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Ensure safety through experience

Fire protection for all offshore units

Statfjord A, Statoil was delivered 1975 equipped with Eureka angle gear diesel driven deepwell FW pumps. Length of the line shaft pumps are 48 meters and capacity is 960m3/h for each FW pump.

Two deepwell FW pump sets direct driven via angle gear was delivered 2003 to the BP platform Clair. The shaft length of the pumps is 45 meters and each pump rated for 1050m3/h with a head of 165mlc.

FPSO sgard A, Statoil built in 1996 has 4 x direct diesel driven Eureka FW pumps with 1700m3/h capacity each set.

Semi sub Snorre B, Statoil is equipped with 4x electric driven dry-mounted Eureka FW pumps having 2273m3/h capacity and 169mlc head

FPSO FARWAH, Statoil, Kristin Troll Cr, Shell Oseberg Sr, Norsk Agbami TotalFinaElf built 2002 Semisub. from 1993 has Hydro has a combined FPSO, has one direct driven Delivered in 2003 dry-mounted FW/SWL system with Chevron FW pump system and with 4 x diesel vertical FW pump diesel-electric two2008. 4x one direct driven electric driven FW driven by diesel speed driven line shaft direct diesel deepwell FW pump via pumps. Capacity electric units. pumps of 38 meters. driven FW angle gear. each pump set is Capacity is Capacity is pumps. 3050m3/h and head 1550m3, head is 2100/3000m3, head is FW system 165mlc. 215mlc. 145/130mlc. designed according to Zone 2 requirments.

Skarv Idun, BP FPSO finished in 2009 with 4x Diesel electric deepwell pumps. High power (2400kW) generator sets. Capacity 3150m3/h and head 178mlc.

Over 100 Firewater pumps systems

delivered to the offshore oil & gas industry

The features of Eureka Firewater Pump systems

Bjrge AS, supplies Eureka firewater pump packages with pumps powered either directly by diesel engines, by diesel-electric generators, or by electric dry mounted motors. The Eureka firewater system includes a driver, a pump, and a control system with no need for utility consumption in operation mode. The systems and pumps are in accordance with NFPA 20 regulations. NFPA20 designed systems: We are following the guidelines and principles of the NFPA 20 standard. The pump is rated for for 150% capacity on 65% of the rated head output. The drivers used are either diesel-electric or diesel direct driven. No hydraulics are used. Large capacities and high pressures: The firewater pumps are designed for high output and low energy demand. The Eureka Pumps has no limitation to capacity and pressures required for firewater pump applications on offshore units today. Low System complexity: Through simplicity we achieve higher reliability and lesser possible failure modes. The Eureka firewater system design is clean with few parts and few interfaces. Due to the high output of our pumps we can do the job with only one pump. Complete systems: We supply complete firewater pump packages. All types of enclosures can be delivered. Control systems may be simple NFPA 20 controllers or PLC systems with multiple functions. Extra fuel tanks, fin fan coolers and AFFF systems can be supplied. Self contained systems: The Eureka firewater pump systems are selfcontained and fully operational for 24 hours with all auxiliary equipment. No external influence can stop the firewater pump in a fire emergency situation.

Firewater pump system configurations

Diesel direct driven dry mounted pump

Diesel-electric driven deepwell pump with angle gear (Caisson mounted)

Diesel electric driven deepwell pump (dry-mounted motor)

Diesel electric driven dry-mounted pump

Direct diesel driven deepwell Firewater Pump with angle gear

The most reliable offshore firewater pump system today Description
The pump is a line shaft, end suction multistage centrifugal pump driven by a high-speed direct injection turbo charged diesel engine. The cooling water taken from pump discharge and the complete system is independent of external cooling water. Pump drive is through a short cardan shaft from engine to a right angle gear. The common base plate for pump, engine, gear and accessories is fitted with a large capacity drip pan. Control Panel, start batteries, fuel tank and other accessories can be mounted on the base plate.

Space, weight and cost efficient due to few and simple components. Simple installation and easy alignment. Reinforced vertical bearing arrangement and non-reverse ratchet. Driver and control equipment is located away from flood exposed areas with solid connection to the submerged pump. Non-return valve. Robust, complete and fully mechanical NFPA 20 designed system.

