Is the idea of a super continent logical, scientific and correct?

From a long time in history of geology many geologist after see the coasts of continenets and similar animals, plants and fossils record on the coasts of continents saying that this indicate continents were at a time jointed or fitted as jigsaw puzzle shape. But how such a conjecture or logic very incorrect, unscientific and very illogical here we are describing. Earth is twisting in both hemispheres in opposite directions clockwise and counter-clockwise and squeezing or pressing on poles in oscillatory manner and matematically oscillating between two different confocal oblate spheroids. But rate of oscillation such of this twisting-squeezing oscillatory churning process is very very slow and so slow that we can feel effect of such a oscillations only in time of an earthquake, tsunami and volcano eruption. Now this process in earth is running from its primordial state. So matter is moving backward and forward between east and west just as we see visually very clearly differential rotation in Jupiter and Saturn. When formation of continents and oceans completed many animals and plants due to same long process of twisting-squeezing effect go from one coast to another front coast of continents and again return to same coast. This process of go on again and again going and coming between two front coasts is due to churning of complete solid, liquid and gaseous matter of earth by twisting-squeezing just like oscillation between two confocal oblate spheroids geometrical structure make such a event of similar coasts. This going and coming by floating in oceans water in such effect of twisting-squeezing make possible that when these animals and plants died they by floating reach on the front coast of continents and after thousand of years they convert in fossils record that now we found on these coasts. So this does not indicate that continents were fitted or jointed as a super continent. Now what is cause of similar pattern of coasts of continents? This is due to a long time churning of matter by twisting-squeezing oscillatory confocal oblate spheroids geometry. Matter move backward and forward between

east and west with ejection from equatorial part and slowly arrange of plate of continents set in such a way by twisting-squeezing that make special pattern. Which look like a jigsaw puzzle shape. But reality is this that long time twisting-squeezing make arrangment of matter by creating differential rotation such a shape of continents just like a jigsaw puzzle. This is main real story behind fossils record on coast of continents and similarities of coasts of continents. First of all I request please discuss my complete oscillatory celestial objects and universe in detail and on large scale. My first point that is continuously ignoring is : THERE WAS NO SUPER CONTINENT ON EARTH. My this first idea of creation of continents and oceans not only explore earth but when it is apply on all planets, moons, sun, gas giants, stars, black holes, galaxies and finally model of universe it give very good results. Creation of continents and oceans process according to geoscientists is a very wrong explanation. I request please properly study this theme and do not only study roughly and please catch the main theme. Please think answer of these main question : 1. What was before a super continent? 2. Why the separation of continents start? 3. What is nature of those forces who separate them? 4. Is this gravity? My success is this that I have given answer of all these very sucessfully. My theory of oscillatory celestial objects and universe also successfully explain all evidences of continental drift and plate tectonis. I am not in against to evidences but the very first point of super continent is completely illogical, unscientific and completely incorrect and I am completely against to idea of a super continent. There are so many geoscientists in your city and many institutions in country with whome all of you discuss it on large scale. NASA, eso or any other never see or observe a super continent on any planet in our solar system or outside it. Because this super continent idea is a very illogical. Continents were never fit or in joint state to each other just like a super continent. The cause of similarities in coast of continents very different. Earth is twisting-squeezing in so very slow motion that we can feel it only in time of an earthquake or tsunami or volcano eruption. And we see day-night. But in background of

earth there are running such hidden process of twisting-squeezing as an oscillatory dynamo. In case of Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune this twisting-squeezing process is very clear and some more fast and we observe very easily. We see result of this twistingsqueezing as changing shape or variable oblateness of celestial objects process, Coriolis Force, differential rotation, retrograde orbiting and many other. Finally I hope all of you go deeply in my theme and study carefully and discuss among a large group of scientists.