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Lesson from the world best marketing leaders and their strategies

Latifa Rahman Bidita1

Abstract: In this very world there are many successful people which we all look after and consider them as the icon of our lives. People who have been successful in many phases of their lives. They are also ordinary human being like us, but the question might arise, what extra element make this people form ordinary to extraordinary. They follow some strategies of their own which makes them successful in their life. They put some extra ingredients, gathered from their experiences and of course from their own innovation and create their own recipe of success. This paper employs the story of some business minds, how they have come so far and what special strategies they have used to reach the peek of success. Keywords: marketing leaders, entrepreneur, marketing, strategy. Discussions: Marketing minds peoples are very conscious about their strategic planning process. In this world there are many Marketing leaders. They always maintain their own way to run a successful business. These people are inspiring contributions to the field of global marketing, sales, pricing, and related strategy. As all know reflecting marketing is very important for business. In this list all the greatest management thinkers description about their marketing strategy. Leaders fortitude is encouraging us to learn more about the value of business. These 12 leaders promote their high strategy but seems simple strategy as well as focused the valuable foundation in the business. There are a number of marketing leaders but the most pronounced of them are given below: 1. Bill gates: Bill gates are the innovator of Personal Computers. He believes in faith and dreams and his goal is to put a PC on every home and he achieved his target. Now he is the second billionaire person in this world because of his clear for his own strategy. A simple strategy he believes that must have pure and deep consciousness about the business. 2. Steve Jobs: He is best marketing mind person and his marketing style is considered by some to be aggressive and demanding. He is a creator of Apple (A mobile device company) and earned highest revenue then Nokia, Samsung or Sony mobile businesses. His marketing strategy is based on: Innovative brand producing like touch screen gestures. Re-use on the product. 3. Sam Walton: Sam Walton is the founder of Sams club and the world famous store Wal-Mart. He is well known for his marketing skill and attention.

The writer is an undergraduate student of Business administration at the Daffodil international University (DIU). She has majored in Marketing. Her favorite arenas of interest include brand advertising, International business, Integrated Marketing Communication. <>

He is a good visionary person and constructs a line of discount stores that would provide more value to its customers and competitors. His extreme strategies are: Good understanding to the customers. Respect the team of associates. Building slow and steady growth. 4. Walt Disney: Walt Disney is a great Hollywood Animated Movie Maker. His great strategy is to focus the Animation character into different streamed entertainment product including television, books etc. 5. Peter Drucker: Peter Drucker is the father of business consulting and very well known for his writings on decentralization and signification. His strategy is to think about the workers and responsible to serve the best for the customers. 6. Warren buffet: Warren buffet is a discipline and ethical person. His way of thinking about marketing sector is well organized. He is the best in investing in business. He is also a public spirited person. Mentioned that he has some brilliant strategy about marketing sector: You have to know about your weakness and strengths. Dont take yourself too seriously, but take what you do especially for your stakeholders- very seriously. To treat money as a tool, not a ticket to immortality. Focus on the fundaments; practice them with the ruthless discipline of a master. 7. Tom Peters: He is well known of American writers and business management practices. One of the best strategies of him is Love your Competitors, which has lots of meaning indeed. His marketing thought is widely acceptable. He believes Marketing is ultimately responsible for the customer and channel experiences. A person ultimately utilizes their job by design, pricing, audience selection, messaging, etc. which create a good positions in the market. 8. Jim Collins: He wrote outstanding clear titles of his books as well as its contents. One of the books is Good to great In this book, he describes why some companies make the lead and others dont. Use core techniques or identity Active instruct of employees into ideological commitment to the company. 9. Al Ries: Al Ries is a marketing professional and author. He is also co-founder and chairman of the Atlanta-based consulting firm. In his marketing strategy, Marketing is not selling. Marketing is building a brand in the mind of the prospect To be a good marketing person you have to know all these tactics, and then you have got to select the right tactic to win your particular battle.

10. Philip Knight: He is the Chairman and CEO of Nike company. He is the great marketing planner in the world market. One of his famous quotes is The Trouble in America is not that we are making too many mistakes, but that we are making too few. Focus the brand extensively on advertising Unique advertising Positive connotations Importance of building on brands equity. 11. Michael Porter: He is an Engineer and Economist before he specialized in strategy. He is one of the respected marketing leaders. His thinking about marketing strategy is Strategy is not the same as operational effectiveness. Strategy is making choices, trade-offs, and deliberately choosing to be different. Choice of low prices in different product should depend on the needs of selected segment. Focusing marketing efforts of the target different narrow market segments and tailoring marketing mix to specialized markets. Focus strategy should target market segments that are less vulnerable to substitute or where a competition is weakest to earn above average return on investment. 12. Tellman Knudson: He is Expert in Certified Hypnotherapist. Now He is the CEO (Chief Executive officer) of overcome Everything, Inc. According to his marketing strategy You always want to ask advice from people who are smarter than you and people who have done what you are trying to do, or at least something thats like what you are trying to do. The whole point here is getting an idea and asking lots of questions. It will generate more ideas, but make sure you are asking questions to people who know what they are talking about. Business leaders and motivational experts is a listing of famous entrepreneur biographies. Their every strategy motivates infant industrialist people. In first to last every strategy focus strength, weakness, growth, achievements, customer satisfaction, positive techniques, unique advertising, brand building, good understanding with people, innovative idea, market segmentation, generating more techniques. These are influencing our different way of thinking about marketing strategy. As a great inspiration Leaders are configure the total bottom line of the business by profitable thought. Marketing is an orientated on the actual business address and communicating the people is like obligation of the Marketing strategy.

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