Firewater Pump Type Standard Capacity Total head Shaft seal Material Driver : : : : : : : Vertical multi-stage deepwell centrifugal API 610 up to 5000 m3/h up to 220mlc Labyrinth seal Duplex, Superduplex or NI-Al br High speed turbocharged diesel engine through right bevel type angle gear

Direct diesel driven deepwell Firewater Pump with angle gear

The most reliable offshore firewater pump system today Deepwell API 610 type (length to 50 meters)
The Eureka deepwell pump is a vertical turbine product lubricated line shaft type pump. It is designed according to API 610 for continuous pumping duty under all operating conditions. For seawater duty the pump is delivered in 25%Cr or 22%Cr Duplex, or Ni-Al Bronze material. The drive shaft is always delivered in 25%Cr Duplex

Non return valve

As the only supplier in the world Eureka can deliver a unique non-return valve located next to the submerged firewater pump. The non-return valve will keep the firewater piping system filled at all times, and hence, reduce the water hammering effects

Top Unit & Gear

Lub oil pump Lub oil inlet Trust bearing Input shaft Lub oil sump Non-reverse ratchet Water leakage drain Pump bend Pump top shaft Flange to top riser Angle gear housing Bevel gear Hollow shaft Lub oil outlet Shaft oil seal Deflector ring

None retuern valve

Shaft seal Cooling water outlet Labyrinth seal

Riser/transmission Pump Unit

Shaft Sleeve coupling Split ring Riser column Shaft key Riser column flange Spider bearing Journal bearing Pump Bowl Pump Shaft Sleeve bearings Impeller Shaft sleeve Wear rings Split ring Impeller cap Locking screw Suction bell

System Components

Combined A60/H60 and sound damping module with full width walkways around engine and pump. Access doors and removable hatches for easy installation/removal and maintenance.

Diesel drivers
High-speed direct injection turbocharged marine diesel engines rated for 12-24 hours (according to requirements) for continuous operation plus 10% overload capacity. Complete units for fire-water or generator set duties. Engine systems supplied for direct drive of pumps or generators. Generator drives may be used for electric drive of pumps or as emergency generator sets. Mounted on skids or in complete A60 to H120 enclosures.

Start Systems
Standard electric start motor fitted to the engine and hooked up to battery banks Air driven start system and hydraulic start system can also be supplied

Control system AFFF skid

Fire extinguishing Arrangement. Fire extinguishing system with local and remote release (gas). Control system is fully NFPA 20 controller based PLC systems with multiple functions and easy interfacing.

Ventilation Fans
Main and standby ventilation fans for enclosure ventilation.

Fuel Day tank

Fuel day tank for 12, 18 or 24 hours operation. Skid mounted or loose supply.

Combustion Exhaust Silencer & Cooler

Combustion air silencer

Made in SS316 L. Installed in/on enclosure. Baffle type combustion air silencer for sound reduction to 85 (75) dB(A).

Selected references for direct driven line shaft Firewater pump packages
The most reliable offshore firewater pump system today Grane
Year of Order End-User Location Units Model/size Motor size (kW) Length (m) Diff. Head (mLC) Capacity (m3/h) Speed (rpm) 2000 Norwegian Hydro Grane 4 CD450-2 1850 43 185 2350 1550

Statfjord A
Year of Order End-User Location Units Model/size Motor size (kW) Length (m) Diff. Head (mLC) Capacity (m3/h) Speed (rpm) 1975 Statoil Statfjord A 2 CL-250-4 670 48 148 960 1170

Maui B
Year of Order End-User Location Units Model/size Motor size (kW) Length (m) Diff. Head (mLC) Capacity (m3/h) Speed (rpm) 1990 Shell Maui B 1 CL200-4 475 37 158 630/905 1650

Year of Order End-User Location Units Model/size Motor size (kW) Length (m) Diff. Head (mLC) Capacity (m3/h) Speed (rpm) 2002 BP Clair 2 CD250-3 800 44,5 165 1050 1410

Direct diesel driven dry-mounted Firewater Pump system

Simple mechanical pump room solution Description
The firewater pump is a dry mounted single or double suction single stage centrifugal pump in horizontal version for standby operation. Driven by highspeed direct injection turbo charged and after cooled diesel engine. The cooling water taken from pump discharge and the complete system is independent of external cooling water. Pump drive through a flexible cardan coupling arrangement to simplify installation/alignment and to permit the diesel engine to move freely on its flexible supports. A heavy duty, lightweight base frame fitted with drip pan with drain connection. A 4-point standard skid mounting arrangement with spherical rubber bushings and weld pad supports.

