc either U.'.pecificalioTl.H is built far better and stronger than it need be. moving cylinder. Military Standard arms in outward appearance.S. Unburned powder particles are automatically vented from the system. TIH' arm can only be fired when the bolt is safely locked. military and commercial cartridges. Commercial Sporting. Its breech and firing mechanisms are held to a minimum in size and weight by the efficient use of hardened chrome-molybdenum steels. careful study must Lt' given to the operating and maintenance instructions which art' contained in this manual.56mm) U. therefore. S. Always keep the muzzle pointing in a safe direction. box magazine fed. The firing pin is retracted mechanically during the first part of the unlocking of the bolt. The gas system is a fixed piston.56mm) caliber ammunition manufactured to U. extremely rugged components. the mechanism is composed of relatively few. Be sure of your backstop or direction of fire before shooting. and based on the Ruger fixed piston/mobile cylinder gas operating system. Every component part of the l\lIl\'I. Music wire coil springs are used throughout the mechanism to insure reliability under field operating conditions.{'rprinciples of design and construction throughout.

chambering a cartridge. rear portion of Bolt Hold Opt'n Latch. While holding latch dt'pressed-is stopped by the latch. allow slidr. loading one or two cartridges less than tilt' full maguzine rapacity will Irequently allow the cartridges to ked. Dpprl's. To load the with tlu. LOADING THE MAGAZINE Use only ammunition of the proper by a reputable manufacturer. 3. to justify unsafe handling or pointing of the firearm. To manually ellgagt> tlu. never depend on it. To release the slide either: 1. it blocks hath the hammer and the sear. caliber.built'! pointing towards the hole and push downwards until the cartridge load mor« than the designed number of If feed problems are experienced due to improper bullet construction. Should the carbine be dropped or strongly jarred with the Bolt Hold Open engaged and a charged magazine in place. the ~Iide may be releasr-d and will then go forward. 3 .Idt side of tilt' n·ct·in·" and i. Draw the cocking handle fully to the rear. Do not attempt to cartridges.magazine body snaps into place.The manual safety mechanism is located forward of the trigger as illustrated in "A" above. then draw the cocking handle to the rear 2. Although the safety is properly designed and fitted. BOLT HOLD OPEN LATCH The MINI·14 is equipped with a Bolt Hold Open mechanism which automatically engages to hold the bolt and slide to the rear when the last cartridge has been fired or whenever the slide is cycled while an empty magazine is in place. When the safety is in the "On" position.. Pull cocking to the rear. The safety can be moved to "On" only when the hammer is cocked. then depress the forward end of tilt' Bolt Hold Opt>1I Lat.'.Bolt Hold handle entirely ()pt'll Latch: 1. in good condition and made column double row design. The Bolt Hold Open Latch is located on tlu. or any mechanical device.. TIH' magazine is of staggered magazine simply align the cartridge in the front of tlu.> jlu"hing down on tIll' latch allow the slide to go forward. and release or. Remove the empty magazine.h and w hil. WARNING: Unless an empty magazine is in camp forward until it 2. engagt·d hy a projection which contacts the lollower of an r-mpty maaaz ine. the Bolt Hold Open Latch will be automatically released by any rearward motion of the slide.

