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Corruption in India: Bottom of Pyramid Level

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Asmita D (G11073) Taruni Kukreja (G11116) Preetmala Singh (G11096) Nitin Deonath Rai (G11091)

Group: 01 General Management Program (2011-12)

knowing few basic traffic rule and filling up the RTO form. Infact these things can mere reduce to “Hygiene” factors or factor without which still one can get the DL provided he takes help of one single. USA RTO I would like to share here my experience of applying for my new Driving License in India and USA. And. My experience of making my own DL has thought me that in Mumbai RTO atleast you won’t be able to work without our dear “Agent” as their “intervention” is must or one need to take their “forced” help to make one’s DL successfully. Indian Experience: It was in September 2001 when I just turned 19 year old and thought of making my 2 wheeler Driving License (DL) in Mumbai RTO and the very “simple to look” process of applying and getting your driving license had expose me to so many trivial realities of life in India. reading. writing and having all relevant documents won’t help you much since it’s not just about driving the bike. . I realized the fact that the basic skill like riding bike.Kahani Do Driving License Application ki!!! Driving License from Mumbai RTO Driving License from New Jersey. my final takeaway was that the entire process of getting your DL is inherently made so complex and people unfriendly that you must need an “Agent” intervention and thus I conclude that the corruption is so deep rooted in the Indian RTO that it looks like both cannot exist without each other and further I thought this should be same thought the world. and the difference in the way RTO work in these countries. simple and easy substitute entity called “Agent”.

India RTO 1 Unorganized office structure 2 Less use of IT/ System in application process 3 High manual intervention 4 Processes are not followed seriously 5 Purposely the process are made complicated 6 “Agent” participation are encourage by official 7 Serving such a high number of population with existing infrastructure is challenged 8 The official cost of making a DL is INR 500 but if included “Agent” charges it becomes INR 1500 (i. then need to appear for exam.e. Still there will be a big saving for people USA RTO Highly organized Office structure High use of IT/ System in application process Low manual intervention Processes are followed very seriously The process are simple and people friendly “Agent” doesn’t exist in the system Population is manageable in accordance with available staff The official cost of making a DL is around USD125 (approx. which these two countries RTO display. but with suitable adaptability with Indian culture and environment. if not completely removed. I was simply amazed by the simplicity and transparency of the entire system. forced me to think to change my thought that processes in RTO worldwide are inherently complex and without someone’s “help”. USA for my job. Since my stay was long I thought of applying for my DL in NJ office but here the entire process was an eye-opener for me. we cannot have it. Sr.USA Experience: Years pass by and in September 2007. INR 6000) which 12x times of Indian RTO cost but the service they provide is justifiable against such a high charges . I happen to be in New Jersey. The fact that I was first time visitor and still able to get my DL so easily and without anyone intervention. To my surprise I got the one year DL of NJ within three hours from the RTO and that too without taking help from any “agent” or from anyone.No. What was the observed difference? Observing the below differences. Foremost. give a thorough driving test and needs to have your all documents in place. the corruption in the Indian RTO will definitely reduce. I strongly feel that if we try to emulate the process and procedure followed in USA RTO. 3 time of the official cost) so emphasis should be there to upgrade the entire system and recover the cost by charging high to public say INR 1000. you have to study a 100 page booklet issue by USA RTO on traffic rules and regulations.

This will encourage others to join the drive against the corruption. But question is can we really have someone who have the ability to motivate entire nation against corruption? Well. the system can only yield desire result. Seshan G. Khairnar Medha Patkar Anna Hazare . if and only if:      There is a very strong commitment from the official and politician in the country to weed out the corruption completely from the system There should be awareness among the general people (aam aadmi) and willingness to participate in drive against corruption Right from elementary school level we should start making every student aware of the social evil corruption cause to society at large Government should make law to severely punish anyone involved in corruption People who all follow the rule & regulation. N. Few of my heroes are: T. Someone should stand against the existing system and motivate other to join the moment.R. I can just say there are ample of living example around us and it’s just left to us to learn from them and start implementing the changes which we would like to see.Can we really fight against the corruption? Inspite of implementing all the necessary changes by our learning from above mentioned differences. Final Conclusion: The changes which we are trying to bring in the system cannot be achieved only if we wait for government to take the necessary action for all possible problems in the world. and voice their opinion against the corruption should be given some kind of incentive or public recognition.

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