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The construction of social facilities building in the edge of the ITU Maslak pond.
Erman DEMİR Meltem TATLI Alper DÜZEN

Also. Families. Reasons of this situation are:     Improved economic situation of Turkish people More women are in business life . Kampus Cafe and Avm are trying to enhance people social places. We will service to the costumers in high quality. So. People are spending their more leisure time outside of home than past. peaceful place. there are 20. people who are working in the Technocities are performing our costumer profile in ITU. Because. They are complaining rudeness of the waiters/waitresses. outside the ITU. In ITU. Avm is very crowded. noisy and it services with expensive prices. bad service of the foods and expensive prices. Students. In ITU. they are not fully successful to meet costumer needs. According to our interviews with students. . These topics are market. officers. people are who are working in Maslak is our customers.000 costumers approximately. A. MARKET In Turkey.We performed a Marketing Plan considering three topics. They don’t have time for cooking. academics. cafe/restaurant market increasing it’s popularity day by day. students and employed section are choosing to eat outside. Cafes/restaurants are unique places for meeting with friends in noon and after work day and in other leisure times. client and competition. everyone is complaining about Kampus Café services. But . limited menus. Cafes/restaurants offer more suitable.They are giving up their traditional job as housewife. We are opening this café in ITU pound to break monopolistic power of campus café. Kampus café is not doing anything for improving theirselves. families choose to eat outside. more special atmosphere for meetings. Costumers will be relaxed in the nature of the ITU Pond.they are nearly monopoly in the university. We are also providing quite.

Therefore we can say easily. provides not to be affected from the noise of the student circulation in lecture times.Significant number of them prefer going alternative places for lunch instead of mess hall. we want to build a corner with the book shelves that people can share and change theirs. seasonal hidrogen boat tours are also our offers for the customers. personnel and academics population is about 12.It is needed in ITU Campus and Maslak region a quite and natural place for the people. . have a really high attraction potential for them.These alternative places does not have enough capacity for all customers especially at dining times and they are almost full at the other time periods during the day. CLIENT a) Customer Segmentation via theirs needs The 3370 college students remaining in the dormitories in the Maslak. nominately when the final exams are near. internet opportunity for the customers can increase the number of the customers dramatically. there is a certain customer demand to a good social facility with the top services. B. Moreover.000 in Maslak campus. next the beauty of the pond. one of the main problem of the alternatives was the high prices.Moreover a good breakfast service with a convenient price. there is a high demand for this studing environment. The work days circulating student. need food service especially at the weekends when the mess hall is not open. Because of the library is almost full everytime.We want to overcome this problem by the daily special offers for students and student groups. except the lecture times. In addition. There will be advertisements of our place in the internet and social media and in the tv. In this silent environment. In this facility. We will also attract people from Maslak by hanging posters in Maslak region. especially when the library is completely full. We present people a place that they will escape from complexity of the city. b) Strategies The distance from the faculties.

For cafe sector. Our customer avoid from distressing Istanbul life in our cafe and they relax. They are deficient for 20. . This feature distinguish from other cafe. When customers come to our cafe. customers can see bridge of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. People needs the new cafe. they feel comfortable. service and menu is very important. We should chose waiters which is genial and like own job. Additionally. Competition First of all. quality of service and something like that.C. we should have rich menu. We can see those cafe always crowded. Furthermore. there are two competitor firms near the our cafe as Kampus cafe and AVM. Two of them have almost same kind of menu. it is near the pond and has amazing nature. Our cafe will bring differences. For example.000 population.