Cenerally. remove the magazinc and pull the slide handle entirely to the rear extracting and ejecting the chambered cartridge. rifle at anything which you do not wish is unloaded immediately before handisas~"lllhly or storage. insert fully into magazine well. B. GENEHAL: REAB vation. To unload the rifle. to shoot. Fig. SIGHT ADJUSTMENT TIlt' . Holding magazine at an angle as shown... can be used to depress the lock plunger and eleallowing 4 . The magazine the closed or the opm position. Pull holtom of magazine towards trigger guard until rear latch ('ngages. the bolt hold open latch will automatically engage holding the bolt and the slide open. TO LOAD AND Load magazine FIRE: anti insert into rifle Pull the slide han tile fully to the rear and release it letting the slide snap forward under spring pressure. l. A cartridge will be stripped from the magazine and chambered by the forward motion of the bolt. if the rifle is sighted in to hit the point of aim at a distance of 200 shot for !'aeh pull of the trigger until the magazine is exhausted.223 IS. TIll' riAe will now fi rr. 2. your This firearm has ber-n thoroughly tested and inspected prior to shipment and we assume no responsibility or liability for any injury or damages resulting from its intentional or accidental discharge.INSERTING THE MAGAZINE may be inserted with the bolt in either See illustration B. no change in point of aim or sight adjustment is required to keep within a 9" circle at all ranges from 0-300 yards. put the Safety in the "On" position. Wh£'n the last cartridge is Ii red. dry-firing.sure r iflr- cleaning. OPERATION GENERAL: Always tiling. Ne-uer ehp('k point to hr.S6mm) cartridge used by the MINI-14 has a vt'ry flat trajectory. SIGHT: Till' rr-a r sight is adjustable for both windage The point of a bull .

A cartridge can be used to unlatch the spring steel trigger guard. A careful reading of the illustrated instructions which follow will be more than repaid by the ease with which you will be able to maintain your MINI-H.turn adjustment counterclockwise. A IA turn will move the point of impact 1.the adjustment to be moved I/~ turn in either direction. The sight adjustment has been made deliberately positive so that it cannot under normal circumstances be accidentally disturbed. WINDAGE ADJUSTMENT To move impact to the right . No tools are required to accomplish field stripping. 5 . To move impact to the left turn adjustment clockwise. To lower impact turn adjustment clockwise.5" at 100 yards. ELEVATION ADJUSTMENT To raise impactturn adjustment counterclockwise. FIELD STRIPPING AND REASSEMBLY The Ruger MINI-14 can be field stripped to its basic subassemblies in less than 30 seconds. Reassembly is just as simple and rapid.

F). (Fig. 2. Using a cartridge or other suitable tool. D.FIELD STRIPPING 1. (Note: Hammer must be cocked and Safety must be "On" to accomplish disassemhly and reassemhly). 3. spring open trigger guard latch (Fig. 6 . Fig. 4. Pull cocking handle entirely to rear and release. Hernove trigger group (Fig. Put Saft'ty"On". F. E).D). Fig. C). Fig. C. Remove magazine (Fig.

Caution: Mainspring is heavily compressed Use care while disassembling or reassembling to prevent mainspring assernbly from escaping and possibly causing injury.. not n-commcndcd unless performed by competent pf'r~ons experienced in gun.mithing. Pull the bolt forward Fig. assembly Fig.~ r~ . . Remove from stock Barrel/receiver (Fig. Remove slide (Fig. 8. I). J. 6. Pull slide handle to the rear. . 7. Align locking projections on slide with disassembly notch on receiver. Hi and 2). G). Remove Recoil spring guide and recoil spring (Fig. 7 . Align firing pin projection with slot in lower receiver bridge. Hemove bolt (Fig. J).-~~ ~ . until it pivots out of the receiver.-~.. Further disassembly should not be requiri-d and i. 5.. G... ~ -.==:.

The bore and chamber should then be wiped clean and a vcry light film of oil applied to prevent rust. and prevent rust. Using powder solvent. the fixed gas piston and the inside steel liner of the forearm. please comply 8 . Field strip rifle. It will do no harm to the bolt roller. If you should return your gun for repair or order with the following suggestions for prompt service: parts. To clean the hore and chamber.) 3. 2. 5. Lightly oil all components as noted above. disassemble it and clean and oil as outlined above.REASSEMBLY Reassembly is accomplished by reversing the steps outlined that the hamrru-r mu-t be cocked and the Safety must be "On". or when tlu. to ensure that your SERVICE POLICY Before shipment every Ruger firearm is carefully inspected and test-fired in order to prove that it is in perfect condition and conforms fully to our specifications and standards. saturated with a recognized brand of powder solvent and follow the manufacturer's directions. At regular interval. Take advantage MINI-l4 will always hp of th« rapid fit'ld stripping procedure n-ady when you need it. 4. (Note: Only a VI'ry small amount of oil is required to provide adequate lubrication of moving part. The design of the MINI-ltlprovides PERIODIC MAINTENANCE unequalled ease of maintenance. above. Reassemble to apply a small drop of oil at all pivot points and tlIP r ilh-. dust.rille has her-n exposed to sand. extreme humidity or other adverse conditions. Note CARE AND CLEANING before handling. An excess of oil (or any solid obstruction) in the bore lIlay cause damage to this or any other firearm. fully describing all circumstances and conditions involved. remove powder residue from all components of the mechanism including the cylindrical chamber in the front of the slide. Always check to be sun' rifle is unloaded 1. If there is any question with regard to the performance of the rifle. please write to our Service Department. wipe out powder residue with a clean cloth patch.

