COURSES WE OFFER: 1. .NET ( Visual Studio 3.5 ) C# Console Applications This is a course which clears the programming base of the student. Through this one can learn the syntax and also able to make his/her business logics. C# with Winforms This is a course which helps the student to design or develop the desktop and Client/Server based Windows Application. After doing this course students are capable of: 1. Describing Windows Forms Fundamentals 2. Using Crystal Reports with ease. 3. Describe Packaging and Deploying Applications ASP.NET with C# This is a course which helps the student to design or develop the Websites or Web Application. After doing this course students can: 1. Explain ASP.NET and HTML/DHTML 2. Able to Create Web Services and Implement them. 3. Deploying Web Application Set up. Complete JAVA ( J2EE, J2SE AND J2ME) KMG Infotech LTD offer you the chances to become a world class professional in Java ,J2EE technologies and more at a nominal training cost. Course Highlights: Core Java, JDBC, Servlet, JSP, EJB, Java Webservices, Struts, SPRING, HIBERNATE, JSF, XML, HTML & DHTML, Project Oracle 10g ( PL/SQL AND DBA TRACK) At KMG we have 5 modules in which the following topics are covered: 1) SQL ,2) PL/SQL, 3) ADMIN-1, 4) ADMIN-2 5) PERFORMANCE & TUNNING SCOPE OF THESE MODULE ARE AS PER : SELECT ,DML, DCL, DDL, VIEWS, SUBQUERIES BLOCKS, FUNCTIONS ,PROCEDURE, PACKAGES, TRIGGERS, CURSORS ORACLE ARCHITECTURE, MANAGEMENT OF TABLESPACES, CONTROL FILES REDOLOG FILES ,DATAFILES ADMIN-2 BACKUP & RECOVERY THROUGH RMAN, USER MANAGED,HOT BACKUP, PERFORMANCE SQL TUNNING, MATERIALISED VIEWS, SORTING, SQL ACCESS ADVISOR, SQL TUNNING ADVISOR, UNDO & TUNNING- ADVISOR, STATSPACK, AWR REPORT 4. .NET with Oracle ( Special course launched on Industry demand) This is a course which helps the student to design any of the Windows or Web Application keeping Oracle as a back-end. This a combination of .NET and oracle which is covering the local market these days. This gives student a good opportunity in the field of .NET. Networking The objective of the course is to train the technical graduates in technology that will empower them to face the real test of the IT environment and enable them to further their career in the field of Networking. With Networking being the backbone of every organization, our courses are defined in such a manner that help the student to stand out in the crowd of Networking Professionals. Testing(Manual & Tool based) Creating the right software right the first time, is the mantra for success in the current economic situation of everintensifying competition in the IT industry Software testing therefore has emerged as an indispensable function of all those companies that are engaged in software development. Software testing challenges the assumptions, risks, and uncertainty inherent in the software created as a result of the work of other disciplines, and addresses the concerns using concrete demonstration and impartial evaluation. OuR testing courses help the students to understand the very nuances of testing in real time environment. SQL PL/SQLADMIN-1-





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