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LA 1 :INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY 1. Technology required for information processing, in particular, the use of electronic computers, communication devices and software applications to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve information from anywhere, anytime is called ________________________. 2. Guidelines to refer to when using the computer and computer networks includes the Internet is called __________________________. 3. _________________________is a system of moral standards or values used as a guideline for computer users. 4. __________________________ refers to works created by inventors, authors and artists. These works are unique and have value in the market place. 5._______________________ in IT refers to data and information privacy. Data refers to a collection of raw unprocessed facts, figures and symbols while Information privacy is described as the rights of individuals and companies to deny or restrict the collection and use of information about them. 6. _______________________ refers to any laws relating to protecting the Internet and other online communication technologies. 7. __________________________ is defined as any criminal activity that is related to the use of computers. These activities include computer fraud, copyright infringement, computer theft and computer attack. 8. ______________________________ means protecting our computer systems and the information they contain against unwanted access, damage, destruction or modification. LA 2 : COMPUTER SYSTEM 1. ___________________________ is defined as combination of components designed to process data and store files. It consists of four major hardware components; input devices, output devices, processor and storage devices. LA 3 : COMPUTER NETWORK AND COMMUNICATIONS 1. _____________________________ is the protocol that transfers data from node to node and responsible of delivering data packets from sender to receiver. 2. ___________________________________ is the transfer of information ( text, voice, sound, video, graphics) from a sender across a distance to a receiver using electricity, radio waves or light through physical medium such as wire, cable or atmosphere.



3. __________________________________________ is defined as a group of computers and network devices connected together within a large physical area such as city. 4. ______________________________ is a network in which the shared files and applications are stored in the server but the client can still store files on their individual PC. 5. ____________________________ is a standard that sets the rules computers must follow in communicating with each other on a network. 6 _________________________________ .is the network that covers large distances such as states, countries or continents 7 ____________________________________ is a group of computers and network devices which less than 500 interconnected devices across several building or same building. 8.________________________________________ is the protocol that establishes connection between two computers, protects against data loss and data corruption. It also responsible for breaking the data into packets before they are sent. 9. _________________________ is a internal network which accessible by authorized individuals within an organization and it available between cities, states and countries. 10. __________________________ is a private network that uses Internet technology and public telecommunications system to securely share relevant information such as share product catalogues, share news, jointly develop program with authorized parties/users ( customers, suppliers or partners ) that has been registered. 11. ______________________________________ allows to connect computers and peripherals to a network and written to keep networks running at optimal performance example Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server and Red Hat Linux. 12 __________________________________ is a system of interconnected computers and peripheral devices such as printers, scanners and cameras 13. _____________________ is the world’s largest computer network which connects millions of computers all over the world which carry various services such as email, online chat, web browsing, file transfer and etc. 14. ___________________________________ is a network with all the nodes acting as both servers and clients. A PC can access files located on another PC and can also provide files to other PCs.



LA 4 : MULTIMEDIA 1. ________________________is media that uses multiple forms of information content and information processing (e.g. text, audio, graphics, animation, video, interactivity) to inform or entertain the (user) audience and useelectronic media to store and experience multimedia content. 2. In ______________________________ authoring tools, the multimedia elements or events are presented and organised along a time line. 3. The __________________________ in authoring tools provides the multimedia developer with a visual programming approach to sequencing events in the multimedia application which elements and events are organised in a structural framework. 4. The ___________________________ in authoring tools are based on the idea of card stacks and containing graphics, audio, video, text and animation and organised as pages in a book or a stack of cards. LA 5 : PROGRAMMING 1. ____________________/ ________________ is a series of instruction that directs a comp to perform task and can be written in programming languages. 2. ______________________ is a set of words, symbols and codes that enables humans to communicate with computers 3. __________________________________ approach uses a top-down design model where program is broken into modules from top to bottom. ( through the hierarchy ) and task must be done in step by step such as read data, process data and print output. - eg Ada, Pascal, Fortran. 4. In ______________________________approach , the process is done through the hierarchy. 5. ____________________________________ approach uses objects which combines data with functions to create objects. Eg eg Smalltalk, Java, VB and C++ 6. In _________________________________ approach programmer can combine and pakage data and prosedur in a unit called object ( encapsulation) 7. In ______________________________________ approach information hiding and eventdriven concept is used.


8. In _____________________________________ approach characteristics of object ( class to subclass) can inherited. LA6 : INFORMATION SYSTEM

1. _________ is a raw inputs for information system such as text, number, image, video or sound that can convert into meaningful information during process. 2. _______________ is organised data that is valuable and meaningful to a specific user 3. _____________________________ is a set of a related components that collects data, processes data and provides information. Eg student’s mark are the input data that must be obtained from the class teachers.Process involves making calculations, comparing, grading and storing data. Output usually in the form of documents that can be digital or in printed format. 4. ____________ is a set of physical equipment such as a processor, monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer that collect data for processing before displaying to the user. 6. ______________ is a set of computer programs that provide step-by-step instruction to the hardware to process data that use in information system. 7. _____________ are individuals such as manager, clerk, teacher who use the hardware, software and its output. 8. ________________ is a set of instruction indicating all the components in order to process information and generate the expected outcome.For example is user manual. 9. ________ is a smallest unit of data can store in the computer database. It is representing either 0(off) or 1 (on). 10.__________ consist of 8 bits of code and each byte reprensents a character. A character can be a letter, number or special character. 11. ___________ is a unit of data contain of one or more characters (bytes) 12. ____________ is a collection of related fields such as students’s name and address. 4


13. _____________ is a collection of related records such as student’s personal and marks records. 14. ______________ is structured collection of information on specific subjects. An example of the database is a telephone book which contains records of names, addresses and contact numbers. 15. _______________________________ is a program that accesses information from a database. A Database Management System provides an interface between the database and the user. A Database management System enables you to extract, modify and store information from a database. Examples of DBMS are Oracle, SQL Server and Microsoft Access. 16. _________________ is the field that uniquely represents each record in a table. These keys must not have null values. Meaning, you must not leave these keys blank. Each table in the database must have at least one primary key. 17. _________________ is the field that matches the primary key in another table. It contains the same data as those of the primary key in the other table. A foreign key may have duplicate values. 18. _________________ is a collection of data that is organised as rows and columns. Eg table of Author 19. ________________is database object that retrieves specific information from a database. For example information of stok in the shop or brand good that often buy by customer. 20. ________________ is an organised and formatted view of selected fields from selected Tables or Queries. Forms is used to perform data entry. 21. _________________ is a summaries information from the database. It is use to retrieve information from the database using Table or Query.