New Hampshire.) Please enclose copies of any previous correspondence. be sent through a federally licensed dealer! NOTICE: Check chamber and magazine before shipping. Work performed will bear a net minimum labor charge of $15. 411 Sunapee Street Newport. 5. Inc. The price shown for parts does not include the minimum net labor charge of $15.00 shipping and handling charge. This procedure ensures maximum protection to our customers. The special proof-test ammunition used in this testing is sold only to bonafide firearms manufacturers and is not available to gun shops. See "Warning -. In certain states and under certain regulations. Ruger MINI-14's returned for service should be sent to: Sturm Ruger & Company. We will not return the replaced parts. These parts are fitted on an exchange basis only. If firearms are sent to us in a loaded condition. Please do NOT send to our factory your scope or rifle case with the firearm being sent to us for repair. gunsmiths. For best repair service. Order parts by Part Name and Part Number and include the entire serial number of the firearm for which the parts are being ordered. 411 Sunapee Street. The charge for re-bluing is $35.D. Federal regulations must be complied with when shipping any firearm.PARTS: All parts orders for the RUGER ®MINI-14 rifle should be sent to: Sturm. All factory fitted parts are fit on an exchange basis only. 603-863-3300. we must notify Federal authorities. Payment in the form of a check. We will not return the replaced parts.00 plus $5. Also. Prices and specifications subject to change at our discretion without notice.00 plus $3. Service Department. 3.. Visa or Mastercard must accompany your order. badly worn or has been modified. Parts designated by an asterisk (*) must be factory fitted. 03773. Barrels. state nature of trouble experienced or of work desired. the receiver of the RUGER ®MINI-14 rifle is defined as a 'firearm' by Federal Law and is not offered for sale as a component part. FIREARMS: I. Ruger & Co. Minimum parts order is $1. always enclose letter furnishing serial number and Model of rifle.00 plus $5. 4. Guns shipped to the factory should be sent prepaid. expiration date and whether it is a Visa or Mastercard account. money order.O.Parts Purchasers" p. or individuals. Credit Card orders must include the account number.00 shipping and handling charge. II. We will not return any part that is broken. (Merely stating "defective" or "repair" is inadequate information.00 shipping and handling charge. orders. it may be impossible for us to return a repaired firearm to an individuaL It is therefore most strongly recommended that all firearms sent to us for repair. Because it is a serial numbered part. malfunctioning.. Newport. New Hampshire 03773 Phone (603) 863-3300 2. Inc. Company policy is to proof-test and/or function fire all barrels after fitting to the receivers in which they are to be used. We will not accept collect shipments. We cannot comply with open account or C.00 plus $5. Products Service Dept.50 shipping and handling charge. 9 . and a number of other component parts must be fitted at the factory.

