In consideration of Jarred Owens, my recommendation to the court would be a full psychological and family evaluation regarding the youth

. I am suspicious of the fact that there is more to the situation than meets the eye. I would want to rule out the possibility of a mental illness affecting his poor impulse control. If this young man struggled with school enough to drop out, then a high probability exists that there are problems at home. I would suspect this especially in this youth’s situation and wonder if the parents who show so much frustration with Jarred were not trying to steer him in the right direction and he needs a social program to guide him. I would then recommend that the Judge suspend a sentence of one to three years pending completion of a shock program for youth, one including military style boot camp and a mandatory graduation and education plan. At seventeen most youth’s consider themselves unbreakable and indestructible. I don’t want to see any youth offenders in a system they can’t get out of before all attempts have been exhausted. I would want to keep him out of the prison system if possible so that he does not further learn criminal behavior to use later. If he is serious and shows interest in saving the course of his life then a program like this would work, but if upon non completion of the program then I would consider a sentence of 1 to 8 years in a facility with separation for youthful offenders

Regarding Patrick Darvy, my recommendations to the court would be that of intervention by the court regarding both the youth and the parent. I would plead upon the court that no twelve year old can make rational decisions for themselves to this magnitude and immediate intervention should be placed upon the youth. I would recommend that Patrick be placed in foster care outside his home area so that the gang activity could be immediately halted. I would want him enrolled in a gang reform program for youth and intensive daily counseling. I would recommend that the mother also be ordered to attend parenting classes under strict supervision and court ordered supervised visitation with Patrick by a court appointed therapist for joint therapy sessions with a goal to reunite the family. I believe that in the best interest of this youth sentencing to a youth facility would not make it better because he has already shown the ability to be influenced by other youth for the worse. I would suspend the sentence following completion of a program to involve not less than 3 years of intensive supervision. Upon non completion I would sentence Patrick to a youth facility until his 16th birthday. I consider this the more serious case for the reason that he is at an age where influence could make an actual positive change in his life for the better.

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