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• IN-CLASS: Who are the winners and losers in developing countries? 1. Winners and Losers in the Context of Global Change by Karen L. O’Brien* and Robin M. Leichenko • Define the concept of voluntary winners and losers. • Emerge from competition in which prior to the event the game is "fair" and the outcome is undetermined. This mirrors the theory of neoliberalism and or neorealism Define the concept of structural winners and losers. • Structural emerge from larger societal processes or changes whereby the distribution of the impact is unequal. This mirrors the theory of Marxist. • What is the natural, inevitable, and evolutionary (NIE) view of winners and losers? • Like the north developing faster than the south because the nature and environment is better. • NIE is a rational outcome of the ongoing social and political process (based on ecological or economic processes) • The solution will be based on the adjustment and adaptations in which one can create a win-win opportunity. Govt does not really need to intervene because you should adapt. • What is the socially and political generated (SPG) view of winners and losers? • Emerge from unequal social and political structures in which the winners and losers are predetermined. Govt does need to come and help out. 2. Developing Countries: Winners and losers by Carol Lancaster • Who is the developing world?  The table on in the article • Why do these considerable differences among regions and countries in the developing world exist?  Based on goverence and leadership and social groups • Is there evidence for the “relative deprivation theory”? 3. Linking globalization to poverty by Machiko Nissanke and Erik Thorbecke • What are the transmission mechanisms through which the process of globalization affects poverty directly and indirectly?

Why have wage gaps between skilled and unskilled labor been increasing in many developing countries (particularly in Latin America and Africa)?

4. Winners and Losers of Vietnam’s Leading Food Exports by Long Le • Does becoming a world leading food exporter serve as engine for long-run economic growth? • Who exactly benefits from the country’s world leading food exports? • Online Assignment. Listen to Ethan Kapstein’s presentation on The Fate of Young Democracies (the first 25 minutes). Short answer questions. Due Nov. 7. Available on WebCt homepage. Extra Credit Assignment. Global Issues’ Can Extreme Poverty Be Eliminated? (Article 3). Due Nov. 7. Available on WebCt homepage. Suggested Reading 1. Winners and Losers over Two Centuries of Globalization by Jeffrey Williamson 2. Young People and the Globalizing World by the United Nations’ World Youth Report 2005 3. How does globalisation affect women? By Goretti Horgan

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