Low system complexity with few components and direct drive. Easy accessible for maintenance. Large capacity range. Straight forward NFPA 20 design.

Firewater Pump - Marine Type : Standard Capacity Total head Shaft seal Material Driver : : : : : : Single or double suction, singel stage centrifugal Marine class up to 4000m3/h up to 200mlc Single mechanical Ni-Al Br (recommended) High speed turbocharged diesel engine Firewater Pump - API610 Type : Standard Capacity Total head Shaft seal Material Driver : : : : : : Double suction single stage radial split centrifugal API 610 up to 10.000 m3/h up to - 400mlc Single mechanical Ni-Al-Br, Duplex, or SuperDuplex High speed turbocharged diesel engine

Diesel -electric driven dry-mounted Firewater Pump system

The flexible pump room firewater solution Dry-mounted marine type
Electrical or diesel driven single or double stage, double suction, double volute, radial split pump. It is available both in vertical and horizontal execution. From a performance point of view, the pump is designed with high efficiency.
Firewater Pump - Marine Type : Single or double suction, single stage centrifugal Standard : Marine class Capacity : up to 4000m3/h Total head : up to 200mlc Shaft seal : Single mechanical Material : Ni-Al Br (recommended) Driver : High speed turbocharged diesel engine

Dry mounted firewater pump diesel electric drive unit for standby or marine duty. Diesel engine drive through a flanged on generator. Driven by high speed direct injection turbocharged and after cooled diesel engine. The cooling water taken from pump discharge and the complete system is independent of external cooling water

Straight NFPA 20 system design. Flexibility in installation arrangement. Possibility for combined Firewater and Seawater Lift pump duty, and combined power supply

Water cooled generator flanged onto engine fly wheel housing and supported in flexible mounts matched to engine mounts. Freshwater cooled double tube heat exchanger in CuNi complete with leakage alarm. Heavy duty, light weight frame fabricated in carbon steel. Fitted with large capacity drip pan with drain connection. Skid mounted NFPA20 type controller, microprocessor based, with built in instrument battery. Full generator instrumentation.

Dry-mounted API 610 type

Direct electric or direct diesel driven API 610 vertical or horizontal skid mounted FW pump. The pump is a single stage, double suction, double volute, radial split centrifugal pump. The pump can be delivered in a wide range of capacity and head specification.

Firewater Pump - API610 Type : Double suction single stage radial split centrifugal Standard : API 610 Capacity : up to 10.000 m3/h Total head : up to - 400mlc Shaft seal : Single mechanical Material : Ni-Al-Br, Duplex or SuperDuplex Driver : High speed turbocharged diesel engine

Modification of Fire Water Pump Systems in operation

Conditional monitoring

Detail knowledge of NFPA20 Fire Water Pump System configurations: Required Power consumption and efficiency Dynamic considerations of total system Control and instrumentation according to NFPA20 System HSE requirements SIL/PED/ATEX requirements Maintenance philosophy Detail knowledge of all components in Fire Water pump system train for all NFPA20 configurations. Pump, Diesel engine, Generator, Elmotor, Angle gear, Control unit, Auxiliaries

Firewater Pump upgrading for increased capacity and head according to new requirements. Upgrade of existing control system or replacement with new control system to meet new requirements. Upgrading of diesel engine to improve reliability and increased power output. Tailor maid maintenance systems of diesel engine, generator, gear, elmotor and pump according to manufacturer requirements Evaluation of optimal system or component selection for modification of existing firewater equipment. Cooperation with manufacturers for key components. Conditional monitoring to evaluate optimal working conditions
Capacity measurement


3MW diesel generator set to BP FPSO Skarv Idun - Fire Water Pump package

technology and expertise

Bjrge is a technology supplier with a long experience from the oil and gas market. We represent some of the worlds leading suppliers within a number of product ranges and invest considerably in developing our own technology. We customise turnkey solutions for pumps, valves, fiscal metering, instrumentation, automation, monitoring, fire & gas detection, fire & gas systems, fire fighting systems, extinguishing system, advanced surface treatment and maintenance / modifications of cranes & lifting equipment. Bjrge has 500 employees

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