50 . . .50 .50 14.50 6.50 .20 1. -4 Req'd Gas Port Bushing Guide Rod * Hammer Hammer Pivot Pin Hammer Spring Hammer Strut Hand Guard.00 . Wood Hand Guard Clip Magazine.50 .50 .2Req'd Ejector Ejector Spring * Extractor Extractor Plunger Extractor Spring * Firing Pin Forearm Liner & Stock Cap Assembly Front Sight Front Sight Cross Pin *Gas Block.00 .25 ...50 1.50 1.25 .PARTS LIST AND SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICES Design.nO M-34 M-.50 17.75 ea. SPECIFY MODEL WHEN ORDERING RUGER® MINI-14® RIFLE (for use with "180-" serial number prefix models) Part Name * Barrel * Bolt & Roller Assembly Bolt Lock Bolt Lock Plunger Bolt Lock Plunger Spring Butt Plate Butt Plate Screw .50 .50 4.00 No Longer Available 4.50 No Longer Available 3.75 .50 5.50 2.50 1. prices and specifications subject to change without notice.. .75 .50 . M-3 M-IO M-32 M-45 M-46 C-63 C-64 M-8 M-70 M-14 M-16 M-15 M-II M-22 M-44F MF-133 M-35 M-65 M-25 M-.26 M-40 M-66 M-30 M-31 M-12 M-50 M-27-5 M-28-5 M-36 .75 .50 14.50 .50 13.00 4.50 .50 . Complete 5-Shot Capacity Magazine Bottom Magazine Bottom Retainer Magazine Catch Magazine Catch Retaining Pin Magazine Follower Magazine Latch Magazine Latch Pivot Pin Magazine Latch Spring Magazine Shell Magazine Spring Piston 10 Part No.\I) M-17 M-19 M-47 M-18 M-5 M-41 MAG/5 Price $55.50 20. Top & Bottom Gas Block Screw.50 ea.

50 1. The purchaser and installer of parts must accept full responsibility for the correct adjustment and functioning of the firearm after such installation. Nylon Carrying Stock Stock Reinforcement Stock Reinforcement Screw.00 . 2 Req'd * Trigger Trigger Bushing Trigger Guard Trigger Housing Trigger Pivot Trigger Spring *PARTS Part No.00 .50 . II . Firearms are complicated mechanisms and IMPROPER FITTING OF PARTS MAY RESULT IN A DANGEROUS MALFUNCTION.50 5. AND INJURY TO THE SHOOTER AND OTHER PERSONS. Rear Sling Swivel Pin.50 .50 2. .50 .50 .Part Name Rear Sight Base Rear Sight Elevation Detent Plunger Rear Sight Elevation Detent Plunger Spring Rear Sight Elevation Screw Rear Sight Elevation Plunger Rear Sight Elevation Plunger Spring Real Sight Nut Rear Sight Peep Rear Sight Windage Detent Plunger Rear Sight Windage Detent Spring Rear Sight Windage Screw Rear Sight Windage Screw Pin Receiver Recoil Spring Retainer Plate Retainer Plate Plunger Retainer Plate Plunger Spring * Safety Assembly Safety Detent Spring Safety Spring Retaining Pin * Secondary Sear Secondary Sear Spring * Slide Assembly Sling Swivel. Front Sling Swivel Assembly.50 .50 1.00 ea.25 No Longer Available No Longer Available 1.50 Not Offered For Sale 1. et: fACIORY INSTALLED WARNING TO PARTS PURCHASERS II is the purchaser's responsibilitv to be absolutely certain that any parts ordered from the factory are correctly fitted and installed.50 .50 1.00 .75 .50 . Front Sling.50 .50 4.50 57.50 3.00 5.50 .25 No Longer Available No Longer Available . DAMAGE TO THE FIREARM.50 9.00 so MARKED MUS].25 64. M-55F M-73F M-56F M-74F M-53F M-54F M-57F M-52F M-6IF M-58F M-59F M-7IF M-I M-51 M-67 M-68 M-60 M-38 M-49 M-62 M-23 M-24 M-37 B-77 B-78 M-76 MA-132 M-4 M-7 M-69 M-20 M-43 M-2 M-13 M-21 M-48 Price $ 7.75 .75 23.

y I C 12 .CUTAWAY VIEW hanism shown in Mee full reco:'I after firing.