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Design A Literacy Center

Richard Smith & Rachel Tanner

EDRL 442 / Nevada State College Fall 2010 Karen Powell

Literacy Center Lesson Plan Summary:

After reading the story The Hat by: Holly Keller, students will work in groups to put the events of a story into the correct order describe what is happening in each picture with a sentence.

Target Population:
Small group; 4-5 kids. Average

3.1.1 Listen for and orally identify setting and sequence of events in text 1.1.5 Identify and use high-frequency words (regular/irregular) to build fluency and comprehension 5.1.2 Draft sentences about a single topic. SWBAT put the events of a story into the correct order SWBAT tell what happened first, next, then, and last in a story.

1. In a whole class setting read the story The Hat 2. Dismiss students into center groups. 3. Literacy Center Activity 1) Students will arrange picture tiles be the order of events. 2) Students will attach the picture tiles to a display board. 3) Under each picture, groups will write a sentence describing what is happening.

Trophies book Picture tiles sun shade (display board) Sentence strips (laminated) Dry-Erase markers

Formal: Students will leave their display board for the teacher to grade Graded on by a 10 point rubric

1. What skills do students need in order to be successful with this center? Students need to be able to arrange items in a sequence Students need to be able to write sentences Students need to be able to infer what is happening in a picture 2. How will you ensurestudents are ready for this center? Read the story Go over the vocabulary Give instruction on where students should perform this activity 3. Why did you plan this activity? We picked a standard and found a story that went along with it.

4. How will students be held accountable for completing this center? The display board will show what the students work o It will be graded by a rubric 5. How will this center be assessed? Rubric The teacher will look on as it is being performed 6. How will you follow up or extend this lesson? Make a wider sequence of events for students to arrange 7. What can you do for students who dont grasp the concepts? Use the Trophies worksheets on sequence for The Hat 8. Where do you anticipate having problems with this center? The students will be writing on the window shade with a Sharpie marker. I think we should figure out a better way for the students sentences to be displayed. 9. When you were developing this center, what was the most difficult part for you? The most difficult part was trying to figure out first graders prior knowledge. My partners and I had different perspectives on what first graders already know. They wanted students to write sentences, and I thought that that might be too advanced for first grade. There were a few differences in opinions. Originally there were three of us, and my two partners were making this more of an instructional lesson plan instead of a center. 10. How did you work with your partner? How did you split the workload? We wrote the lesson plan part together in class. We had different Trophies editions and we used a story from my book so I made the picture tiles.

Rubric 5 points
Order of events
Students correctly put ALL (7/7) tiles in sequential order All (7/7) of the students sentences matched to a corresponding picture

3 points
Students correctly put 5-6 tiles in sequential order 5-6 of the students sentences matched to a corresponding picture

1 point
Students correctly put 2-4 or more tiles in sequential order 2-4 of the students sentences matched to a corresponding picture

0 points
Students correctly put 1 or less tiles in sequential order 1 or less of the students sentences matched to a corresponding picture




1. Put the pictures into the correct order from beginning to end. 2. Tape each picture onto the poster board.

3. Write a sentence about what is happening in the picture, on your poster board.